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Pretty Pussies Please 5

Studio: Third Degree Films » Review by Harry Johnson » Review Date: 4/10/09

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genre: Gonzo

Director: Danny Case

Cast: Tori Black, Ann Marie Rios, Shawna Lenee, Tanya James, Mina Leigh.

Length: 2 hr 33 min

Production Date: 10/13/2008

Condoms: Nope


A 19 minute behind the scenes featurette is included with candid interviews on set and some bits in between photo shoots. There is also a cumshot recap and some trailers for other 3rd Degree titles. 


Pretty Pussies Please #5 is presented in anamorphic widescreen and looks pretty darned good. The picture quality is sharp with a nice resolution, crisp clean details, and very little grain or compression. The girls all look great and aside from some oddly contrasted moments the video all around is pretty darned good looking. The sound is decent as well with some fine balancing and no moments that sound muted or suffers from distortion. This is a strongly presented release that will look and sound good on any set. 


Pretty Pussies Please #5 is an incredible release. Quite honestly, I haven't seen any of the other installments of the series so I can't speak to whether or not this one is better or worse than those. I can, however, tell you that this show had some of the best sex I've seen on film in quite some time. Shawna, Tori, Mina, and Tanya all do an incredible job here and Danny Case did an awesome job directing them. From camera work to the individual performances, Pretty Pussies Please #5 stands out in a big way.

Scene 1:

The incredible looking Shawna Lenee gets Pretty Pussies Please #5 started off in the right direction. Right from the beginning Shawna electrifies the scene as it begins with her, topless, and stroking her pussy. She pants and moans and talks dirty to the camera. My god is it sexy! After the brief tease Shawna sucks on the camera mans dick like you wouldn't believe. This is one of the better POV blowjobs I have seen in a while, and she really earns her paycheck. From there the scene transitions to the next phase where her partner is working over her pussy and prepping her for a fucking. There's a nice amount of foreplay, but the sex is the main reason you're here. Thankfully it lives up to the quality standard set by the beginning of this scene.

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Shawna begins on top with a reverse cowgirl and the sex is hard, fast, and complete with balls slapping against her clit. She repeatedly cums and breaks into shaking fits during the fucking here. This continues as she remains on top, on her side, and on her stomach. The entire way through this scene she continually plays with her clit or cums just through sex. I've seen Shawna in action before, but this is probably her best scene, ever. I applaud her effort and must admit that this was one of the greatest scenes I have watched in a very long time.

Scene 2:

After Shawna's scene, I honestly didn't know what to expect from the rest of this release. I was exhausted, but soldiered on because Tori Black was up next, and I must admit that she's become one of my favorites. Her scene begins like Shawna's with a brief, nude tease complete with commentary from the camera guy. After a while she declares that it's time we watch her suck some dick. Rather than suck off the guy holding the camera she meets up with someone already sitting down ready for a blowjob. She services him nice and slow, but doesn't last as long as Shawna did before she starts teasing him with her pussy.

The sex here starts out with Tori on top riding reverse cowgirl. Unlike the previous scene, Tori does most all of the world here and fucks her man really hard. She slams down on his cock repeatedly for several minutes and continues to do so even when she rotates to face the other direction. The rest of this scene is equally intense and both performers really have a nice connection throughout the sex. Here's plenty to love about the action here and right up to the end it was a fantastic scene. Tori even gobbles up almost every drop of cum at the finish.

Scene 3:

Like the scenes before it, Mina's scene starts out with her diddling herself before the camera and interacting with the guy behind it. She gets in nice and deep with her fingers and puts on a really good show for the camera. After a while she even breaks out a big clear dildo and fucks herself with it. When she's finished getting herself off, she walks into another room where her man is already waiting for a blowjob. The oral play goes on for a while with some deep throating as you'd expect, and when the sex starts she begins on top like the other girls as well. The sex here is equally as intense and is jam-packed with energy. She even cums a couple of times and her whole body convulses with a big orgasm.

As the sex goes on the scene eventually transitions to Mina slowly getting a cock in her ass. She goes on about how good it feels and the scene builds in speed as she gets used to his dick being in. The anal sex here is pretty good and Mina puts on a convincing performance which really makes you think she's enjoying it as much as she seems to be. The anal continues to the end of the scene, which ends with Mina getting a mouthful of cum, but she spits it all out unlike the other girls.

Scene 4:

Ann Marie's scene starts out in a coolly lit room with her going to town with a vibrator. She's talking nasty to the camera and playing away. At one point she even cums and as the camera pans down to look at her bush she grabs it and brings it right back up to her face to we can see her reaction. It was an unexpected move on her part and it was pretty hot. Otherwise her tease seems kind of forced in a way, and that feeling continues as the scene transitions to her with a cock in her hands. She works a little too hard to put a show on for the camera and it just comes across as cheesy, and totally unnatural. I say that, but at one point as she's slobbing on the guys knob she leaves a trail of spit between her lips and the tip of his cock. She puckers her mouth and sucks every drop of spit up so it doesn't drip. It was like a porn version of Lady and the Tramp, but with a glob of spit instead of pasta. Sadly that was probably only good moment of her scene, because her constant prattle and over performance is so distracting that it ruined the otherwise fine sex. It's a shame really. Ann Marie is hot and all, but she really hammed it up to the point that it detracted from whatever positives there were.

Scene 5:

Can Tanya James get this release back on track? Thankfully she brings the show back down to earth with an incredibly slow and sexy tease, complete with pussy rubbing and dirty talk. The scene transitions to Tanya with a cock in her mouth and she does an admirable job deep throating for much of this part. After some time the sex gets underway and it's pretty energetic. Tanya seems to really enjoy the ride and she forms a nice connection with her partner. This scene wasn't quite as good as the ones with Shawna, Tori, and Mina, but it was leaps and bounds better than what Ann Marie had to offer.


Pretty Pussies Please #5 is a fantastic effort all around. This release contains some of the hottest girls and some of the hottest sex put to video in quite some time. Four out of five of the scenes here put other releases to shame and there were many moments where I was blown away. Shawna, Tori, Mina, and Tanya all churn out some amazing performances and kudos go to Danny Case for bringing these moments out of them. If you're looking for a great release with an amazing cast you should definitely give this on a whirl. It's top notch stuff from start to finish.

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