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Studio: Digital Sin » Review by Harry Johnson » Review Date: 4/8/09

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genre: Compilation, Asian

Director: Varied by scene

Cast: Kitty, Loni, Lucy Lee, Lily Thai, Evelyn Lin, Miko Sinz, Taya Talise, Charlene Akira, Lana Croft, Jessica Bangkok, Bella Ling, and Lana Violet.

Length: 4 hr 31 min

Production Date: 01/22/2003


Pick your pleasure, a photo gallery, and trailers are all you're going to find here for bonus features.


With a mishmash of scenes spanning all the way back to 2003 Asian-Stravaganza!'s picture quality is all over the map. Presented with a 1.33:1 aspect ratio there are non-anamorphic widescreen scenes peppered in between the full frame ones. Some of these scenes are very clean and sharp while others are soft, grainy, and plagued with interlacing. The sound quality is equally all over the place with some scenes that are decent and others that are pitchy, muted, and muffled. I suppose it's par for the course with compilations, but just once it would be nice to have such a release with high quality across the board. .

Body of Review:

It's Stravaganza time again! Digital Sin's popular compilation line is back with a new installment. This time around Asians are the focal point and if you're a lover of all things from the Far East you'll definitely want to check out this release. Some of the top Asian performers in the industry have a scene on this DVD, and Digital Sin went through to pick some real winners. Unfortunately as is the case with many other Stravaganza titles, the content is about 50/50 with regards to quality.

Scene 1:

The lovely Lily Thai gets Asian-Stravaganza! started with a scene from China Syndrome with Claudio Meloni. The scene starts out a little cheesy, but thankfully the god awful plot goes away as the clothes do. Lily has a fantastic body and she displays her sun-drenched curves on a sandy volleyball court. Soon enough she's sucking on Claudio's cock and deep-throating him all the way to the balls. After some nice oral and foreplay Claudio gets onto his back and Lily hops on board for a rigorous fuck. Man I love this chick. The fucking continues for quite some time after that. Claudio and Lily have a great amount of chemistry and the action is pretty intense all the way through this scene. They bounce through a myriad of positions and stop every once in a while to provide some oral and handy services to each other. At one point while banging in the sand they get it all over themselves and the camera, which prompts them to find some water to get a little bit of a wash. It's hot all the way through and was a fantastic way to get this Stravaganza going.

Scene 2:

Mark Ashley and Miko Sinz appear in a bit from What an Ass #3. This scene was really good, as is most any scene with Mark. He really seems to know how to bring the best out in a girl, and man does he give Miko a run for her money. The sex starts out slow and steady after a nice little tease and some foreplay at the beginning, but then the sex really takes off. Miko and Mark put on a fantastic show and they keep the energy level extremely high all the way through. I enjoyed this scene the most at the beginning when Miko was on her back, but she did a great job while on top as well. This was yet another solid pick for this release. Kudos to whoever made this selection.

Scene 3:

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I Know You're Watching #2 presents a scene with Chris Charming and Lucy Lee. Her scene starts out with a nice little tease for the camera and when Chris walks into the picture she dishes out a fantastic looking blowjob. After a few minutes she gets onto her back and Chris starts pounding away at her pussy. The camera manages to get in nice and close to the point you can see beads of moisture all around her pussy while she's getting fucked. In all honesty Lucy is quite wet throughout this scene and the camera captures just about every detail. It's also nice to note that since she seems so adept at sucking cock she stops to do so in between every position change. She gets a nice taste of her own juices throughout the scene, and because this is from the I Know You're Watching series, she talks dirty to the camera as well. Another nice pick!

Scene 4:

Trade School Sluts offers up a scene with Bella Ling and Anthony Rosano. This one starts out with an interview bit where Bella talks about what she likes and even dances with her dog at one point. After a while the scene really begins and Anthony arrives at her door looking for some loving. The sex gets under way almost immediately, though I will say that these guys don't have quite the same amount of chemistry as the three scenes before it. The sex feels a tad drier and there's not much of a connection between the performers. There are still some fine moments, but all around I felt that Bella and Anthony didn't put on as high a quality show as the rest of this release did.

Scene 5:

Evelyn Lin and Lee Stone appear in a scene from Craving Big Cocks #11. This one starts out with some cheesy music playing in the background as Evelyn strips and starts to finger herself. There's very little tease here as Lee appears almost immediately and gets to work eating her pussy while preparing her for a fuck. Unfortunately, like the previous scene, this one just wasn't that good. Sure Evelyn looked great, and the sex had a lot of energy to it, but it was kind of all one-sided. Lee takes charge from the very beginning by basically pinning Evelyn to the bed, bending her like a pretzel, and railing away like you wouldn't believe. Evelyn is a trooper and she puts up with the abuse to the end, but Lee is simply way too hard with her and it shows by the expression on her face.

Scene 6:

Anthony Rosano comes back but this time he's fucking Lana Violet (lucky stiff). This scene comes from Keepin' it Fresh #2 and starts out like many others do with Lana stripping to some tacky music only to have Anthony magically appear ready for sex. Frankly, if I saw Lana stripping I'd be ready for action as well. There's quite a lot of foreplay at the beginning of this one and it's pretty good. After a few minutes of playing with each other like that, Lana bends over and Anthony fucks her from behind. The sex is pretty hard right from the get-go and it's freaking amazing. These two go at each other like a pair of horny monkeys and the sex is pretty energetic all around. Then again, Lana's always good so I suppose that should come as no surprise.

Scene 7:

The second disc gets underway with a scene from Young as they Cum #12 with Loni and Mark Ashley. I don't believe I have ever seen Loni before, but holy damn is she hot! After a brief, silly plot involving the girl's parents, Loni gets Mark onto the scene and their chemistry is felt right from the start. Mark does his usual shtick, but Loni keeps right on up with him and gives as much as she gets. The scene is that much hotter because of it and all around the sex here was very good. This definitely made me a Loni fan and I must see more of her!

Scene 8:

Craving Big Cocks #14 lends a scene with Taya Talise and Michael Stefano. This scene was unfortunately one of the weaker ones on this release. It's shot artistically with a far-too soft filter with faded colors and a seemingly slower framerate. Taya and Michael are good performers in their own right, but this scene was boring from start to finish. No amount of pounding, toy play, or nice positions could save the otherwise dryly presented sex. If you're checking out this release just skip this one and move on to the next.

Scene 9:

And why should you move on to this scene? Well, it's Lana Croft and Ramon from Packin' Meat #2. Like most Ramon scenes this one starts with Lana marveling at the size of his cock and attempting to suck on it. She receives no oral in return, but does hop on top to bounce on his giant dick for a while. The expression on her face says that she's not entirely enjoying Ramon's member, but she toughs it through and puts on a very, very good show after she gets used to it. The scene gets even hotter when she gets onto her knees and Ramon goes balls deep into her pussy. From there the scene gets better still when she's on her back with Ramon going balls deep AND she's playfully finger her ass.

Scene 10:

Charlene Akira and Erik Everhard appear in a scene from Stuffin' Young Muffins #7. After the weak tease and iffy start to this scene I was kind of wondering if the rest of it would fizzle out. Thankfully that didn't happen! Erik and Charlene gets some hard, hot fucking here. There are several points during the sex where the camera gets into some nice positions such as when Charlene is on top and when she's on her back taking Erik all the way to the balls. The scene more or less plays it safe, but these performers do their best to get nasty here and the sex is better because of it.

Scene 11:

Jessica Bangkok takes on Mark Ashley in a scene from Lewd Oil. Jessica wastes absolutely no time getting to her pussy and she starts fingering herself rigorously after barely a minute. Some mystery goop is drizzled onto her by someone off camera and soon enough Mark appears and continues the fingering of her pussy. Buckets of ooze continue to be dumped onto Jessica and eventually onto Mark's cock as she gives him a slimy handjob. Some really sloppy, slappy, slick sex follows shortly with Jessica on top. As they slam into each other puddles of slop fly everywhere as more oil is poured onto the performers. As intense as the action was and as nice and wet as everything looked, I found myself turning the volume down as low as possible due to Jessica's performance. She borderline ruins the scene with all of her fake wailing, panting, and "oh my gods".

Scene 12:

Lee Stone is back for another scene on this release and this one is with Kitty from Naughty College School Girls #29. This scene is one of the weaker points of Asian-Stravaganza! and it's definitely not Kitty's finest piece of work either. She and Lee have some awkward sex, the film work is rather poor, and all around the scene stands out as one of the worst on this release. It's a shame really. I've seen some nice stuff from Kitty in the past, but this just wasn't an example of that.


Asian-Stravaganza! has some extremely hot scenes which carry the release. Unfortunately mixed in between all of those are an equal amount of disappointments. I suppose this is the price you pay when you go for a compilation since the material is coming from so many different sources. Despite that fact, if you like Asians you'll definitely want to give this one a whirl. The scenes that are hot more than make up for the not-so-hot ones.

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