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Geek Girl Sex Vol. 2

Studio: Pure Play Media » Review by Omniphiliac » Review Date: 2/18/09

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Length: 2 hr 31 min.
Category: Gonzo
Director: ?
Dates of Production: 12/13/07, 11/20/07, 11/1/07, 11/12/07, 12/01/07, 11/13/07.
Condoms: No
Cast: Brooke Cherry, Morgan Daye, Keeani Lei, Venessa Lee, Misti Jane, Elli Fox, Ava, Leah Wilde, Mackenzee Pierce

The Movie: You've seen her at school, she's the kind of girl that sits in front of the class, has impeccable posture, fashions thick rimmed glasses and never lets her hair down. You know the kind, the kind that teeny-bopper movies use as a catalyst for a poorly constructed plot. However, the girls in Geek Girlsex Volume 2 do not transform into a swan, they do not lose their geeky demeanor or nerdy habits. These girls remain geeks, geeks that like to fuck. But lets be honest here, the creators of Geek Girlsex Volume 2 did not seek out true girls who would be labeled as a loner, a geek, or a bookworm. Geek Girlsex Volume 2 consisted of adult stars who were placed in front of computers as they donned glasses and kept their hair in a ponytail. Silver Sinema, in its typical fashion, created this video in a "reality" style. That is, the cameraman would approach the "geeks," ask them a few questions and then video them having sex. Sadly enough, most of the girls took off their glasses, something that was usually their only attractive attribute, during the actual sex scenes. 

Scene 1: Brooke & Jimmy.
Brooke is tutoring Jimmy for his science class. Poor Jimmy gets frustrated since he's having a hard time reading and pronouncing words correctly. The intelligent Brooke has no problem teaching Jimmy how to read, but Jimmy has another problem other than his reading skills. He can't stay focused with Brooke's long legs in sight. To relax him, Brooke takes off her clothes and lets Jimmy study the female form. After he gets a full look at the supple Brooke, she miraculously convinces Jimmy to show her his thick member. Bending over on the couch she takes him all into her mouth. With her glasses still resting down the bridge of her nose, Brooke strokes and sucks away. After sucking him off, Brooke takes off her glasses and lets down her hair, "transforming" from a geek to a porn star. Personally I would have liked it if she at least kept her glasses on, but maybe that's just me. For the most part the two are very quiet during the scene, only interrupted with the occasional winning lines such as "now this is what I call extracurricular." Sitting back down on the couch, Jimmy lets Brooke slide onto him and ride him silly. This scene gets a little too hard to take seriously due to Jimmy having a Z shape implanted on the top of his shaft and Brooke's constant queefing. Now don't get me wrong, I love queefing. I think is a natural part of sex, and it's bound to happen. But I also think that its hilarious and if you can't laugh at queefing then you need to work on your view of this world, my friend. That's right, the world is just a giant succession of queefs, don't take it too seriously.

Scene 2: Morgan & Keeani.
Morgan and Keeani are caught looking at World of Warcraft online, when asked why they are doing so they proudly exclaim, "we're geeks! It's the in thing now." How cute. They then argue who has the highest IQ, "I do" "No, I do!" "No, I do!" They explain that when they're not playing WoW they have fun making out, not because they're "lesbos," but because they're "bored." Again...how cute. To prove how sexy geeks can be they start to undress each other and kiss. After getting Morgan totally undressed, Keeani sits her down in the office chair with her legs up, then licks, teases and fingers Morgans pussy. With

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a blue dildo, Keeani fucks Morgan while still licking her clit. Morgan moans and whimpers throughout, which alone makes it a pretty hot scene. Gripping onto the seat, Morgan quivers while she cums. Not to be left out, Morgan bends Keeani over the computer
desk, eats her out then slides a purple g-spot vibrator inside her. This scene is a hell of a lot more appealing than the scene before, if only because the two are far more vocal and seem to enjoy the sex. As a little surprise, Keeani brings out the always enjoyable Hitachi Magic Wand to pleasure Morgan, taunting and stimulating her clit until she cums again. Throughout the scene it became glaringly obvious that Keeani was actually enjoying her time with the dildos and vibrators more than Morgan was. The best part of the scene was when Keeani was getting fucked by the purple g-spot dildo, something about being bent over a foldable table with a Mac displaying WoW in the background was oddly appealing.

Scene Three: Venessa & Stefan
Venessa, clad in a painting smock, is drawing the male anatomical form based on her person male model. During the pre-interview Venessa explains that she's an art student, enjoys reading, paint and loves to go to the "libarry." When asked what her favorite part
about being an art student she admits that she loves watching the male models and dreams about fucking them. Thankfully the cameraman, out of the kindness of his heart, encourages Venessa to follow through with her sexual fantasy with the present male model, Stefan. Still decked out in her geeky glasses and art school painting smock, Venessa gets down on her knees and takes Stefan into her mouth. Stefan finally unveils her unflattering painting smock and explores every inch of her body. He places her on the chair, spreads her wide and teases and pleasures her with his tongue, however she seems less than enthused. Putting her on her knees Stefan gets inside her and slowly slides in and out of her as she lets out a few moans here and there. Sitting up on his cock, she bounces up and down. Then bends her over and fucks her. She lets out a few forced "ooh's" and "oh yeah's". Thankfully Venessa keeps her glasses on during the scene, continuing the geek appeal up until Stefan unloads on her face.

Scene Four: Misti & Elli
Misti is interviewing Elli to be the new receptionist of the doctors office. Misti informs Elli that she must videotape the interview for the president of the company to screen applicants. After Elli gives her educational background, Misti asks the important questions,
such as height, weight and whether or not she's a natural blond, and then has her stand up and turn around for the camera. In order to make things absolutely clear, Misti informs Elli that this job sometimes requires "doing whatever it takes." Elli goes on to show Misti a little preview of what exactly she's willing to do for the company. Misti slowly unbuttons Elli's blouse, showing off her taut b-cup tits. Slipping off her mini skirt and panties, Misti plays with and teases Elli's clit. Lifting up Elli's legs, Misti begins to lick and finger Elli as she leans back and moans. After Misti fingers her for a while she pulls out an ample-size purple vibrator and begins to fuck her with it. Misti isn't that attractive to me, but Elli was pretty hot as she reclined back and played with her nipples while getting eaten out and fucked by the vibrator. Normally I don't go for skinny blonds, but Elli did it for me, maybe it was the glasses. In an almost dominant way, Misti makes Elli stand up and bend over the desk so the camera can get a nice shot of her ass as Misti slides the vibrator inside her again. Elli then returns the favor, leaning Misti back in the office chair and goes down on her. Elli pulls out the vibrator and slides inside Misti while they both occasionally glance at the camera
in a coy manner. After being thoroughly eaten out, Misti bends over and gets fucked by the vibrator. By this point it gets a little monotonous with both girls going through the same positions, a little originality would have been nice.

Scene Five: Ava & Leah
Leah approaches Ava as she's hard at work writing reports. Leah tells Ava that she looks depressed, Ava admits to being a bit stressed from work and in need of relaxation. However, Ava hates going out as a way of relaxing because she hates being social. They then both commiserate on how awkward they were in high school. Ava mentions she needs a break, but there's nothing else to do. Now what in the world could she possibly do besides work while Leah is around? Leah, being the gentle soul that she is, offers to help Ava destress. Starting with a seductive back rub, Leah runs her fingers up and down Ava's back, arms and slowly moves towards her chest. Slowly undressing her, Leah lightly rubs Ava's tits and then leans in for a kiss. Spending a good amount of time running their hands across each others skin was quite hot, I must admit. This added a nice portion of sensuality to this girl-girl scene. Ava is by far the sexiest woman in this entire video. With dark brown hair, perky c-cup tits and an amazingly round and firm ass, Ava certainly steals the movie. Diving right in, Leah sits Ava on the desk and licks her out. Being Leah's turn, Ava slides off her jeans and has her lean against the desk and stick her ass out as Ava spanks her. To return the "destressing" favor Ava eats out Leah while she runs her hands up and down her thighs. Ava begins to finger her geeky partner as Leah plays with her clit. To continue the destressing effort, Leah pulls out a classic pocket rocket and teases Ava's clit, only to be followed by sliding a g-spot vibe into Ava offering dual stimulation as she reclines on the desk until Ava belts out a deliciously moan-filled orgasm.  Not to be greedy, Ava offers to fuck Leah with another vibrator while she licks her clit. Twisting and turning the vibrator inside Leah, her moans and whimpers begin to accelerate until Leah takes control of the vibrator, leading her to cum as they passionately kiss.

Final Thoughts: Let's just make this clear, I am a bit of a snob when it comes to recent attempts to fetishize "scenes." If you're going to do it, please do it right. The whole appeal behind geeky girls is their demeanor, their oh so cute awkwardness, superior intelligence and hell, sometimes even their neuroticism can be adorable (in certain doses). While the creators of Geek Girlsex Volume 2 attempted to create the geeky girl fantasy, it was just a little too superficial for me. Perhaps I have high standards, but merely throwing glasses on a girl and having her pretend to play World of Warcraft is not truly geeky enough. Then again, this is all fantasy, right? However, the more you make fantasy seem like hormone-induced thrilling action that it becomes even seemingly real, then the better off your fantasies become. This all being said, if the "fantasy" of geeky girl was a little more believable I'd quickly jump to recommend this title. However, despite the lack of originality, some of the scenes were quite hot (Leah & Ava and Venessa & Stefan), therefore I am going to suggest that you Rent It

The DVD:
Bonus Material:
- Extra solo scene, which has nothing to do with geeky girls, but still noteworthy. Right from the start this girl immediately takes off her clothes and shows off her body to the camera as she spanks her ass. Grabbing a vibrator from the couch she opens her legs wide and starts to pleasure herself. The fact that she jumps right into showing off her body and pleasuring herself made this bonus scene pretty enjoyable. Perhaps the best part is when she bends over on the couch, shoulders totally down and continues to fuck herself with her vibrator. 
- Cumshot recap from the boy-girl scenes.
- Slideshow stills from the video.
- Trailers for "Cable Guy Sex Volume 2" where girls fuck cable guys, "Soccer MILFS" where the camera crew approaches soccer moms and of course persuades them into having sex, and "Geek Girlsex" the predecessor to this currently reviewed video. 

Audio/Video: The audio was crisp and clear. The dialogues, moaning and groaning sounded like they were happening right in my room. The video was shot in HD and was of superior quality.

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