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Double Decker Sandwich 12

Studio: Zero Tolerance » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 3/25/09

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Double Decker Sandwich 12 (Blu-ray)

Zero Tolerance

Genre: Threesomes

Director: Mike Quasar

Cast: Aiden Starr, Evie Delatosso, John Strong, Tanya James, Holly Halston, James Deen, Melissa Lauren, Robyn Truelove, Mick Blue, Shyla Stylez, Abbey Brooks, Sarah Wild, Kelly Summer, Ricki White, Moxxie Maddron, Marco Banderas

Length: 158:46 minutes

Date of Production: 8/12/2008

Extras: The best extra was called "Dance" which amounted to the ladies each getting a few more minutes to play tonsil hockey and caress each other with some oral touches depending on the clip. It lasted 20:08 minutes and was a lot of fun but I did not see a lot of dancing going on (there was also no Behind the Scenes featurettes as advertised on the back cover!) There was then a pop shot compilation from the scenes and some trailers.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Double Decker Sandwich 12 (Blu-ray) was presented in a visually appealing widescreen color using an aspect ratio of 1.78:1 as shot by director Mike Quasar for Zero Tolerance using the VC-1 codec employed by high definition releases (using 1080p resolution). The lighting was modest here, showing a modicum of care and as solid as Mike's best works of late, with enough variation to add some texture in a few of the six scenes. The grain was more noticed this time as was the video noise, a shame considering how the lighting appeared to be adequate. There was some edge enhancement observed but few people seem to care about that outside of technophile snobs, especially when it is as lightly applied as it was here. It was not perfect but this did enhance the replay value for me as it showed more care than usual. The video bitrate tended to hover around the 15.4 Mbps area most of the time I paid any attention to it. The composition of the scenes enhanced the look of the ladies, each of them used to softer lighting in recent scenes but not needing it for the purposes of this release. The sole audio track was presented in 2.0 Dolby Digital English using the standard 192 Kbps rate using a 48 kHz sampling rate most titles are mastered with, the aural experience fairly limited due to the nature of the gonzo shoot. There was no separation between the channels and the dynamic range was as truncated as ever, standard gonzo audio being okay for most consumers.

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Body of Review: Mike Quasar has been the lead director at Zero Tolerance since the company was founded, his hard work making it possible to compete with better funded competitors and often offering up some really heated movies for the raincoaters out there. These days though, so many of his peers copy each other that distinguishing the better movies comes down to seeing a lot of them on decent gear and paying close attention (more than a guy beating off generally can do in the throes of personal passion) so that's where guys like me come in to review in moderate depth and save fans money on stuff they don't care for. Companies like at least as much as the performers do in my extensive experience so trusting what they advertise or list on their covers is foolish most of the time but every new project is "the best thing ever" according to some public relation hacks so their own bottom line influences what they say, hence the need for independent reviewers. The latest high definition title from the company came to me recently in the form of Double Decker Sandwich 12 (Blu-ray) and I had to compare it to the standard definition version of Double Decker Sandwich 10 since the regular version did not come with it but the visual upgrades were immediately noticeable. The concept of the series is to showcase scenes where two ladies double team a single guy, the result meaning there was a lot more for them to do than usual. The back cover described the show like this: "If you're hungry for a tasty tit treat, then you'll enjoy a sexy serving from the delicious Double Decker menu. Your appetite for a mile-high serving of breast meat, while working your throbbing kielbasa will be satisfied! Don't forget to order a side of extra creamy dick dressing for your two huge helpings of mouth-watering mammaries. Open wide and say, "Ahhhh" for the most scintillating tit-loving series in XXX." Here's a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Scene One: Aiden Starr, a light haired hotty with a strong sex drive was up first with attractive brunette Evie Delatosso, as the pair took on muscular John Strong. After a short bout of making out together, the ladies joined John and he loved their devotion to cock, Aiden grabbing first dibs as she inhaled his package, begrudgingly sharing with Evie. John got in some licks on the gals at times but nothing as heated as the way they slobbed his knob, the vaginally penetrative sex showing Aiden the more active of the two at riding his pecker as well. The titty fucking (courtesy of Evie), ball sucking (by Aiden), and moaning by all added to the fun with less of the fake yelling I hate so much. The ending facial was shared by the vixens as they provided post coital sucking and oral clean up. Yum!

Scene Two: Tanya James, a tall and lean gal with bleached hair, was up next with curvier Holly Halston, the two of them attacking youthful James Deen once they were through warming each other up. Their neon colored bikini outfits looked good on them and they showed more desire to eat at the Y, the detail strong enough that I could see the fine hairs on their bodies. They ended up in bed with James, stripping off their attire for easier access to their genitalia for some oral and vaginal plowing, the gals far less active at riding than those in the first scene. I'm not a fan of overdone implants to begin with but the ladies did manage to use some dirty talk to liven things up, the ladies also assisting each other a little with some light caresses or nibbles. Tanya was the dominant female this time, taste testing his cock as though it was the best thing since a hot fudge Sunday, the scene ending with a facial thanks to a titty fuck draining his genetic juice.

Scene Three: Melissa Lauren, a brunette with stunning eyes, and cute bleach blond Robyn Truelove, were up next with studly Mick Blue. The gals wore red & black lingerie that covered very little of their bodies, their oral ministrations looking more passionate than their initial work with Mick (at least until they warmed up). They were joined together on a couch and turned their attention to the pecker as soon as it was within their oral range, still managing to get in some quality oral time. I liked the way they teamed up to titty fuck him (four breasts against one penis) but they also had a fairly strong rhythm when it came to the pounding vaginal sex that was worthy of additional attention. Robyn was better at vaginal sex and Melissa liked the anal better, the yelling weakening the action a bit here even though they started to share some personal chemistry. There was taste testing out of ass and pussy, Robyn shying away from doing anal but the overall scene working for me.

Scene Four: Shyla Stylez and Abbey Brooks, the two curvy blond from the front cover, were up next in the house as they playfully kissed one another in their colorful cover outfit bikinis. Shyla was the alpha female this time as she helped bring the fleshy newcomer up to speed; the pair displaying a kindred spirit of sorts as they played. I'd have been happy if they continued into a full length lesbian outing but they were joined by talented John Strong so I figured I'd get the best of both worlds thanks to his participation. He loved their tits and they loved his cock, the oral a very major portion of the scene for all concerned as each of them earned their pay. The small touches made this scene better than most of the rest, the glances, the chemistry, and the manner in which they worked so well together overall. Shyla was by far the more aggressive of the two ladies though and it was abundantly clear that she was responsible for how good it turned out, milking John's population pudding to go to Abbey's tits for oral clean up. Whew!

Scene Five: Sarah Wild and Kelly Summer, a pair of very lean gals that liked looking into the camera, were up next by the second story landing in the house, engaging in the kind of "gay for pay" action many in the industry do all too frequently. I prefer curvier gals like the ones in the last scene but I went into watching this one with an open mind (just not an empty head), the scene striking me as somewhat generic overall. They did each other until James Deen came along and then they all licked each other a bit, concentrating their efforts on his pecker before he took turns screwing their pussies in various positions (with taste testing). The animal print on the couch was the wildest thing going on in the scene though, even though the ladies rode actively enough to earn a nod from me. They just seemed to be mechanically going through the motions most of the time and the lack of enthusiasm (as well as personal chemistry) only works if the performance is respectably believable. Otherwise, the ending came before too long, the gals sucking his wad of spew out of his cock right after the anal action, sharing the semen with some cumswapping.

Scene Six: Ricki White and Moxxie Maddron were up last, the curvy brunettes enjoying each other in bed as their bright purple and black outfits came off. Ricki was the more aggressive of the two but both seemed to share a connection, savoring their time together readily before Marco Banderas broke up their little lovefest of eating each other out. As much as they liked each other, they adored his muscular body, the look in Ricki's eyes telling me she was on fire for the guy. The splendid blowjob led to some powerful vaginal fucking, Ricki showing both of them why she is a favorite of many men out there. Still, Moxxie did a good job too, the ladies swapping out to ride Marcos and clean his cock between positions, some anal pushing Moxxie's limits as he planked her hard (with Ricki licking both of them in just the right spot). Moxxie took the final load to share with Ricki too, the cumswapping and kissing serving his juices up the way the gals like them. Sweet!

Summary: Double Decker Sandwich 12 (Blu-ray) by director Mike Quasar for Zero Tolerance was a very decent volume of the series that did well with the visual upgrade of the high definition format so I rated it as Recommended. The technical expertise that went into the show was as good as the heated pairings in some cases, minor issues not impacting the overall score too much. The highlight performers of the show for me were Aiden Starr, Shyla Stylez, and Ricki White so give them a look even if you blow off the other scenes. In short, Double Decker Sandwich 12 (Blu-ray) fared well when compared to Double Decker Sandwich 10 on technical matters, not perfect but a step in the right direction for the company that admittedly has a modest track record with the high definition format. I look forward to seeing even better work by the company in the future, work that I will be able to report on an an independent reviewer rather than a bought off sycophant as you might see elsewhere.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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