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Twinks Finally 18

Studio: Other » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 4/23/09

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Production Date: October 2008

Directed By: Peter Z. Pan

The Movie:

On their 18th birthdays, a series of cute twinks are visited by a celebratory crew (including the lovely Misty Eyez) and are presented with hot dudes to pop their cherries.


Randy Phoenix, Sean Preston, Justin Taylor, Giovanni Summers, Steve Miller, Ethan Connor, Manny Emmanuel, and Roland Haye.

Runtime N Rubbers: 1 Hour and 49 minutes. Yes.

Giovanni Summers

Scene One:

 Super cute Giovanni Summers (short dark hair, toned/smooth body) is presented with his "gift" Steve Miller (good-looking with longish brown hair, toned/smooth body). Steve takes immediate control dominating the shy birthday boy by slinging him down on the sofa. The dudes get into some passionate deep tongue kissing 'n body rubbing leading Giovanni to yanks the dude's blue jeans 'n boxer briefs down revealing full brown pubes, plump balls, and a big meaty cut cock. Giovanni is soon chowing down on that throbbing monster giving some very good head while sliding his mouth 'n fist up 'n down to give Steve complete oral satisfaction. Steve digs the blowjob and guides Giovanni's head up 'n down to fuck his face. The cock-sucking camera shots are mouth-watering.

Steve fucks Giovanni fast, smooth, 'n hard from behind on a sofa making Giovanni make all sorts of sexy noises and he actually cries out with mixed pleasure 'n pain. Steve really gives it to him showing absolutely no mercy pounding that tight shaved bunghole. There are some hot penetration shots from behind of that big dick being crammed in 'n out. Switching to the missionary position, Steve continues to bang his birthday bud with additional penetration shots while Giovanni jacks his hard clipped prick. Giovanni gets so worked up that he plays a wild game of the ol' sink/bounce and totally gets into rockin' 'n rollin' while Steve quickly humps upward to fuck that chute quick 'n lubed Both dudes are very into one another and this is some intense man-sex. Giovanni squirts a large wet load that splatters on his stomach and chest. Steve beat off shooting a large thick load on Giovanni's face 'n neck. Whew!

Randy Phoenix

Scene Two:

A big Happy Birthday shout-out to cute Randy Phoenix (cover dude with long brown hair, and a tall/slender/smooth body). His B-Day surprise is a wild sexual romp with Roland Haye (cute with very short brown hair, li'l goatee, toned/lightly hairy body). The guys get right down to action and definitely look to be enjoying each other's "company" with lots of deep wet tongue kissing, dry humping, and basket weaving.....er rubbing. Roland kisses/licks his way down Randy's heavily breathing body and yanks those blue jeans 'n plaid boxers off revealing shortly trimmed pubes and a tasty cut cock. He gives an excellent blowjob sliding his mouth up 'n down the shaft and gives his new pal a groovy time.

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Horny as heck, Randy rips Roland's Bermuda shorts down showing off shortly trimmed pubes, huge mouth-watering nuts, and a chubby clipped tool. He works it, baby! Randy is hungry for birthday cock and crams it down his gullet like it's the only one he'll ever have. The dudes move into a side missionary position and practically gorge on those delicious tallywackers. Roland crams his fat dick up Randy's tight hairy bunghole from behind using nice 'n slow strokes and making Randy loudly cry out, whimper, and make all kinds of exotic sounds of sexual hunger finally being fulfilled.

Roland picks up the speed and begins fucking fast 'n smooth with plenty of hot penetration shots from behind. Wow! Randy is really into it and does not let up on the loud 'n lusty noises coming from the inner depths of his carnal desires. Switching to the missionary position, Roland continues to bang the heck outta the birthday boy leading Randy to play a half-crazed game of the ol' sink/bounce wildly riding that throbbing prick while pulling his hard pork. There are some tasty penetration shots in both of the latter positions. Releasing a high-pitched yelp, Randy shoots a thick load of jizz on his thigh. Not to be outdone, Roland beats off and dumps thick spooge on Randy's face 'n tongue.

Sean Preston


Scene Three:

Manny Emmanuelle (good-looking with black hair, toned/smooth body) and Sean Preston (cute with short brown hair, tall/slender/smooth body) hop into an inviting hot tub for some fun 'n frolic. Sean sits on the edge showing off his shortly-trimmed pubes and large clipped wang. Manny immediately gets down on that dong stroking the thick shaft and taking as much as he can down his windpipe giving some pretty good head. There are some nice camera shots from above of Manny sucking that dick and making steamy eye contact with Sean. T

The guys take a quick break for some deep soul kissing the tongue dueling before Manny eats Sean's tight shaved hole. There are absolutely no good camera shots of the rimming as it's filmed from the side. Sean fucks Manny doggy-style fast, smooth, 'n hard in the Jacuzzi and there are no penetration shots provided. Luckily, the viewer will get some okay penetration shots while Manny plays sink/bounce on that rigid pole and we finally get a halfway decent look at his black pubes and tasty uncut dick.

Sean then pounds Manny from behind and yet again, no penetration shots. In the end, Sean squirts a large load that flies through the air hitting Manny's neck 'n chest. At last the viewer will finally get a close-up of Manny's delicious unclipped meat as he beats off and dumps a small load on his stomach. Frankly, this is a sub-par scene. There is absolutely no sexual chemistry between the guys, Sean looks to be on auto-drive showing no emotion 'n simply going through the motions, and hunky little Manny is not used to his full potential. With the lack of penetration shots, no decent rimming shots, bad sound, and one dude (Sean) looking like he'd rather be someone else, this scene is really lacking.

Scene Four:

Randy Phoenix (scene two) is still all hot 'n bothered even after he sucked a hard cock and had it crammed up his asshole. He yanks off his shorts revealing dark pubes 'n his plump clipped dick and relaxed outdoors on an orange lounge chair next to a swimming pool. Randy spreads his legs so that we get a good look at his big plump balls and then gets down to some good old-fashioned self-pleasure by sliding his lubed right fist up 'n down his throbbing meat while playing with his tight shaved bunghole and giving it a good finger banging. Randy produces a long black double-headed dildo and gives it a little head before sliding it up his hungry chute giving himself a good reaming. Dude is totally into self-love filling the air with heavy breathing, moans, and whimpers until he busts a thick nut on his fist. Oh yeah, the sorely underused Manny Emanuel (scene three) spies on Randy the entire time but doesn't even take his cock out.

Justin Taylor

Scene Five:

Ethan Connor (androgynous with long brown hair, slender/smooth body) gets a fun present on his birthday in the form of the very hot Justin Taylor (very cute with short dark hair, toned/compact/smooth body). Justin knows just how to celebrate with some deep tongue kissing 'n body rubbing on the kitchen counter. As if by magic, the dudes a suddenly totally naked leading Ethan to chow down on Justin's big cut dick jacking the shaft, nursing the knob, and giving some good head. Justin lays back in the missionary position with legs in the air and allows Ethan to munch down on his tight hairy butt hole. At first, there are some nice rimming shots and then the viewer will be treated to some excellent close-ups of that wet tongue licking the pink pouting pucker.

Justin slides into Ethan's tight shaved bunghole from behind and fucks him doggy-style fast 'n smooth like a bunny with plenty of penetration shots from behind of that throbbing dick sliding in 'n outta that snug twink cute. The dudes switch to the missionary position where Justin keeps banging quick 'n lubed while Ethan jacks his clipped prick and fills the kitchen with excite moans. The guys even play some of the ol' sink/bounce where Justin grabs onto Ethan and quickly humps up 'n down fucking fast 'n hard. Justin chows down on Ethan dick leading Ethan to cum in his mouth. It looks kind of fake to me since Ethan's prick is limp. Justin beats his meat and squirts a large wet load on Ethan's face.


The movie is shot directly on high-quality video and presented in wide screen with an aspect ratio of 16:9. The picture quality is sharp 'n clean.


The stereo sound is clear (except in scene three) allowing the viewer to easily hear these horny twinks as they get it on with plenty of heavy breathing, moaning, and in some cases, whimpering and crying out. The bluesy rock 'n roll soundtrack is cool and a nice change from the usual gay bar techno in most movies.


The disc includes an interactive menu, scene selection, chapter stops, a ten minute outtakes featurette of behind-the-scenes, and an eight minute silent photo gallery.


It's been a while since I've reviewed a movie by Ft. Lauderdale's Peter Z. Pan. He usually writes 'n directs campy porn take-offs of popular pop culture. This time, he still has all the fun with the Birthday Celebration Crew while the premise is more simple and to the point. The twinks are all very cute, give energetic performances, and look to really be into the action (except for Sean Preston). My only problems with the movie are in scene three and I already mentioned them in that section. Otherwise, the scenes contain strong direction, videography, and editing. I'm lowering my score due to scene three and will go for a Recommended for fans of cute twinks.

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