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Inside Jennifer Welles

Studio: Video X Pix » Review by The Mooninite » Review Date: 3/9/09

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

The Movie:

Before curvy, blonde actress Jennifer Welles was one of the more popular porno starlets of the seventies, she started off in softcore features like Joel M. Reed's Sex By Advertisement and Career Bed and Henri Pachard's Submission (all available from Something Weird Video), but it's her XXX work that remains better known. After appearing in some of Joe Sarno's mid-seventies films like Confessions Of A Young American Housewife and Abigail Leslie Is Back In Town, Welles would team up with an un-credited Sarno to co-direct what is arguably her best picture, Inside Jennifer Welles for Distribpix (now Video-X-Pix) in 1977.

The film starts with Welles in bed, moaning and groaning as the phone rings. She answers and talks to 'Eric' while periodically moaning and after her call, as the camera pans down, we see that Dave Innis is eating her out. The credits roll over top of them as she rides him cowgirl style and then he fucks her missionary style, pulling out to shoot onto her pelvis. From there, Jennifer starts her day, getting picked up outside her swanky apartment in a Rolls Royce where, in the back seat, she reminisces about the time she took a cab ride and only had a hundred dollar bill that the driver, Mike DeMarco, couldn't break. She invites him in, as her narration tells us that attractive hairy men drive her wild. Once they're inside, they get naked and he fucks her missionary style on the carpet, pulling out to jizz on her when he's done.

We cut back to her ride in the Rolls, it's night now and she's driving past a theater showing Deep Throat back with The Devil In Miss Jones and then past the Playland theater where they're screening Welles film, Little Orphan Sammy. Cue Jennifer's next flashback, where she's at the theater. After signing some autographs she decides to watch the movie from the projection booth where she finds R. Bolla pleasuring himself to the film. She decides to help him out with a blowjob while she fingers herself as the movie plays loudly behind them. From there we're back in the cab, on 23rd St. now, where Jennifer remembers a trip to her dentist's office where she and her dentist, Ken Anderson, got it on. She gives him head and then moves on to his receptionist, Cheri Baines. They go at it a bit and then Cheri finishes Ken off as he fucks her missionary style and then doggy style before coming all over her back.

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Next we're back in the car, driving up Park Ave., where Jennifer tells the driver about a bakery she liked in the area. Cut to the flashback where she's house sitting for a friend. A young man helps her in with her groceries, then goes to get his friend. The two guys, Pepe and Peter Andrews, feel her up and head downstairs to the bedroom where she sucks them off. They eat her out, finger her and suck on her tits before she hungrily blows one while the other fucks her from behind resulting in a facial and a wad on her back.

Now Jennifer's on 55th Street. She mentions The Conway Club, which her driver tells her is a gay club. Jennifer tells him she's been to all kinds of sex clubs and we cut to her next flashback where she and Marlene Willoughby are sitting near one another at separate tables while some disco blares. They have a drink and Marlene starts to rub her shoulders and they head to a bedroom where Jennifer gets undressed. They make out and Marlene strips and then eats her out and fingers her until she comes. Marlene surprises Jennifer by bringing a man, Gilbert Palmitier, into the room. She strokes him hard and then hands him off to her new friend to play with. He fucks her missionary style while Marlene uses a vibrator on herself. Gilbert pulls out and puts it between Jennifer's fantastic rack to shoot his load and end the scene.

The car is driving through another neighborhood when Jennifer starts fantasizing about a sign shop where a 'chubby man' named Zilco, played by Carter Stevens, was working late one night on a sign for her. Zilco's annoyed cause he's got to 'meet a broad at the Burger King in forty-five minutes' but he has no choice but to finish the work. Jennifer shows up to get her sign and sees Carter pretending to touch her breasts on the image. He tells her it isn't ready so she says she'll wait and she moves in on him. They start making out and he fucks her missionary style on the table while her voice over narration talks about the joys of fucking chubby dudes while he blows his load on her stomach - but he's not done, he goes back for round two and she rides him cowgirl style, he fucks her doggy style, and then she blows him.

The Rolls takes Jennifer to a residential neighborhood and drops her off in front of a big mansion. She rings the bell and meets the 'Eric' that she was speaking to on the phone at the beginning of the movie. He takes her into a room where Bobby Niles, David Dell, David Pierce, David Ruby, Jennifer Welles, Michael Gaunt, Michael Thorpe, and Philip Marlowe are all waiting for her in tuxedos. She sips wine with each of the men and then strips as each of the men drop their pants. She sucks one cock and then the next and then the guys take turns fucking her pussy and her face, pulling out and coming on her one at a time. One guy is bold enough to fuck her up the ass, which she seems to appreciate, and he pulls out to squirt on the top of her cheeks. After the orgy the guys all eat lunch as she calls the waiters over - David Ching, James Chin, Moory Ang Park, and Teddy Ngai each drop their pants as they mutter away at one another in Chinese while some horribly stereotypical 'Asian' music plays in the background. They eat her out and suck her tits as she gives them head and gets fucked missionary style (at one point one of the guys slips a finger up her ass while she's getting fucked) by each of the guys who pull out one at a time and come on her stomach.

Like all of the films that Sarno was involved in, Inside Jennifer Welles is nicely shot with an air of classiness to it that works well in the context of the 'high society' life that Jennifer supposedly leads in this film. While the packaging and end text scrawl note that the events in this film are all based on Jennifer's real life experiences, the film is definitely shot more like a fantasy, not at all like a typical gonzo style production. The sex is hot and Welles looks great here, her natural body is always nicely lit and her sexual appetite ensures she's always enthusiastic, at least when the cameras are rolling. On top of that we get a bit of late seventies New York City footage which adds a fair bit of character to the picture. All in all, it's steamy, sexy, and well made slice of classic smut that holds up well to multiple viewings and that should do the trick for couples or solo viewers alike.



This fullframe transfer looks surprisingly sharp and colorful and the picture quality, for an old XXX film from 1982, looks surprisingly good. There are some specks here and there as well as a moderate amount of grain but this looks to be a film sourced transfer and not a VHS or tape source. The unfortunate decision to add a 'Video X Pix' bug in the bottom right hand corner of the image during a few key scenes is also a strike against the disc, as it is a little annoying when it continues to pop up, but other than that, the black levels stay strong, the skin tones look natural, and while there are a few scenes that look a bit on the soft side, overall this is a nice picture.


The Dolby Digital Mono soundtrack is a little muffled and not of the best quality, but again, it's taken from an older source so the limitations of the era's technology are going to be there when that's the case. Dialogue is pretty easy to understand, however, and the background music comes through reasonably clear. There aren't a lot of sound effects used in the film, mostly just some random moaning and groaning during the action scenes and these are handled just fine, as are the talkier bits of the movie.


The disc doesn't come with a whole lot in the way of extra features, just a trailer for a movie with Harry Reems in it (no title is given for some reason). Also included is chapter selection and some awkward looking animated menus.

Final Thoughts:

While the presentation isn't perfect, at least the A/V quality is okay - thankfully, the movie itself is a great one, serving as both a showcase for Welles' voracious sexual appetite and skill and for some slick, classy camera work. Recommended.

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