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Daddy's Dick In Hand

Studio: French Connection » Review by Rod Woodman » Review Date: 5/19/09

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DATES OF PRODUCTION: MAY 30, 2007 - FEB 8, 2008




BODY TYPES:  Bearish Men, "Daddies" ages 40s to 60s, who do (or did) work out.  They mostly have some facial hair, furry bodies, and some thickness around the middle, especially sitting down, which most of them seem to do.  And most have reasonably large (7"-9") thick dicks. 



This movie is a collection of 16 different 6-8 minute solo jack-off scenes, performed mostly by bear-like daddies.  They are all scenes that were probably shot for the HotOlderMale.com website and then put on this DVD by Pantheon Productions.  They are aimed for the niche audience of younger men who love older men or men who are of the same general age and type as the performers.  Many, if not most, of the men's names seem to be European, but since only one man ever says anything, it is difficult to know for sure.  The scenes are mostly shot "on location" (bedrooms, living rooms or out-of-doors), and most of the guys sit or lay back through much of it.  They all seem to be into jacking-off for the camera, and do so with abandon.  They all get naked - or mostly so - in the process.


Because each man does virtually the same basic thing, I will simply jot down the thoughts that went through my head while watching it.  In all fairness, it should be noted that, while I'm sypathetic to their efforts, I'm NOT a part of their niche audience.

#1 - DAVID TEAL - a furry chested guy, with a mustache and short hair - probably in his 40s - a little thick, but still well-built - a cock ring around his thick dick - big head, big balls, probably 8" - happy about the way it looks - lubes it - strokes it and cums.

#2 - JAREN TAYLOR - handsome man in his mid 40s - bright blue shirt - strokes it out of sight to get it hard - another 8" dick, maybe 9", with another big head - sits, which isn't flattering to his stomach, as if that concerns anyone - massages his nipples - light chest hair, some facial hair - whoa! shoots thick white cum all the way up to his chest.

#3 - JIM KITS - lays back on a grey sofa and strokes slowly - no facial hair, but a bit more stomach than average - tastes his precum - 50ish with a nice lubed handful - looks like he just got home from work - looks like the type who likes to take younger guys out for drinks. a nice steak dinner, more drinks and then try to get them in bed to fuck, and it would feel pretty good - he enjoyed the hell out of his orgasm (but who doesn't) -  shoots a big load.

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#4 - BRUNO WES - lean "older gentlman" with a grey mustache - wearing just black leather chaps - uses a suction device to coax an erection - nipple rings, a cock ring and then adds clips over his nipple rings - gets to about 6" and removes the "erector set" -  one leg goes in the air, and a couple of fingers go up his ass - suddenly, he shoots a stream of cum.

#5 - LOBO AL - probably named himself that - late 40s and thinks of himself as a "pig" - wears a jock strap that says so - sits naked, except for the jock strap, on a bar stool and jacks his big dick - bald head, facial hair, furry chest, and a thick stomach - spits on his dick and keeps going - big balls - strap comes off as he sits on the bar - drops some oil on his dick and sqeezes it  - leg up on the bar so he can get fingers up his ass - now partially lies on the bar and strokes his thick 7" - lies back on the bar, closes his eyes and jacks - guys his age and build usually look better lying down - loves to yell and vocalize his orgasm as he spurts out a load.

#6 - KARL KRIDER - sitting on a beige couch - 60s with a white beard, bald head and red face - long dick, maybe 9", big balls and thick body - loves to look at his dick as he jacks it, taking long deep breaths as he goes - probably jacked off every day of his life - pinches his nipples - "yeah, yeah, oh fuck, yeah" as he shoots in the air - you just know it feels good.

#7 - RIK KAPPUS - resembles "Lobo Al" somewhat - 50s, black beard, short hair, furry chest and stomach - big body, probably worked out a lot when he was younger - sits on the edge of a bed with an erection and jacking nice 7"-8" - tastes his pre-cum - finishes kneeling on the bed and dropping his load on the spread.

#8 - BAS VAN DIJK - big grey mustache - chrome cock ring - another guy who just arrived home - couldn't wait to get his shirt and tie off - finally naked - furry body - fingers up his ass - "yeah, yeah, ooh, uh" as he shoots his load - huge physical orgasmic reaction - he need that!

#9 - LUC ANDERS - sits on a sofa - snap-on black cock ring - talks dirty - dreams of "having an ass sitting on it, your ass wrapped around it" - 6" and thick, big balls - no facial hair  - body hair - stand-up nipples - speaks English well - pounds his dick - cum oozes out and goes everywhere.

#10 - DEAN RICHARDS - grey goatee and furry grey chest - nipple rings - clothes' pins added - 6" - didn't really shoot, oozed cum - it was definitely good for him.

#11 - VARQUERO JOSE - putting the name and look together, seems Spanish - dramatic, theatrical face - black mustache faded into grey beard - coal black eyebrows - bald head - lies back naked on his bed - ring piercing under the head of his cock. - white chest hair - a black strap worn around his neck - good 7-8" cock to suck or get fucked with - fingers his ass as he jacks his cock - chrome cock ring - lobs a nice thick cum shot on his hairy abdomen.

#12 - TRUMAN HUNTER - looks like "Big Daddy", naked except for tropical white hat
- grey mustache and beard - chubby body - 6"-7" dick that gets thicker and longer as he jacks it - can't figure out why he wears the hat -  his middle finger works his ass - whoops, the hat fell off - his stomach is now full of cum.

#13 - BEHR RYDER - does "Behr = Bear"? - sort of a clone of "Big Daddy" Truman - got the same thick body, the same salt & pepper goatee and mustache - sports a modest 5" uncut dick - loves to play with his foreskin - works his ass with his fingers a bit and finally pops.

#14 - SCOTT PARKER - could be a pro porn person - starts out fully dressed in a suit and tie - works against a plain blue background - late 30s or well-preserved 40s - he unzips his fly and gets his big, hard dick and balls out - wearing two part cock and ball ring - dick probably 8" or so, squeezed tightly - undoes his shirt, removes his tie - nice body, slim - neat sandy hair - sits on a stool - pinches his nipple - he could provide a hot anal penetrattion with that hard-on - makes me think of licking his balls and sucking on his cock - when he blows, the juice shoots up his body and on to the floor - in close-up, he looks a little older than original estimate, but who cares?- my favorite.

#15 - LEE EDWARDS - (hong on, we're getting close to the end) - a big cock on a man who looks like a successful southern plantation owner - lying back in a chair with a blue plaid shirt open to the world, otherwise naked - massages his balls and dick with both hands, eyes closed - brown hair and mustache - whanks it every which way - the shirt is covering kind of a blobby body - he loves the feeling of what he's doing - he's getting close, and out it comes like a thick shot of glue.

#16 - JACK HOLDEN - last, but certainly not least - man in his 50s - coal black mustache and goatee, bald head - a real "mountain-man" - jeans are open, plaid shirt, with cut-off sleeves to show off his arm muscles and furry chest - slowly strokes his thick 8" dick - wears the ever popular chrome cock ring - a "bear daddy" who could fuck you so you'd know it - jacks his cock until thick white cum oozes out.


The scenes are unifomly shot in clear video.  The camera work was unobtrusive, but not shot with typically amateur hand-held (wobbly) camera.


Although there is little talking, there is an audio style to the presentation.  There is upbeat music leading into each scene that stays going until the jacking-off gets underway, that provides a uniform feel to the scenes.  And then rhythmic music and sound increases in volume as each guy starts to reach his orgasm, supporting the action.


The only additional footage is devoted to a promo for the HotOlderMale.com website which contains shots of many, if not all, of the men who have just done their thing.  Presumably, if one got off on what he saw, he'd pay to visit them and see more of the same.


If you are a part of the target audience, you should have a good time visiting with these guys.  I'm not sure that you'd want to play it over and over, but who am I to say that?  It isn't "my thing", but I have a close friend who must see it.  He's just 40, but ever since he was a boy of about 14, he's pursued and had sex with older "bear daddies".  This will be so right up his alley.  And so, for him and all those like him, I say RENT IT.

Rod Woodman

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