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18 With Proof! Vol. 2

Studio: Cezar Capone » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 3/24/09

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended


18 With Proof! Volume 2

Cezar Capone.com

Heather Hurley (click for her scene trailer)

Genre: Young Women, Web-to-DVD

Director: Cezar Capone, Emily Rigby, & Dirty Sanchez

Eden Adams

Cast: Jayden, J-Mac, Heather Hurley, Eden Adams, Lee Stone, Jaslin Diaz, Tony Rubino, Lilly Kingston, Peter Delmar

Length: 244:04 minutes

Jaslin Diaz

Date of Production: 9/30/2008 to 1/28/2009

Extras: The only extra was a photogallery and some trailers.

Lilly Kingston (click for her trailer)

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: 18 With Proof! #2 was presented in a nice anamorphic widescreen color with an aspect ratio of 1.78:1, using the MPEG-2 codec as expected of a standard definition release, as shot by directors Cezar Capone, Emily Rigby, & Dirty Sanchez for Cezar Capone.com. The lighting was superior to their previous work in most cases and this helped make the fleshtones accurate, minimize the compression artifacts, and otherwise offer up the youthful ladies very nicely for a series of scenes shot primarily for the internet (now released on DVD). The video bitrate hovered around the 3.8 Mbps area when I paid attention to it and despite some occasionally rough camera work (that helped keep it looking "real" but given the amount of material on the dual layered disc, I was surprised it looked this good), I found myself entranced while watching what I'm sure some of you will consider the latest "digital viagra" provided by the master of internet videography. There did not seem to be much editing this time and that also allowed the material to come across as more realistic than porn made in Southern California but it never struck me as looking as weak as some of the nearly home movie material some of the copycat websites/companies have been offering for so long. The audio was presented in 2.0 Dolby Digital English with a 48 kHz sampling rate and the usual 192 Kbps audio bitrate, sufficient to convey the vocals and music but never straying too far from the norm offered by the majority of Cezar's peers. There were times when the vocals were not as easily heard, typically during the tease footage where the viewer gets to know the performers, but the usual moans were clearly in evidence (and the music was about average from what I heard).

Body of Review: Cezar Capone has long been considered a force in the popular internet porn movement that showcases women in everyday settings before they get frisky enough to fuck. Cezar has long had the advantage over many of his peers too in that he shoots out of Miami instead of Chatsworth, providing the director with a lot of ladies his competition just does not have access too, especially for those of you that appreciate ladies that are not shot out. The title most offered up as an example of this upgrade was 18 With Proof! #2, a series of five lengthy scenes showcasing young women aged 18, the second in the series that I have found so addicting. Regular readers of mine will know that I prefer quality fucking over barely legal types and with extremely few exceptions have I found most industry titles to be worth much in terms of replay value but I had to admit that the claims of this being the equivalent of digital Viagra were not without merit! The ladies looked 18, acted 18, and showed their IDs on the front cover so say what you will but the truth in advertising alone made this a winner in my book. The back of the box cover described the movie like this: "After many hours of interviewing 18 year old "fresh talent", I have picked out the hottest, nastiest young ladies I could find. They number one requirement was they MUST be 18 years old and HOT! The number two requirement was they had to know how to handle a cock like a pro! These girls ALL more than qualified! Enjoy!" Here's a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

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Scene One: Jayden, an "alt" looking brunette with a lot of tattoos, was up first as she was picked up by J-Mac, the guy playing some miniature golf with Emily and Tony. Jayden was wearing a black tank top and tight stretch pants, her redheaded friend Wendy making some amusing faces at the antics of the crew. Dom and Wendy seemed to hit it off but the music playing prevented me from hearing her age, apparently being too old to play in the show. So, Jayden and Wendy were soon hanging out with them in the arcade, entering in the SUV before too long. The initial bribe was for the gals to make out for $40, the comedy of the moment being the dough included a lottery ticket but the cost going up until they actually did it. That progressed to Jayden and Johnny (J-Mac) getting it on as the vehicle drove in public, some blowjob and vaginal penetration (at fast speed) leading them to a full scene at the house. Jayden was no stranger to sucking a cock or getting fucked, her "play for pay" attitude refreshing from the multitude of gals that deny the concept as they cash their checks. She was frisky and an active ride too, her skills far beyond her years. As Jayden and J-Mac hit it off sexually, Emily seemed to be rubbing one out as the director, getting a grab or two in while she could but refraining from completely joining the enthusiastic pair. The resulting wad of genetic juice landed on her face as expected, Jayden helping jerk him off to bust the nut. Yum!

Scene Two: Heather Hurley, a youthful coed with an all natural body, was up next with J-Mac, the crew prowling to find the gal (who had to show her California ID to prove her age to them). In this day and age, it is more likely for a gal to show a false ID to look younger rather than the old days of Traci Lords showing she was old enough, but I believed her age as stated. They picked her up in the van and discussed anal sex, soon ending up on the couch without (rarely enough) a bunch of public sex. She was a classmate of Dom and went along with the program, sucking and fucking like she was more than happy to get paid to be laid. The enthusiasm and chemistry levels were just as high this time, the cute gal getting oiled up during her prolonged tease before slobbing his knob. She knew just how to wrap her lips around his pecker too, handling his balls and doing semi-POV very nicely indeed. Her face reminded me a bit of Gauge from several years ago (just younger and cuter) as did her aggressive riding style. She was soaking wet as she rode his cock hard & fast, bouncing on it rapidly as the camera stayed static on her sweet ass. They vaginally screwed for awhile until he rubbed out a load to her face, the modest amount of semen showing how much work the guy must be doing these days. The company website described the bout of boning like this: "Yes it is true, I (Dommy B) go to college not one of those fancy ones just a local college. I go just to meet chicks and I must admit I have been doing pretty good for myself. Once I meet them and become friends with them I tell them what I do and if they are hot enough, I try to get them to do a scene. Today I had set up a lunch date with Heather, I have a Human Sexuality class with her, and I wanted to talk to her about trying to shoot for us. I figured it was smart to bring some pros with me, D. Sanchez and his dumpster baby Ugly. Ugly was driving and of course he got lost like a dumpster baby would, we were supposed to meet Heather in front of the school we go to. Finally we picked up Heather and we hit the streets to go get some food. After talking to her for a while we figured out that Heather was more then willing to shoot. I share a house with J-Mac which is a great, whenever we find a girl all we have to do is go to my house and wake up J-Mac. That is exactly what we did, we took Heather back to the house woke up J-Mac talked to her and J-Mac for awhile and the next thing you know, his nine inches were stuffed down her throat. I saw a completely different side of Heather she fucked like she was the energizer bunny she just kept going and going. Heather was such a trooper she took J-Mac's load all over her face and didn't complain for the drop that got in her eye. I don't think I will ever look at Heather the same again. Stay in School -Dommy B"

Scene Three: Eden Adams, lean blond featured on the right side of the front cover, was up next as she roller skated into the heart of the crew (and the massive Lee Stone). This is one of the first times I recall seeing Lee in an internet shoot, so much of his work coming from the traditional production companies over the years. Eden got in lots of tease time rollerblading in public on the perfect day, the opening music a bit like an old Doris Day flick from the 1960's, the youthful gal a public exhibitionist as she fell to reveal her panties and pussy. She was dripping wet and into the idea of giving it up on camera, just having turned 18 a few months prior. The weather was perfect and she was giddy about the concept, soon getting lessons from Lee in how to hit a baseball, her skirt still showing her ass cheeks really well. She was stoked to work with the guy, practicing her bat handling and kick ball work to end up with the massively muscled performer. While she flashed him in public and kissed him, she did not have sex with him until they got back to the house, the gal showing her ID to prove her age. Her pussy and ass looked good when she bent over, Eden masturbating before Lee walked in to start the suck& fuck act, the gentleman going down on her first to get things rolling. The way she looked at his cock was really hot too, the desire in her eyes something special as she proceeded to try and go for all of it she could, exceeding many established performers in how far she could deep throat him. The vaginal screwing that followed was not as active but given their comparative sizes, it was amazing she could do him at all. He even picked her up to do a standing vaginal fuck, the gal asking him to call her a whore and tell her how much he liked her pussy, his balls slapping against her perfect pucker and her facial expressions classic. The scene finished up with a vaginal creampie but she did some anal too, only allowing the head in as his seed dripped down from her snatch. Whew!

Scene Four: Jaslin Diaz, a rough looking gal with a nice ass, was up next as she treated Tony Rubino and the crew like shit outside of her juvenile detention center. She begged a smoke and then a ride, her time up for stealing a boyfriend's car. If you like gals with attitude, you will adore this one, Jaslin coming around in due time. The guys goofed on her and she couldn't keep a straight face as the scene progressed, the idea of money for play coming up before too long. She had no tits to speak of and an increasingly willing attitude, the sexual talk opening her up even more. They arrived at the train station but convinced her to join them at the studio before she left. The talk led to her stripping and showing her ID, soon blowing Tony and allowing him to drill her like crazy. They oiled up her curvy ass and she teased with it, her thong riding the crack rather well. She knew how to suck a dick and suck it well, her bulbous bottom evoking a very positive response from me (and I like a little attitude in a chick). The vaginal riding was active and she seemed to appreciate getting paid to fuck, spanking her ass and yelling out for him to fuck her harder as things continued. Her ass cheeks rippled as he hammered away on her too, the camera almost unable to capture it effectively but she really turned into a hero from a zero in short order. I was pleasantly surprised at how this scene took shape, Tony jerking off to her face as she requested. Yes! (and the ending about wallets was pretty funny too)

Scene Five: Lilly Kingston, the blond featured on the left side of the front cover, was up last as she took care of Peter Delmar. Emily was the director and instead of doing the paintball thing, they went to a skateboard park, Dom being the driving character of the non-sex action. They were only marginally better at skateboarding than I am though, the humor in the situation ending once hotty Lilly became a part of the team. They did tricks in the parking lot and her revealing outfit interested the guys, Lilly riding home with them but not doing any public sex tricks or flashing. She stripped soon after coming over, the promise of money and smoke enough to intrigue her into showing some stripper moves. Her ass was fine and the rest of her as appealing as any gal in the movie, the lady reminding me of a younger Memphis Monroe (without any surgery). There was less sex this time but it struck me as more believable too, the gal putting on a fine display worthy repeated viewings all the same. She was an active rider and knew how to really go down on a guy, earning her a welcome at my place anytime she visits Houston. The rubbed out load was small but she kept going at his rod, the post coital sucking really doing wonders for me. The company website said it like this: "It has been awhile since Emily and I (Dommy B) hung out, we are always hanging out and doing stupid shit. I called Emily and told her to pick me up from the store. I wanted to surprise Emily with a special treat; she had brought our good friend Pete along with her. Peter and Emily picked me up from the store where I showed them my surprise. I bought skateboards and was taking everyone to the skate park. I skated when I was younger but that was years ago and I had gained a lot of weight. When we got there I figured out that I couldn't skate anymore and fell on my ass. I quickly got bored and found myself staring at the only girl that was there, a hot little blonde with pigtails barely wearing any clothes. I went over and introduced myself but then we got kicked out and got separated, major bummer. We went out to the parking lot to be very mad and angry. I was yelling about the bullshit rules and the blonde came up rolling behind me; I had to take my chance and talk to her again. I went up and talked to her and she told me her name was Lilly. Emily, Pete, and I started to talk to Lilly and she told us she was always at the skate park hanging out with her brothers. Lilly was very bored and didn't feel like waiting for her brothers so I asked her to come smoke some minty tobacco with us, Lilly was down to get banged up at my place, so she jumped in the car with us and I received a call from Cezar who told me I had to go do something so I couldn't play with everyone. Lilly had asked me what we did and I told her nude modeling, Emily compared our work to the Paris sex tape. Lilly was not shocked she was actually interested, Emily saw how she took it and offered her some money to get shot. Lilly had been a stripper so she was comfortable with her naked body and in this economy who doesn't need money right now? Because I had to meet Cezar, I was not there to watch them fuck, but I was the first one to watch the footage. Lilly went upstairs to play on my stripper pole and she was very good on it. After the pole she wanted a meat pole and Pete was more then willing to feed her hunger with his cock. Lilly had one of the greatest asses I have ever seen. The way that girl did doggy was great and cowgirl just watching it almost made me cum. By far one of my favorites, in the top 3... Keep your eyes open -Dommy b "

Summary: 18 With Proof! #2 by directors Cezar Capone, Emily Rigby, and Dirty Sanchez proved to me that newcomers do not have to be passive or hate sex, the gals again revving up to bone like crazy in order to make their scenes especially strokable. The replay value was exceptional and I have to admit that my skepticism was overcome quickly, the lengthy introductions of the ladies making them much more interesting than the generic gals found all too often in "newcomer" or "barely of age" pornos shot in Chatsworth. I would have liked better extras but given the wealth of heated material provided in the movie (lasting nearly three and a half hours long!), I could not disagree with the amount of fuck for the buck as being anything but superior, my rating of Highly Recommended as much due to the heated sex, superior casting, and replay value as the realization that the scenes were indeed worthy of being called "digital Viagra" as my friend in marketing so aggressively claimed. In short, 18 With Proof! Volume 2 was a fine DVD and the website provided a glimpse into even more scenes worthy of inclusion on subsequent volumes, Cezar again living up to his name as a leader in internet porn. I just wish I could have provided you readers with more links to the individual trailers of the ladies, but the included ones will have to suffice for now.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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