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Studio: Hot House » Review by Guybrush » Review Date: 4/1/09

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Date of Production: 2008

Length: 93 minutes

Director: Steven Scarborough

Cast: Ethan Wolfe, Johnny Gunn, Alex Collack, Ross Hurston, Ty Lebeouf, Kai Ford, Nick Moretti, Ethan Grant, and Slade

Body Types: naturally hairy guys, daddies, young guys

Condoms: yes

Things to see: armpit licking, jockstrap play, threesomes, cum feeding, "milk" mustaches

Plot: no plot

The Movie:

Many porn aficionados have come to expect adult titles to have some sort of cohesive story-line, unless the cover identifies itself as a compilation.  Of course pornos with story-lines are often just an excuse for the director to shoot a scene at an available location (someone's backyard in Palm Springs) or use up the leftover gladiator costumes from another movie.  The plot, costumes, and "acting" are mostly afterthoughts for what we really came to watch; people having sex.  Masterpieceavoids story cliches, intricate sets (though they are unique), and drama class caliber acting for the sake of simply presenting some erotically staged sex scenes.   The film showcases four scenes with a variety of various types of men: one daddy-on daddy scene, two younger guy segments, and one threesome with a mixture of young and old.  While all of the scenes are well shot and pretty good, the threesome segment is a superb example of a smutty good time.  In this scene, two daddies fuck and suck on a younger guy until he shoots his load.  However, the scene continues with the daddies both having their holes worked over as well.  The threesome culminates in one of the hottest cumshot facials I have observed in a long time.  Nick Moretti, the recipient of the guys' cum, looks just as amazed, which ultimately helps him to get off quickly. 

Overall, Masterpiece is a fine "piece" of entertainment.  There is a little bit of something for everyone in this film.

Scene one: Johnny Gunn and Alex Collack

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Two shirtless daddies make out while wearing only jeans.  Johnny is a dark brunette with facial stubble, tattoos, and a long dick.  Alex is an attractive redhead with nice muscle definition and some interesting tattoos.  Johnny licks all over Alex's chest and nipples before his tongue heads down to Alex's uncut dick.  Alex then points his ass up and spreads his cheeks so that Johnny can rim his hole.  Johnny really burrows his face deep into Alex's ass.   After the rimming, Alex begins to suck on Johnny's pistol, tugging on his balls and trying his best to shove the whole thing down his gullet. 

On his back, Alex props his legs up in the air for some hole stretching.  Johnny then fucks that elastic hole, occasionally pulling out to tease him.  The guys fuck forcefully, though Alex seems to have little problem with taking all of Johnny's manhood.  When the guys form a straddle position, Alex's uncut hard cock bounces up and down while he rides away.  The guys then shift to a doggy style screw where Johnny fucks Alex hard.  Johnny barely pulls out in time because his cock begins to explode with white gold all over Alex's back.  Alex then strokes off his cock, grunting like the little sex pig he is.

Scene two: Kai Ford and Slade

Kai and Slade are two young and hung brunette lads with a penchant for wearing black jockstraps.  The guys kiss and lick each other on some sort of platform.  Slade then drifts south (passing by Kai's interesting leg tattoo) so that he can personally inspect Kai's cock.  Slade licks all over that red pecker, savoring his huge urethra (always a huge turn on for me).  Kai then returns the oral favors before the duo engage in a wet 69 session.  While Kai sucks away, Slade begins to rim Kai's tasty looking hairless hole.  After that, Kai props his legs up in the air so that Slade can fuck that tight, young hole.  Slade fucks Kai fast and furious, though Kai seems to enjoy it.  Kai then moves on top for a straddle fuck.  Slade continues to fuck Kai really hard, which only serves to make it that much more difficult for Kai to hold back cumming.  Slade then completes the scene by shooting off his mushroomed head dick onto his own chest. 

Scene three Ross Hurston, Nick Moretti, and Ethan Grant

Two hairy muscle daddies (Ross and Nick) kiss each other, wearing only their jockstraps.  Beneath them, a young brunette (Ethan) touches their cocks and eventually starts to suck on them.  Meanwhile, the daddies flex for each other, lick each others armpits and continue to passionately kiss each other.   Ross and Nick then start to kiss Ethan before Nick begins to suck on Ethan's plump pecker.  Ross fingers Ethan's hole and sticks his fingers in, only to let Nick taste his ass-probing fingers.  Ross then starts to rim Ethan's hole, while Nick has his dick sucked on more.  Watching the action, though, makes Nick head down to Ethan's ass so that he can rim that tight hole as well.  Both daddies take turns rimming Ethan's hole, savoring the flavors of his mangina. 

The daddies then proceed to tag team Ethan, with Nick fucking him and Ross getting blown.   Ethan is then fucked on his back with his legs held up.  While Nick fucks Ethan, Ross notices that there is a big gob of precum that has seeped out from Ethan's cock.  He promptly gobbles it up and shares some of the man juice with Nick.  Soon, Ethan announces that he's going to cum, which he does in an impressive hands-free cumshot.  Ross then scoops up Ethan's jizz and feeds it to him.  Ross then gets his turn with fucking Ethan's well used hole.  He fucks him swiftly from behind, while Ethan sucks on Nick.   After that, the guys switch so that Nick gets to fuck Ross.  The guys switch yet again so that Nick is screwed by Ross, in a straddle position.  Nick then climbs off of Ross's dick and lowers his body so that the guys will give him a cum facial.   Ethan cums first, giving Nick a massive, wet, "milk" mustache.  Ross follows suit by squirting his load onto Nick's cheek.  Nick then proceeds to jack, with the coagulated and runny cum still all over his face.  He releases his load onto the ground.  Ross and Ethan then kiss Nick and lick up a bit of the cum pile, perhaps attempting to help with clean-up.

Scene four: Ethan Wolfe and Ty Lebeouf

Bald and hunky Ty Lebeouf erotically gyrates his body close to Ethan Wolfe (cover model, and hot as hell!).  Ethan touches himself through his white underwear before he pulls out his big "masterpiece."  Ethan then proceeds to kiss and suck on Ty's hefty cock, as well as lick out his pink hole.  After that, Ty gets to suck on Ethan's big cock (lucky bitch!), taking almost all of the shaft into his mouth.  Ethan face fucks poor Ty, so he needs to occasionally take a breather from that big throat cleaner.  Ethan then fucks Ty from behind and on his side.  Ty doesn't remain fully hard, though I can't say that I blame him, given the size of the cock inside his ass.  The scene then shifts to Ty receiving some more oral attention.  Surprisingly, Ethan is then fucked in a hot straddle position.  Here, Ethan's hard, floppy cock looks irresistible while it bounces around.  Finally, both guys release their loads down onto the ground.

The DVD:


Presented in fullscreen, the image was quite beautiful.  Colors were bright and rich and detail levels were high. 


Sound levels were good as well.  Music plays throughout the feature, though all of the manly grunts and moans can be heard without a hitch. 


Several (skippable) trailers start before the feature.  Once you get to the main menu, you can peruse scene selection and a cum or fuck compilation from the film. 

Final thoughts:

Masterpiece features a nice variety of different types of men, both young and old (not too old of course).  The action is solid throughout, though the Ross Huston/Nick Moretti/Ethan Grant threesome is easily this film's best scene.  If you like jockstrap play, daddies, guys with tattoos, or ridiculously hot threesomes, then Masterpiece might just be the film for you.  Recommended!

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