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Bangin' Average Joe

Studio: Cezar Capone » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 4/22/09

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McKenzee Miles

Bangin' Average Joe (AKA: McKenzee Miles Bangs Average Joe)

Cezar Capone.com

Genre: Pro-Am, Web to DVD

McKenzee Miles

Director: Cezar "Cock Diesel" Capone (box cover, listening to the dialogue); Cock Diesel & Emily Rigby (ending credits)

Cast: McKenzee Miles, Joey Ray, JT Money, Jim McCock, Chase "Corey" Stevens, Ronnie

Length: 103:06 minutes

McKenzee Miles and Jim

Date of Production: 7/2/2008

Extras: There were no extras at all.

Condoms: None

McKenzee Miles

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Audio/Video Quality: Bangin' Average Joe was presented in the web-standard 1.33:1 ratio full frame color as shot by director Cezar "Cock Diesel" Capone for Cezar Capone.com, using the MPEG-2 codec and 480p resolution. Originally shot for the internet, the camera work was what most folks who have watched the director for years have come to expect, some minor lighting flaws, fluidity issues with movement, and grain, compared to his newest stuff I've reviewed. In terms of capturing the raw energy of his performers, the episodic nature of the scenes was amusing (to say the least) but the equipment used was either low resolution or set to master the footage that way, resulting in a look that was close to home movies, albeit newer ones from decent photographers. The minimal video noise and occasional compression artifacts were not as problematic as they could have been but make no mistake about it that the show was built around the seductive allure of McKenzee Miles more than anything else. The audio was presented in a 2.0 Dolby Digital encoded English with a 48 kHz sampling rate and 192 Kbps bitrate, the video bitrate pretty high at 6.9 Mbps when I spot checked it. The audio was nothing special and the cast was not always easy to hear, the mike on the camera apparently used to capture the aural experience.

McKenzee Miles (during a lighter moment)

Body of Review: Cezar "Cock Diesel" Capone is one of a handful of men that have revolutionized porn away from big companies using a select number of popular ladies to a "taking it to the streets" kind of dynamic, the man prowling the streets of Miami in search of attractive women to record having sex on camera. The benefit of this approach is easy to determine; newer women that aren't shot a million times, a sense of energy from the gals, and even a sense that the viewer could be just as lucky with the ladies, so it makes sense that everyone and their brother copied the format endlessly. Well, in a new take on an old approach, Cezar now brings us Bangin' Average Joe where a variety of mopes off the street can fuck a half decent porn chick for money (and infamy), the lady of the volume being lean McKenzee Miles. I know a variety of other companies try a similar approach and even in the 80's when video was replacing film, the idea was tried and tested at great length so why not try an updated version courtesy of Cezar? My only initial complaint (outside the lack of extras and minimal running time) was that the first two scenes were not with amateur men at all but with frequently used Joey "Leopard Man" Ray, and JT Money, neither particularly well versed in the studly arts but both being paid professionals. The back cover said it like this: "You asked for it, here it is ! Real guys just like you fucking porn stars ! We found 'em on the street, we found 'em on the internet, they signed the releases and got to fuck the girl! Bangin Average Joe could be your brother, nephew, uncle or even you!!! A regular guy is hard to find, Mckenzee Miles finds a regular guy hard!" Here's a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Scene One: McKenzee Miles, the attractive blond featured on the front cover, was up first with heavily tattooed Joey Ray. She teased on a black leather couch to reveal her perfectly shaved snatch, sweet asshole, and all natural tits, only her black stockings and stripper shoes left on while she waited on the aging mope to pollinate her flower. He sucked her tits while she jerked him off, the lizard kissing leading to some serious deep throat action on her part. She was then a largely active vaginal ride, pumping away on his rod with some taste testing to boot. He even took some time to go down on her in the middle of the scene but the energy levels she inspired were pretty solid overall (and even the lack of chemistry not a bother). There were some times when McKenzee made faces showing her impatience with something or other and the pool filter (or vacuum cleaner?) needed to be turned off but the modest wad of genetic juice launched at her crotch was not a bad ending, despite the total dismissal of the premise that she was "bangin' average joes".

Scene Two: McKenzee Miles, having played on the swings to reveal her love of public flashing, was up next as she took on JT Money as part of a birthday present. Okay, JT is a well known regular in Cezar's movies so I started deducting points based on the lack of truth in advertising by this point. I'm happy she likes giving away great presents to birthday friends (BTW, my birthday is coming up, honest!) but the low rent couch fuck and suck she engaged in here, while again showing her oral and active riding skills, were not what I signed on to review. She took the stream of population pudding to her face well enough and both of them managed to prove they were well equipped to handle each other but I wanted more dag nab it!

Scene Three: McKenzee Miles, after displaying her flexibility, ran down the street in goofy fashion in the next scene, messing with "innocent bystanders" that spoke little English, the downfall being the "reveal" where Cezar points out she can't have sex with anyone not tested. Forgetting that aspect for the moment, she continued prowling the streets until she stumbled across a loser calling himself Jim McCock, selling his initial role as the recipient of a handjob to all inclusive blowjob and vaginal sex. His small cock aside, he was a prematurely bald dude (maybe a skinhead) that liked her gentle touch stroking his cock. Her lips were even more suitable sucking him off and he pushed her away when he nearly busted a nut, the sloppy hummer resulting in a single, very quick position that milked him dry onto her face. Cezar laughed his ass off and the guy looked really embarrassed.

Scene Four: McKenzee Miles, on a swing set in the backyeard, was up next on an overcast day, her wet, red dress tossed aside for her to play naked. That led to her seeking relief from the World Wide Web via Craigslist. The guy she got was Chase "Corey" Stevens, the average Joe of the title compared to the others. They were on a beige couch and he pawed her a bit, her neon blue panties quickly removed with her red dress to provide him greater access. She then slobbed his knob aggressively but he had a serious case of stage fright, losing his boner until an edit showed him banging away at her in furious action. The technical issues were plenty but it was frustrating seeing how poorly he handled his golden opportunity, the ending bit of semen on her face at the end not making the scene any better (it sucked, and in a bad way at that).

Scene Five: McKenzee Miles, this time in bed with another Craigslist conquest named Ronnie, dispensed with the public nudity angle to get down to business. Ronnie was a small guy but he knew what was expected of him (Cezar reminding him repeatedly), some hand to gland contact by him rubbing her clitoris leading to a couple of vaginal positions and a mouthful of spew. This was a realistic scene of a generic guy nailing the chick, lasting about as long as expected too.

Summary: Bangin' Average Joe by director Cezar "Cock Diesel" Capone failed in providing all new "average Joes" to fuck the porn performer known as McKenzee Miles in the very first two scenes with a third doing a horrible job but there was some Pro-Am action worthy of the lady, enough to merit a rating of Rent It from me. The technical values and strokability might have been better and the amount of fuck for the buck suffered substantially given the running time but the gal is a bundle of raw energy and I enjoyed her part in the movie. In short, Bangin' Average Joe was not exactly what was advertised nor was it the best showcase for the lovely McKenzee Miles but if the concept were polished up, it could be a lot of fun to check out in the future so give it a look.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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