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Lesbian Seductions Older/Younger Vol. 26

Studio: Girlfriends Films » Review by Apache Warrior » Review Date: 5/22/09

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Genre: Lesbian, Milf

Director: ?

Cast: Dia Zerva, Raven Alexis, Felony Foreplay, April O'Neil, Georgia Jones, India Summer, Danica Blue, Magdalene St. Michaels

Length: 176 minutes

Date of Production: 4/7/2009

Extras: There are four promos and trailers. The promos are Road Queen , Imperfect Angels , Lesbian Triangles , and a Girlfriends Films promo . The quartet of trailers are Backstage Girls , Field of Schemes 2 , Women Seeking Women 47 , and Mother-Daughter Exchange Club 5 . Website information is included too. A very nice looking photo gallery is also provided.

Condoms : None

Audio/Video Quality: The audio quality is good. The dialogue is never difficult to hear. As to the video quality, the lighting is fairly solid.

Overview: Lesbian Seductions Older/Younger Volume 26 is the twenty-sixth installment of Girlfriends Films' very popular and successful Lesbian Seductions series. This studio sets forth the objective of creating "... the most realistic sex in lesbian adult video." It is in the pursuit of this goal that allows the actresses to be gentle and act sincere towards each other. The viewer really feels the chemistry between the performers. However, once in a while, there will be scenes that are more kinky in nature and that reflect a bit of a bondage type attitude. This movie leads off with this sort of situation. It is called Lesbian Seductions by the way. Someone has to be the seducer and there are many different levels of seduction.

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Scene One: In a very lengthy scene that lasts over forty-nine minutes, Raven Alexis is curled up in bed with her mouth shut. Dia Zerva caresses her body and applies gentle kisses. The seductress gets on top of her as she begins to kiss her lovely face. Later, the woman focuses on her groin and hips. Next, she removes the gag from Raven's mouth and kisses her. The younger woman does not fight her actions and is very receptive. Dia sucks her breasts and grinds her hips onto Miss Alexis. Ms. Zerva has her own pants halfway down her own legs. She rubs her young passion fruit. Later on, the two ladies switch positions as Raven has her opportinity to be the giver of sweet loving. When she removes Dia's red with white polka-dotted panties, she shoves them in the woman's mouth. Then, the young lady manually plays with her gemstone before straddling her. Then, she lays on her back so that Ms. Zerva has a taste of her love juice. Raven's reaction to the woman's activities between her legs is hot. They switch places again. Raven spanks her and plays with her sexual love spot. Afterwards, she sits on Dia. Both women do a good job working on the other's lovebox. Miss Alexis does a nice job eating her. Later, Raven shuts Ms. Zerva's mouth as she rubs her clit. Later, the item is removed from Dia's mouth. Her pussy is still being worked on. They kiss as the younger woman slaps Ms. Zerva's tit. She also twists her nipples. Dia's mouth is shut once again and Miss Alexis plays with her titties. Then, she rubs her clit while pinching her nipple. Next, Raven lays on her back as the woman gets another chance to taste her pretty flower again. Afterwards, Dia is on top of her. They kiss and she humps her with a lot of energy. Ms. Zerva's ass looks so fine during their scissors performance. The women rub each other's lovebox. Next, Raven plays with Dia's pussy again. This long and winded scene ends with Ms. Zerva pleading to Raven that she wants her to leave her alone.

Scene Two: As soon as April O'Neil arrives at Felony Foreplay's bedroom, she tells the younger woman that she has noticed her stares on her. April feels cold and wants to cuddle. So, the women lay beside each other and press their bodies against one another. They feel each other. The two friends stare in each other's eyes and kiss. Miss O'Neil removes Felony's leather boots. Ms. Foreplay licks and sucks her breasts. They have sensational chemistry. Soon, April kisses her way down Felony's hot bod until she removes her panties. Next, the lady delves into her cute sexual crevice. Then, she works on her lovely melons. Felony pulls off April's shirt. They kiss. Miss O'Neil lays down as her friend gets on top of her. She slowly feels and kisses her body. She removes April's white underwear and tastes her sweet juices. Afterwards, April applies her own personal pampering on Felony's body. She does a cool job making love to her. Minutes pass as Felony gives her loving care to her friend. Next, there is some nice humping that occurs and they kiss.

Scene Three: India Summer shows up in Georgia Jones's room. They talk about the situation at hand. India leads her to the bedroom. After being shocked at first by their discussion, the younger woman looks much more comfortable with India while on the bed. She feels her body and they kiss. India feels her pussy briefly. Ms. Summer undresses Georgia a bit. They kiss again. India undresses herself down to her bra and panties. She kisses her while rubbing her love region. Then, she kisses it. India continues to apply her kisses on the woman's body. She also does a nice job eating her muffin and fingering it. Georgia sucks her wet finger. Then, India's bra comes off as Georgia has her way with her bosoms. Ms. Summer removes her own panties. They kiss. There are several pussy eating moments later on with Georgia taking the privelege first. At the end, they kiss and snuggle.

Scene Four: Nurse Danica Blue tells hospital administrator Magdalene St. Michaels about the sexual harassment that she has been experiencing by one of the male doctors. After their meeting in her office, the blonde professional is invited to Ms. St. Michaels' home to discuss the matter further. At her house, she tells Miss Blue that in order to keep their stories straight that she needs to sleep with her. After being reluctant at first, the woman becomes more receptive to Magdalene's advances. They kiss. The hostess is very gentle with the woman despite being the seductress. Minutes later, she sucks her nice tits. Later, she kisses her belly. Then, Danica's very tight pants come off. Soon, Magdalene kisses her upper legs, thighs, and love spot. She removes her pink bottoms and tastes her lovely pearl. Meanwhile, Danica takes off her own top. The twosome look good together. Ms. St. Michaels does a swell job fingering her while tasting her lovebox. Afterwards, the more experienced woman removes her sexy bra and Danica sucks her bosoms. Then, the blonde cutie rolls on her tummy as Magdalene orally and manually pleasures the lady's snatch. Danica's sexy bod looks hot. Ms. St. Michaels sucks her tit while rubbing her pussy. Danica squirms with delight. They kiss. Magdalene continues her actions on Ms. Blue briefly. Next, her hostess lays down as Danica takes off Magalene's leather boots and silky stockings. The women kiss before the blonde sucks her beautiful breasts. After the kissing activity, she concentrates on Ms. St. Michaels' sexual region. She removes her panties and delves right into her goodies. Danica rubs her tit against the woman's mound while sucking on her tit. Their humping action is hot. Their connection feels genuine. Magdalene sucks her tits through part of the action. Then, Danica moves down her body and tastes her beauty spot for the last time. They kiss and snuggle as the scene fades away.

Final Thoughts: The seductresses in Lesbian Seductions Older/Younger Volume 26 give off convincing performances. The two standouts are Felony Foreplay and Magdalene St. Michaels. Ms. Foreplay is a true gem who should be in more Girlfriends Films productions. She is a beautiful brunette who draws the viewer's attention right to her. Her gentle and caring demeanor feels genuine while she is with her partner. She epitomizes the heart and soul of what a Girlfriends Films movie is all about. Someone who has similar qualities, but is by far more talented to Ms. Foreplay, is the queen of this genre and studio. She is the talented Magdalene St. Michaels. She gives a fine effort as an authoritative hospital admistrator. However, her character does not come off as a mean, manipulative person. She comes across as a well-liked figure. Anyone who can make the viewer feel for her even when she is suppose to be taking advantage of the other person has talent galore. I have to say that this movie is a rental though. The other two scenes don't match up with the two standouts especially when one of the scenes lasts nearly fifty minutes in length.

Apache Warrior

Apache W
[email protected]     

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