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Lesbian Triangles 13

Studio: Girlfriends Films » Review by Apache Warrior » Review Date: 3/1/09

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Genre: Lesbian, Milf, vignette
Director: ?
Cast: Penny Flame, Elexis Monroe, Cindy, Torri Secret, Kelly Kane, Magdalene St. Michaels, Bobbi Starr, Daisy Lane
Lenth: 168 minutes
Date of Production: 10/15/2008, 10/16/2008
Extras: There is company information on their fine stable of films. There are also trailers for Imperfect Angels Episode 5 and Episode 6, Road Queen Part 8, Women Seeking Women Volume 47, Lesbian Triangles, and Lesbian Seductions Volume 20 and Volume 22. They are good previews.
Condoms: None
Audio/Video Quality: The audio and video quality are good. The movie is shot in widescreen format.
Overview: Lesbian Triangles Episode 13 is the thirteenth installment of this series. It is from the highly successful studio Girlfriends Films that primarily concentrates on lesbian themes. One quality that this studio focuses on is to make realistic sex scenes. As a matter of fact, the studio's motto "Simply the most realistic sex in lesbian adult video" is on the back of each DVD case.  
Scene One: Penny Flame and Elexis Monroe are laying on the bed. Elexis has her arm around her. After some conversation, Elexis calls for Candy Girl. The three women talk for a while. Candy Girl is a butchy looking woman. Later, she leaves the room. Penny has the hots for the Candy girl. She also makes sure to reassure her girlfriend that she loves her. They start to make out. Their roaming hands and gentle kisses enhances their chemistry. Their conversation is nice sounding. Later, Penny gets on top of her lover and they rub hips together. Penny's behavior and demeanor feels sincere. She concentrates on Elexis's feet by sucking and kissing them including her sweet toes. She also does an exceptional job exploring her partner's body with her mouth. Elexis uses her legs and feet as seductive tools on Penny's body. Penny's circular motion with her tongue and mouth is hot and gets Elexis' beauty spot wet. She stares up at her sweetheart as she moans loudly. Elexis cups her own tits. Penny looks as if she is in a trance when she concentrates on her honey's pearl. Then, she gets spanked on her ass to get her head out of the clouds. Next, Elexis gets on top of her. She kisses Penny's chest. She also rocks back and forth on her girlfriend. Soon, the woman is working on Penny's gem. This action is lengthy, but good. Elexis does a remarkable job. Her intensity increases as the scene progresses.

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Scene Two: Cindy puts the moves on Torri Secret outside. They run their hands on each other before they kiss. Next, they take the action inside. The women are on the bed. While Torri lays on her stomach and chest, the mature woman humps her ass. The action is rougher as compared to a regular Girlfriends Films' sex scene. Later, the woman rolls over and Cindy continues to hump her. The woman still uses her aggressive behavior while playing with her pussy. The rough humping action calms down later. However, Cindy rubs her plaything vigorously. Their kissing activity is very good. Then, Cindy eats her gem. The pace of the action is cool. However, the woman returns to her rough antics as she fingers Torri's lovebox fast and hard. Miss Secret looks worn out from the woman's actions. When it is Tori's turn to work on Cindy's body, she squeezes and sucks her breasts rough as well. It does not take long until the older woman fingerfucks Torri's jewel again. Of course, her application is rough. Then, the younger lady gets totally naked and gets on top of Cindy. They grind their groins hard. Torri sucks and fingers the woman's rose with good conviction. Cindy looks sensational while Miss Secret concentrates on her lovebox. They kiss as Torri lays on top of her.
Scene Three: Kelly Kane and Magdalene St. Michaels talk outside at night. Soon, they head inside to warm up and have a glass of wine. The women continue their discussion in the bedroom. The younger woman sits beside her on the bed. She caresses Ms. St. Michaels' left leg. Kelly snuggles next to her. They are holding hands. The atmosphere feels nice. I got very turned on by their chemistry. The viewer can feel the sexual tension between them. They kiss. It's super hot. Kelly Kane matches the very talented Magdalene St. Michaels' tenderness. After a lengthy kissing session, Ms. St. Michaels sucks on Miss Kelly's titty. I like how their sexy bodies are entangled together. Kelly feels the mature woman's sexual flower. Their kisses continue. Kelly is topless. She returns to manually pleasuring Magdalene's petal. Then Magdalene runs her hands on the woman's body. Ms. St. Michaels' signature gentleness is shown. She tastes her torso while slowly moving down her bod to her gateway to heaven. The woman removes Kelly's panties. Magdalene pleasures her rosebush with her experienced mouth. Kelly moans with pleasure as the mature female gives her own personal touch on the younger lady's priceless jewel. They kiss. Miss Kane kisses Magdalene's chest. The women hold one another tightly and feel each other. Ms. St. Michaels lays on her own back. Kelly slowly moves on top of her. She kisses her bosom. After they kiss again, the young woman rubs her nipple on her partner's pussy. Her actions are driving Magdalene nuts. Then, she eats her feminine flower. I like how the mature woman's body jerks during the scene. They kiss again. Kelly runs her hands along the woman's body. She places her own sweet spot on Magdalene's plaything and rubs against it. Ms. St. Michaels kisses her breasts. Miss Kane humps her harder. The action is great. The scene fades away as Kelly is on top of Magdalene and they stare into each other's eyes.
Scene Four: Bobbi Starr is feeling down at the beginning of the scene. Daisy Lane comes by to see her as she had promised earlier. Bobbi looks sad lying on the bed. Miss Lane rubs her shoulder and kisses it. She also brushes the sad woman's temple with her own fingers. They kiss. Daisy is a very compassionate woman who wants to make Bobbi feel better. She kisses the woman's side and tummy. Their kisses are sweet in nature. She orally stimulates Miss Starr's titties. The woman even gently bites her nipple. Then, she kisses her waist. Next, Daisy gets on top of the lady. Bobbi feels her breasts. She also rubs her thumbs on her nipples. The women kiss. Then Daisy rubs her hips on Bobbi's groin. Soon, she rubs her fingers on the woman's red panties. The lady moves her undergarment to the side so that she can feel and taste her sexual flesh. Next, Daisy gets on her hands and knees so that the other woman can play around with her gemstone. Afterwards, Daisy manually pleasures her jewel. Bobbi assists in rubbing her own clit. Miss Lane sucks on it with good sensation with the help of her own finger. Then, Bobbi sucks her world with intensity. She also gives her pussy a nice tongue lashing. She also fingers it a fair amount of time. Next, both ladies are rubbing the other's personal lovebox. Later, Daisy tastes Bobbi's snatch from behind with the accompaniment of her own finger. The various sexual positions throughout the scene are great. Bobbi plays with her pussy vigorously. They cuddle at the end and kiss.
Final Thoughts: Magdalene St. Michaels has another super performance. Her sensuality and gentleness is her trademark when it comes to her appearances on any Girlfriends Films movie. Kelly Kane is a very good match with Ms. St. Michaels. I think that they should be paired together more often. Miss Kane is Magdalene's best partner ever. As to the other parts of the movie, those scenes cannot compete with that one. Nevertheless, Daisy Lane's appearance is a nice addition. Therefore, I have to say that this movie is a rental.

Apache Warrior

Apache W
[email protected]     

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