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Str8 Off The Base 5

Studio: Channel 1 Releasing » Review by Guybrush » Review Date: 4/3/09

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Date of Production: 2008

Length: 114 minutes

Director: Dirk Yates

Cast: Sean Summers, Jodi Johnson, Rusty, Cameron Taylor, Mason Ross, Bailey, Josh, Mike, Ross, Cadence Allen, Big Russ, James Lexington, Kraven Mycock, Andy, Jake, Carson, and Jason

Body Types: military dudes, lots of tattoos, furry pubes

Condoms: yes

Things to see: orgies

Plot: no plot

The Movie:

Though it can be quite erotic to watch straight guys have sex with each other, the use of these straighties can be problematic.  Despite the obvious fact that they are straight, and often need straight porn playing in the background, straight dudes rarely show the same enthusiasm as gay performers.  It's as if they feel uncomfortable showing that they enjoy the pleasures of another man.  As a result, they often look nervous, and rarely do they say much of anything, other than a few grunts.  Str8 Off the Base 5has several of these quiet, slightly nervous straight types.  However, the director pairs these nervous nellies with straight guys who have overcome their hangups with gay sex.  The result is a film that is chock-full of authentic straight guys participating in orgies and one-on-one sex.  These authentic military dudes might not show much emotion, but perhaps that's just part of their appeal; we wouldn't want to date them, just have sex with them.

Scene one: Cameron Taylor, Sean Summers, Mason Ross, Jodi Johnson, and Rusty 

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Cameron is an attractive military dude with a shaved head, a smooth chest, and a nice hairy hole.  Sean, a tattooed brunette with a skinny body frame, quickly starts to suck on Cameron's dick.  The duo is eventually joined by Mason, a skinny blond dude.  Mason sucks on Cameron's cock, while Cameron touches Sean's cock.  Cameron continues to play with Sean's dick until he inhales the schlong as if he was famished with lust.  Jodi, a brunette with some tattoos, then joins the boys and starts to suck on Cameron (everyone wants his cock!).  Finally, Rusty (handsome tall brunette with a swimmers build) enters the fray.

The guys continue to suck and lick all over each other until it's time for the fucking to begin.  Mason and Jodi serve as the "official bottoms" for this group of guys.  These two guys are fucked on opposite sides of the bed, so they can both watch the other get screwed.  During the fucking, Rusty takes great delight with holding the guys' ass cheeks open for the dudes doing the fucking.  Thanks to the passionate group sex, it doesn't take long for the boys to start squirting out their cum.  Most of the cum lands onto Jodi and Mason's back.  The spent military boys then rub Jodi and Mason's shoulders while the jack off.  Both Mason and Jodi then scoop up some of their own cum and taste it. 

Scene two: Josh and Bailey

Josh is ayoung guy with a surprising amount of tattoos for his age.  He strokes on his limp cock, nervous about the dude-on-dude action that's about to occur.  Bailey (tan with a buzz cut) walks in and sits next to Josh, though the guys keep a "safety space" from each other.  The guys then proceed to stroke their cocks next to each other, generally avoiding eye contact.  They eventually move closer to each other, thanks to the director coaxing them.  Josh and Bailey then reach over to touch each other's dick.  Amazingly, Josh progresses to sucking on Bailey's cock, though he still looks like a straight boy sucking dick for the first time.  Josh then starts to finger Bailey's hole to get it ready for penetratin'.  Without much warning, Josh shoves his cock into Bailey's hole and begins to pump away.  The guys form a few different positions until they form a nice straddle fuck for Bailey to show off his hard dick.  While being screwed, Bailey busts his load onto the bed sheets.  Josh then concludes the scene by jacking off to some straight porn. 

Scene three: Mike and Ross

Mike is a tan and skinny brunette, while Ross is a blond with a mostly smooth body.  The guys reach into their pants to get things "up to par."  The guys then start to explore each other's cocks with their hands.  Soon, Mike removes all of his clothing and stands naked above Ross.  Ross immediately starts to suck on Mike, savoring his shaft.  Mike then rims out Ross's tight young hole, leading to intense moans from Ross.  Mike also has his hole rimmed before Ross slips his cock deep into Mike's ass.  Mike is fucked from behind and with his legs held up in the air.  The boys then progress to a straddle position, where Mike tosses out a load onto Ross's chest.  After that, Ross is fucked with his legs propped up.  In a particularly hot moment, Ross says "oh fuck you are gonna make me cum."  Ross oozes out a tasty load while Mike pumps his hole. 

Scene four: Cadence Allen and several military brats

Cadence is an attractive blond dude from the Air Force.  Wearing his Air Force fatigues (and looking rather handsome) he tells the director that he has a fantasy that he wants to be fulfilled on camera; a military gangbang.  While Cadence sits on a red couch, a naked brunette enters the room and sits close to Cadence.  Cadence immediately goes to town with sucking on the mystery guy's beautiful and huge pecker.  The guys are interrupted when another naked guy enters the room, sits down, and allows Cadence to get him hard.  What proceeds to transpire is the ultimate gay fantasy where guy after guy enters the room, allowing Cadence to suck on their dicks.  While Cadence uses his oral skills, the guys stand around, stroking their cocks and watching some straight porn.  Cadence does an admirable job with sucking on the guys, and all of the military boys clearly enjoy the attention.

Of course this wouldn't be a gangbang without some fucking!  Cadence removes his pants (yet still wears his Air Force shirt), and rests his body on the coffee table.  Each of the guys then gets a chance to fuck Cadence in the ass.  While he is being fucked on his back, some of the guys head over to have their balls licked, their hairy asses rimmed, or to receive some additional oral action.  Though the first few guys are mostly gentle with Cadence, some of the latter recruits take devilish pleasure with pounding Cadence's sore hole.  Two guys in particular fuck poor Cadence so hard that he has to hold onto the table so that he won't fall off. 

During the fucking, some of the guys start to release their loads.  Eventually several of the guys dirty up Cadence's shirt, though most of the guys seek to dirty up Cadence's pretty face with their cum.  In the end, Cadence looks exhausted, sweaty and sticky from all of the jizz and man sweat that he is covered with.

The DVD:


Presented in fullscreen, the image is sharp and bright.  Though the colors of flesh tones appear to be accurate, the film's general color scheme is rather drab, resulting in an image that never really "pops" like some other DVDs.  Regardless, all of the action can be clearly seen without a hitch.


Sound levels are good.  You can hear the action clearly, but one of the scenes suffered from some audible hiss, possibly due to an air conditioner.  This is a minor qualm though.


Extras include scene selection, pop-shot on demand, and a safe sex announcement.

Final thoughts:

Str8 Off the Base 5 offers a pretty good selection of straight military dudes getting off with each other.  The film's two orgy scenes are much better than the two couples scenes.  The final orgy scene, in particular, is a spectacular spunk fest that you probably return to time and again.  Therefore, this film easily comes with a recommended rating.

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