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Nurses (Blu-Ray)

Studio: Digital Playground » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 3/11/09

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

The opening credits! (click for the trailer)

Nurses Blu-ray

Digital Playground

The Men! (nice touch)

Genre: Feature

Director: Robby D.

Jenna Haze and the Mighty Evan Stone

Cast: Jenna Haze, Evan Stone, Stoya, James Deen, Shawna Lenee, Gabriella Fox, Scott Nails, Katsuni, Shay Jordan, Tommy Gunn, Shyla Stylez, Danny Mountain, Sasha Grey, Mr. Pete, Tony T., Jesse Jane, Riley Steele, Manuel Ferrara, Erik Everhard
Non-sex roles: Not credited but including most of the crew, Brah Bones, Jamal Johnson, Johnny Sins


Length: 195:18 minutes

Shawna Lenee and Gabriella Fox

Date of Production: 7/31/2009

Katsuni and Shay Jordan with Tommy Gunn

Extras: The best extra was the 12:16 minute long Behind the Scenes feature as shot by Jamal Johnson and edited by Evul Atheng. It had a lot of the cast goofing off between their scenes and was decidedly focused on the current roster of contract starlets (as well as Sasha) but aside from the relative lack of humor (very very pop up videos this time), it wasn't bad; even showing Robby and crew with their new toy (the Red One camera system). The only extras this time were trailers to shows like Pirates II: Stagnetti's Revenge (Blu-ray), Island Fever 4 Blu-Ray, Jack's POV 1 Blu-Ray, Cheerleaders BR, Babysitters BR, Pirates BR, Contract Star BR, and Island Fever 3 BR; as well as a slide show.

Shyla Stylez!

Condoms: None

Sasha Grey with Mr. Pete

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Audio/Video Quality: Nurses was presented in the usual 1.78:1 widescreen as shot by director Robby D. for Digital Playground. The high definition version of the single disc flick was shown in 1080p resolution with the AVC codec deployed, the video bitrate varying substantially but barely pushing 11.5 Mbps, the main selling point being how it was shot using the new "Red" digital camera system that allows for quality similar to 35mm film without all the grain most porn shot on film tends to have.  The bitrate was a lot lower than I expect a high definition title to be but stuffing the entire movie on a single disc required some sacrifices.  Robby has always stayed on the bleeding edge of technology and Nurses looks very appealing, I included a shot from the BTS that displays some of the settings used to capture the movie to give a heads up on what was done to elevate the look of the show. That said, the editing by Joey Pulgadas was solid and award worthy, the colors rich and full, and the relatively static nature of most camera shots not a problem (though it could become a problem if used too often in the future). There were no obvious problems with compression artifacts or edge enhancement, my personal taste for fewer close ups in favor of more medium and long shots again not catered to but this is a stylish choice Robby has long favored. Summing it all up, the picture looked warm and fetching though I suspect with experience, it will look even better given some of the mainstream projects that have used the same equipment have looked. The audio was again the standard 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround English using the usual 448 Kbps and 48 kHz sampling rate, the surround track added in during post production rather than employing a true surround process during the movie's shooting schedule. The vocals were clear in most cases and blended into the music well enough, the dynamic range decent but not exceptional any more than the separation of the tracks.

Jesse Jane and Riley Steele!

Body of Review: Babysitters and Cheerleaders were two of the most popular movies in recent years, each of them a major effort by director Robby D. and Digital Playground. Falling under the category of "feature-lite", both flicks served as time capsules for the then current contract starlet lineup, few resources spared in their making. Well, coming up at the end of the month will be the latest volume in the series, a title called Nurses(Blu-ray), the standard definition version coming out in a double disc set. Having had plenty of experience with hospitals of late, too much in fact, I was curious if the pornified version of a hospital setting would prove as strokable as it did when the legendary Jim Holliday repeatedly amused fans with similarly themed outings, my assessment being that he would look rather kindly on this project. With ladies like Jesse Jane, Stoya, Riley Steele, Jenna Haze, Katsuni, Shyla Stylez, and several others on hand to help milk the all star male cast dry, I was under the impression right from the beginning that this would live up to, and even surpass, previous efforts not just on the technical aspects as mentioned above but in the amount of quality casting and fuck for the buck it would provide. My high definition copy came in kind of late but I admit the visual upgrade was modest this time, not great for a double dip purchase but decent enough if you have the right gear to enjoy it. Here's a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Stoya, Jesse, Shay, Katsuni, Riley, and Erik

Scene One: Jenna Haze, one of the most popular gals in porn for years, was up first with the mighty Evan Stone, his revelation about liking objects inside his ass finding the perfect audience as she began describing how much she enjoyed anal too. She bored him to tears until she said the magic words ("Would you like to feel how tight my ass is?") where upon he fingered her and fed her his finger anally. She sucked his finger clean and he continued warming her up, her warm mouth going down on him as she slobbed his knob with plenty of enthusiasm. Jenna has long been an expert at fellatio and this was a great way to open the sexual portion of the movie, her hands and mouth preparing his turgid member with some ball sucking as a nice sideline. The vaginal plowing was active and fun but Jenna showed her love of anal much more readily as she took his pecker inside her back door, her aural assault of dirty talk making it a wonderful opening scene. Jenna gyrated her hips and pushed back to meet his thrusts anally, some ATM applied before he bent her over the hospital bed and ended up draining his wad of genetic juice to her sweet ass cheeks. Nice!

The Orgy part 2

Scene Two: Stoya, the hotty superstar crawling on the lower right hand corner of the cover, was up next with patient James Deen, her enthusiasm undeniable as she coyly teased him while cleaning him off. He felt her up and the two kissed, the warming up showing how much she liked the guy as they pawed each other to some slow music. Stoya jerked him off and blew him passionately, maintaining eye contact as their readily apparent chemistry flared up like rarely happens in modern porn. She cried out several times and he took charge of her, slapping and choking her in such a way that it was evident that the two were connecting on a deeper level. The vaginal pounding that took place after that added to the excitement levels and she taste tested him just fine, moving into some anal action that might not have been as active a ride but was just as good if you look at the expressions on her face. Her facial expressions spoke volumes as to how much she was getting off and the pulse of population pudding gracing her crotch seemed to please the pierced tit cutie. Whew!

The BTS showed the new Red camera equipment in action

Scene Three: Shawna Lenee, a sexy blond with then-new implants, and former (short-lived) contract performer Gabriella Fox, were up next with Scott Nails as the visiting ladies sought to make his stay better with a little floor show. They changed into some fetish outfits and double teamed him, their method of taking his pulse sure not shared by any of the medical staffers I ran into last mouth (though for the bill sent me, these two would have been cheaper). Shawna began by sucking him off with some assistance by Gabriella, Scott getting out of bed to give some head before the vaginal penetration started. The ladies did some lesbian licking but most notable about the scene was this being the most active I have ever seen Gabriella ride a cock. The standard setting for the entire movie being the hospital bed again as they tried several positions. The vocals were kind of repetitive but it was a decent scene as well, the lack of personal chemistry not impacting it too much except for minimizing the replay value. The scene finished up when he rubbed out a load to Gabriella's crotch, the large load glistening as the scene cut away.


Scene Four: Katsuni, the popular Asian hotty, and former contract gal Shay Jordan, were up next as the last scene from the first disc, Tommy Gunn having overdosed on Viagra which gave him a perpetual hard on. Shay consulted with head nurse Katsuni and the experienced veteran stripped alongside her charge to savor the moment by sharing his cock orally. The gals spent considerable time going down on him and gave a little quality time to each other before Tommy began to hammer their pussies as hard as he could. He took turns with both of them to make sure each had adequate loving, the taste testing nicely applied before Katsuni took it to the next level by doing anal as Shay watched in awe from up close. Tommy was driven to plow both of them as hard as he could but the preference for Katsuni's ass was unmistakable, the way she did ATM helping her milk him dry with a handjob that unleashed his ample seed all over their hands (I just wish the scenes finished up a bit more naturally instead of merely stopping short as this one did). Sweet!


Scene Five: Shyla Stylez, the busty blond seen just over Jesse's shoulder on the front cover, was up next as the first scene of the second disc, taking on moper Danny Mountain in an examination room. I would have been more interested to see Jesse and Riley double team him but Shyla is a major hotty so it worked out fine. He sucked her titties and she sucked his cock, the scene intercut with the next scene but only a little (I hate scenes cut together!) so I didn't tear it up. Shyla was passionate about inhaling his penis and while the camera seemed to be stuck in a static location, it managed to capture the essence of the scene moderately well. She wrapped her lips around his rod and focused all of her skills of it, using saliva and her hands to keep him turgid. The couple then kissed and she moved to actively ride his cock vaginally, pumping herself on the penis without him going down on her at all. Shyla did some PTM and they then moved to anal, their bodies covered in sweat as he pumped away on her perfect pucker. There was some very limited oral by both of them until she assumed a fine reverse cowgirl stance too, bouncing on his cock very hard as she gyrated her hips and moaned in pleasure. This was another scene with limited chemistry but Shyla saved the day and made it another scene to be proud of, her hummer and titty play ending the scene with his sperm launched at her chest.


Scene Six: Sasha Grey, showing her ass to encourage sperm donors Mr. Pete and Tony T., nonchalantly read her book as they jerked off but it was not enough to suit their needs so they asked to see her tits. Sasha was running behind on her tight schedule so she asked them if she could speed things up and they answered quickly to take advantage of the opportunity. She dropped to her knees to alternate between them, licking balls, jerking them off, and inhaling the cocks as able but they wanted to penetrate her holes so they went ever further. The vaginal led to the anal and Sasha came across as a bit too cold & calculating to me but this is her shtick so if you are a fan of hers, this performance should work for you a lot better than it did with me. She moaned, pouted, and made all the obligatory noises, the excess lubricant seen oozing down her crotch as the guys spanked and mistreated her. The scene then closed up with her getting their specimens into the plastic jar to swallow, the hospital room setting kind of old by now.


Scene Seven: Jesse Jane, the hotty featured on the left side of the cover, cute Riley Steele, seen squatting on the middle of the cover, and studly Manuel Ferrara, Riley's quick handjob on Erik not long enough to count. Manuel as a doctor and Jesse as a nurse consoling Riley for her bad day at work was cute but what I cared about most was how active Riley was in the scene, providing her best work to date. Jesse was as much a firestorm as ever and she treated both of her partners to her skilled oral attentions but I expect that from her so Riley stood out nicely. The oral went from lesbian dominant to the ladies blowing Manuel aggressively, their need for seed a major turn on as Jesse gave lessons to her new friend. Manuel cooperated by vaginally screwing both of them too, the gals lapping up the juices from each other repeatedly in the storeroom setting. Fans of rough stuff will note that Jesse choked Riley on the desk as Manuel fucked the newcomer, the young lady looking deep into the eyes of her male partner to display some chemistry. That continued until both gals were puffy red and blew him one last time, his sperm landing on Jesse's mouth to be shared with Riley. Yow!


Scene Eight: Stoya, Katsuni, Shay Jordan, Jesse Jane, Riley Steele, and Erik Everhard, ended the show when the ladies uncovered a secret about him kept hidden throughout the show. While much of the sex this time was the ladies doing each other (a "sort of" tradition in the series), Erik worked well with them too as they all rotated around to get some love from him and each other. Stoya seemed to love sitting on his face as much as being bent over to be drilled vaginally, Shay and Jesse looked like they were engaging in a grudge fuck initially, and Jesse presented herself as she took what she wanted from the guy in the hospital bed. The reverse gang bang aspect of the scene was less prominent than the fluid dynamic taking place as they all seemed to find something, or someone, to do but the emphasis on oral sex was clear even if Erik couldn't get enough of the pussy from any of them that provided the opportunity. Stoya and Jesse shined in the scene and I'd be misleading you to say that any of them were out of place but the length of the scene made the lack of camera angles all the more noticeable so don't expect to see one of Robby's standard flicks (the Red camera not allowing for as much movement). The scene finished up when Stoya's pussy milked him dry onto Katsuni's face, the other ladies sharing the spew with her. Yes!


Summary: Nurses by director Robby D. for Digital Playground had a superb cast, some crisp technical values, and a lot of fuck for the buck so I rated it as Recommended. This Blu-ray version not fully taking advantage of the Red camera system used to capture the action but minor quirks aside, this was as fine a showcase for Stoya, Riley, and the other contract performers as I expect to find this year with nods to Robby and the rest of the crew for expanding the envelope so much with all they had going on. In short, Nurses was the kind of high end, single disc offering that I think Digital Playground should offer more often, the lighter feature elements not enough to get in the way but cute enough to evoke memories from my wayward youth all the same. My only concerns would be for compressing it so much that many of the visual benefits were diminished over what I have come to expect from their Blu-ray upgrades.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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