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Studio: Vivid » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 3/24/09

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Shylar playing around with Hanna in the BTS (click for trailer)

Bounce (standard definition and Blu-ray reviews below)

Vivid Entertainment

The Title in the credits

Genre: All Sex

Director: B. Skow

Hanna Hilton and Whitney Stevens

Cast: Hanna Hilton, Whitney Stevens, Voodoo, Riley Evans, Jerry, London Keys, Jerry, Rebecca Lane, Mick Blue, Trent Tesoro

Riley Evans

Length: 200:18 minutes

Date of Production: 7/25/2008

Hanna Hilton and London Keys

Standard Definition Extras: The 7:06 minutes of Behind the Scenes footage by Graham Crack Herr proved to be the best movie-unique extra, showing the cast & crew getting ready with some additional sex material too, warranting a look for those interested (Shylar letting it all hang out for kicks). It was a solid mix of material so I enjoyed it more than usual. The five bonus scenes were notable for the amount of Hanna Hilton material they included, all five of them given detailed descriptions for those who care. There was then a biography for Hanna Hilton, some trailers, spam, and a photogallery.

Hanna and London once more

High Definition Extras: (on Blu-ray) The 7:06 minutes of Behind the Scenes footage by Graham Crack Herr proved to be the best movie-unique extra, showing the cast & crew getting ready with some additional sex material too, warranting a look for those interested (Shylar letting it all hang out for kicks). It was a solid mix of material so I enjoyed it more than usual. The five bonus scenes were notable for the amount of Hanna Hilton material they included, both of them described below (one from Meggan and Hanna Love Manuel and the other from Sugar). There were then some trailers, spam, and a photogallery. I am really opposed to the high definition version containing less extras, this time dropping the biography and three bonus scenes, but even using a higher compression rate, the dual layered disc held an awful lot of material.

Rebecca Lane

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Bounce was presented in the same 1.78:1 ratio anamorphic widescreen color it was shot in by director B. Skow for Vivid Entertainment using the standard definition MPEG-2 codec in 480i resolution; the Blu-ray version presented in 1080i using the VC-1 codec for better visual exploration. For those unfamiliar with his background, suffice it to say that his experience outside of porn is superior to many inside the industry and it shows up in his movies, including this one shot in 1080i high definition on Canon handheld cameras, though presented in the SD format (for now) using 1080i to provide a lot of resolution supporting some of the effects (making it look more like a real movie than just a porno). The lighting was well handled and this added to the pleasure of watching the gals in play as the lengthy scenes gave them enough freedom to explore their sexuality. The composition of the camera angles and lighting were almost always optimal this time, Skow seeing fit to try and enhance the look of the ladies at every turn as possible (and the editing by "Harry Crumb" was a decided step up from the last project of Skow's I reviewed). The fleshtones were accurate too and the DVD mastering was well done (if only in a bitrate hovering around 4.5 Mbps for SD while the Blu-ray clocked in around 14.6 Mbps), making it a mixed bag in terms of visual quality; leaning towards barely above average. The audio was presented in a 2.0 Dolby Digital English (in 192 Kbps with a 48 kHz sampling rate) offering with the vocals sounding flat and the music pretty decent. For some reason, the levels were about the same as usual but aside from the added background noise, the dynamic range was average and the separation of the vocal track nonexistent.

Hanna Hilton!

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Body of Review: B. Skow is marketed as a favorite director for internet critics these days, me being one of the most vocal when it comes to the kind of quality productions he directs for Vivid Entertainment. Compared to some of the old school directors the company employs or has employed in the last ten years, Skow gives viewers substantially more fuck for the buck on top of shooting superior quality scenes, his peers not even in his league most times. That said, his latest title to make it to me came in both standard definition as well as Blu-ray, a showcase effort for Hanna Hilton called Bounce. The title refers to the motion a titty engages in when a gal is being fucked, a motion that appeals to men and women alike in my experience. Hanna is a beauty with blond hair and sparkling blue eyes too, the kind of attraction Vivid cannot get enough of in my opinion. The back cover described the movie like this: "It's got facials, squirting, trampolines, and the hottest, natural girls in porn...including gorgeous new blonde superstar Hanna Hilton in three big, wet, double-d scenes! The internet critic's favorite new director B. Skow brings his trademark all-sex vignette style to a subject dear to all of us: tits. Real tits. And the result is real hot, real fun and real bouncy!" Here's a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Scene One: Hanna Hilton, the gorgeous blond contract starlet featured on the front cover, and curvy brunette Whitney Stevens, were up first in a scene together with Voodoo. The gals initially felt each other up during a lengthy tease session, the music evoking memories of the early 1970's as they pawed themselves and one another, even pressing against a glass table to make boob prints. As an ass man, I would have preferred more ass play but this was well within keeping of the titular breast action one should expect. There was some edited tease from outside too, the vocals initially truncated in favor of the music but as soon as the sex began, the aural quality reversing to vocals only-just the way I like it! Voodoo came onto the porch to come up behind Hanna, working her breasts with his hands and mouth, looking into her eyes even when she spent too much time looking at the camera (a pet peeve in anything but POV movies), the ladies double teaming his meat stick very nicely indeed. They licked the shaft, the balls, and laughed as they savored his pecker, Whitney looking at her two partners as she showed some personal chemistry with them. Voodoo gave Hanna a few licks before vaginally fucking her, moving to Whitney before Hanna became really active as a rider in cowgirl. The taste testing by Whitney was the best but Hanna joined in well enough too, the lighting from the outdoor scene (though in the shade) enhancing the Blu-ray version even more. The pop shot went to Whitney's torso as Voodoo's genetic juice plastered the gal; Hanna rubbing it in (and the scene closing out at the ~43 minute mark). Nice start!

Scene Two: Riley Evans, another foxy blond with pretty eyes, was up next, following the formula as she provided a breast-intensive tease, taking her time as she brought her all natural hooters out for a spin. The initial montage had footage from a few locations, sadly short on the backyard fun on the sunny day but soon settling in to the couch where Jerry assisted her with some boob massaging. I greatly prefer natural tits and Riley's have been inspirational on more than a few occasions in recent times, Jerry going down on her for a bit even though his cock was hard enough to cut diamonds. Riley eyed the camera a lot too but she intensely worked the penis orally as well, her titty fucking among the best in the movie (even if too short). The couple took their time to make it a better scene too, the oral punctuating the vaginal sex where she actively rode his rod in several positions. Riley seemed driven during the cowgirl position fucking most of all, the intermittent taste testing not as frequent but the gal seemingly in her zone, the ending result being her titties covered with his load of population pudding to lick and rub. Sweet!

Scene Three: Hanna Hilton, as great looking as ever, was up next with major hotty London Keys, the Asian getting some solo time to jump around naked as she was instructed as well as jump in the bathtub to hang out with Hanna. Bubble baths between two physically attractive gals really float my boat, their separate tease before that emphasizing London but appreciated all the same. They then left the tub to hit the bed, going down on each other with Hanna first up satisfying London's perfectly shaved snatch. The ladies then masturbated beside each other, eventually picking up vibrators that buzzed happily away as Jerry fingered them from (almost) off camera. The overdone fake porn moaning aside, this alone was highly strokable but the scene then took a turn for the unexpected as London ducked out of the scene to allow Hanna to suck him off all by herself without any fucking at all. While she focused her efforts on his head for the most part, her hand gripped his shaft as though she were in complete control, titty fucking him to finish the guy off in POV fashion (with him beating off onto her chest). It was a playful romp that reminded me how cookie cutter scenes tend to be, this scene not falling into that trap. Cool!

Scene Four: Rebecca Lane, an attractive redhead with light blue eyes, was up next as she followed the formulaic process, teasing with her breasts in such a manner that breast fanatics will find much to like about the scene. She also had a sweet looking, heart shaped ass but there wasn't nearly enough time devoted to it, the color tone slightly saturated (and off) when Mick Blue entered into the picture on the couch to engage in titty play. Mick likes tits as much as any guy and took his time with hers, massaging them as he inserted his cock in her tight pussy. While out of order for most such scenes, that follow a more traditional formula, this lent an air of expectation about what would come next, Rebecca wrapping her lips around the juice-soaked cock to blow him before a titty fuck. She looked at the camera a bunch too and concentrated her oral efforts on his head during the extensive oral, but the hand assisted hummers were still well done and I loved the way her fleshy ass bounced when she rode his cock during the cowgirl variations. It's funny but I was actually happy that the vaginal penetration portions of the scene were the shortest (not just in this scene too), Rebecca milking his spew onto her 100% natural titties before the camera went to her eyes one last time.

Scene Five: Hanna Hilton, up one last time as she smiled conspicuously at the camera, her pink crouched booty shorts coming off as she stripped them off in the bedroom. Part of the tease montage was outside (a small part though) but she looked good all over, soon ending up on the bed with moper Trent Tesoro trying to fulfill her physical needs. He did a better job diddling her than going down or otherwise warming her up, picking up some tricks from others in recent times from the looks of it. Hanna responded well to these advances too, the cameras (both Canon's with Shylar working the second) focusing mostly on her chest. The couple kissed and she tended to his penis orally, a little titty fucking before they went into vaginal penetration mode. There was no chemistry between them and the tint of the fleshtones was off, but her breasts remained the focal point at almost all times, her sweet ass never getting the attention it deserved. The rest of the scene went from vaginal pounding to blowjob/taste testing, Hanna's tits getting sprayed at the end.

Bonus Scene: Meggan and Hanna Love Manuel: Hanna Hilton, the cute and busty blond featured all over the appealing cover, was up first in a scene with Manuel Ferrara; the gal playing a real estate agent trying to close a deal but falling for her client at the same time. He liked what he saw and her brilliant blue eyes drew him in, Manuel circling her like prey as he scoped her out. The playful nature of these two was evident from the beginning, Hanna stripping her clothing off to provide him a better look at the curves he found so enticing, her all natural breasts looking almost as good as her firm young ass. She teased him for awhile and he kissed her, preferring she grind her ass into his face as he savored the taste of her crotch and backside before she actively blew him. Her lips were no strangers to wrapping around a cock either, she was skilled at slobbing a knob from what I could see, using her hand to generate even more friction in a delightful manner before they started bumping uglies actively. Multiple positions later, after she had done some PTM and other playful tricks, he rubbed out his load of population pudding to her chest, Hanna rubbing the semen into her breasts as she completed the deal. Yum!

Bonus Scene: Meggan and Hanna Love Manuel: (also on Blu-ray version in high definition) Meggan Mallone, Hanna Hilton, and Manuel Ferrara were up last as the trio came to grips with their growing attraction for one another. Meggan had now embraced the appeal of a third partner in their lovemaking, spending as much time on Hanna as she did on Manuel. There was some pussy eating and blowjobs by both ladies, the teasing nature of the foreplay enhancing the mood to make this the best scene for me overall. I'd be surprised if it wasn't nominated for a few categories by AVN, the seductive nature of the scene better for replay value than a straight out gonzo type of screwing. The titty play and oral aside, the ladies were also pretty solid at riding his cock and assisting each other, macking out with Manuel along the way. Fans of foot fetish material will also enjoy the sexual play here though it was only given a little bit of screen time, and Meggan shined as the primary partner of the scene. The action ended when Manuel jerked off to their faces in the bathroom, Hanna getting her breasts hit more than anything but the scene was smoking hot too. I really liked how the rough edges were kept in to make it seem more realistic than a glossed over bit of boning, this being a better depiction of sex with a third partner for the first time as the movie's theme seemed to be. Hot!

Bonus Scene: Sugar: (also on Blu-ray version in high definition) Hannah, as a photographer's model, paired her with one of the best dick-slingers in the biz, Jack Venice. Between his massive, well-controlled fuckstick and her incredibly lusty eyes, wanting mouth and unbelievable natural breasts, this is simply a great couple to watch fuck. After warming up with a thick vibe in her snatch (and looking terrific doing it), Hannah turns her attention to Jack's tool, giving him a wet, thorough beej (staring into your eyes), before he returns the favor by eating her amazingly hairless cunt out. The thing I was most looking forward to was seeing how her breasts moved while getting railed, and with Jack on hand, I knew he'd give her a workout. I was not disappointed. When he bends her over and pounds her canine style, the way her tits sway might be the sexy thing I've ever seen. It's an overall terrific scene. (by Chris)

Bonus Scene: Sugar: Thankfully Hannah's back, and she's brought Whitney with her, as they compete for Rocko's attention in a motorcycle garage. Though Hannah's the undisputed chest champ here, Whitney's no slouch herself, and they take turns tempting Rocko by fingering themselves on stairs, bikes and chairs, as he goes from girl to girl like a kid in a vagina-flavored candy shop, giving and getting head. Among the highlights here are Hannah's tits (naturally) and Lorena's POV blowjob, though there's no three-way action to be had. That's easy to miss when transfixed on Hannah's stunning knobs, bouncing up and down as she gets pounded from below, or when watching Rocko plow Whitney from behind to get her own impressive jugs a-juggling. (by Chris)

Bonus Scene: The Other Side of Sunny: Oklahoma, a fleshy blond I first saw in Brand New Faces 4, was up next as she teased on a bed in virtual sex style, no one responding but the camera picking up her enthusiasm to perform. I liked her ass and her bouncing breasts did not hurt her appeal any either, her coaxing including a lot of dirty talk as she suggested various things they could do to her. Before too long, her striptease abruptly led to the mighty Evan Stone and muscular Tommy Gunn all over her, Tommy going down on her as she jerked Evan off while he felt her breasts. There was a number of permutations involved in the scene and she slowly sucked Evan off until they swapped out, soon showing one of them boning her pussy while the other drilled her mouth. Oklahoma was again not the best performer I've seen during the actual sex but she showed that she was improving, her looking at the camera distracting me too much but showing she could be an active rider in certain positions. The scene closed up when Tommy dropped a load of sperm on her crotch and Evan doused her tits with his smallest load ever, Oklahoma rubbing herself as the scene cut away.

Summary: Bounce by director B. Skow for Vivid Entertainment served as an excellent showcase piece for contract gal Hanna Hilton but also for all sorts of breast play that followed the beat of a different drum. Gone was the formulaic approach so many in the industry used and despite some rough edges on the editing part of the production, I found this a very enjoyable homage to boobs worthy of at least a rating of Recommended or better, and I'm not a "breast man" compared to many others in the world. So if you are into boobs and/or Hanna Hilton, consider this a "must have" fuck flick, the rest of the ladies in the cast also lovely to look at and well worth dropping some entertainment dollars on. In short, Bounce was not about all the checks I wrote last week, nor was it about assholes in nightclubs, but the most natural of body parts men have obsessed with since the dawn of time, titties in all their 100% natural glory. The technical aspects of the Blu-ray version helped compensate for the amount of footage stuffed onto a single, dual layered disc, my only bone of contention was how the extras were truncated from the standard definition version; a balance difficult to maintain given the visual upgrade kept the extras in high definition (otherwise, I'd have rated it as highly recommended). This was an under rated flick though and I hope it doesn't slip through the cracks for fans of Hanna Hilton and the others in action here.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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