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Les Honeys 3

Studio: 21st Sextury Video » Review by The Horny Housewife » Review Date: 2/24/09

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Title: Les Honeys # 3
Studio: 21st Sextury
Category: Girl-Girl, Euro
Director: Oliver Brand
Starring: April, Alexa, Niki, Milena, Natalia, Gwen, Hazel, Lilly, Grace, Linda D, Ally N, Kelly, Pandora, Vanilla
Release Date: Nov 12, 2008
Condoms: None

Scene #1: April & Grace

Both of these  young girls are billed as real life virgins on the DVD box cover. Now to be perfectly honest I buy into that about as much as I buy into Beach front property in Nevada but hey these two are cute so ill play along. The two girls begin the scene by kissing on each other and rubbing on one another's tits. The tit fondling and kissing is very cute coming from these two and it does capture my full attention. After the simplistic foreplay is over the cuter of the two girls ( Grace )who happens to look a lot like another porn starlet Brandi Belle gets onto hr back and gets her pussy eaten out and fingered. The girls pussy looks yummy as can be and you can definitely see the slit get creamy which I love. Following the fingering action Grace gets her asshole toyed with a silver vibrator while she rubs on her own clit. After a while and quite a bit of anal toying on the one girl the other ( April ) gets her go at pleasure when she slays back spreads her legs and gets eaten out and fingered.  April eventually gets her ass toyed with the vibrator but really cant take much of it in. To wrap the scene up April goes from getting her ass fucked with the vibrator in missionary to getting into the doggy position to continue her anal toy play.

Scene #2: Alexa, Hazel & Lilly

The three young ladies open up the scene laying stomach down and side to side on a futon. Lilly lays onto her back and the other two girls Hazel and Alexa kiss while towering over the girl laying down. All three eventually get up and Alexa gets her tits licked and pussy rubbed by the other girls. The threesome of fairly cute girls perform a merry go round of pussy eating as each girl gets her box munched out and while not the most varied of visually stimulating sexual practices the action looks nice. Eventually two of the girls ( Hazel & Alexa )get into some very cute 69 while Lilly stays off to the side finger fucking Alexa while the girl gets her pussy eaten out.  After the 69 both Hazel and Lilly tag team on the asshole of Alexa and the girls finger fuck her with some good energy and decent heat for the viewer. Hazel is up next and she lays on her back and she gets eaten out and her pussy and asshole finger fucked by the two others.  Lilly is the last up and she too lays onto her back and captures the full attention of Hazel and Alexa as she gets her box munched and  both holes finger fucked utill the scene wraps.

Scene #3: Millena & Niki

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Millena and Niki are a pair of decent looking chicks who happen to be getting it on in the bathroom. While I don't find sex in the bathroom particularly attractive I do enjoy the spontaneity of things like this going on so I am game. Millena starts out as she is laying back against the sink and Niki comes in and wastes no time in getting down to rubbing all over this sexy girl.  Millena is dressed up in some cute matching turquoise panties and top and in all honesty is the much better looking of the two but Niki isn't half bad herself. After getting her body rubbed down by Niki Millena takes more of an initiative and gets more physical with her pal Niki and the two eventually land up on the floor. After getting onto the bathroom floor Milena fucks Niki's twat and asshole with a dildo first in the missionary position and then in doggy.  Following this the two girls share some cute kisses and Millena then gets on top of the toilet and spreads her legs allowing Niki to eat out, finger her pussy, and eventually dildo her asshole. After this goes on for a bit Millena turns over and gets into the doggy position to get her anus plugged up with a toy until the scene wraps.

Scene #4: Ally & Natalia

Ally and Natalia are both cute, fresh faced and very naughty looking which I love. The girls are sitting at a kitchen table and the two cant help but want to kiss. Natalia eventually straddles Ally and the girls continue to swap tongues for a bit but quickly Natalia stands up and gets her clothing removed. After showing off her cute little ass Natalia gets onto her knees and opens up Ally's shirt and commences to suck on her perky little tits. After getting her tits sucked on Ally gets naked and lays back onto the kitchen table where she spreads her legs and gets her bald kitty eaten out and finger fucked by Natalia. Following the pussy play Ally gets her anal cavity finger banged and Natalia is able to get two fingers buried deep inside of her partners asshole.  Ally eventually gets onto her knees on a chair and leans over the table allowing easy access for Natalia to finger fuck her ass a bit more. Following this the girls kiss and then Natalia gets her go at getting eaten out and finger banged. Natalia lays back on the table and the girls follow the same formula that occurred earlier in the scene only this time the girls are switched around and ally finger bangs Natalia's asshole till the scene ends.  

Scene #5: Gwen & Linda D

Gwen and Linda are in my personal opinion hands down the hottest girls on the disc. The pair of euro sluts are in the laundry room getting down and dirty. The girls open up with some extremely passionate kisses and before you know it Linda has her panties peeled off and Gwen is down below eating the super hot girl out. These two seem to share some chemistry and it really comes across well on screen which always leads to a great scene. Eventually Gwen gets undressed and Linda takes some time to suck on her partners tits before continuing with their passionate kissing. Linda then gets onto her knees and munches out Gwen's bald box before getting up off the floor and getting on top of the washer to get her cunt finger banged and then toyed.   After fucking Linda's box with a dildo Gwen takes a minute out to taste the slit of Linda before bringing in a vibrator to fuck he friends ass.  The action then switches up with Gwen getting onto the floor where she gets her cute little pussy finger fucked by Linda in the missionary position. After getting her pussy fingered Gwen gets a anal reaming with a vibrator and by far this is my favorite part of not only the scene but the entire flick. After getting her ass dildo fucked on the floor Gwen gets on top of the washer where she continues to get her ass toyed until the girls wrap things up with a final few kisses and the scene ends.

Scene #6: Kelly, Pandora & Vanilla

Two girls open up the scene as they are sitting on a sofa rubbing on their respective bodies and gazing at each other. After a bit the two start to kiss and a third girl comes into the picture and god damn this new girl has great legs. The two lez whores that where on the sofa to open up the scene turn all their attention on this new girl and in no time they are sucking on her tits and rubbing all over her body. It should be mentioned all three are very attractive and like the scene before this one these girls seem to share some attraction which is great for making a good scene. The new girl eventually gets laid onto the couch on her back where she gets her pussy fingered and her body rubbed down by the two others. After her go round of pleasure the action switches to another of the girls and she gets pleasured by the other two this time though a toy is introduced into the threesome. The second girl gets her ass and pussy toyed but eventually all three girls take a go round with getting their pleasure from a rubber dick. There is really no variation here and it's basically one girl getting onto her back with another toying her asshole / pussy and the third rubbing all over the girls body. All three follow this formula throughout the scene and to be honest even though the  girls were quite sexy the same old same old got a bit tired quickly and the scene dragged on a bit.


The extras for "Les Honeys # 3" were pretty thin and only included a slide show, Five 21st Sextury trailers, a Website Info Tab and finally a Mobil Content Tab. VERY WEAK ON THE EXTRAS HERE GUYS!

Audio / Video:

"Les Honeys # 3" from 21st Sextury Films and Director Oliver Brand was presented in an MPEG-2 format running at around  4 - 5 Mbps in a 4 x 3 Screen format. The video for this title was decent with colors and skin tones coming across fairly well on my set up. There is a bit of video noise present throughout the entirety of the movie and by no means is this one of the better looking visual quality DVD's you will find but none the less it is very watchable. The audio was presented in Dolby Digital 2.0 @ 192kbps was also acceptable as I had no issues as the sounds came across very well on my  audio set up. 

Final Thoughts:

Les Honey's #3 to be perfectly honest was fairly middle of the road. While a majority of the girls were actually quite attractive the sex just seemed be be lacking and it just had a certain something about the flick that didn't click with me. A few of the girls seemed to just be going through with the motions and not so much getting into the action as much as I would have liked. An obvious exception to this would be the scene with Gwen & Linda D which was actually VERY good. All in all the title came across as very pretty but lacking a bit on the substance. A bit too much of recycled action and a bit too much of girls going through motions with no real passion leaves this title a tad short in my opinion. No doubt this is a very strong title worthy of a rental but I am not so sure about a purchase with so many other options out there. 


Jen "The Horny Housewife"



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