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Porn Reviews » Sex Toy Reviews » Emotional Bliss - Isis

Emotional Bliss - Isis

Studio: Babeland » Review by Chris Knight » Review Date: 2/10/09

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Many years ago, I purchased a Fukuoku 9000 Finger Messager. After seeing the commercial on TV, I thought it was a cool little massagerthat would help alleviate my headaches. This was, after all, many years ago, and the idea that this was an excellent mini vibrator was not one I had thought of. The Fukuoku (boy, that name was not subtle) is long gone, but my interest in "personal massagers" certainly is not, so the Isis is one I had to check out. The smaller and less powerful of Emotional Bliss' finger massagers, it's intended for younger women, but there's no doubt it's use can extend far beyond that demographic.

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The most valuable part of the Isis package, which is impressive in both size and design, is the fact that it's a rechargeable toy, thanks to the wall charger that's included. You get a bit more than a hour of full buzz out of a charge, but that should be far more than enough for most uses. The unit has a small waterproof power button in the back, a rubber, ribbed tip and three different finger cuffs, so it's usable by most anyone, and can be switched between fingers for maximum comfort. The unit is surprisingly quiet for the punch it packs, and isn't likely to raise any suspicion from anyone nearby. The design isn't obviously phallic either, so it can likely pass through an X-ray machine without drawing attention. And unlike the Fukuoku, this toy feels like a solidly built, high-quality massager.

Sliding it onto a finger, it really feels quite comfortable, whether you're using it on yourself or on someone else. That it sits toward the tip of the finger, it becomes an enhancement to your natural touch, not a weapon or tool. Running your finger over a clitor pussy lips while wearing it is just like your usual touch, just with a bit more oomph. That might make it more comfortable for those unaccustomed to using toys. The lack of an adjustable speed could be a problem for some women with a sensitivity to vibration, but since it acts as just one of your fingers, you can vary things up to make it feel good. The only thing it won't work for is insertion, but it wasn't really meant for that anyway.

Back to the package, it really shows this isn't some cheap novelty, as you're not getting just a piece of plastic in a clamshell. Inside the large, sturdy box, in addition to the toy and charger, you also get an informative guide to using the Isis, along with two one-ounce bottles of lube, in silicon and watervarieties . The toy didn't really require lube to enjoy, but trying them out, they are as good as any I've tried, offering quite a bit of slickness that didn't require constant reactivation or reapplication.

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