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Switch Hitter

Studio: French Connection » Review by Rod Woodman » Review Date: 5/26/09

XCritic's Advice: Recommended




GENRE: Amateur Straight Guys having Gay Sex for the Web (and DVD)




SYNOPSIS: Doug (the Director) has an ongoing group of young, mostly straight guys who stop by his place to have gay sex for his website camera - and for a pay check.  Doug makes no bones about the fact that he is gay, and there is an occasional openly gay guy added comfortably to the mix.  Chances are strong that some of the "straight" guys are down the spectrum of sexuality toward bisexual and gay. Gay sexual activity is ok for them as long as they can say they're "straight".  There is a strong sense of camaraderie among Doug and the guys.  The material is created for the Amateur Straight Guys website, with the best scenes put out on DVD.  This one contains four duo sex scenes with seven guys participating.  Rodney gets to work twice in a row.  Before each scene there is usually about three screens worth of written information about the upcoming scene, giving a little backstory to what transpires.


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Gleaned from a quick read of the screen:  "Lee had been traveling for a long time across country in a truck with his pregnant girl friend, and she was driving him crazy.  They had driven from FL to AZ, and he was horny as a mother-fucker when he came in.  The shoot wasn't scheduled until the next day, and they didn't know what to do.  Having recently fallen in love with his asshole, Peter said, 'I think we should fuck.'  Perfect answer. It met everyone's needs."   And so, with almost no bullshit conversation, Lee and Peter get down to it.  Peter takes some lube to Lee's already hard dick, rubs it a bit and dives down on it.  This scene is hot right from the get go.  Peter gives Lee a deep oral working over.  He bitches from time to time that it's gagging him, but he just keeps sucking.  It IS a big dick.  Lee, eager to fuck, starts massaging Peter's bubble butt.  That turns quickly into his finger-fucking Peter's ass.  Soon Peter is on his back, legs in the air, showing off his dark butt hole.  Lee continues to ram it with his fingers.  Then Lee lies on his back, so that Peter can sit down on his dick and ride it.  "Feels good.  Feels so much better than a dildo," Peter says, as Lee drives his dick up into him.  Then Peter kneels on the bed, so that Lee can pound his ass doggie-style, standing up on the bed to really drive it in.  Peter is enjoying it all.  When he's ready to cum, Lee pulls his dick out and strokes it to shoot on Peter's ass.  Without changing positions, Peter jacks off and cums on the bed.  Two satisfied guys lay back on the bed to relax.  "First time I've been fucked hard and fast like that," Peter admits.  You know it won't be the last time!


The screen intro says: "The guys had been talking about how they never thought they'd EVER be in  the porn biz - much less 'guy porn biz'.  Rodney said he never could or would take a dick up his butt.  Clay didn't agree.  He was sort of turned on by the idea.  He'd only sucked cock and rimmed ass at this point.  Clay decided to go for it."  And so the scene starts.  Rodney, with sharp pointed sideburns, and Clay, with assorted tattoos and piercings, are lying side by side, wearing only black boxer shorts and stroking their hard dicks underneath.  They're watching a straight porn film in front of them, and the squeals from it occasionally filter through.  Clay reaches over and works Rodney's dick through the shorts.  He soon gets it out and goes down on it.  Rodney likes it so far.  Their shorts come off, and Clay strokes his own dick as he sucks on his friend.  Rodney strokes on Clay now, as Clay continues sucking.  Rodney picks up speed and face-fucks him.  Rodney has a nice dark furry bush and shows of his strong fucking ability with his hips.  Clay kneels down on the bed, so that Rodney can stick his cock in and fuck him doggie-style.  They have natural athletic bodies that look good having sex.  Clay helps Rodney by reaching back to spread his own cheeks, widening his hole.  There are flashes of light at this point as Doug and his assistants snap photos of the action.  Clay jacks off and cums, followed by Rodney jacking off on Clay's ass.


The screen informs us: " There was supposed to be an audition this evening, but the kid never showed up, leaving two guys here who were expecting to get their dicks sucked."  At the top of the scene, a dark-haired kid Bentley and Rodney (back for more) are sitting on the couch.  They talk about the "chicks" in the porn they're watching, and how good it is to get paid just to "rub one out."  Both admit that they had behind bars for petty offenses and what it was like.  Fourteen minutes into the scene, they finally get around to something like sex.  They talk about "Pocket Pussies" and decided to craft one to use.  Rodney puts a plastic vagina looking affair in a plastic bag, inserts it between sofa cushions, lubes his dick, sticks it in and FUCKS THE COUCH.  As seen from the rear, Rodney has a pleasing ass.  Bentley then tries it. They both have big cocks, but it is such a waste.  They try another type of device, helping each other for greater effect.  Finally, Bentley gets turned on enough to go down on Rodney and suck his dick.  Rodney admits, "That's way better."  Bentley tries to get Rodney's dick down further, but he gags and his eyes water.  But he keeps going, sliding around to his ass, which he licks with abandon.  Rodney jacks off and cums on the couch.  Bentley jacks off and cums a big ass load on himself.  It's too bad that it took so long to do the scene, twice as long as necessary.


Once again, the screen lays out the story:  "Shane arrived late at night, drunk, but managed to sleep it off.  James, a gay friend of Doug's, came by to help Doug out.  No way better way than to wake up getting your cock sucked."   James is there as the scene begins, while Shane is still out like a light.  James is furry-faced, with a tattooed hairy body.  He is fond of piercings as well, including the one through his tongue.  He starts rubbing Shane's dick through his shorts.  He pulls the big dick out, and goes down on it to give Shane a "wake-up blow job".  (There are Christmas lights blazing in the background.)  James is a good cock-sucker, and pauses only long enough to get out of his clothes.  The now fully awake Shane gets out of his clothes as well.  (Shane has the common distracting amateur's habit of glancing at the camera - or director - every once-in-awhile.)  The two kiss, and then James lies on top of his body to really hug him.  And then James lies on his back, so Shane can go down on his big dick for a long sucking session.  Shane then inserts his dick in James mouth to face-fuck him.  Shane has a great ass, as is evident in the rear shots of this action.  James strokes his dick and shoots all the way up his body and beyond.  Shane then cums on James face.  Well, what are friends for.


As with many "amateur" videos, the quality ranges.  Some scenes are well lit, and others are shadowy and apparently mostly lit from one angle.  It goes with the territory.  At least, there was not a lot of  "wobbly hand-held" look to it.


Someone should have gone through it more carefully to even out the sound.  Each scene was at different levels, and the level even changed sometimes within a scene.  It's especially difficult to keep the track at one level, but worth the effort.


There were none as far as I know.


I'm not sure what the "Baseball" title had to do with, but you have to come up with some name. After the credits, it was never referenced again. It just meant nothing in terms of the DVD, except for the fact that most of the guys are "switch hitters" sexually.  Also, I do wish that they had either eliminated Scene 3 or edited it in half.  What sex they did finally get into was not very interesting.  The guys had so much more potential.  However the other three scenes are hot, with a minimum of distracting chit-chat.  For the fans of this genre, I rate it RECOMMENDED.

Rod Woodman

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