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Seize Your Bottom

Studio: Channel 1 Releasing » Review by Guybrush » Review Date: 4/1/09

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Date of Production: 2008

Length: 98 minutes

Director: Chi Chi Larue

Cast: Johnny Hazzard, Josh Vaughn, Josh West, Luke Riley, Tommy Defendi, Justin Taylor, Benjamin Bradley, and Lucky Daniels

Body Types: guys with tattoos, smooth and hairy chests, buff and twinky guys

Condoms: yes

Things to see: domination, sex toys, daddy sex

Plot: no plot

The Movie:

Seize Your Bottomfits into the genre of "domination lite" or "vanilla sex with a little extra."  The film encompasses four different scenarios involving cute actors engaged in light domination acts such as the use of restraints and blindfolds.  Unlike hardcore domination films, you won't find anything here that will test your comfort limits, both in terms of gross out images or violence against actors.   Instead, the film showcases how erotic blindfolded sex can be (the Lucky Daniels/Benjamin Bradley scene) and what happens when daddy comes home to teach his bitch a lesson (the Johnny Hazzard/Josh West segment).  Seize Your Bottomsucceeds as both a domination film and a regular porno film because the sex is highly erotic, the actors are passionate towards each other, and the film's fantasy play enhances the sex as opposed to distracting the audience with gross details.  Therefore, if you are looking for a fun way to explore your dark side, then Seize your Bottom might be the film for you. 

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Scene one: Benjamin Bradley and Lucky Daniels

Locked away in Benjamin's walk-in closet, Lucky Daniels is bound and blindfolded.  Benjamin eventually returns home to check to make sure that Lucky hasn't soiled the carpet.  Because Lucky has been "good" while he's been away, Benjamin begins to tease Lucky's senses with the erotic sounds of his zipper being lowered.  Benjamin puts his finger into Lucky's mouth, though Lucky clearly wants something else shoved in.  Of course, Benjamin won't give him what he really wants; at least for now.  Benjamin then begins to sadistically taunt Lucky by stroking his beautiful cock in front of Lucky, yet denying him the taste of his penis.  Benjamin even strokes his cock then lets Lucky taste the very fingers that were just stroking his monster.  This drives Lucky insane with lust, making him practically beg for Benjamin's salty pecker.  Benjamin eventually loosens the handcuffs and allows Lucky to taste his cock, which he promptly laps up passionately.  Lucky sucks that cock dry, while his hole pulsates in anticipation.

Benjamin then shoves Lucky to the ground and moves his head close to Lucky's hard member. A huge string of precum drips off from Lucky's cock, yet Benjamin licks it up with glee.  Benjamin proceeds to suck on Lucky and teases his pubes by pulling them into his mouth. Benjamin then shoves his ass into Lucky's face so that his beautiful hole can be rimmed.  After some more cock play, Lucky sits on top of Benjamin's cock in a straddle position and rides that cock like a horse.  Lucky is then fucked from behind.  In this position, Benjamin can be seen dripping sweat down onto Lucky's back while he pounds that hole forcefully.  Finally, Benjamin pulls out and shoots off his load onto Lucky's chin and chest.  It doesn't take long for Lucky to loose his spunk all over the carpet floor.

Scene two: Josh Vaughn and Tommy Defendi

A buff and creamy white blond guy (Josh) is hog tied on the table, with an apple sticking out of his mouth, and his ass pointed up in the air.  Tommy, a handsome brunette lad, walks over to the table, sits down, and admires the main course.  After eating some grapes, Tommy walks over to taste the forbidden fruits of Josh's body.  He starts to tongue Josh's hairless hole, making Josh moan.  Tommy eventually pulls the apple out from Josh's mouth and proceeds to passionately kiss him.  Josh is eager to please his master, so he starts to lick all over Tommy's neck and face.  Tommy then feeds his cock to his slave boy, pumping in and out of his mouth. Josh also receives some well deserved oral attention from his master.  The boys then fuck on the dining room table.  Josh is fucked from behind, playing with his cock to keep it hard.  After that, Josh is fucked on his back with his legs held up in the air.  It doesn't take long for Josh to spurt out a load all over his chest, Tommy adds to the mess, shooting onto Josh's chest.

Scene three: Justin Taylor and Luke Riley

In a stark white room, the blond Luke Riley is bound by red tape and propped up against the wall.  A hunky brunette (Justin) walks up to Justin, carrying a large bulbous sphere of a sex toy.  Justin runs the ball down Luke's back and then lightly slaps Luke's ass with the toy.  Justin then grinds his mostly nude body against Luke's backside and then begins to erotically kiss him.  However, Luke's mouth is taped up, so he can't kiss back; he can only savor the muted sensations of Justin kissing him on the red tape.  Eventually Luke's mouth guard comes off so he can at least moan and beg a little.  Justin then proceeds to suck on Luke's cock, teasing the head.  He also lets his submissive pig suck and lick the red ball as well.  Suddenly, Justin tears off Luke's arm restraints, turns him around and begins to fuck him.  Luke takes all of Justin's cock effortlessly; both from behind and on the floor.  When Justin begins to power-fuck Luke's hole, it doesn't take long for Luke to shoot out some cum unto his own chest.  Finally, Justin spurts off his load thanks to Luke's tender hand.

Scene four: Johnny Hazzard and Josh West

Johnny (heavily tattooed brunette with a young boy face) is tied up and left alone in daddy's basement.  Daddy Josh comes home, walks into the basement and then proceeds to fiddle with some sharp tools (hoping to scare Johnny).  Josh then pulls Johnny towards him and begins to French kiss him and suck on his tongue.  When he eventually unties Johnny, he tells him to "take care of daddy." Propped up on the tool counter, Johnny licks Josh's cock through his sweaty and stained jockstrap.  He sucks on the balls that emerge, savoring their manly flavor and admiring all of the straggly ball hairs.  Johnny then licks on Josh's cock through the jockstrap until he ultimately pulls out that monster and starts to suck on it for real.  Josh enjoys the oral attention, especially when he pushes Johnny's head down on his shaft.  Josh also attempts to stretch Johnny's mouth wide open by sticking his fingers into Johnny's mouth while he continues to suck cock. 

Josh then bends over so that Johnny can tongue his hairy hole.  His slave boy licks his hole clean.  After that, Johnny is fucked from behind.  Josh takes great pleasure with making his bitch moan, thanks to his powerful thrusting.  Johnny then sits on top of Josh's big dick in a straddle position.  In this position, Josh can erotically watch Johnny as he moves his body up and down on his big shaft.  Johnny really does a great job here, moving up and down the shaft without the slightest indication of pain.  Finally, the guys stroke their cocks next to each other while they passionately kiss.  Johnny shoots his load first and Josh quickly follows.

The DVD:


Presented in non-anamorphic widescreen, the image is pretty good.  Colors were bright and the image was sharp.  The third scene, shot in bright light, lacks the sharpness of the other segments but this was due to the artistic choice to bathe the scene in a bright light. 


The sound was good.  The dialogue doesn't suffer from distortions like echoes or audible hiss.  Overall this was a good sound mix.


Extras include animated menus, scene selection, popshot on demand, a brief behind-the-scenes interview with Benjamin Bradley and a safe sex announcement.

Final thoughts:

I liked Seize Your Bottom for it's "lite domination" approach that will appeal to a greater audience, rather than often icky hardcore domination DVD's.  The actors in the film were cute and the action (especially the smoking hot first scene) was consistently good.   Therefore, Seize Your Bottom is a great way to acquaint yourself with the submissive/domination scene.  Highly Recommended!  

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