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I Love Blondes

Studio: New Sensations » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 3/27/09

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

I Love Blondes #1

New Sensations

Genre: Compilation

Director: varied by scene

Cast: Arianna Armani, Anthony Rosano, Ashley Jensen, John Strong, Carmen Luvana, Talon, Chloe Chanel, Mark Ashley, Kissy Kapri, Jordan Ash, Madison Ivy, Memphis Monroe, Michelle B., Scott Nails, Nikita, Nikki Kane, Marco Banderas, Riley Evans, Lee Stone, Sue Diamond, Dillon Day

Length: 308:22 minutes

Dates of Production: 11/27/2002, 2/4/2005, 8/5/2005, 6/13/2007, 6/20/2007, 6/24/2007, 7/23/2007, 9/13/2007, 12/5/2007, 3/6/2008, 4/16/2008, 7/31/2008

Extras: Both discs had a photogallery and some trailers but that was all.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: I Love Blondes #1 was presented in the usual 1.33: ratio full frame and 1.78:1 ratio letterboxed widescreen color as the scenes were shot by a variety of directors for a number of titles by New Sensations in this MPEG-2 standard definition release that used 480i resolution (and a video bitrate tending to hover in the 4.2 Mbps range). The quality of the scenes varied more than a little bit as some were very appealing while others were in need of better attention to detail but I still felt that the overall compilation was handled fairly well and focused on the cutie in question quite nicely. The series has sold well enough to merit a sequel according to the company president and fans that have passed up on projects in the past seem to find them really solid in terms of value so the minor technical matters aren't as big a factor here. The fleshtones were accurate, the lighting usually good, and the composition of the shots typically good enough to enhance the look of the ladies. Oh yeah, the watermarks were back in case that matters to you (the company name on the lower right hand corner of the scenes). The audio was presented in 2.0 Dolby Digital English (in 192 Kbps at a 48 kHz sampling rate), with little separation and limited dynamic range but at least the music was not as lame as it could have been in most cases (exceptions noted below).

Body of Review: New Sensations is currently basking in the glow of a moderately successful release with their parody title The Office: A XXX Parody and rightfully so, it was a cute send up to the semi-popular television show with a lot to enjoy about it. For the last few years though, some of us have been pointing out that the company has fallen into a trap where they rely on compilation releases containing no new content, the inevitable conclusion to that course of action being nothing new being shot and the line dying out. Still, if they manage to balance the old material with the new, they will likely fare better in the long run, thanks in part to their popular series releases such as I Love Blondes #1, which provide twelve scenes in the double disc sets that often mine some olden goldies (and some not so old at that). Considering so many men (and women) like blondes, it makes sense to try and capitalize on this notion and many of the ladies here were very appealing (if not naturally blond). The back cover described the movie like this: "What did the blondes right leg say to her left leg? Nothing, because they've never met! Haha, did you like that? Because we've got plenty more in this edition of "I Love." Come and get some lovin' from Carmen Luvana. Ashley Jensen, Memphis Monroe, Michelle B, and other blonde bombers that love to get fucked deep and hard. They're ready to spread their legs and welcome you in for 2 discs and 12 scenes of fuck-a-licious pussy action. And with 12 sexy babes that are wet and willing, it's no wonder why everybody loves blondes!" Here's a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Scene One: Bound To Please #5: Arianna Armani/Angelina Armani, Anthony Rosano: This first scene open with Angelina blindfolded and tied up to a chair in the hallway wearing only a red g-string. You can see placed right above her clit a small vibe through the lace of her panties. After several attempts to get free of the ropes, Anthony enters the room and kisses her then proceeds to play with her nipples then her clit. He then drops his pants teasing her mouth with his cock. Once free of the ropes Angelina gets busy sucking his cock and then they switch into a intense 69 position which you can see that Anthony really enjoys eating pussy. Angelina then straddles him first in cowgirl then reverse cowgirl before he grabs her in doggie to pound away at her pussy like she is telling him too. There is a lot of switch up including back into a 69 before he gives Angelina a facial. Note to the faint at heart... there is CHOKING in this scene! (review by Ravyn)

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Scene Two: Naughty College School Girls #42: Ashley Jensen, John Strong: Ashley Jensen, a cute blond wearing the uniform expected as well as pink cotton panties, was up first on the staircase to show the formula of tease and self satisfaction (she masturbated) before being joined by muscular John Strong. She already looked juiced up a bit when he came up behind her to paw the youthful looking lady as she continued to rub her cookie. His oral work took him to her front and back, the gal reciprocating with a hummer that showed she was far from a stranger to a cock in her mouth. The enthusiasm was decent enough and the two were soon poking privates with a degree of energy usually not seen with newcomers, Ashley not brand new but still cutting her teeth as a newbie to the masses that have yet to see her body in action. Her cock hungry ways aside, she kept up a vocal presence in the movie as well, going over the top at times but displaying potential for better works too. The PTM and handjob action looked to be largely trimmed out of the final cut but she did swallow the population pudding so I can't say that it was not a reasonably solid scene overall.

Scene Three: Carmen Goes To College #4: Carmen Luvana, Talon: Carmen (portrayed on DVD cover) is an extremely attractive Puerto Rican girl with large breasts. She has bleach blonde her with her darker roots showing, doesn't look bad, and looks rather good. She is wearing a cotton one-piece dress with nothing underneath! The scene introduces Carmen and Avena in a hallway speaking to one another, making references to Carmen's past experience in Part 1, 2, 3. After failing in a variety of sexual related jobs, she is now attempting to gain financial support to attend college via web cam porno site. Then Professor Frank (Talon) asks to speak to Carmen. They go off and she ends up "working" on declining grades. Yes he looks a bit young to be holding a PhD. This scene is kicked off with Carmen performing oral on Talon, then Talon on Carmen. The two take positions on a chair, such that they engage sex in reverse cow girl. The act is then moved upon a large wooden desk. The scene ends with the money shot on Carmen's stomach. Throughout the scene Carmen is very vocal. While Carmen is fairly attractive and looks great undressed, she seemed to be "over doing it" with her cries of pleasure. (review by Rob Randall)

Scene Four: She Likes It Big #2: Chloe Chanel, Mark Ashley: Chloe is the blonde cutie who dresses up like a sexy schoolgirl. Wearing the skimpy outfit she proceeds to masturbate for the camera. Of all the girls on the disc, Chloe exudes the most sexiness. After getting her poon licked, Chloe give her man the blowjob of a lifetime. I really enjoyed how often she looked into the camera with her sexy blue eyes. The rest of the scene is fairly routine - Chloe gets violated in all the typical positions. Once again the best part of the scene comes at the end when Chloe takes the obligatory cumshot to the face. (review by Bobby McGee)

Scene Five: All Teens #2: Kissy Kapri, Jordan Ash: Ah, Kissy. Meshed in red, she teases and plays with herself, red heels arched up, long legs bent and centered. After greeting Jordan with a blowjob, she readily sticks her ass in the air, prompting doggy, to which Jordan readily complies. Sampling his spear, Kissy turns around for some reverse cowgirl, gruff squeal funneling out of her throat, pitching high at its sweetest, sharpest points. Jordan plays flippy floppy with her breasts as she lays down for missionary, her nipples pierced with barbells, jiggly and free-flowing as she's pounded by his dick. On her side for spoon, she offers up her asshole for mashing, and the anal continues back into missionary, cowgirl and its reverse, her feet planted on Jordan's thighs as he takes to her ass. A few gapes later, the anal-riffage continues, cycling back into doggy, plenty of ass to mouth in between. Following a few glides into Kissy's pussy, Jordan pulls out, she blows his dirty dick until he pops over her open mouth, covering her face with throw. Kissy's enthusiasm doesn't let down here, though I think during the marathon of anal I might have blacked out at some point from bliss, or maybe too much stimulation (like looking staring into the sun). Kissy herself looks a bit dazed from time to time, but a yelp or shout will follow soon after, prompting excitement and enticement throughout. Her luxurious height is truly the cherry on top, as Kissy has no problem whipping cream out of her co-star, and hopefully you, too. (review by Wind Tunnel)

Scene Six: Ashlynn & Friends #6: Madison Ivy, Jordan Ash: Madison Ivy, a cute blond with an all natural body and pretty eyes, was up last on the first disc of the compilation, the gal rewarding Jordan Ash for helping her family move with the old fashioned sex scene. She claimed to be 18 and was sexually aggressive, grabbing his cock against his minimal protestations and then dropping to her knees to suck him off. While she did not deep throat him, she made a solid effort to slob his knob, getting it hot and wet before he reciprocated briefly. He then started pounding into her pussy while choking her, a standing vaginal fuck the best position to showcase her look though she was most active during the cowgirl variations on the floor. He fingered her asshole and spanked her as he hammered away too, a tiny pop shot to her crotch ending the fun for the day.

Scene Seven: Keepin' It Fresh: Memphis Monroe, Jordan Ash: Memphis Monroe, a gorgeous blond with beautiful eyes and a curvy body made for comfort over speed, was up next as she drained Jordan Ash of genetic juice. He was stalking her and calling her on the telephone as a nasty caller, fantasizing about nailing her to the point where she began masturbating and buying into the fantasy herself (as displayed on screen). Her masturbation action was edited into the sex scene in a pretty heated manner, the two melding together to make it more strokable than the oral and vaginal plowing might have alone. Jordan seemed driven here when he was going down on her and pounding Memphis but she also actively rode his cock and employed some dirty talk herself, eventually eliciting a wad of spew on her face to savor.

Scene Eight: Anal Trainer #9: Michelle B., Scott Nails: Michelle B., is no stranger to hardcore, vignette driven, porn and she wore a blue and green number as she masturbated with her hand to showcase her ample implants and lovely ass in the well lit living room before being offered a meat pole by Scott Nails. If Michelle has ever had a truly bad scene, you'd never have guessed it given the way she naturally inhaled his dick, using her hand to increase the friction for good measure. She appeared to like getting her pussy and ass pilfered by the guy too although she did seem a bit less energetic during the anal portion of the scene. In any case, her curvy body looked very good as the scene progressed, proving that a performer doesn't have to look "used up" if she takes care of herself. It ended with a facial of genetic juice and I think they had a bit of chemistry together but the energy was very solid.

Scene Nine: Naughty College School Girls #46: Nikita, Mark Ashley: Nikita looks like she's in some surfer dude's bedroom, where she's playing with herself. Mark walks in and plays with her tits and then he gets down on his knees to lick her pussy. When he gets up, Nikita returns the favor and begins the oral operation. She tugs on his cock and he puts his hands on the back of her head. He then places her on the bed for some missionary, pushing her legs far back and then up on his shoulder. They switch it around for some doggie, and then they switch around again for some cowgirl. They do the reverse cowgirl, and then he sticks it back in her pussy, just before he shoots in her mouth. (review by Robin LaCruz)

Scene Ten: Fresh Outta High School #6: Nikki Kane, Marco Banderas: Blondie Nikki looks like Little Bo Peep, though it's actually some kind of girly uniform. A sailor shirt and sky blue skirt do their best to make her cute, and even with the blue bow in her hair, she doesn't look that young. She lifts her skirt and an ass the size of Kansas pops loose. Her booty is total bubble butt and hides the tiny white thong running through her crack. Nikki bares her pussy, a soft gape with a tiny tuft of hair at the top, and gets some decent face from her costar. For the first few minutes the action is slow as balls cuz her vag must taste like vanilla ice cream. When his cock slips in her pussy, she doesn't really seem to care. She makes silly faces and fake moans, and looks around the room as though she searching for a clock. From behind, Nikki is a hot piece of work, though she doesn't give half the energy that Fran did. Her pussy is wet and sloppy, making it easy for the couple to move from doggy to cowgirl and back again. Trying to follow the first act is pretty difficult I suppose, but Nikki doesn't even try. It's not until the end when she gets a little jizz sprinkle that she actually has an authentic reaction. And strangely it's a smile. A cute one, but that puppy dog look won't make up for 30 minutes of slamming doors. (review by Saul Good)

Scene Eleven: Ashlynn & Friends #1: Riley Evans, Lee Stone: Riley Evans, a curved blond that I found exceptionally attractive, was up next in the luxuriously large bathroom, enjoying a milk bath as she stroked her curvy form. Her pretty eyes and fleshy ass were treats to behold and I could have watched her tease a lot longer but the massive Lee Stone had other ideas when he joined her by the tub. She went right for his cock and gave it some mouth to head resuscitation, engorging it with blood as he poked her deeper and deeper still. The titty fuck was too limited but her oral hijinks continued until he wanted to pound her pussy, the man grunting like it was taking all his vaunted strength to push balls deep inside of her. When she was on top of him, she was an active cock rider, proving to be one of the most versatile ladies of the cast for inspiring heat as she met him thrust for thrust. The use of his dominance over her by pouring milk on her head as she blew him towards the end was a bit weak but it readied her for the frothy mouth pop, even if she did not swallow. Of all the scenes to this point, this was the one with the fewest overall flaws to speak of, and perhaps a better template for any follow up editions in the series.

Scene Twelve: Fucking Beautiful #8: Sue Diamond, Dillon Day: Cover girl Sue is a 22 year old (she says) blonde from, guess where, the Czech Republic. She has a grrreat body, and apparently she DOESN'T squirt. Again we get a tease on a sofa before Dillon come in and puts her through her paces. She gives him a nice, photogenic blowjob. Sue looks great getting fucked. And we get to see her doing so completely nude in missionary, doggy, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, and more missionary before Dillon blows on her face and tits. This is a good scene, and Sue definitely earns her place on the cover. (review by JJ Stalker)

Summary: I Love Blondes #1 by New Sensations had some decent sex scenes with attractive ladies in it so I can see why they still manage to sell a fair number of them when the theme is a popular one, this time meriting a rating of Recommended for the technical values, the casting, and the selection of scenes included on the double disc set. I like blondes as much as the next guy and the amount of fuck for the buck was indeed worthy of the lower price point I saw this compilation being sold at online so give it a look.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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