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Grip, The

Studio: Babeland » Review by Buzz Buhrmann » Review Date: 3/24/09

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

I am a huge fan of Vixen toys. I believe they make hands down the best silicon dildos on the market.  So I was extremely interested in trying out one of their toys designed for men.

The Grip is a black tube made from the same high quality silicon as the other toys in their line. Measuring just under five inches The Grip isn't designed to completely immerse your penis (like a The Fleshlight) so if the average man penetrates it fully he'll pop out the other end. The Grip looks a lot like a grip from a bicycle handle, and as such is fairly innocuous and discrete.  One end of The Grip is more open than the other, providing two distinct penetration options.

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The first thing I noticed about The Grip was that I had to use COPIOUS amounts of lube, far more than I typically use for a jerk-off toy. Once lubed up I found the toy fairly challenging to penetrate. The Grip is lined by very hard silicon rings which provide stimulation as you thrust, but the toy's entry is so relatively small that anyone with any real girth is going to have an issue.

It's clear to me that The Grip is really designed for someone who really likes it tight. I found it to be too tight for my liking, but that didn't completely detract from the pleasure of using The Grip.

I enjoyed the fact that The Grip had two distinct entry points with a different experience using it from each end.  The tighter side though was WAY too tight for my likes and it took a ton of lube to even use it.

One thing I noticed while using The Grip was how it absorbed my body heat fairly quickly. There's nothing worse than fucking a clammy cold jerk off toy and The Grip easily heats to a nice temperature.

The orgasm I had with The Grip was really good, and that's really what gets it the 'recommended' rating, however I found that getting there was a lot more work and required a lot more lube than I preferred. Also I found that I was slightly sore after using this toy, not something I expect from a jerk-off toy.

I think the Vixen crew has their heart in the right place with The Grip, I just think they needed to do more field testing and perhaps extend the girth and length of this toy. It's got the makings of something special but just doesn't quite make it there.

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