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Night of the Giving Head

Studio: Exquisite » Review by Crimson Clown » Review Date: 5/19/09

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"Where's the fucking whip cream?!" - News man

Night of the Living Dead is one of my favorite horror movies of all time.

That said, neither "Night of the Giving Head" or the aforementioned have anything to do with each other other than the fact that they're both lucky enough to have great titles and be great feature length features. Director Rodney Moore doesn't aspire to go from segment to segment with "Night..." and instead goes for an all out story and characters that make the film almost as good as "Texas Vibrator Massacre." Almost, You ask? Well, I'll jot down why it's almost but not quite as good below. For one it's only a half hour long, for two... well you'll see.

On to the show. The premise is simple as can be, guys fuck dead chicks and dead chicks rise from the grave to sexually feast on the flesh of men and women alike. From what can be assumed an evil zombie has risen with the female dead from their graves and she's now used this advantage to get herself some cock and cum as she and her women chant "More cock, more cum!" At least they have aspirations; what have you done lately?

The events are pretty one dimensional as Caroline Pierce inflicts her women zombies on the men and women and she is given the first dibs taking advantage of her victims by sucking and fucking them. She takes down a cop in the first ten minutes getting on him sucking his dick and then takes a pounding from him as her monster mashers smack her bubble butt and salivate at the fucking going on. Pierce has a wonderful ass and it's a joy to see her take it from behind and get creamed on by the officer.

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The zombie women pretty much relent until the show is over and then they cease in their craving wandering around the condo which the movie sets down on. We later learn that four women have been holed up in the condo for days avoiding the sperm zombies (their term not mine) and we learn all of the story that a passing comet passed by the sun casting spermarays on the female race that's turned them in to sperm zombies while the men are only infected for a brief time and snap out of it.

Now the women make a break for whip cream while the sperm zombies wander around the confines of the condo. The make up effects are all fairly standard with rotted flesh and most of our women painted to look pale and lifeless. The only thing pale and lifeless is their performances as sperm zombies.

Snap! So the climax rolls around pretty quickly. The women begin attacking the sperm zombies with conveniently found cans of whipped cream and the adventure makes for some great endings as the women lust after one another once the cream breaks them out of their zombified state.

The survivors of the zombie epidemic also manage to have some fun for themselves reaping their rewards and engage in some hot girl no girl orgy action while one of our main heroes is attacked by a sperm zombie with a massive dildo raping her from behind and forcing her to suck her dick. After what seems like minutes of hot fucking from the women, the troublesome sperm zombie gets creamed and they all lived happily ever after saving the world and getting their licks in all at the same time.

All in all it's about as fun as "Vibrator Massacre," but the short running time contradicts the promise of a feature length film. I think a full story could have been made from the premise and the potential just wasn't as fully realized as I would have liked to have seen it be. It's a shame.

The audio varies from time to time as the wind often interferes with the dialogue on exterior shots and then the soundtrack drowns out the dialogue in the interior shots. There's also a fun time to be had watching the performers mutter and mess up their dialogue. The visuals are fuzzy and blurry and it's almost like director Moore doesn't want us to see the make up and rotted flesh on the zombie nymphos, so it's a mixed bag, some pleasant and some very unpleasant.

For a minute there I thought it was my DVD player acting up but surely enough there are no extras. Not a trailer, a commentary, or bonus scene is found. There's not even a DVD Menu. That's what keeps this feature from the grace of a better score.

After Thought:
It's a mixed bag of treats as the women are gorgeous and the comedy hits home, but there are no extras, no commentary, no DVD menu, the technical aspects are hazy and it's only a half hour, so it's a definite Rent It. Maybe next time Moore.

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