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Home Invasion

Studio: Titan » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 2/16/09

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Production Date: December 2007

Directed By: Joe Gage

The Movie:

Hunky thieves get more than they bargained after breaking into a luxurious California home occupied by a horny dad and his three equally randy sons.

The Cast:

Enrique Currero, Tommy Ruckus, Ty Roberts, Geoffrey Paine, Sean Preston, Scott Tanner, Tristan Raine, Braxton Bond, Chad Manning, Jackson Wild, Tyler Saint, and Tony Buff.

Run Time N Rubbers: 2 Hours and Eighteen Minutes. Yes.

Scene One:

Jackson Wild

Sonny Boy Jackson Wild (very cute with short black hair, toned/smooth body) arrives home to the guest house not realizing his dad is being held captive in the main house. He immediately strips down showing off his shortly trimmed pubes, plump balls, and meaty cut cock for some webcam fun when he notices horny intruder Tommy Ruckus (good-looking with short brown hair, beard stubble, muscular/hairy body) watching from outside. Sexed-up Jackson lets Tommy inside 'n slips on a white G-string and begins playing with himself.

Tommy just happens to have a black mesh G-string of his own 'n yanks off his clothes revealing full dark pubes, nice nuts, and a big clipped dick. The dudes sit back and watch each other beat their throbbing man meat with lubed fists sliding up 'n down. Tommy shoots a thick load on the floor followed by Jackson who squirts a large wet load that flies thought the air. The scene has a strong moody erotic atmosphere using lighting, music, and sparse dialogue to creative a feeling of mysterious danger.

Scene Two:

Scott Tanner

Son Number Two Tristan Raine (cute with short blond hair, toned/hairy body) arrives home and catches intruder Scott Tanner (good-looking with short dark brown hair, toned/hairy body) who passes himself off as a friend of the family. The sexual tension is so thick one could cut it with a knife when Scott slowly seduces the virgin Navy dude into his first session of man-on-man sex. The guys unbutton 'n unbuckle their shirts 'n pants without losing eye contact and soon their stiff clipped cocks are sticking straight out. Scott strokes his dick and then lifts his hand to Tristan's nose so that he can get a good whiff of man-scent. "Do you want some of this?"

Tristan gives an excellent performance of a young man who is obviously conflicted about his sexuality and giving his first blowjob. He sinks to his knees, looks at Scott's pulsing prick, and slides his mouth up 'n down, jacks the shaft, and gives some very good head much to Scott's lusty delight. "I want some of that Navy Boy". Scott gets down on his haunches and blows Tristan's boner for a very short time before the horny newcomer dumps a thick load of jizz on his fist. Scott jacks off grunting loudly and shoots a thick wad on the floor.  Tristan lies back in bed in the missionary position with legs spread wide as Scott munches down on his tight hairy bunghole. Tristan loves having his asshole eaten and fills the room with heavy breathing and moans of desire. There is a nice camera shot from behind of Scott's hot bubble butt, furry crack, and mouth watering hangy balls as he rims Tristan.

There are also tasty camera shots of Tristan's pink pucker as Scott licks it with his hungry wet tongue and then slides one digit in for a hot finger fuck. Scott tells Tristan to spread his cheeks and then sinks his big tool up that tight man-chute and uses long steady strokes to fuck his latest conquest. Tristan digs being fucked and fills the air with lusty sighs of delight while jacking his turgid dick. Scott kicks up the speed and bangs dude fast 'n smooth with plenty of hot penetration shots from behind of that large tool sliding in 'n out of that snug man-hole. He pulls all the way out and crams it right back in for full erotic enjoyment. Working themselves up past the point of no return, Tristan dumps a small thick load on his shaved pubes and Scott busts a big thick nut all over Tristan.  

Scene Three:

Enrique Currero

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Local Cop Enrique Curreo (good-looking with black buzz cut, toned/smooth body) is on patrol to check out the new beach house. "Probably just a raccoon...nothing ever happens here."  Hostage Dad Tyler Saint (handsome with short brown hair, muscle-bound/smooth body) is ordered by one of the thugs to "get rid of him!"  Tyler greets the officer with his big cut cock hanging outta the fly of his expensive slacks. Enrique cannot keep his eyes of that thang and the sexual tension is heady. He reaches out and squeezes the organ leading Tyler to order him to "take it out." Enrique follows Tyler's command and releases his big stiff uncut cock and begins jacking it working the foreskin. Hunky intruder Tony Buff (good-looking with a brown buzz cut, heavy beard stubble, and muscular/hairy body) gets turned on watching and begins rubbing the bulge in his tight faded blue jeans.  Tony releases his big hard cut tool 'n hangy balls, spits on his palm, and starts jerking.

Tyler reaches over and strokes Enrique's throbbing manhood leading the guys to undress while keeping eye contact. Tyler takes that thang into his mouth jacking the shaft, working the foreskin forward, and pulling on it with his lips. He gives excellent head sliding his mouth up 'n down and easily deep throating all the way down to shortly trimmed pubes. The foreskin sucking is very hot! Enrique gets down on Tyler's large bone grasping it at the root and cramming it down his gullet giving an excellent blowjob while Tony continues to watch and yank on his big fat man-pork. Deep breathing moans and loud sucking noises fill the room. The dudes beat off with Enrique dumping a thick load on his fist and the floor. Hot cum-filled foreskin! Tyler loudly moans and shoots a large thick load of jizz on the floor.

Enrique bends over on the sofa offering up his yummy butt to Tyler who spreads those cheeks, exposes that tight shaved asshole and munches down for some very hot rimming. There are plenty of groovy close-ups of the bunghole eating here as Tyler's wet tongue laps at the pouting pink pucker. He then sinks his big thang in and fucks Enrique fast, smooth, 'n hard in the missionary position while Tony keeps spying/watching and stroking off. Tyler keeps his eyes on Tony while he pounds Enrique in the missionary position using the same quick 'n lubed strokes as before. There are lots of penetration shots during both positions of that rock hard meat sliding in 'n out of that snug man-hole. Tyler shoots his thick load on Enrique's fist, Enrique dumps thick man-pudding on his stomach and Tony cuts loose with a big load on the floor.

Scene Four:

Chad Manning

Thug Chad Manning (good-looking with dark hair, beard stubble, toned/smooth body) is helping himself in Tyler's kitchen when Braxton Bond (good-looking with brown/blond hair, toned/smooth body with tattoos) knocks on the door looking for his pal. Once again, the criminals easily fool innocent folks with sex. "You lookin' for some relief?"  With sexual tension running high, Chad pulls Braxton's blue jeans down revealing trimmed dark brown pubes and a long hard cut tool. After some sexy verbal teasing, Chad chows down on that big dick sliding his mouth up 'n down, cramming his mouth full, and giving some very groovy head. Braxton digs the oral attention and fills the kitchen with heavy breathing and moans.

In return, Braxton gets down on Chad's big clipped tool and gives hot mouth pleasure while being face fucked and grabbing those low-hanging plump nuts. The dudes are totally into each other and the action.  Chad jerks off working his purple knob and spooges on Braxton's chest.  Braxton cuts loose with a large thick load all over Chad's brown bush. "You're gonna get fucked!" Braxton bends over allowing Chad to spread his butt cheeks, expose his tight shaved asshole, and munch down tonguing the heck outta that pink pulsing pucker with plenty of nice camera shots. Braxton digs having his most private places licked and fills air with sighs 'n moans. "Yeah! Spit on that ass!"

Chad fucks Braxton fast, smooth, 'n hard doggy-style making him moan like a mother fucker during this very hot man-sex.  "Oh yeah!" There are plenty of mouth-watering penetration shots from below of that stiff cock sliding in 'n out and Braxton's tight hole actually clinging to Chad's shaft. These dudes get down in that Kitchen of Lovin' filling the air with pouts, moans, 'n groans. Braxton wildly pulls his hard pud while being pounded and dumps a large thick load on the floor. Chad works his hard sausage and cuts loose with thick man-gravy on Braxton's shortly-trimmed pubes, cock, and on the floor.

Scene Five:

Tony Buff

Geoffrey Paine (food-looking with closely-cropped dark hair, beard, toned/hairy body with heavy tattoos) and Ty Roberts (very cute with black hair, toned/smooth body) arrive looking for hot sex with Jackson Wild (scene one). Jackson yanks Geoffrey's blue jeans open revealing his big fat cut cock and begins licking the shaft and taking that fucker into his mouth deep throating all the way down while Ty and Tommy Ruckus (scene one) watch and pull their hard large 'n chubby clipped dicks. Dude knows how to give one heck of a blowjob!  He goes fucking crazy wild on that meat! Hot guys and action, baby!

Bother Number Three Sean Preston (cute with short brown hair, toned/lightly hairy body) shows up and Tony Buff (scene one) joins in. Sean gladly chows down on Tony's big fat meaty cut cock cramming his gullet full and giving some very good head that Tony obviously digs. Tony has some of the most beautiful plump 'n hangy balls I've ever seen. Mouth watering I tells ya! Jackson is now busy getting down on Ty's tool sliding his mouth up 'n down and deep throating all the way down to full black pubes like a champ. While Tommy and Geoffrey watch the action with fists flying up 'n down his hard cocks. Jackson continues to devour Ty's dong while Tony munches down on Jackson's tight shaved bunghole with hot camera shots of him tonguing that pink starfish that actually pulses with lust!

Sean pulls his bone-hard cut dick and watches  and watches the action with Tommy 'n Geoffrey.  Tony fucks Jackson doggy-style fast, smooth, 'n hard with plenty of hot penetration shots from behind/below. Jackson loves being porked and fills the room with loud cries, moans, and grunts of complete pleasure. The dudes get so worked up that they start a chain reaction: Ty shoots a thick load on his stomach, Jackson cuts loose with a wet jizz all over Ty, Tony dumps thick spooge on Jackson back 'n licks it up, and  Sean 'n Tommy bust thick loads that hit the floor.

The party continues with more cock sucking pair-ups as Ty blows Tommy, Tony fucks Jackson's face, and Geoffrey deep throats Sean down to his brown pubes. Geoffrey fucks Sean's tight lightly hairy bunghole fast 'n hard doggy-style with plenty of hot penetration shots from behind. Sean totally digs being screwed and cries out with loud grunts. Tony takes over fucking Sean in the missionary and there are more tasty penetration shots to be seen as his fast cock is crammed in 'n out of Sean's snug little man-hole.  Sean shoots a thick load of love-milk on his stomach, Tony squirts a large wet load on Sean's chest 'n stomach, Geoffrey shoots a large thick load on the sofa, and Ty dumps thick spooge on his stomach.

TY Roberts


Home Invasion is shot directly on high quality video and presented in wide screen with an aspect ratio of 16:9. The picture quality is sharp 'n clean and the videography by Brian Mills is excellent providing full coverage of all the action and plenty of cock sucking, bunghole, ass eating, and butt sex penetration close-ups.


The stereo sound is clear allowing the viewer to easily hear the duded as they talk along with all the usual lusty sounds of man-lovin'. The original musical score by Earl Johanson, Orlando Moneyshot, and James Sheridan is excellent setting the overall tone for the movie.


The disc includes an interactive menu, scene selection, chapter stops, a behind-the-scenes featurette, photo sessions, a cumshot compilation, and previews for Copperhead Canyon and Chainsaw.


Wow! Home Invasion is one big fucking turn-on and I was leaking pre-cum moment after the action started. Strong direction by Joe Gage, videography by, editing by, and music by all come into play with five solid scenes that are highly charged with sexual electricity and never become dull. The dudes are all very hot and give wonderful energetic performances. They are all clearly into the action and each other as they get down to hot sweaty man-sex. The mood/tone of the movie is quite different than most I review in that there is an overall feel of mystery and danger running throughout. I'm wild about each dude in this movie so I have no personal favorites this time. I must note that Tristan Raine in scene two gives an outstanding performance as a sexually conflicted young man who is finally letting down his guard and experience hot man-sex for the first time. He's definitely believable in this role. I Highly Recommend this groovy smut fest!

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