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Gettin' Bizy

Studio: French Connection » Review by Guybrush » Review Date: 2/22/09

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Date of Production: 2008

Length: 90 minutes

Director: Doug

Cast: Jeremy, Spence, James, Lee, Kai, Bently, Damon, Kasden, Spence, Enrique, Smoke, Tom, and Nate

Body Types: guys with tattoos, hairy and smooth chest, big dicks

Condoms: yes

Things to see: straight guys, threesomes, facial cumshots, oral cumshots, straight sex, masturbation

Plot: no plot

The Movie:

We might deny it in the presence of straight guys, but the prospect of sex with straight men can be a real turn-on.  There's just something erotic about their cockiness and male bravado that makes us want to fuck them (or be fucked by them).  Though we won't want to stick around when they start to talk about ESPN, Hooters, and The Office, we will certainly help them out with an eager hand or a wet mouth when they get turned on and say stuff like "it's too bad that there isn't a girl here right now to help me out because I'm so horny!"  Doug and Jay's amateur straight guyfilms have played with this scenario time and time again; allowing straight guys to explore their sexuality with other guys, while still remaining "straight."  The "magic" of these scenes occurs at the precise moment when a straight guy becomes so turned on from stroking his cock next to another dude, that he can't help but reach over and start to play with his pal's dick.  Some of the straight guys then progress to the next step; either fucking the other dude or allowing the guy to fuck them. 

Gettin' Bizyoffers a pretty good selection of straight seductions and experimentation.  While a few of the scenes feel forced, and almost staged (the James and Lee scenes as well as the Kai and Nate segment), most of the sex is pretty darn hot.  One of my favorite sex scenes involves a cock hungry gay boy named Enrique.  He does a great job servicing Spence, so much so that Spence yanks him off of Kasden's cock so that he can get some more head.  The James and Spence scene also works well because James uses lots of dirty talk while he fucks Spence.  Normally, Spence is the one doing the dirty talk, so this was a refreshing role reversal.   Generally, the rest of the scenes share a similar level of eroticism.  Therefore, if the thought of straight guys gettin' bizy turns you on, I suggest you read on:

Scene one: Jeremy and Spence

The scene begins with some grainy dial-up Internet quality footage from 2001.  The video shows the brunette stud Jeremy fucking a girl along with Spence.  Fast forward to the present, we find Jeremy stroking his thick cock while he watches straight porn.  Spence (looking leaner than he did in 2001) comes into the room and starts up a conversation with Jeremy.  Unphased by Spence's presence, he continues to keep his dick hard, even though the conversation drifts away from sex talk. Spence then unzips and starts to stroke his dick as well.  While Spence starts to finger his own hole, Jeremy asks him questions about how it feels, sounding genuinely intrigued.  Jeremy then reaches over and starts to play with Spence's balls and fingers his straight boy hole. 

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After Spence's hole is ready, Jeremy starts to fuck him forcefully.  At one point, Spence tells him to slow down because Jeremy was being a little bit too aggressive.  While he fucks Spence mercilessly, Jeremy starts to talk dirty to Spence, treating him like the submissive bottom boy he craves to be.  Finally the boys shoot out their loads, with nearly all of the spunk landing on Spence.

Scene two: James, Lee, and Kai

Two guys sit on the couch next to an attractive blond gal.  While Lee and Kai mess around with a girl, James starts to touch his cock behind a curtain.  The girl sucks on the guys, even sucking on both of them in her mouth at the same time (hot!).  Lee takes a break from the action and then starts to chat with James.  Lee senses that James wants to taste his cock, still wet from the girl's pussy, so he let's him suck on it for a while.  James licks Lee's nuts while he strokes on the shaft, making Lee moan louder than he did with the girl.  It doesn't take long for Lee to bust his nut onto Jame's shoulders.  Lee then heads back to the shoot with an empty tank. After that, James jacks off while Lee's spooge continues to drip down his chest.  He lets loose one hell of an explosive load. 

Scene three: Bently and Damon

Damon receives a relaxing nude massage while the director tries to get him to laugh.  Meanwhile, cover-boy Bently (a dirty blond with intricate chest tattoos) strokes on his cock through a towel while he watches porn.  Damon then heads over to the room and sits next to Bently.  The guys share some drinks and watch porn on their laptops.  It doesn't take long for the guys to get turned on, so they stroke their cocks out in the open, next to each other.  Eventually, Bently reaches over and starts to play with Damon's dick.  Bently doesn't appear to be that interested in Damon's cock until he (surprisingly) puts it into his mouth and sucks on it like a crack whore in need of a fix.  He does hold the shaft like a slightly inexperienced straight guy would, however.  Bently keeps sucking on Damon's dick until Damon shoots off his spunk onto Bently's chest.  Bently then jacks off, watching some porn.

Scene four: Kasden, Spence, and Enrique

Enrique, a young Latin cub, loves sucking on straight dick!  He talks about his sexual experiences while Spence strokes his dick behind him.  Kasden just sits there, not participating until later.  Enrique quickly heads over to Spence so that he can tongue polish Spence's hard member.  Enrique then heads south, which pleasantly surprises Spence and makes him moan while his taint and hole are thoroughly licked.  After that, Enrique heads over to the hairless Kasden so that he can service his big dick. 

Kasden and Spence then stand up so that Enrique has access to both of them.  In one of this scene's hottest moments, Spence yanks Enrique's face off of Kasden's cock so that he can get some more attention.  Spence moans and pants throughout his dick sucking, so it doesn't take long for him to give Enrique what he secretly wants; a cum facial.  Spence shoots his load onto Enrique's chest (missing his face) but he does allow the cum whore to lick off the remnants.  The director even scoops up some of the jizz and feeds it back to Enrique.  Kasden then jacks off onto Enrique's face, giving him even more man juice.  Finally, Enrique shoots off a nice load after being so turned on by the straight suck fest.

Scene five: Smoke and Tom

Two sexy brunettes stroke their cocks while they watch porn.  Tom is a dark brunette with a mostly smooth chest.  Smoke on the other hand, is completely smooth with lots of tattoos, giving him a military look.  The guys watch porn, but mostly keep their dicks hidden.  Fortunately, Smoke breaks the ice by pulling out his hard cock for Tom to see.  Tom then pulls down his pants too.  Tom keeps his eye on the straight porn, but Smoke has no problems with looking over at Tom's dick.  Smoke then asks him if he needs some "help."  Tom lets him suck on his dick, although he looks pretty uncomfortable at first (gay panic!).  However, once Tom relaxes, his dick becomes rock hard and he wears an orgasmic grin throughout his oral attention.  Eventually, Tom dribbles out a little bit of cum onto Smoke's chest.  Smoke makes up for the lack of spunk because he releases a ton of thick, creamy goo.

Scene six: Kai and Nate

Kai and Lee watch some porn while they stroke their cocks through their pants.  Kai is a natural blond with lots of tattoos, while Nate is a younger, beefy guy with a fat cock.  Eventually the boys pull out their cocks from their underwear and stroke their dicks, side by side.  Kai then reaches over so that he can play with Nate's thick monster.  After that, Kai starts to suck on Nate's dick. Nate then says, "it's not fair for you to have to do all of the work."  Nate then proceeds to suck on Kai's cock.  The guys share a 69 position before Nate returns to sucking on Kai's cock.  Finally the guys release their loads onto their chests.

The DVD:


Presented in full-frame, the image is generally good. The first scene utilized grainy, Internet era footage from the straight porn scene starring Spence and Jeremy.  Some scenes are slightly underlit and grain is present throughout.  However the movie still looks pretty good, so you can see every ounce of jizz spilled. 


The sound mix works well for this feature.  All of the action can be heard, though the actors voices fade out, the farther they are away from the microphone. 


Extras include chapter selection and animated menus. 

Final thoughts:

Gettin' Bizy is full of straight guys gettin' bizy with each other.  The models are pretty hot and most of the sex is good.  While some of the scenes felt forced, most of the segments were highly erotic and fun to watch.  Therefore, this title easily comes recommended.  Hopefully you'll easily come after watching it!

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