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Surrender of O, The (Blu-ray)

Studio: Adam & Eve » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 2/13/09

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Note: This review is for the upgraded version of the movie The Surrender of O that I reviewed last year in the standard definition format.  Like most such revisits, the movie itself is pretty much the same outside of the technical matters so I did not reinvent the wheel by starting the review from scratch (it makes no sense to do so).  The quick version of the review is that the visual aspects were looking better than ever and the extras were included this time, a FREE download version included this time for those honest enough to buy the movie.

The Surrender of O Blu-ray

Adam & Eve

Nicole Sheridan, Bree Olson, and Nina Hartley

Genre: Feature, BDSM

Kayden Kross and Erik Everhard

Director: Ernest Greene

Mika Tan, Ava Rose, and Evan Stone

Cast: Bree Olson, Nicole Sheridan, Nina Hartley, Kayden Kross, Erik Everhard, Ava Rose, Mika Tan, Bobbi Starr, Tommy Gunn, Trinity Post, Marco Banderas, Jerry

Non sex (or limited sex) roles: Ernest Greene, Claire Adams

Bobbi Starr, Kayden Kross, and Bree Olson

Length: 185:01 minutes

Date of Production: 10/10/2008 (box); 3/28/2008 to 4/2/2008 (credits)

Ava Rose, Bree Olson, Trinity Post, Marco Banderas, and Jerry

Extras: For most of you, the bonus scenes from The Perfect Secretary and O The Power of Submission that added up to about 48 minutes (and I described below) will be the best extras of the lot. Personally, I discount such scenes that are not specifically made for the production in hand considerably but they did add some value for those that have not seen them in the past. Of greater interest was the 72:47 minute long Behind the Scenes feature since it showed the director, the cast, and the crew in full gear shooting the movie as best they could. It also had some additional nudity and playfulness for the fans to enjoy, the running time alone warranting the second disc for the extras. There were also two photogalleries, some trailers, and interviews by Bree Olson, Kayden Kross, and director Ernest Greene that will appeal to some of you, the ladies getting far less time to talk than Ernest (a mistake in my book!) but totaling just under an hour. There was also a digital download of the full movie for those that might want to watch it on their Ipod.

Bree Olson

Condoms: None

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Audio/Video Quality: The Surrender of O Blu-ray was presented in a widescreen 1.78:1 color in 720p resolution as offered by director Ernest Greene for Adam & Eve using the lower quality MPEG-2 codec for the high definition release. Unlike his previous release of O The Power of Submission, the lighting was largely improved and limited the grain, video noise, and other problems to make this one look quite crisp and clear in most scenes. The camera angles and editing might have needed additional polishing up but the fetish and BDSM aspects of the production were played up nicely this time, making the ladies looking most fetching in their scenes. The darker scenes did not appear to have significant issues with macro-blockage or compression artifacts either, the video noise minimal. In terms of the sexual action, the paddling, flogging, and other lifestyle material always took precedence over the otherwise vanilla sex attributes of the movie, the over reliance on close ups and mediocre camera angles generally not as big an issue this time.  The high definition version added some nuances that I caught by watching at night on my large screen 1080p Sony, the look of the flick improved nicely there whereas on a smaller screen it was less pronounced.  I would definitely advise people with a decent home theater to get this version if they have not already bought the SD version but it was NOT 1080p as advertised and the use of the standard definition codec just means it was not as properly handled as it could have been, the video bitrate typically clocking in at 17.4 Mbps. The audio was presented in a 5.1 Dolby Digital English with a 384 Kbps bitrate and 48 kHz sampling rate, some aural separation noticed on the score if not the vocals and generally a step above some of the company's other recent efforts. There did appear to be a slight audio synchronization problem here and there but it might have been the delay set on my speakers that adds some aural texture (it just seemed more pronounced here than elsewhere so your mileage may vary).

Body of Review: Ernest Greene has been involved in the BDSM world for a very long time, eons by current porn standards, but more as a lifestyle choice than just as part of his directing job at Adam & Eve. As such, he knows more about it than most of his industry peers even if some of his early attempts to convey the excitement and rush of the genre fell somewhat short. Well, now he is giving it another stab with a Bree Olson starring feature called The Surrender of O, a sort of sequel to O The Power of Submission, this time lovely Bree filling the shoes of Carmen Luvana who has moved to greener pastures. I don't want to spoil the feature portions for those of you interested in the movie as so many other reviewers seem willing to do but once again the story revolves around a dominant male figure wanting to completely own the lovely "O". This time, the sexual action was a significant upgrade to the previous show, perhaps encouraged due to other shows on the market pushing boundaries in the last two years, which will add to the crossover appeal of the wider audience that isn't into the scene all that much, serving as a sample of some it has to offer. Here's a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Scene One: Bree Olson, the fetching young blond featured on the front cover, was up first as she posed in a metal cage for some pictures, the lady soon dominated by curvy Nicole Sheridan and her boss, Nina Hartley in a black wig. Nina was firmly in charge of the action and brandished her riding crop in such a manner as to maintain her control, Bree's submissive streak played up as her tormentors pointed out that she was being punished because it was fun to do, not because she was "bad". Bree masturbated and they caressed her, using toys on her once they strapped her feet so she hung upside down (giving Nicole head while Nina smacked her pussy with the crop, then inserted dildos into her snatch). The toys took a strange route with some mechanical devices that penetrated her as the ladies flogged her front and back, Bree giving oral to Nicole and the juice soaked dildos they strapped on to bone her with before the scene ended.

Scene Two: Kayden Kross, an attractive blond blogger here at Xcritic, was up next as she took care of studly Erik Everhard, the man shaving her crotch before allowing her feet access to his cock for some foot fetish action. He freed her to eat her and she soon reciprocated with a decent blowjob, her over the top acting a bit more than I cared for despite her good looks. Bree joined them a little for some flogging but left when Erik started porking her pussy in doggy style, the limited penetration ending up with him rubbing out a small wad of population pudding to her face.

Scene Three: Ava Rose and Mika Tan, both curvy brunettes in PVC fetish attire (Mika in black and Ava in purple), were up next servicing the mighty Evan Stone in the living room, the man coyly directing their actions as they took turns going down on each other. They used toys to nice effect, never going beyond the boundaries of good taste, and Evan prepared to cane them, preferring they finger each other and warm up for some anal before they orally did him front and back (tossing his salad). Ava provided some heated vaginal plowing while Mika's ass play during the anal was just as good, the ladies actively riding until they milked his wad of genetic juice for the ending facial they shared. Sweet!

Scene Four: Bobbi Starr, the current equivalent of an anal queen for her circus act sex tricks, and hotty Kayden Kross, were up next with performer of the year Tommy Gunn. The eye candy aspect of their role in the movie aside, the fetish clothing enhanced their looks significantly, Bobbi relishing the taste of pain mixed in with the pleasure provided. They both went down on him and savored each other a bit too, Bobbi by far the better rider in the scene with her active bouncing that included some aggressive anal showing why she is referred to as one of the top anal performers in domestic production. The lesbian touches were minimal this time though, Kayden relegated to a secondary role for the most part, but Bobbi made the scene something special even without the cutie's assistance that made it all the better. The pop shot of genetic juice landed on Bobbi's sweet ass too, surprising me that it wasn't licked up or at least played with as most such scenes would provide.

Scene Five: Trinity Post, Ava Rose, Marco Banderas, and Jerry, were up next in a fetish oriented orgy of sorts with Bree sticking around the fringes at the beginning. The ladies began in a lesbian act with some toys, a lot of ass play included as one would expect of them. There was some flogging here too but it was minimal for the most part as the ladies preferred the feel of cock in their mouths and pussies, soon followed by their asses getting pounded as one might expect of these two gals. Trinity seemed most at home with a cock in her ass and the medical device used to lube her up was devious looking but Marco's driving style sure put her to the test. The anal was slower than the vaginal penetration too, Trinity even getting a DP before the guys bust their nuts on the asses of the ladies. In many ways, this was the most "full service" scene for me, the BDSM aspects downplayed to an extent and the ladies allowed to shine without them. Nice!

Scene Six: Bree Olson, coming to appreciate her status in the scheme of things, enjoyed a short show by Claire Adams and Trinity Post by the sitting room, the feature hotty masturbating before the movie switched gears to allow her the final scene with the mighty Evan Stone. This scene took place in the darkest room of the house at night, providing the most potential for visual flaws but coming across much better than the director's earlier outings. There was some decent use of the riding crop on her bent over ass (her pink and black corset looking great!) and she seemed to like it as well, the oral by both of them reminiscent of a more vanilla flick but still showing both as talented performers. The screwing then went from a decent vaginal plowing to the slower anal, some taste testing done to liven things up before he rubbed out a load to her crotch. The spanking and domination this time was more psychological and my biggest complaint was the amount of close up shots used more than the lack of light but it was a good way to end the movie.

Bonus Scene: The Perfect Secretary: Carmen Luvana, in the advertised "first" anal scene of her porn career, gave it up while Hailey Paige was bound with red rope. Hailey was almost completely a bystander this time but Carmen really shined with Vincent Vega giving her the high, hard one. The oral was fair, with Tony Tedeschi getting a little too, and the anal wasn't all that great but fans of Carmen's probably don't care that they can find dozens of better anal performers out there since she's the reason most people would buy this DVD in the first place. Hailey did some pissing and a little sucking but she mostly watched the very vocal Carmen take the slowly porking penis inside her backside. There wasn't much energy this time but it wasn't as lame as some folks had suggested on the internet either.

Bonus Scene: O The Power of Submission: Carmen Luvana, now in the role of dominatrix as her command of the principles of bondage grew, took control of lovely redhead Justine Joli, in the moderately lit room. She spanked her charge on the bed, sat on her face, and had her eat at the Y before reciprocating for a taste herself. This led to some toy use and the close of the scene, with Justine appearing to be the more fluent of the two in terms of enjoying the lesbian tricks displayed.

Summary: The Surrender of OBlu-ray by director Ernest Greene for Adam & Eve might not have been the perfect BDSM movie for newcomers to taste all the genre has to offer them but it was a darned sight ahead of previous efforts in the realm with a splendid cast and high end production values all topped off with a second disc of solid extras. For all that it provided, it earned a rating of Highly Recommended and the lighter touches really made a big difference as far as I was concerned, most of them left out of this review so as to refrain from spoiling them for the aficionado. In short, The Surrender of O helped secure Bree's status as a top notch feature player even if some of the acting was wooden, the beauty well worth checking out in anything she does but showing her acting chops better than most in the flick. First off, I appreciate Adam & Eve keeping the extras for the Blu-ray version of the movie and even adding a digital download copy for fans to enjoy lovely Bree Olson with but I wish they would use a full 1080p resolution as advertised on their boxcover (and try using a higher quality codec to master the disc in rather than save a few bucks).  The visual elements were indeed an upgrade and as I watched, I noticed a number of details liven things up for me as the ladies engaged in heated sexual trysts.  No wonder it was voted as one of the top ten movies for 2008 in the Xcritic Top 10 Movie List. But if you have not seen the movie yet, do yourself a favor and see it in high definition.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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