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Diary of a Submissive

Studio: Julie Simone Productions » Review by Essin' Em » Review Date: 2/16/09

XCritic's Advice: Recommended


Julie Simone

Madison Young
Mary Jane
Lolita LeMarchand (aka Aiden Starr)

1 hour, 4 minutes

Date of Production: 

Interviews with Madison, Lolita and Julie about how they found their ways to this type of film, thoughts on the movie, what they thought about other cast members and more.

Behind the Scenes:
Shows a lot of the tying that took place, both for Madison's bondage as well as the corset tying on Mistress Mia.  A few laughs, and discussion of Madison's pubic hair and glass vases in the butt, but nothing to write home about.


Audio/Video Quality: 
Dolby 1 Channel

Video Aspect Ratio: 16:9

Format: NTSC

Size: 720x480

This movie features the lovely Madison Young as a local student who is studying anthropology.  She decides to do a project on BDSM, and thinks that the best way to study this is to find herself a mistress. Enter Mistress Mia. Throughout the movie, Madison speaks what is on her mind through a voice over, so really, you're seeing the movie through the diary of a submissive

This is not a sex-filled movie. In fact, there isn't really sex at all in the movie. It's full of hot BDSM, kink and fetish play, including bondage, spanking, latex, service, and more, but it's definitely not your tradition movie. Not one single cum shot, and you know, that's kind of refreshing too.

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While I felt that some of the scenes ran a little slow, possibly because they weren't my particular fetishes, overall, I thought it was a really well done scene.  Great chemistry between Madison Young and Mistress Mary Jane, and I really got drawn into the relationship between the two of them (and subsequently, heart broken alongside Madison at the end).


Scene One: Slave Contract

Madison Young is a student of anthropology, and has decided to study the culture of BDSM. Of course, the best way to do that is by actually getting involved, and so she contacts Mistress Mary Jane to show her the dark side of kink.  After signing a slave contract, the two sexy ladies are ready to begin.

Scene Two: Foot Worship

Although she's never been a fan of feet (and explains exactly why this is), Madison is ordered to draw water in order to bathe Mistress Mary Jane's feet.  In a voice over (which is the only way speech is heard thus far in the film), she talks about how she realizes that she is already beginning to submit, and that Mistress Mary Jane is making her not only want to please her, but to enjoy worshipping her feet.  She gently pulls of both shoes, and both stockings, and lovingly massages, licks and washes her new Mistress' feet.

Scene Three: Cleaning the Floor

Gagged with a sponge, arms tied behind her back, and ankles tied together, Madison is told to clean the dungeon while on her knees.  It's quite interesting to see how she finagles herself into different positions in order to get the sponge, wet it in the bucket, squeeze it, and then wash the floor with both the larger sponge, and her sponge gag. 

Scene Four: Always Red

Now with a bit gag in, Madison is lucky enough to have Mistress Mary Jane give her a good looking over. Playing with her breasts, touching her skin, and more, Mistress states that "this will never do!" As she ties up Madison, she speaks to how Madison must try to be as beautiful as she is, although she'll never succeed. She then goes on a rant/diatribe about how all toe nails should always be red, always red, and paints Madison's toe nails as she is tied up and gagged.  Then she starts putting lipstick on around the gag, smearing it down her face.

Scene Five: Getting Spanked

This scene opens with Madison's hands, fingers and ankles all bound up with red tape/wrap, and Mistress Mary Jane bending her over her lap to give her a spanking. Madison has a smile on her face (through the gag) during the majority of the spanking, clearly enjoying it as her ass is reddened. First, Mistress Mary Jane spanks her with her hand, but then she brings out a wood and leather paddle, and continues her gentle but stern spanking of Madison. Later on, she hits her with an adorable cat shaped paddle.

Scene Six: Clothespins

Madison makes a big mistake, and asks something of Mistress Mary Jane.  After a lecture on how "we do what I want" from her Mistress, Madison is punished by having to stick out her tongue.  Mistress Mary Jane then applies clothespins to the offending appendage.  As she is made to keep them on there for quite a while, she starts drooling.  

Scene Seven: Latex Licking

Once she achieved her goal of getting Madison to be quiet, Mistress has her provide her some service, and shine her latex pants...with her mouth. Since Madison is beautiful bound in rope, this is easier said than done, but is beautiful to watch, especially as she cleans the latex just over the juncture of her Mistress' legs. Mistress Mary Jane seemed to really enjoy this as well, as she grabbed her hair and pulled her into her body.

Scene Eight: Flogging/Caning

With her ankles tied together, and her hands bound together to the ceiling, Madison is flogged all over her back and ass.  Again, she speaks to her Mistress without being spoken too, earning her some additional punishment; the cane. Her Mistress gets more and more into the caning, until Madison calls out for mercy.

Scene Nine: The New Slave

This scene starts with Madison tied and gagged, in the corner, serving as a flower vase for her Mistress. As her voice over states, Mistress Mary Jane was getting a new slave, and Madison was worried about what might happen to her. The new slave, of course, is Lolita Lemarchand, is arm cuffed, thumb cuffed, shackled and hand cuffed, as well as gagged. Mistress Mary Jane plays with her, touching her, telling Madison how her new slave has prettier hair, prettier breasts, etc, as poor Madison is left in the corner to watch.

Scene Ten: Furniture

Mistress Mary Jane has Lolita tie up Madison to be a footstool and ashtray. Poor Madison wants nothing more to be back in her Mistress' favor again, but now it's Lolita who is licking Mistress Mary Jane's stockings and legs, providing service to her, including a little oral pleasure.

Final Thoughts:
I wasn't quite sure what to expect with this film, but it certainly wasn't what I got.  I'm not sure even how to classify this; it's not hardcore, it's not really lesbian or girl-on-girl, it's not bondage centric (although there is some), etc. It's got a little of everything, from a decent plot that ties the scenes together to a variety of fetishes (cleaning, serving as furniture, spanking, flogging, latex, etc).

As there is no physical sex in this movie, many people might feel cheated. However, I thought it was visually striking, quite classy (although the background music got to be too much at some points), and a great film for any fetishes/kink collectors. As a side note, I could never have imagined an adult movie to be heart breaking...but at the end, I had a tear or two in my eyes.


-Essin' Em
Sexuality Happens: www.Essin-Em.com

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