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I Love Brunettes

Studio: New Sensations » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 3/28/09

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

I Love Brunettes #1

New Sensations

Genre: Compilation

Director: varied by scene

Cast: Nikki Kane, Michael Stefano, Angel Amor, Mr. Pete, Aurora Snow, Mark Ashley, Ava Rose, Sascha, Richelle Ryan, John Strong, Alicia Alighatti, Dana Vespoli, Mick Blue, Carmen Minor, Madelyn Marie, Isabella, Tiffany Taylor, Mike Adriano, Allyssa Hall, Rachel Roxxx, Manuel Ferrara

Length: 284:52 minutes

Date of Production: 6/25/2008 (compilation only)

Extras: Both discs had a photogallery and some trailers but that was all.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: I Love Brunettes #1 was presented in the usual 1.33: ratio full frame and 1.78:1 ratio letterboxed widescreen color as the scenes were shot by a variety of directors for a number of titles by New Sensations in this MPEG-2 standard definition release that used 480i resolution (and a video bitrate tending to hover in the 4.2 Mbps range). The quality of the scenes varied more than a little bit as some were very appealing while others were in need of better attention to detail but I still felt that the overall compilation was handled fairly well and focused on the cutie in question quite nicely. The series has sold well enough to merit a sequel according to the company president and fans that have passed up on projects in the past seem to find them really solid in terms of value so the minor technical matters aren't as big a factor here. The fleshtones were accurate, the lighting usually good, and the composition of the shots typically good enough to enhance the look of the ladies. Oh yeah, the watermarks were back in case that matters to you (the company name on the lower right hand corner of the scenes). The audio was presented in 2.0 Dolby Digital English (in 192 Kbps at a 48 kHz sampling rate), with little separation and limited dynamic range but at least the music was not as lame as it could have been in most cases (exceptions noted below).

Body of Review: New Sensations is currently basking in the glow of a moderately successful release with their parody title The Office: A XXX Parody and rightfully so, it was a cute send up to the popular television show with a lot to enjoy about it. For the last few years though, some of us have been pointing out that the company has fallen into a trap where they rely on compilation releases containing no new content, the inevitable conclusion to that course of action being nothing new being shot and the line dying out. Still, if they manage to balance the old material with the new, they will likely fare better in the long run, thanks in part to their popular series releases such as I Love Brunettes #1, which provide twelve scenes in the double disc sets that often mine some olden goldies (and some not so old at that). While I have long appreciated blondes more than anything else, I have often found brunettes to be better lovers so I can understand why such a title would exist. The back cover described the double disc set like this: "Hot & sexy brunette babes for life! If you live by this motto. then I Love Brunettes is perfect for you! This special 2-disc set contains a bunch of hot brunette babes including Ava Rose. Rachel Roxxx, Madelyn Marie, Alicia Alighatti, Carmen Minor, and Nikki Kane. They love to whip their hair in circles while riding a dick and rubbing their clits. *SHUDDER* I think I just creamed in my shorts, because there's nothing I love more than fucking brunettes!" Here's a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

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Scene One: Ashlynn & Friends #5: Nikki Kane, Michael Stefano: Nikki Kane is the third performer here and once again it appears like we have a real looker here. Nik Begins the Scene wearing some expensive looking black with white lace trimmed Bra and panties. While we hear some sort of dance hall music we witness this little teenage whore slowly and erotically undress all while taking the time to caress the parts of her body that require attention. Nikki is very cute and has a sort of upper class New Jersey Vibe going on here..don't ask me where that comes from its just a feeling i got. Anyhow the actual Scene starts with Nikki standing over the camera exposing her beautiful box while she finger fucks herself. She quickly runs through various positions here while still caressing and rubbing on her tight firm body before we see Micheal awaiting Nikki in a shower nearby. Nikki finds Mike and let the games begin. Both performers quickly kiss before Nik goes down to suck on mikes hard cock. They both enter into the shower where Miss Kane gets down on the shower floor where she continues sucking on mikes cock before they exit and head for a nearby bed. Nikki lays back on the bed spreads her legs in anticipation of Mike tongue fucking her wet slit. After mike has gotten Nikki all wet with his tongue he slides her to the edge of the bed and slowly enters this sexy girl and fucks her ever so slowly to begin with but increases the force as time goes on. Nikki's Pussy looks really good and it appears to be very tight! After some fucking Nikki decides she wants to eat her pussy cream off of Mike and does so by performing another quick BJ. At this Point Mike takes on Nikki Reverse cowgirl on the bed and really works her pussy over. Nikki keeps moaning and saying out loud "oooohhhhh ohhhh ohhh yeahhhh." The sex continues in various positions with each having Nikki proclaim "your going to make me cum." It is all very cute to hear. Before Micheal unloads on Nikki's face we see some Cowgirl, reverse standing up fucking, and then finally a nice sized blast of nut to her face. (review by The Horney Housewife)

Scene Two: Lil' Latinas #4: Angel Amor, Mr. Pete: Angel Amor, a young Latina with some nice curves coated with baby fat, was up next as she bent over for orally inclined Mr. Pete. He snacked on her crack and she made little faces indicating pleasure, the fleshy Mamacita cleanly shaven "down there". When it was her turn to go down on him, she slobbed his knob with a degree of enthusiasm, using hand and mouth in a coordinated effort to get him excited. She then provided him with a titty fuck but both appeared more interested in a vaginal ride, her initially passive mannerisms giving way to his need to unload seed, Angel even rubbing her asshole at his request while he planked her. Overall though, she was a passive gal in the scene and that just didn't work for me, Pete rubbing out his population pudding to her face to finish things up.

Scene Three: Naughty College School Girls #46: Aurora Snow, Mark Ashley: Aurora is in a red ensemble, with white knee-highs and loafers, and she's got her brown hair over her eyes as she fiddles with herself on a chaise. The dude walks upstairs this time, and when he gets there he helps Aurora out with her pussy. Her spreads her legs and gets down to give her oral, and then they undo his belt so she can tug and suck on his cock. He fucks her missionary-style for a couple of minutes, then he pulls her legs all the way back and drives it in. She sucks her juices from his cock and gets some good gags in, before she throws her ass up in the air for some doggie. Now, this would be a great spot to pop it in her ass, but we're not that lucky, but Mark does split those pussy lips apart and fucks her deep. She then slides back on his cock in the cowgirl-style and after sucking him off some more, she reverses back on his cock - her clit protruding some more. When he's ready he pops on her mouth. (review by Robin LaCruz)

Scene Four: Fresh Outta High School #1: Ava Rose, Sascha: Ava Rose, a cute gal with pretty eyes and a boyish body, was up next as she studied in a small home office. She called teacher Sascha over for some assistance, but he wanted $50 and she thought it was too much to pay for the services she wanted (and heard he offered her friend). He feigned a lack of understanding about what she wanted until she undid his fly and started sucking on his cock. This led to her actively riding his cock in a heated manner on the desk (and all around the office), grinding her hips into his crotch as she bounced on his lap. She gave the most consistent ride of the show here and this was a pretty smoking scene for me. The ending facial was anticlimactic (aren't they all?) but as much as I thought a few of the others appealed to me more, she did a good job.

Scene Five: What An Ass #5: Richelle Ryan, John Strong: Next on the list is Richelle. Richelle has long dark hair and one of the best bodies you'll ever see - really. She puts her goodies on display by seductively shaking her ass while on a staircase. Richelle then meets her partner and immediately starts fucking him doggy style. After a few minutes we get the pleasure of watching Richelle give oral. He literally grabbed her head and face fucked her. The sex in this scene was extremely rough and intense, and Richelle seemed to love it. A couple more minutes of doggy style and the scene ends with a sloppy load of jizz being dumped on Richelle's dumper. (review by Bobby McGee)

Scene Six: Cock Starved: Alicia Alighatti, Dana Vespoli, Mick Blue: Alicia Alighatti, a lean brunette princess (complete with tiara), was up first as scene partner Mick Blue played a videogame and ignored her. This led to Dana asking what was up since Alicia was acting pretty upset at the lack of attention. While I prefer curvier gals, she was the kind of gal that most of you would give your left nut to have, and after some tease footage, Mick finally came around to see what he was missing when Dana encouraged him to do her for compensation. As unbelievable as that scenario was, it added a peculiar dynamic to the action as he slowly came around by means of Alicia's skills. The oral was pretty good and she proved to be an active cock rider; bouncing up and down on his rod as though it had really been two months since he last had her. I know it was all an act but the performance skills in porn are usually not this good so the scene proved to be a good starting point for the movie. It ended when she took a facial pop to the mouth and swallowed it down whole.

Scene Seven: Naughty College School Girls #44: Carmen Minor, Michael Stefano: With her soft chin and browned nipples, Carmen, looking like a mixture of Jenna Haze and Jenny Hendrix, masturbates on a couch, her maroon uniform jacket now parted for her bared tits. He licks at her soft features, jutting his tongue along her pussy, she returning with a similar act on his dick. Panties pulled off, revealing a tattoo on her right thigh, Carmen saddles into cowgirl, Michael picking her up, laying into spoon style fucking. Missionary play, with a bit of ass fingering, onto doggy, spooning, and doggy again (this time, standing up) follows. He jerks onto her open tongue-stud, and she spits up the results, depositing the drip back in. The heat is simmering here, not too exciting, though Carmen's looks may be enough for some to seal the deal. Michael, as always, plies what he can from her, performance-wise, but can't eke out enough out of Carmen, even with all the position switch-ups. (review by Wind Tunnel)

Scene Eight: Fresh Outta High School #13: Madelyn Marie, Michael Stefano: Madelyn Marie, an extremely cute brunette wearing the requisite school girl outfit, was up next as she made time with Michael Stefano in bed. She found out his daughter wouldn't be around so it was her golden opportunity to take advantage of his wife's business trip. She sat on the bed and made her move, leaning over to suck his cock in a teasing manner. She cradled his balls as she did so, Michael rewarding her with a good vaginal pounding in no time. She over acted vocally and was the most passive fuck of the flick though, relying too heavily on her looks from what I could tell (and her sweet ass looked almost good enough for her to pull off that concept). They both did more oral midway through the scene though, his genetic juice landing on her face during the last blowjob.

Scene Nine: Teen Dreams #14: Isabella Djor, Mark Ashley: Last up is Isabella, an olive-skinned beauty with long dark hair. Like the other girls she starts things off with a sexy strip followed by some oral. The blowjob she gave started off a little slow but gradually built in intensity. Isabella gets some oral pleasure of her own before the couple starts going at it. They begin fucking in the missionary positions followed by cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, and doggy style. There was a lot of chemistry between them and you really got the feeling that Isabella felt comfortable. At the end of the scene Isabella takes the obligatory cumshot to the face. (review by Bobby McGee)

Scene Ten: American Sorority Sluts: Tiffany Taylor, Mike Adriano: This is the first time I've seen Tiffany and I'm really impressed. Her long dark hair and blue-gray eyes make her quite the beauty. Once inside the sorority house, Tiffany sucks her man's cock like a woman possessed. She shows all the energy and enthusiasm you could hope for as she nearly swallowed his cock whole. They knock boots in all your standard positions: spooning, doggy style, reverse cowgirl, and cowgirl. The scene wraps up with Tiffany taking a large cumshot to the face. I'd really like to see Tiffany in more scenes. (review by Bobby McGee)

Scene Eleven: Fresh Outta High School #13: Allyssa Hall, Michael Stefano: Allyssa Hall, a young looking brunette with a pretty face, was up next in the compilation, perverted old Michael Stefano taking advantage of her. He pointed out that they had similar problems, pawing her as he suggested a course of action for the horny young gal that viewers would enjoy. He spread her legs to reveal her white panties, nuzzling her neck before going down on her and then vaginally fucking her. He did most of the work and she moaned in porn style, panting as he pounded his pecker into her. She did get kind of active as the scene progressed but she had a long way to go to reach her full potential. It ended when she finished sucking the genetic juice out of his balls, the load coating her face.

Scene Twelve: Who's The New Girl #2: Rachel Roxxx, Manuel Ferrara: Rachel is a bright-eyed brunette, with your typical porn star body. After showing off her goodies and masturbating for the camera, Rachel gives her man some sloppy wet oral. She started off a little slow, but by the end she was literally swallowing his meat stick. They also squeeze in a little 69 time before things heat up even more. Rachel gets fucked in the following positions: doggy style, missionary, spooning, and reverse cowgirl. The scene (lasting nearly 20 minutes) ends with Rachel receiving a drippy facial. Overall it was a solid scene with plenty of chemistry between the performers. (review by Bobby McGee)

Summary: I Love Brunettes #1 by New Sensations had some decent sex scenes with attractive ladies in it so I can see why they still manage to sell a fair number of them when the theme is a popular one, this time meriting a rating of Recommended for the technical values, the casting, and the selection of scenes included on the double disc set. The ladies ran the gamut of types from thin to thick, busty to all natural, young to not so young and a whole lot more. It wasn't the best such compilation from the company but there was a fair amount of stroke value here so check it out if the cast sounds appealing to you.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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