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Miami's Juiciest Vol. 1

Studio: Cezar Capone » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 2/16/09

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

The extras page (great spelling by the way)

Miami's Juiciest Vol. 1

Cezar Capone.com

Bonnie Skye (click each picture for a scene specific trailer)

Genre: Web To DVD, Gonzo

Director: Dirty Sanchez

Laurie Vargas

Cast: Bonnie Skye, Albert (as Al-B), Lil Ray Ray, Laurie Vargas, J-Mac, Emmy Reyes, Dave Pounder

Length: 127:41 minutes

Emma Reyes

Date of Production: 7/18/2008 to 9/5/2008

Extras: The only extras were three trailers, a slideshow, and a link to websites.

Condoms: None

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Audio/Video Quality: Miami's Juiciest Vol. 1 was presented in a fair full frame color with an aspect ratio of 1.33:1, using the MPEG-2 codec as expected of a standard definition release, as shot by director Dirty Sanchez for Cezar Capone.com. Like other works at the company, the lighting was superior to his work at Bang Bros and this helped make the fleshtones accurate, minimize the compression artifacts, and otherwise offer up the youthful ladies very nicely for a series of scenes shot primarily for the internet (now released on DVD). The video bitrate hovered around the 5.7 Mbps area when I paid attention to it and despite some occasionally rough camera work (that helped keep it looking "real"), I found myself enjoying the upgraded visual aspects of Sanchez's works here but wondering why he did not join Cezar in giving fans an anamorphic widescreen movie. There did not seem to be much editing this time and that also allowed the material to come across as more realistic than porn made in Southern California but it never struck me as looking as weak as some of the nearly home movie material some of the copycat websites/companies have been offering for so long. The audio was presented in 2.0 Dolby Digital English with a 48 kHz sampling rate and the usual 192 Kbps audio bitrate, sufficient to convey the vocals and music but never straying too far from the norm offered by the majority of Dirty's peers. There were times when the vocals were not as easily heard, typically during the tease footage where the viewer gets to know the performers, but the usual moans were clearly in evidence (and the music was about average from what I heard).

Body of Review: Cezar Capone.com is the website and production company led by one of the most imitated directors in the industry so it makes sense that he would bring some of his former colleagues in to shoot content for him. One of the best known of these goes by the name Dirty Sanchez, the inside joke about a filthy sex practice having nothing to do with any of the scenes I've seen of his over the years. Well, the first title of his credited to him in recent memory is now out, a cute set of three internet scenes called Miami's Juiciest Vol. 1. The theme of the show is pretty similar to his other work in that he picks up ladies off the streets of Miami that have a certain "curve appeal" and gets them to do porn via his camera to be placed on the popular internet website. While I know the scenes are about as scripted as anything else these days, they still had a kind of appeal akin to the Shane's World releases where you never know just what the couples are going to do or where they will do it (lots of public nudity) but they generally have a good time screwing before all is said and done. Heck, each of my screen captures from the scenes even has a scene-specific trailer so you can see the ladies before you worry about buying the DVD but this also showed me how appealing the website itself was, my only regret being the lack of many extras and the show including a mere three scenes. Here's a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Scene One: Bonnie Skye, Albert (as Al-B), and Lil Ray Ray, were up first, Dirty grabbing the two guys to troll the streets of Miami to find some hotties for their show. In this case, Al was the lucky guy getting all the action, brunette Bonnie looking for work in the economic downturn. Unhappy making a mere $100 a day, the guys gave her the chance to make ten times as much, an idea she jumped at. She got in the van and off they went, Bonnie showing her feet first but giving a more comprehensive show before too long. After she flashed her titties in the van as it drove down the public roadway, the scene edited to the balcony where she was getting friendly with Al. They kissed and pawed each other, moving inside to give her wedgies and strip their clothing off. The sex was oral and vaginal with Bonnie showing a modicum of chemistry with the guy, him fingering her ass giving hope she'd invite him into her back door. He ate her and she blew him, the playfulness accelerating as the scene progressed. She was an active rider and took his rubbed out facial well enough, the genetic juice plentiful enough for all concerned. The company website described the scene like this: "Ok let me start by saying that this shoot may surprise a lot of people that have watched my films in the past. You all may or may not already know a dude named Albert he has been a friend of mine and in many of my movies such as videos from vivalabus.com. Me and most of all our friends all tease Albert about being a fagot simply because of all the playgirl magazines under his bed have led us all to believe that he really is a homo!!!!! Until one day he and I were talking about what we were going to shoot next when he said fuck it man I wanna try this shit out I was shocked I didn't know what to say... We jumped in the escapade and prowled the streets for a chick when we came across Bonnie. She doesn't have the largest ass but this girl is all about juicy, so I now give you my little sister ALBERT and not to mention BONNIE's very first shoot You will never see this girl anywhere ever..."

Scene Two: Laurie Vargas, the cute Latina seen on the front cover, was up next screwing J-Mac after the director and Albert goofed around in the van (pretending they were in a drive through fast food joint). Laurie was frisky from the beginning and there was no pretense of her being unfamiliar with the premise of the shoot, her top coming off far quicker in the van as it drove down the street than Bonnie's had been. The relative lack of build up made me wish a happy medium could have been selected (the first scene was too much and this had too little) but that is part of the appeal for the series; you don't know what you get until you watch the scene. Laurie showed her ass and teased in the van too, the interview given the short end of the stick but not J-Mac as she sucked him off really soon. She was a natural cocksucker with plenty of experience inhaling a rod, some backyard oiling up tease added in before round two. He ate her a little and they screwed vaginally, their chemistry higher than expected as they went at each other inside the house and out. She actively rode his pecker too and fans of bushy pubes will adore her just as fans of natural bodies will appreciate her jiggling titties. She spoke Spanish and he jerked off to her face, her ass a very juicy looking piece that I liked a whole lot. The website said it like this: "So today I was cruising around with Aly Bi looking for some fresh juicy pussy which our region of South Florida is full of. Then J Mac called us asking to come over to pick him up. I was about to tell him fuck off, like go ahead and get the cab or some fucking bus but he told me that he is with some hot Mexican chick Laurie. So I was like, whatever, lets see what is he talking about. Well let me tell you J wasn't lying about her. She was really nice and hot. So I took them both over to my place where J Mac fucked the shit out of her. That girl knows how to suck cock let me tell you. She was deep throating that shit like a wild senoritta. Her nice bushy pinky juicy pussy was dripping wet all over J Macs cock. Go ahead and watch the whole episode..."

Scene Three: Emmy Reyes, a 21 year old gal with a mixed heritage, was up last and she looked way too young when the scene began, the director praising her ass to make her smile. It was an impressive ass to say the least and she teased with it nicely, her thong swallowed whole by her curvy ass cheeks. She oiled up in the backyard setting to forgo the public pickup and while I would have enjoyed it, getting down to business quicker will certainly appeal to a lot more of you reading this. The lengthy tease led to Dave Pounder joining her to get some additional oil on her and have her blow him with enthusiasm. It started raining so they went inside, the bed serving as a better location all the same as she returned to slobbing his knob with zeal. Emmy was an active vaginal rider too and liked cock, taking his wad of population pudding to her face before it all finished up for the credits. The website said it like this: "Listen up I have been shooting for something like 9-10 years and I have seen so many girls go to shoot something that doesn't really show off their best assets. Now when I meet a girl before I shoot them I kick the tires and check the body so to speak... So I bring you Emmy she is something like 3 feet tall, Asian, Dominican and super fucking cute!!!!! So cute I just want to squeeze her face till her fucking eyes pop out cute.. From the way she talked to the way she walked I liked everything about her so I asked her to be on MIAMIS JUICIEST.COM and she agreed... There is something most people don't know about Emmy she has a standalone drop dead sick body and we fucked the shit out of it. I love Emmy and I hope you all do too because I plan on bringing her back many more times to make the rounds here Miamis Juiciest Thanks and Enjoy SancheZ"

Summary: Miami's Juiciest Vol. 1 by director Dirty Sanchez for Cezar Capone.com may not have been as solid as the company namesake's title I review the other day but it was clear to me that Dirty had upped his game considerably since his last place of employment and the results were well worth a rating of Recommended. I would have liked a longer set of scenes and better extras but even a casual glance at the website showed me that there should be a lot more scenes coming out with even sweeter looking women, these three certainly no rejects either. In short, I found a lot to appreciate out of Miami's Juiciest Vol. 1 and if future volumes just show a little more polishing up, it is likely to be mentioned at award time by the end of the year. Not bad at all there Mr. Sanchez...keep 'em coming.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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