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Porn Reviews » Sex Toy Reviews » Bree Olson's Kitten With A Whip Set

Bree Olson's Kitten With A Whip Set

Studio: Adam & Eve » Review by Beautiful Dreamer » Review Date: 4/30/09

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

Like a lot of other sex toy's out there, I'm sure Bree Olson (or her team, or whoever she has licensed to use her name) started out with good intentions when they created the Bree Olson's Kitten With a Whip Set. A cute beginners BDSM set, designed to be a little girly (lilac, swirled, and lacey), and a little rough (have you noticed the fact it's a whip?).  Naughty & nice, right?

First up, the blindfold. Everyone needs one of these- whether they use it for sex or not. It makes sleeping in the most bizarre places manageable. I like the fact this mask has two straps on the back, so it's less likely to slip during sex (or sleep). The material is obviously synthetic, but it's very malleable and should sit well on my face. The lilac color isn't bad, but the faux lace, the pattern on the material, and the little lace up thing in the middle all scream tacky.

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I won't be able to see it if I wear it, so I throw it on and attempt to give it the first bed test- sleeping in my car on my lunch break. Five minutes into my nap and I throw this thing off in disgust. They forgot people have noses and the blindfold is a perfect oval so it lifts up off the skin on the bottom letting in a ton of light. If you were using this for blindfolding purposes during sex, it'd be a complete waste.

Next up, the whip. Same tacky design on the handle. The handle is firm though, I'm guessing there is plastic underneath it. And there's a convenient wrist strap which is nice as I've accidentally thrown a whip across the room. The pieces are approximately 15" long- something a little intimidating- especially for my partner who's never used a whip before. As what seems to be a set aimed at beginners, this would have been more successful if these were in the 8-10" range in my opinion. The tendrils are obviously synthetic, stiff, and don't move well.

As for the bed test, for me to get the whip moving in a fluid motion, I have to use quite a bit of force. While I'm all for a little pain in the bedroom, the force required of the fluid motions would have certainly left welts, probably bloody ones, so we skip this. It's fun to lightly whack him with it from time to time, but it just feels so cheap and tacky that I don't feel very dominant and toss the whip to the side in favor of my hand slapping him across the face.

Somewhere in the mix of creating this set, everything went wrong. The materials are cheap so the girly pieces come off as tacky. Because the materials are cheap, neither the blindfold or the whip are pieces I'd use- in spite of their tackiness. This set is neither naughty or nice despite their attempts to make it that way. I'm saying skip it.

Beautiful Dreamer

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