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Darkko's Dirtiest Sluts

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 5/11/09

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Darkko's Dirtiest Sluts: Special Set

Evil Angel/Darkko Productions

Genre: Compilation

Director: Jonni Darkko

Cast: Jayna Oso, Mark Ashley, Tia Tanaka, Mark Wood, Lauren Phoenix, Rebeca Linares, Eva Angelina, Chris Charming, Voodoo, John Espizido, Jack Venice, Phat Zane, Gianna Michaels, Jamie Elle, Lucy Thai, Jenna Haze, Jamie Huxley, Alektra Blue, Lindsay Meadows, Rachel Roxx, Maya Hills, Tory Lane

Length: 343:06 minutes (167:02 + 176:04)

Date of Production: 3/5/2009

Extras: The only extras this time were some trailers, a cumshot recap, a photogallery, and limited text filmographies on Disc #2, with a cast list on both discs.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Darkko's Dirtiest Sluts was presented in a standard full frame 1.33:1 ratio color as shot by director Jonni Darkko for Evil Angel in 480p resolution using the SD MPEG-2 codec. The bitrate hovered on the middle end of the scale much of the time, typically in the 3.1 Mbps range though jumping around a fair bit too; going higher as often as not. The lighting was often flat and solid, reducing the amount of grain, video noise, and other flaws directly related to the technical aspect. The fleshtones were good with the crisp look of clarity I like when Jonni is attentive with his work. The composition was almost always favorable to the ladies and the editing seemed to enhance the look of the show more than a little bit, thanks to the extensive efforts of Eddie Powell who also made the cool DVD menus stand out with his skilful touch. In general, this was another very visually appealing piece of work though thanks to the efforts of the production staff as well as the cast, the ladies still looking really sexy thanks in small part to the manner in which they were captured by the director and his crew. The audio was provided in a 2.0 Dolby Digital English track (at a 192 Kbps with a 48 kHz sampling rate) was decent but the music was again thumping thankfully truncated at the right moment after the tease to allow the vocals to get the spotlight during the scenes.

Body of Review: Jonni Darkko is the talented director and disc jockey that provides his peers with a different take on porn, using his aural abilities to make his visual accomplishments even better. His latest release is a compilation of fourteen scenes called Darkko's Dirtiest Sluts: Special Set, the two disc offering indeed providing some of the sexiest, most hardcore hotties the guy has ever shot for his past flicks. I'd have changed a number of scenes myself but this was certainly a bonanza of booty worth exploring, particularly if you have not seen the scenes in the past as they were originally released. Here's a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Scene One: Asian Fucking Nation: Jayna Oso, Mark Ashley: Jayna is a sexy, slender babe with small breasts. She opens with a tease and has a nice bit showing off her hot box. Afterwards she joins up with Mark Ashley for some sex. They begin with a blow job. Jayna goes for his dick and puts her heart and soul into the act. The sex that follows continues the heated action with Jayna looking great as Mark worked her hard. There's some great anal action. The scene ends with a nice facial. (review by Rob Rand

Scene Two: Asian Fucking Nation: Tia Tanaka, Mark Wood: Tia is the lovely girl found on the DVD cover. She is young beauty. Sadly this scene begins without a tease. Instead we find her with Mark Wood. They engage in light foreplay, which has several good shots of Tia's sexy body. Next they jump right into sex. Mark fucks her and Tia looked sweet as ever. After a bit they break for an oral interlude. The oral only portion is hot! Tia looks great getting her face stuffed. The scene finishes off with more sex and a couple brief blow jobs. The scene ends with a goopy facial. (review by Rob Randell)

Scene Three: Angels of Debauchery: Lauren Phoenix, Mark Ashley: The movie opens with Lauren Phoenix, who teases the camera with her ass for a few minutes and works a flesh-colored butt plug in and out of her ass. She's joined by Mark Ashley, who continues the butt plug play, and then moves on to penetration with his own cock. There's plenty of anal here, and Mark climaxes with a pop-shot into Lauren's mouth. Before the scene ends, however, the two head into a shower for a little wet and wild fun prior to the segment's fade-out. (review by Brian Nicholson)

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Scene Four: Bet Your Ass 5: Rebeca Linares, Mark Ashley: Rebeca Linares, the hotty on the front cover that pretty much everyone seems to love these days, was up next as she made the tease her own in her leopard print lingerie. Her display of urgency throughout the scene, from the tease to the oral to the hardcore anal with Mark Ashley, was top notch and I can see why she ended up getting plastered on the cover of the DVD case. Passion, youthful exuberance, and energy have been her calling cards for a long time now so it was no surprise that Mark found her irresistible as he prepared her by sucking her perfect pucker before some vaginal and toy work to prepare her ass for his driven style. She did a lot of ATM and enjoyed getting ravaged by his large cock anally even though I thought she was at her best inhaling his meatpipe from time to time in the scene. It wasn't her best work of late but anything she has been in has been good or better so I wasn't surprised at how well she swallowed his load of genetic juice either.

Scene Five: E For Eva: Eva Angelina, Chris Charming, Voodoo, John Espizido, Jack Venice, Phat Zane: Eva Angelina, in a sexy black bikini, was up next in a gangbang setting where she took on Voodoo, Chris Charming, Jane Venice, Phat Zane, and John "total new dude" Espizedo, in the living room. She crawled from cock to cock as a warm up before they all surrounded her; Eva slobbing knob like a champion no matter who her lips were wrapped around. The men took turns getting blown and fucking her pussy after that; Eva signaling her approval vocally as well as meeting them thrust for thrust. The sex then included anal, mostly in the form of a DP (double penetration) where she continued to allow them to hit the right spot but she did admittedly slow down as a result of being made "airtight". The energetic action showed her levels of passion nicely and ended with the men busting loads all over her face until she looked like a glazed donut. Yum!

Scene Six: G For Gianna: Gianna Michaels, Mark Ashley: Gianna, wearing a very short blue dress in the shower, gyrated and moved about as the water poured over her frame. This was appealing enough when she was joined by Mark Ashley who switched the fluid of choice to milk. I'm not sure what the specific appeal of milk is (it gets used a lot more of late in porn) but she seemed to enjoy it and was soon slobbing his knob as the shower returned to prominence. He stuck his face in her ass crack as the vocals took over (thankfully), and the two started vaginally boning after that. She was best when riding on top of him, allowing her to more actively appreciate all he had and for her titties to bounce around unrestricted, but he never let up either. They shared some chemistry and while she did get a bit over the top at times, it was a solid scene that ended with a moderate facial.

Scene Seven: My Girl Friend's Whore Friend: Jamie Elle, Lucy Thai, Mark Ashley: Jamie Elle, looking especially nice in her sexy black lingerie, Luci Thai, one of the hottest Asians in porn, and studly Mark Ashley, were up first. Elle was blowing Mark with a modicum of interest when he had her call up Luci to join them. He went to porking Elle while they waited, stretching her "tight little pussy" as she called it while the two wore out the couch. She did PTM and seemed to appreciate that she was about to get in on some extra fun with Luci; who then walked in wearing even sleeker black lingerie to share the rod. The oral again led to vaginal screwing but this time it was Luci getting the shaft. The rest of the scene was comprised of the ladies giving oral and taking vaginal penetration, until near the end, Jamie's well lubed ass got screwed hard. The ladies were not as actively riding the cock as I prefer but they looked really, really, good here, a testament to director Jonni's skills. They finished up with Luci taking the mouth pop, cumswapping it with Jamie, and Jamie swallowing it down easily. They were featured on the entire left hand side of the front DVD cover for a reason, largely due to the intensity of the scene and the huge amount of fun factor employed.

Scene Eight: Trophy Whores 3: Jenna Haze, Mark Ashley: Jenna Haze, one of the most popular performers for a very long time, was up next as the first scene on disc #2, teasing in her skimpy red lingerie until Mark Ashley joined her. He felt her up and showed a propensity for quality oral antics, his talented hands guided by her moans and verbal clues as she got off at least a few times. Jenna has long shown a lot of chemistry with him and her own skilled mouth serviced him like a champion, her pouty face making those cute looks as she inhaled his meat pipe, soon actively riding him as well. She did some taste testing and while it was strictly a vaginal screw, Jenna proved that she need not do circus act sex to make for a solid scene. The ending wad of population pudding graced her face as she demanded, the nut coating her mouth thanks to his hand to gland pumping.

Scene Nine: Trophy Whores: Jamie Huxley, Mark Wood: Jamie Huxley, the lean hotty on the upper left hand side of the front DVD cover in the blue dress, was up next as she used her pretty green eyes and equally attractive face to help during the tease portion of her scene. Mark Wood was her initial partner and she blew him like her mouth was on fire trying different techniques like no hands, slobbering, and ball massaging with some solid energy to boot. She also climbed aboard his lap to take some hard dick in her pussy with the light pouring into the windows of the living room. I liked her energy and thought she was in fine form as she sucked him clean more than once (PTM) as they swapped out positions a few times. He rubbed out a load onto her tongue at the end and I think she appreciated the fine ride he gave her. This would normally have been the end of the scene but she claimed "more cocks, more fun" and beckoned a group of unseen guys over to take advantage of her aroused state, inhaling them just as solidly as she did with Mark. In all, it was like a bonus scene for me. Whew!

Scene Ten: Trophy Whores: Alektra Blue, Mark Ashley: Alektra Blue, the lean brunette on the right hand side of the front DVD cover, was up first to set the pace of the movie but teasing the camera in a minimalist setting that quickly led to Mark Ashley going down on her. This didn't last long though as the music faded out and he started boning home in that little pussy of hers. The lighting was better than average for Jonni but too bright, to the point where he looked like he couldn't maintain an accurate focus on her. In any case, the couple were power fucking like champions (or at least he was since she seemed lazy) and he dropped more than one load on her face. Fans of PTM (pussy to mouth) will enjoy her oral skills but it wasn't her best work of late by any means.

Scene Eleven: Bikini Clad Cum Sluts: Lindsay Meadows, Rachel Roxx, Mark Ashley: Rachel Roxx and Lindsay Meadows, two of the leanest gals of the movie, were up next as they basked in the tanning rays of sunlight by the pool; oiling each other up during the tease sequence. I love the oiling up action so seeing more of it was a good indication that I would enjoy this scene. The gals played at being lesbians for awhile here, digging for gold and giving each other some head until the big cock of Mark Ashley walked over (attached to Mark of course). The gals took turns sucking him off passionately; coaxing each other on to greater depths of depravity as they double teamed his shaft and balls. The moved inside for him to start the oral going their way; the ladies sharing some more quality time with each other while he did so. He fucked them hard and they were relatively passive about it unless being eaten at the same time yet I still found their work to be a cut above the norm for them as they aren't exactly the top tier talent in porn. The vaginal boning kept up until he rubbed out the load for them to swallow; the gals cumswapping it but never quite proving able to swallow.

Scene Twelve: Angels of Debauchery 7: Maya Hills, Mark Ashley: Maya Hills, the exotic blond anal princess, was up first as she teased during a musical montage in her skimpy undies. She's been hit or miss with me more than usual of late but I still think Jonni brings out some of her best work so I kicked back to watch, finding out she was in her zone the entire time. The masturbation led to Mark Ashley going down on her, successfully getting her interested in offering the best she could and it wasn't long before he was penetrating her sweet box with his pecker. That was followed by him rimming her and her inhaling his cock aggressively; more active riding and a 69 also elevating the heat of the scene. He coated her lower face with population pudding to finish off but she continued doing some post coital sucking all the same, making it a fine opener for the show. Yum!

Scene Thirteen: Bikini Clad Cum Sluts: Eva Angelina, Mark Ashley: Eva Angelina, the very attractive brunette on the front cover, was up next as she followed the basic formula of teasing in her red bikini by the pool. She masturbated to a frothy orgasm when Mark Ashley came up to her and asked if she wanted a drink. She pointed out that while she wasn't thirsty, she was definitely in the mood for something else; pulling down his pants to start blowing him aggressively (using her hand and mouth in unison). The splash of oil on her chest led to a titty fuck/handjob of sorts, her oral skills put to the test as she continued to work him over. That led to a lot more vaginal and oral work for both of them, her puffy pussy taking a beating as he hammered at it nearly endlessly. She teased him with her ass cheeks but that was as close as his dick came to penetrating her precious O ring this time, her general ride being less active than her very best work but the other elements adding significantly to the heat of the scene. The chemistry and enthusiasm shown here gave it legs too; the replay value approaching the last scene for me in this sense. She glistened with sweat as the action went on, more oil looking good on her ass before she jerked him off to completion into her mouth and onto her face. A second & third load also came out of nowhere so while she didn't swallow them, she was glazed like a donut by the end of the scene. Yum!

Scene Fourteen: Bet Your Ass 3: Tory Lane, Mark Ashley: Tory Lane, the hot brunette kneeling on the right side of the front DVD cover, was up first in the same black leather outfit that made her look so appealing there. Aside from the irritating music that bugged me so much, her tease footage was incredibly hot as she masturbated and spread her ass wide open while bending over by the mirror. I was glad the music stopped when she was then shown at Mark Ashley's feet, sucking his cock like she were entranced by it, using hand to gland combat along with her excellent inhalation skills to ready him for the action. If you like a great knob slobbing, Tory is on the short list in porn these days for offering up the messy kind of deep throating technique many of her peers attempt (but ultimately fail) at giving. He ate her out and fingered her pussy a little but it wasn't enough for my personal tastes, before drilling her pussy as she cried out for more. He then poured half a bottle of lube on her ass and drilled her there too, easily impaling her thanks to the frictionless lubricants help. Once she switched positions and went on top, she hammered her ass back down on his meaty member, riding him as though she were on fire. There was a lot of ATM and it ended with a facial where much of it went into her mouth, showcasing why she's welcome in Houston any time. Yum!

Summary: Darkko's Dirtiest Sluts by director Jonni Darkko for Evil Angel had ladies such as Jenna Haze, Eva Angelina (twice!), Gianna, and many others that fans have found especially exciting in the past so I rated the movie Recommended. The levels of fuck for the buck, strokability, and replay value were such that I'm sure many of you would rate it even higher, I just like better extras and at least some unique material included before I give the higher grades. In short, Darkko's Dirtiest Sluts: Special Set was a set of blasts from the past a lot of people should appreciate, the coven of cuties hot enough to generate substantial amounts of heat in the mind of anyone into good looking women that have fun in their chosen field of employment. Check out this TRAILER if you want a head's up on what to expect!

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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