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Cum In The Bathroom

Studio: Pure Play Media » Review by The Horny Housewife » Review Date: 3/31/09

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Title: Private Specials # 15 - Cum In The Bathroom
Studio: Private
Category: Euro filth
Director: JF Romagnoli
Starring: Natalli DiAngelo, Cherry Jul, Kamil Klein, Simonne Style, Senator John McCain, Renata Black, Lulu Martinez, Dona Bell, Alex, Ricardo Bell, Keni Styles, Mark Zicha, Viktor Solo
Release Date: Feb 16, 2009
Running time: 2 hours
Condoms: None

Scene #1: Cherry Jul

Cherry Jul is the first young lady to grace the flick. The young Euro blond also happens to be the the boxcover girl and my god is this young gal sexy. Cherry needs to take a leak and she finds the nearest rest bathroom she can find. Once inside the filthy outhouse Cherry gets into her stall and at this point I begin thinking to myself "my god how did this young beautiful girl land up doing this for a living?" She takes a piss and then penises start popping in at her from the stall wall cut glory holes. Cherry sucks these dicks off and this is one filthy FILTHY whore to just suck off random cocks in a public restroom. The girl goes from sucking the dicks to fucking like 4- 5 dudes on the bathroom floor and the fucking is just plain nasty because I am positive no one washed the floor before these people began to fuck on it and you an I both know how dirty these public places can be. Cherry gets fucked in every position and I just hope no one in her family ever comes across this because I have a sneaky suspicion they wouldn't be to happy. The scene was heart wrenching and I got wet, not by choice though. I will pray for Cherry to get her sex addiction cured because you know you got things bad when you go into a rest stop bathroom to relieve yourself and land up in a gang bang.

Scene #2: Donna Bell

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Donna is so cute its unbelievable. The girl is one sexy ass  beast and I mean that in the best way possible not like in a Bigfoot or Chupacabra sense. She is the girl I pretend I look like when I pretend I am better looking than I actually am. The scene starts off with Donna in the restroom pissing and is this a new fad I am unaware of? Is pissing now sexy? Can I piss and have someone film this and make money? If so please let me know how I can get started. I been pissing for free my entire life and no to think I have been basically flushing cold hard cash money, jewels, cars, houses, and millions of fans down the toilet is disheartening.   

Scene #3: Natalli DiAngelo & Renata Black

Natalli and Renata are on their way to a killer party. The two chicks are extremely excited and so excited that in fact they got all dolled up hours before the party got going.. I HATE WHEN THAT HAPPENS!!! GRRRR. Anyhow the two girls are checking themselves out in their bathroom mirror when they notice that their male roomie is taking a shower. The girls decide in order to pass the time they might as well get their pre party fuck on. The thing I don't get though is these two just spend hours getting their makeup all done right, if they are anything like me spent at least 45 minutes trying to get just the right clothing for the party and now they are gonna fuck all this up by stripping down in a filthy bathroom and getting all sweaty and cum drenched? Anyways the two girls must not be too smart cause they do it anyways and now when they show up to their party later I am positive they will not be as fresh looking as they had been prior to getting it on. The thing that threw me for a major loop was they guy landed up getting strap on fucked by the girls... now I don't know about you but for me I need warning that this is about to go down. You cant stroll into a scene with that kind of activity with no warning. It really throws you an unexpected curve and actually left me re evaluating my life and what the hell am I doing watching this stuff. Not only did i not get wet by seeing that but I actually think I dried up more than I ever had been in my life to this point. Guys taking a strap on to your butt hole is not something us ladies find sexy.

Scene #4: Simmone Style

Simmone is in need of a pair of plumbers ( yeah great innovation when it came to a porn plot huh private). Anyways the girl needs some plumbers to fix her fucked up bathroom sink drain.  A couple of  plumbers show up and these guys suck. They don't fix her drain all they do is fuck her. What kind of shit is that? If I call a plumber to come over to fix my plugged up this or leaky that I want the problem resolved not some stunt cock plugged in my holes in all kinds of various positions. I think someone needs to call these guys boss and report them because this is totally unacceptable! I bet the union would love to hear about these two clowns. 

Scene #5: Lulu Martinez

Lulu is a looker no doubt about it. She has an extremely fit and sexy frame that just begs for attention and trust me she gets all the attention she could ever want. Like all the other scenes in the flick Lulu opens up in the Bathroom letting loose of her 32 ounce big gulp of Euro tasty beverage she drank earlier in the day when she gets company. Now I am bit perplexed as to something and it completely takes my full attention off the scene. Private labeled this a triple X feature and while Lulu is fucking I don't know if I consider this full triple X. She is just taking on one guy after all and to be perfectly honest with you this is not triple X fucking. This is single X tops and if you don't believe me let me explain. Lulu is going at it with one guy and yes they are  fucking and yes it looks good but what if Lulu had like 10 partners. Now both would be considered XXX but the 10 dude gang bang with cocks galore, cum flying, midgets running across the screen, and James Deen staring your ass to death is a higher level of X than the one solo stunt cock performance.  Private along with the porno community need to reevaluate the x rating system because to be honest I felt the need to see the sexy Lulu in a XXX performance and I got swindled into watching a single X.


Extras here were decent I suppose. I mean if you are not expecting a lot you will be thrilled. If your expecting a shit load of bonus material sorry dude your outta luck so just jack off with whats provided and move on this isn't rocket science bubba. What is here is some interviews with the bathroom bitches of the flick as well as a bonus bathroom sexcapade with  Kamil Klein with that scene ending with the girl licking cum off a urinal.... EWWWWWW. To wrap the extras you got 5 private trailers.

Audio / Video:

You see pictures on your television and you hear sound coming from those moving pictures.. what else do you need? Ohh sorry Mr. Critical porn viewer man I for got your a connoisseur  of filth and only watch porn that is up to the highest technical values of sight and sound. Well my critical eye is blurry after watching this on my 13 inch TV screen in my parents basement and my ears are waxier than Zack Efron's so move on nothing to gather here.

Final Thoughts:

The bathroom... a place that usually stinks and is not the ideal place to get into the mood. Private decided that in order to make filth that blew our minds and lined their already fat wallets that the  fucking in the bathroom genre needed to be explored a bit further.  Well done Private you have succeeded because all these bathroom hijinks got me excited and with the quality of the Euro bitches shown here I cant wait to take my thoughts of what I just witnessed here on DVD and go masturbate on my toilet seat. Bravo private you continue to deliver porno that gets fans excited about masturbating. I recommend fans check this out and I also recommend you have a great APRIL FOOLS!  


Jen "The Horny Housewife"



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