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Expose Me Now

Studio: VCX » Review by The Mooninite » Review Date: 5/3/09

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

The Movie:

Awww..... classic smut. You've gotta love it. Back when porno movies had a 'plot' and weren't afraid to cast decidedly unsexy people in lead roles, often times basing their casting choices on ability and enthusiasm more than looks. Enter exhibit A, Expose Me Now, a film directed by Joe Sherman in 1983 for Metro, now on DVD to live again thanks to the efforts of VCX and Calvsita.

The movie starts Herschel Savage and Ron Jeremy as Shane and Abel respectively, a pair of twin brothers who run into trouble when a rich uncle dies and leaves everything to Shane, with Abel left completely empty handed. In order to get his full inheritance, however, Shane has to follow a set of rules laid out by the dead uncle in his will - he has to dress up like a boy scout and wander around town helping anyone he can from 6am until 9am with a patch on his chest that says 6-9 (Get it? Clever!). Surprisingly enough, the good natured Shane is completely okay with this idea while his bitter and cranky brother thinks the whole premise is ridiculous, setting out to screw things up for his brother at every possible turn.

The set up, of course, leads to a fair bit of sexual mischief. As Abel dreams of getting his revenge on Shane, he fantasizes about fucking Shane's fiancÚ, played by K. C. Valentine, just before she's to be married. Valentine, looking lovely in a bridal dress, spreads her legs for Ron who eats her out and then fucks her missionary style on the bed before getting her down on all fours and then jackhammering her until he's ready to pull out and pop a wad on her perky tits. Later, when Shane heads out on the town to help people out, Abel decides to try and sell his home. He gets a female friend of his, played by Lynx Canon, to pretend she's a real estate agent in a sailor suit (???) to seduce the potential buyers played by Don Fernando and Paul Thomas. She strips for them and diddles herself a little bit on the bed while they watch before taking down their pants and gobbling cock. She spreads and Don eats her out and then they guys take turns fucking her until it's time for some good old fashioned double penetration with Don in her snatch and Paul up her ass.

Abel, still bound and determined to get his brother back, sends his personal assistant, played by Danielle, to seduce another man but she screws up and winds up getting into the sack with Richard Pacheco playing a Mexican migrant worker. Amazed by his horrible accent, as you will be too, she brings him into the house and reads to him while he goes down on her. She rides him reverse cowgirl style before getting down on all fours to take it from behind and then rolling onto her back for some missionary style action. He pulls out and pops onto her belly, after which we see Shane helping a blind person across the street.

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Danielle heads back to the office, her mission accomplished (or so she thinks), where she meets up with Ron. She smacks him with a ruler and makes him go down on her, and he willingly obliges her, eating her pussy and then her ass while they get it on beside a Commodore P.E.T. computer with 'C.L.I.T' written on it. Brooke Bennett walks in on them and Danielle spanks her ass with the ruler while Ron looks bored. Brooke undresses and so does Ron, who eats her out on the couch while Danielle fingers herself. Ron fucks Brooke's pussy and then puts it between her tits until he finishes.

Meanwhile, Shane decides to get a piece of tail for himself. He wanders out into the nearby woods and comes across Angel Burgeon. He tells her he's a 'do-gooder' and she asks him for help with some ropes she's trying to knot. She winds up tying him to a concrete post and giving him head, before stripping and bending over so that he can fuck her from behind. They find a sleeping back and fuck spoon style on the ground and he blows his load all over her pussy.

Abel, still intent on ruining things for his brother, decides to try and make him late for his mandatory do-gooder hours. The joke's on Abel, however, because Shane manages to hook up with Danielle who treats him to a nice blowjob before rolling on her side for some dick. She rides him reverse cowgirl style and then gets back on her side for some spoon fucking, after which he blows his load across her twat. From here, we catch Brooke, on a mission from Abel, back at the mansion again trying to sell it. She winds up finding a very horny Dana Moore there who she promptly goes down on. Dana returns the favor by fucking Brooke's pussy with a big cucumber she finds on the counter. Their tryst is cut short when Shane walks in on them.

Eventually, Abel and his assistant, Danielle, are told by the omnipresent C.L.I.T. computer that they're a perfect match for each other and that they should get married. Cut to a boat where the two are embracing each other lovingly. Ron fucks her missionary style and then she gives him head while a horny sailor watches through some binoculars. Ron bends her over and fucks her doggy style and then gets her on her back for one last poke before shooting onto her tits, which leads up to a revelation of sorts for Ron's character proving alls well that ends well.

All in all, this one's got a lot of fun, goofy charm. The sex is hot enough to matter, even if the guys all look a little worse for wear, and the all natural female cast definitely heat up the screen more than you might expect when taking into account the movie's rather horrible plot. The cinematography and production values are all better than average, setting the sex scenes in some appropriately interesting locations and shooting them with plenty of style while simultaneously leaving nothing to the imagination. I don't know that anyone would consider Expose Me Now essential early eighties material, but it's fun and it's sexy and it's plenty entertaining.



This fullframe transfer, which appears to present the film in its original aspect ratio, looks okay for an old XXX film from 1983, particularly when you consider that it was shot on video. The unfortunate decision to add a 'Copyright VCX 2008' bug in the bottom of the image during a few key scenes is also a strike against the disc, as it is a little annoying when it continues to pop up (it rears its ugly head at least three times), but other than that, the interlaced transfer is acceptable even if colors are a bit faded and the darker scenes lose a fair bit of fine detail. Expect a bit of softness, which makes sense considering the source, but those accustomed to how old 'shot on video' pornos look should have no problem with the presentation here.


The Dolby Digital Mono soundtrack, dubbed into English, is a little muffled and not of the best quality, but again, it's taken from an older source so the limitations of the era's technology are going to be there when that's the case. Dialogue is pretty easy to understand, however, and the background music comes through reasonably clear. There aren't a lot of sound effects used in the film, mostly just some random moaning and groaning during the action scenes and these are handled just fine, as are the talkier bits of the movie.


Aside from some tacky animated menus, VCX has included three bonus scenes, the first of which is from Eruption and features John Holmes getting a blowjob. A giant 'ERUPTION' logo appears on the bottom of the screen for the duration, which is really annoying. The second scene is from Perfect Partners, an eighties era shot on video movie. This scene features Amber Lynn and Joey Silvera who go at it in the bedroom for a bit until she sucks him to a finish. The next bonus scene is from Too Hot To Touch (12:13) and it features Jamie Gillis fucking a cute blonde ski bunny in his office, pulling out just in time to blow a load on her face. The final bonus scene is from Suzie Superstar and it stars Shauna Grant and Ron Jeremy. Shauna takes off her top and drops to her knees to give Ron head. She sucks him off for a while and he strokes off onto her ample and lovely cleavage.

Rounding out the extras are trailers are a picture of the original box art, a slideshow featuring some production stills and glamour shots of the cast in action, and trailers for Eruption, Extreme Facials, Suzie Superstar and Expose Me Now as well as some animated menus, scene selection and a web-link.

Final Thoughts:

Expose Me Now is a fun, comedic porno with a plot that receives a decent enough release that, while it leaves room for improvement, looks and sounds okay and holds up well a quarter century after it was made. Recommended.

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