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Breakin' 'Em In #12

Studio: Vouyer Media » Review by The Horny Housewife » Review Date: 4/19/09

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Title: Breakin Em In # 12
Studio: Vouyer Media
Category: Newbies, Shot in HD
Director: Vince Vouyer
Starring: Tanner Mays, Kiera King, Jayden Williams, Felicia Fallon, Sierra Sanchez, Jack Napier
Release Date: Mar 04, 2009
Running time: 3:01
Condoms: None

Scene #1: Jayden Williams

Greek Italian 18 year old Jayden Willians is up first and we get introduced to this newbie as she shoots the shit and gets introduced to us by Vince Vouyer. The gal looks banging with her thin little 5'6" frame and short black hair and fierce waist side gun tat that I really dig.. Jayden  to be perfectly honest looks a bit toasted and just rolls with whatever Vince brings up so when he says she's about to perform a double penetration for the first time shes like fine. After Vince interviews Jayden and hires her for the shoot we are transported onto the set and we get a bit more conversation between Jayden and Vince. The actual scene gets flowing with Jayden getting thrown into the mix with 2 creepy as fuck dudes but hey that makes the sex that much dirtier. Jayden sucks on both guys dick and I love this gal she is just got that certain something that works for me. After sucking off the stunt cocks  and taking two loads to the mouth the girl moves onto her next assignment.

Jayden finds her way into another room where she finds herself with 2 less creepy dudes than she started out. Don't get me wrong these two are no gems either but.. forget it lets move on.  Jayden finds her self on a sofa where both guys go to work on this little tramp. The guys undress Jayden and get to violating her mouth and pussy with their cocks. While one pumps her cunt from behind the other fills her mouth with his pecker. The guys switch up on the gal and eventually Jayden gets her anus stuffed in missionary, spooning and then reverse cowgirl and the sex is fucking hot. While in reverse cowgirl both guys park their junk inside of Jaydens holes and they give Miss Williams her first ever DP which she really loves. The guys move from double stuffing Jayden in reverse cowgirl to cowgirl and eventually one dude pumps her asshole full of cum and the other plasters her face.

Scene #2: Felicia Fallon

Its 9 A.M in the morning and 25 year old Felicia Fallon is in Vouyer's office talking about performing filthy as fuck acts at a time regular people like me are still in bed dreaming of kittens and lollipops.  In order to validate the Breakin Em in theme Vince goes through with Felicia about what she hasn't done before on film and they come up with a black man and what other black man would suffice but Vouyer Media's own Jack Napier.

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We next see Felicia getting dolled up in the makeup chair and the girl looks much better with makeup than without but hey who doesn't right? Jack shows up and he gets to know his fuck doll for the day and I swear this guy has got to thank his lucky stars everyday he is alive. After Felicia and Jack get to know each other for a bit Jack slips out his super sized cock and Felicia gets onto her knees where she attempts to suck him off but really doesn't take much.  After sucking or rather trying to suck cock Felicia sits back into her makeup chair spreads her legs and Jack comes in and stuffs the platinum blonds cute bald pussy. The two fuck in the makeup room in missionary and doggy positions before heading out to the studio where they find a mattress on the floor and continue to fuck in doggy style. Jack is one smooth motherfucker as the guy doesn't even remove his gas station 4.99 cent shades while fucking, now that's pimp... YEAH JACK! Jack pumps Felicia's twat in Doggy and spooning and I love looking at this girl get plowed. Jack lands up pumping his nut into Felicia Fallon's mouth and she swallows.

Scene #3: Kiera King

Young and fresh looking 22 year old Kiera King is up next and German porn stud or dud Sacha brings her over to Vince's pad. Sacha has a lot to say but his lisp is hard as fuck to interpret so all I can understand is the word "creampie" thrown in the mix.  Kiera says she hasn't let a guy shoot his manhood inside of her sexy pussy so the scene is set and Kiera is about to get Broken In. After when seems like an eternity of chit chat and worthless gum flapping the sex gets flowing with Kiera getting undressed by Sacha. The girl does look banging and so fresh and cute that its hard to believe she is doing this. After getting naked Keira gets on her knees and sucks on Sacha's cock and it is easy to tell this girl worships dick. After sucking some penis Kiera lays on her back where she gets her pussy fingered for a bit before getting Sacha's cock buried inside of her. After getting fucked in missionary the couple move into reverse cowgirl and then cowgirl and both look good.  Eventually the couple get into some great looking doggy where we get some nice closeups of Kiera's bald pussy getting ravaged. The two eventually find their way back into missionary and once again the sex looks banging! While getting fucked in missionary Kiera begs for Sasha's nut and he give it to her. After unloading inside of her Sacha pulls some cum with his finger and feeds it to Miss King.

Scene #4: Sierra Sanchez

North Carolina gal Sierra Sanchez is in Vince's Office and we find out that this chick has been in the biz for about a week and god damn I can tell this chick is one nasty and down for whatever whore. We find out that Sierra is 22 and a complete flirt. Although she has the attitude for porn I cant say she has the look that really does much for me. While not the best looking chick on the flick she has a nice personality and en escort in real life to boot so I can roll with it cause shes a dirty bird and i love dirty birds. Vince is like a woman and just loves to talk so we have yet another long conversation with the girl but eventually the show gets on the road and Sierra is set to fuck Jack. After getting on set we once again get another lifetime of banter from the actors as Jack gets to know his girl for the day. Sierra is eventually introduced to Jack's  monster meat and the girl is impressed big time. Sierra is like wow this shit is not only gonna break me in its gonna break me and it just might. After getting over her initial shock Sierra sucks on the dick for a bit but eventually cant resist to get it inside of her. Sierra gets pumped full of Jack in missionary, doggy,  and reverse cowgirl and although this chick may look a tad innocent she is 10000% freak. Jack eventually fucks Sierra in Missionary until he is ready to cum and he unloads his army all over her face.

Scene #5: Tanner Mays

Cover gal Tanner Mays is  the last girl in the flick and heartbreak opens the scene as Tanner fills Vince in on her dog. Turns out Tanner just lost her puppy the day before showing up to hear Vince video pitch and the sadness and anguish is quite visible in the young whores pretty face. She better loose that quick though because porn is supposed to be fun times and smiles, not sad puppy dog loss sadness.  I was quite offended to have this even present to be honest with you, what kinda editor does Vouyer Media employ anyways? This is hardcore fucking cum drenching porn not some Saturday afternoon lifetime original.  Vince could give a fuck about the lost dog though and only cares about checking out Tanners body and seeing if he can talk her into blow banging a bunch of dudes for the first time ever. This chick is super easy to get to do shit as she agrees to Vince's request within like 2 seconds and she will show up within days to this done! 10 Bucks says Vince himself was behind the Dog loss and he knew Tanner would  be game for about anything after her pet was missing and her soul got a bit sadder / darker.Jackpot!

Looking much less distressed Tanner is in the makeup room a few days later looking smoking fucking hot. This young thing is one amazing creature as she calls herself a whore and a cock junkie and gotta love a cutie who calls it like it is.  Tanner heads out onto the set and gets on her knees and gets to sucking off five of the ugliest dudes you will ever see. Not much to report here other than Tanner is a girl who has most definitely has checked out on us as she moves from one guy to another sucking them off. The blow bang goes on for quite a bit. Before Tanner is dismissed for the day the guys gets a go round with her tight teen pussy and GOD DAMM THIS SHIT IS HOT! The guys take turns pumping the teen in Doggy, Missionary, and Reverse cowgirl.   Eventually Tanner takes on  and swallows 6 loads ( one guy comes twice). Gotta love the wrap to this flick. P.S. I hope you found your dog Tanner. Take some of the porn cash you earned and find that dog.


Included here is a 27 minute "Cutting Room Floor" which is just some Behind the Scenes outtakes of the chicks in a more relaxed informal setting. Trust me when I say you gotta see the outtakes with Tanner it will make you feel better about your dysfunctional family when you hear here about Tanners cousins showing her 82 year old grandma her porn. All around the outtakes were fucking boss.

Kiera King - Bonus

Also included is an 8 minute Kiera King Bonus core scene where she jerks Vince's cock off to a belly cum shot.

Finally Some Hardcore Pics, 3 Trailers, and  Web Access tab were added.

Audio / Video:

Breakin Em in #12 was encoded using an MPEG-2 format which ran at around 3 Mbps in a 16 x 9 Wide Screen format. The video for this release was actually very good and all colors and skin tones came across very well on my LCD TV and using the upscaling capabilities of my PS3 the video looked near HD quality. The video quality did match with the hot girls and great sex so you will hear no complaints from me is this area.  The audio which was Dolby Digital 2.0 @ 192kbps was more than acceptable as I had no issues as the sounds came across very well on my limited audio set up.

Final Thoughts:

Breakin Em in #12 from Vouyer Media was a hardcore fuck fest which delivered from start to end. Vince takes his well loved series to another level here with the addition of teen beauty Tanner Mays. I really enjoyed what the girls brought to the table with this release and really believe that this is one of the best series in porn hands down. Breakin Em In 12 is a winner and I highly recommend you check this flick out.


Jen "The Horny Housewife"



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