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Real Straight Shooters 2

Studio: Pure Play Media » Review by Guybrush » Review Date: 2/22/09

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Date of Production: 2008

Length: 90 minutes

Director: Edward James

Cast: Chad Anthony, Cooper Bridge, Jag, Tyler Stuart, Kyle Wheeler, and Jake Wood

Body Types: young muscular guys with smooth chests and trimmed pubes

Condoms: no

Things to see: solo masturbation, straight guys

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Plot: no plot

The Movie:

While watching Real Straight Shooters 2, it felt like I was on the same "gay wavelength" as the director.  You see, I have often thought that it would be fun to take the hottest guy from the gym and put him into a porno.  If you go to the gym on a regular basis, then you know the type I'm talking about; he's the hottest guy in the building, not only blessed with a perfect body but also a beautiful face to match.  These guys rarely hit the showers, so the chance of us seeing them naked are close to slim.  Fortunately, Straight Shooters 2 will wet your appetite for these straight stud muffins and finally relieve that case of locker room blue balls.

Real Straight Shooters 2features six very attractive young males.  All of the guys sport a similar look: smooth muscular chests, trimmed pubes, and a whole lot of spunk waiting to be released from their nut sacks.  Each guy starts out by rubbing their body until their clothes start to fall off.  All of the guys wear jeans, making me wonder if the director has a fetish for jeans models.  The models stroke their cocks through their jeans until it's time for the grand reveal.   The guys then pretty much follow the same masturbatory routine and release some delicious looking loads.

Though all of the guys were cute, three of the models were absolute stunners.  The model named Jag is a hunky brunette with just the right amount of facial stubble.  Jag looks like a college-age athlete, with a nice chiseled body and a big floppy cock.  At first Jag touches himself away from our gaze, but once his pants come off, we get to enjoy his big mushroom head and furry nuts.  Jake Wood is another stunner; he most closely resembles a jeans model from a magazine ad.  Jake has a lovely tanned and chiseled chest with perfect pecs and some perky nipples.  He looks fantastic wearing only loose fitting jeans, but he looks so much better wearing nothing at all.  Finally, the cover model Kyle Wheeler is such a cutie pie.  Kyle's face makes him look like he's only about 16, but once he sheds his clothes and shows off his furry chest, you realize that he's all man!  While Kyle strokes his dick off to a thick finale, he occasionally peers over at the camera as if he were to say, "you want some of this?"  These three models made me envious of the cameraman, so I hope they will do the same for you.

If you enjoy watching straight boys stroke their glorious cocks off then this is a pretty good title to add to your collection.  While the models are uniformly hot, the guys do share a similar look, so much so that I had to revisit one scene to make sure that I wasn't looking at the same guy.  Also, some of you will be disappointed by the inclusion of only six scenes which, compared to the solo titles offered by Bel Ami, seems pretty slim.  Regardless, the guys are hot and they look good stroking their pussy pumpin' dicks. 

The DVD:


The anamorphic widescreen transfer was really quite nice.  The models were well lit and detail levels were high.  The film simply looks great. 


The film utilizes a light dance beat soundtrack that primarily drowns out the actors moaning.  There were a few instances where moaning could be heard, but I believe that the models were mostly quiet.  I can understand why the film would be mixed this way since the actors didn't really say much of anything.  Overall, the sound works for the film.


Extras consist of an animated photo gallery, animated menus, and scene selection.  I was impressed by the animated photo gallery since it is well organized by each model. 

Final thoughts:

Real Straight Shooters 2 is brimming with hunky straight guys who are eager to stroke off their dicks in order to get paid.  Though the models look pretty similar to each other, all of the models are hot in their own special way.  Therefore, Real Straight Shooters 2 gets a recommended rating.

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