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Friends Don't Let Friends Fuck Alone

Studio: Burning Angel Entertainment » Review by Beautiful Dreamer » Review Date: 3/23/09

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

 Genre: All Sex, Straight, Threesomes

Cast: Joanna Angel, January Darling, Jessie Lee, Chapel Waste, Pixie Pearl, Mayhem, Margaret, James Deen, Jason Dallas, Tommy Pistol, Will Powers, Tony T

Director: Joanna Angel

Length: 160 minutes

Date of Production: November 7, 2007 (Box cover: November 29, 2008)

Studio: Burning Angel

Condoms: None except in Safest Sex Ever

Burning Angel Teaser: Friends are pretty awesome. They pick you up when you're down, they buy you birthday presents and they eat your pussy when you're getting fucked. The six amazing group sex scenes in this movie teach you the important meaning of friendship: FRIENDS DON'T LET FRIENDS FUCK ALONE!

Audio/Video Quality: Not specified. The audio and images are both very good. You can clearly hear everything in the scene and the camera shots, angles, and lighting are all well done. Even the scene where James Deen is participating and holding the camera at the same time is very well shot.

Three's Company: James Deen, Chapel Waste, & Pixie Pearl 26:35

We start on the couch with them discussing if Chapel Waste is a lesbian. And suddenly she is making out with Pixie Pearl. James Deen is feeling a little unloved, though I don't really care and am really enjoying watching these two lovely ladies go at it, even turning away the guy at one point. After awhile, he can't take it anymore and enters Jessie while she's going down on Chapel. He spits on her pussy to prepare, something that temporarily ruins the mood for me. The three have a variety of positions through the scene. For some reason, to both me and the guys I watched this with, it seems as if James begins to become more interested in Pixie through the DVD and actually sort of nudges Chapel away at one point. I didn't really care for that part, but the scene is hot nonetheless. James asks Chapel if shes a lesbian again at the end of the scene and it all feels very playful, very friendly.

Safest Sex Ever: Joanna Angel, James Deen, & Mayhem 22:00

Joanna brought Mayhem home from the bar to be double teamed by James Deen. They start making out and the pleasure definitely seems to be focused on the women, something that's refreshing to see in a porn. Both women seem very into it. James is going down on Mayhem, but you miss a lot of the action of that because the camera is very focused on Joanna. Joanna fingers Mayhem's ass at one point while she's pleasuring herself. A condom is used when James penetrates Mayhem, it goes very well with the theme of the scene. Joanna straddles Deen while Mayhem licks her asshole. Joanna is fucked anally by James. Various position changes and the scene ends. The entire thing is very, very hot.

My Tea party with Friends: 2:00

-- sponsored by --

A random clip of a photos strung together of a tea party and a man. Quite funny, though very random.

JDX3: January Darling, James Deen, & Jason Dallas 30:25

We start with the three JD's being interviewed by James and how they like their sex (the two are said to be dating). The interview lasts quite awhile, I like that sort of thing, but some don't. Fast forward 5 minutes into the scene to get to the good stuff. She starts off by going down on both guys, hand on both of them, mouth of one of them, while James is manning the camera. January goes down on Jason while James fucks her from behind, all while still filming. This man has serious talent as the image is very stable for whats going on. They then change positions with January straddling Jason, occasionally sucking on James.  They change positions a few more times throughout, with James filming the entire thing. Back on her knees like in the first position, James comes in her face and then Jason finishes by fucking her and coming on he pussy.

Jizzperiment: Joanna Angel, Margaret, & Tommy Pistol  10:15

No one in this scene is introduced, though they're all very cute. Both girls assist in giving the guy a blow job, camera flashes are noticed throughout the scene. While the brunette is going down on him, the red head pleasures her. It's like watching a photo shoot gone dirty. The girls switch positions. The guy eventually comes in Joanna's mouth, she then drips it down to Margaret's mouth, something I really don't care for. A piece of glass is brought in by two scientific lab looking gentleman and Margaret spills it out of her mouth onto the glass. They kiss over the glass while the guy is sitting above them giving them a thumbs up (literally). He grabs his clothes and leaves while the girls continue to make out over this glass with the two lab guys holding it.  The glass is set on a table and another sheet of glass is glued onto it. The time stamp on the glass display at the end is January 2005, so it's a Joanna I haven't seen in awhile.

Who Needs a Pilot?: Jessie Lee, Mayhem, Jason Dallas, & James Deen 34:45

They need to come up with a video concept. Truth or Dare is suggested and Jason shoots it down. They chat for awhile and it's pretty funny to listen to. They ultimately decide to practice sex for their sex scene that they were discussing. Mayhem jumps onto James and Jessie jumps onto Jason. Mayhem fucks James while Jessie goes down on Jason. The camera does a good job of capturing both couples and focusing on them individually at certain times. These two couples stay together for awhile, fucking in different ways. They eventually switch partners and continue on. No disrespect to Jason, But I'd definitely want to be partnered with James as both girls seemed to be having a better time with him and were more believable with him. As well as the scene was shot, and as into it as everyone was, I actually didn't enjoy this one as much as the others. It seemed more forced. James seemed more into pleasing the woman he was with than Jason did. If Jason could be removed from this scene somehow, I think I'd have enjoyed it more. 

Truth or Dare: Joanna Angel, Will Powers, Tony T, & James Deen 24:35

We start the scene with the three sitting on the floor playing Truth or Dare. Evidently Will Powers likes Madonna. Will dares Joanna to go get a Tattoo, which she complies with (we learn in the behind the scenes she just recently got it, so it fits well into the storyline). Joanna got the tattoo and then she dares the guys to DP her. Tony jumps right in, strips and Joanna goes down on him. Will needs a little more convincing, he eventually joins in and Joanna goes down on him too. Joanna goes down on Tony while Will fucks her from behind. Tony wants a turn and asks Joanna to sit on him, she then goes down on Will while fucking Tony. A few position changes and eventually Tony is fucking Joanna in the ass. Tony then comes on Joanna's mouth after what seems to be a brief delay. Tony claims to be killed and hes going to call his boy, James. Joanna fucks Will while waiting for James to show up. James come through, shows up, and listens to Joanna when she tells him to just shove it in. After DPing for awhile, James take over by just fucking Joanna in the ass while she rubs her clit until she comes. Joanna then takes turns giving James and Will blow jobs. Will comes all over Joanna and then James quickly follows.

Behind the Scenes

We learn how  Will Powers almost died because he fell off a balcony. Slightly entertaining, especially for the guys I was watching it with. Some random up skirt shots. It's very fun, light-hearted. We hear how Joanna came up with her scripts for the scenes. We catch James Deen and Jordana sneaking in a quickie between shots. Very hot, though I feel like I just busted friends.A good addition to the DVD.

Trailers- The typical promo trailers.
Gallery- The photos are a very hot collection of mid scene action.
Internet- Just where to find Burning Angel & Joanna Angel online.

Final Thoughts:  To say I'm glad I received this DVD is an understatement. The last few porns I've watched were very much a let down. Fake screaming, too serious, or just boring. Friends Don't Let Friends Fuck Alone was truly awesome in my opinion. The chatting before the scenes made the scenes more friendly, more fun. The women are gorgeous, the men are realistic in appearance (Body builder types are not necessarily for me).  The scenes are well shot and you can hear all of the action going on. The only scene that I really don't care for is Who Needs a Pilot- simply because it feels like its running on. The only thing that could have improved this DVD for me is if a little more emphasis was placed on the women's pleasure and orgasm. While watching women go down on men is undeniably hot, the opposite needed to happen a little more often. This didn't take away from the DVD though. The scenes are varied even if they all end with a come shot to the face, despite this, I still will rewatch it a few more times. I'm saying highly recommended.

Beautiful Dreamer

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