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Forever Is The Night

Studio: Wicked Pictures » Review by Ravyn C » Review Date: 3/29/09

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Studio: Wicked Pictures

Director: Francois Clousot

Release Date: 1/9/2009

Production Year: 08/08/ 2008

Length: 1 hrs. 22 mins.

Category:  Feature, Erotic Drama

Genre:Straight, Couples

Condoms: Yes


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Performers:  Alektra Blue, Angelina Valentine, Barrett Blade, Brad Armstrong, Chris Cannon, Devi Emmerson, Kaylani Lei, Nikki Benz, Randy Spears, Rocco Reed, Ryder Skye, Tanya James.

Club Owners Rocco and  Mark Nicholson

Non Sex Roles: Randy Spears, Mark Nicholson

Wonder What Randy  Is Plotting Now?

Wicked Teaser:Imagine waking up one day and not really knowing where you are, or even who you are. Flashes of familiarity haunt you as you attempt to decipher the world around you. This is Gina's (Kaylani Lei) world, foreign, oddly familiar, but far from normal. As she seeks the truth, her journey becomes more like a nightmare that continues to play out every day when she wakes up. Is it reality or just a bad dream that she'll come out of? Will the truth set her free, or is destiny better left unknown...

The Movie: Francois Clousot has paired up once again with the very talented Melissa Monet for Wicked's dark feature Forever Is The Night. In what starts looking more like an old VHS recording, the movie takes you down what seems to be a familiar path out of a Twilight Zone episode including the eerie music to keep you on edge. Some  say that  porn isn't  suppose to have a  storyline or plot  for that matter, but  when it  comes to Wicked features that is what I  enjoy  the most and look for and except from Wicked and  its  Directors and Writers. You can tell that a lot of work went into making sure everything blended in perfectly. Some might not like way the film looks but the key here is the effect they were going for. The  sex is  of  course on the   same  high level  that we  have  come to  enjoy watching Kaylani  as  well as  the others . I look forward to seeing more of Francois dark features as well as what ever else he might have in store for us.

The DVD:

Audio/Video: Forever is The Night is presented in 16:9 ratio anamorphic widescreen colors, shot and mastered in HD, directed by Francois Clousot, distributed by Wicked Pictures. The picture had a very grainy look to it with little distortion with the flesh tones almost perfect. The lighting was dark at times in certain scenes with the lighting clearing up only in the flashbacks which looked more like a VHS transfer to DVD. The audio is presented in Wicked's usual 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround English which didn't test my speakers nor did it come off as too loud making it easy to listen too. The background music blended in very well with the entire storyline giving it that sci- fi feel to it.

Features:Interactive Menus, Chapter Selection, Bonus Scenes, Slide Show, Trailers, Promo Reel, Int. Tel. Sex, Web Site Information, DVD-ROM Compatible.

The Extras:

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Previews: The Price of Lust,Deceived

Trailers: Dating 101, Fame, The Last Call, Hardcore Cougars, The Oracle, Around the World In Seven Days.

Bonus Scene: The Last Callw/ Kaylani Lei & Brad Armstrong:

The scene opens with Kaylani walking down a dark street into a club and making her round with the party-goers. In walks in Scotty played by Brad Armstrong who is there to meet his friend Brad but he is stood up by him. Left to his own device he makes idle chit chat with Kaylani who is scooping him out as if he was her next meal. Faking to have lost her purse, she gets Brad to pay for her drink and then begins the mind games with Brad. They make out for a bit outside the club ten taking over to his place. Once inside things get really out to the point that Brad lifts her up in the air and pins her up against the wall to go down on her. They move over to the bed where Kaylani works her magic with her mouth on his cock. They start in mish and over to reverse cowgirl finishing up with doggie and Kaylani get a load on her face. Things get extremely interesting from this point on. Kaylani ducks out of his place with his wallet, cell phone and his car keys.

Bonus BJ Scene: Forever is The Night w/ Kaylani Lei & Randy Spears:

Dino  who is played  here  by Randy  Spears giving  Krystal/Gina  a hard time  when it comes to  hiring her to  dance at the  club. Dino make her audition for him first on the stage pole dancing then by sucking him off and Kaylani taking his load to her face.

Kaylani & Rocco durng better times!

Opening Scene: The scene opens in b&w with eerie overtones including the background music. It shows Kaylani and her boyfriend laying outdoors on a blanket kissing. Normal you think... it gets weirder and weirder so Enjoy!

Scene 1:Chris Cannon & Kaylani Lei:

 In very dark club Chris spots Kaylani from afar and decides he wants to party with her and follows her outside where she is having a smoke. At first it seems that Chris is forcing himself on Kaylani. After a few minutes of resisting him Kaylani eagerly sucks him off. Over on the wooden bench Kaylani rides Chris cowgirl first then they switch up into doggie. You  really  cant  see too much of the  actual penetration  because of the  lack of lighting  but the  shadows enable  one to use their imagination. After some intense doggie Kaylani takes it to the face then walks away with Randy looking on.

Scene 2:Alektra Blue & Devi Emmerson &Nikki Benz:

Next up you have the ladies turning up the heat in the club as the trio get busy in front of a live audience. Each of the ladies  takes  turn  with the  other  with  toys and tongues making  sure  they  each   give an receive  mutual pleasure. This is a scene  that  could  get the  guys and  gals  really  turned  on with  all the   teasing and  G/g action  going on.

Scene 3:Rocco Reed & Tanya James:

After getting all hot and bothered from watching the ladies going at it, Rocco grabs Tanya and she quickly gets to work on his cock. Rocco then takes his   time with her as he uses his tongue and his fingers priming her for his shaft. He does her first in mish then switches over so she can ride him RCG. From there they go to doggie finishing up with a facial. Rocco leaves the club annoyed with himself goes   back to his place were he is   pouring himself a drink dwelling on the   girl he was in love with.

Scene 4:Barrett Blade & Ryder Skye & Angelina Valentine:

Blade has   found himself in a difficult situation as he finds himself going through some form of DT's while at the club. He is   cornered by Rocco who is asking him   about Gina/Krystal but won't give him the information Rocco wants. Blade the makes off over to were Ryder and Angelina are dancing to have some  fun of his  own with the  ladies. Ryder and Angelina share duties sucking him off before he takes on of the girls in mish while the other watches on. After  switching over to the other  girl he  grabs her  doggie  style for a bit  before the  ladies  indulge in some  cum  swapping.

Scene 5: Kaylani Lei & Rocco Reed:

Finally after all the hell they have been through, Kaylani and Rocco are  finally reunited. Back at his place Rocco gives into the natural flow of things when it  comes to being with Gina, shedding their  clothing with Kaylani  already on her  knees  sucking him off and  giving him a hand job  as well. They are  so good together that you can  see  how  real the  passion is between  them. Rocco  does  her mish  first then  switches over to  doggie ending with a  facial.

 I  wont  tell you how it  ends  though the  ending is  quite  different than  other  Wicked Films.

Final Thoughts:  Being stuck in a never ending nightmare is something no one wants to experience first hand. Yet,  what  Director François Clousot has  done here is  bring the nightmare to life  for us so we  can  see it  firsthand and  feel what is  gong on with the  characters. The fact that they have sex openly in the club is what everyone at one point or another wants to do without any inhibitions. Whether they  had  sex in the  grimy  dark alley or in the  seedy night club, they had  sex  from one  reason to  answer their  sexual desire in what ever  way  they wanted. Below I have  listed  two  very  important points that  I will always  cover  and hope you agree with me as well.

What Worked: Francois and his crew went for the vintage VHS look and feel to present this macabre tale of people trapped by Randy Spear in a never ending nightmare. The storyline loosely  based on an Twilight Zone Episode 5 Characters in Search of an Exit, gives you  one hell of a  mind fucking  with the  flashbacks and  the  ominous presence of Randy in both  their  dreams . The other thing that ZI did  enjoy is that in certain  scenes there is some light  choking  and not  so  rough  sex  enough to make you  do a double  take.

What Didn't:  In scene 2,  I  really  excepted more hands on  with the  ladies  instead  of   the  over kill  when it  came to the  toys. If the premise was to get everyone watching all hot and bothered then yes I can say  it had  it's high  points but  felt that  there wasn't  enough   sexual intensity  given  back  from the ladies.

Overall Forever  Is  The  Night is  as with all Wicked Features a  couples movie that  you can  sit and  enjoy  with your partner and  add to  your  collection!



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