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Pin Ups - Oversized

Studio: Bel Ami » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 5/30/09

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Production Date: August 2007

Directed By: Bel Ami


Fourteen appealing Central European lads show off for the camera during their photo shoots and then get down to some heavy duty self pleasure.

Runtime: 1 Hour and 56 Minutes

One: Brett Tamblyn:

This handsome dude with short brown hair has a tasty toned body, brown pubes, and a large uncut cock. Brett gladly poses for the camera in front of a colorful backdrop of bright orange 'n yellow striking all sorts of poses to show off everything he has. There are plenty of excellent extreme close-ups of his tight hairy bunghole and tool while he uses his right fist to jerk off and crank out a thick load on his stomach 'n pubes....all to a toe-tappin' country tune!

Two: Joel d'amici:

Joel is a real cutie with dark hair, tall, slender, 'n smooth body. He begins his outdoor photo session wearing Bermuda shorts and a silly straw hat. The scene is quite colorful with lush green vegetation and bright pink flowers growing in the surrounding area. He soon pulls his shorts down revealing a full dark bush and big unclipped meat.  Lying back with legs up 'n spread, Joel exposes his snug hairy man-hole for the ever probing eye of the video camera while choking his chicken. In the end, this lusty lad squirts a thick load of jizz on his chest 'n pubes.

Three: Stefan Keller:

This strapping good-looking lad has dark brown hair, toned lightly-hairy body, nice little dark nipples, brown pubes, plump hangy balls, and a big ol' natural dick. Dude leaks a lot of pre-cum as he toys with his stiff pole sliding the foreskin back 'n forth over the bulbous pink knob. Naturally, he shows of that tight hairy butthole for the camera as he pleasures himself using his right fist. Like each scene, there are plenty hot extreme close-ups of his most private places and he finishes by busting a large thick nut on his stomach.

Four: Jan:

No. This is not poor Jan Brady wearing a black wig and high-tailing it over to Lucy Winter's birthday party with popularity on her pea brain! This Jan happens to be a really cute guy with short brown hair/blond highlights and a tall/slender/smooth body. He's outdoor lazing around on a thoughtfully provided lounge chair showing off his shortly-trimmed pubes, plump uncut wang, and mouth-watering balls. Jan is very into working his sensitive foreskin back 'n forth and the viewer will see every wrinkle with delicious extreme close-ups.  I was practically drooling while taking notes for this smutty little nugget! Legs spread and tight shaved asshole proudly on display, Jan pulls pork and ends up with a tasty spoogy mess on his stomach.

Five: Kurt Diesel:

Kurt is a cute guy with overly-gelled brown 'n blond hair, and toned/smooth body wearing Bermuda shorts. As his photo shoots progresses, he opens the shorts revealing his shortly-trimmed pubes, plump hangy balls, unclipped prong, and beautiful bubble butt. As his manhood grows while posing, that moist purple knob makes its appearance from beneath the sheath of skin. Laying back on a beat up old brown leather chair, Kurt rubs his hard little nipples and works his foreskin in extreme close-up until squirting a copious amount of love juice on his chest.

Six: Andreas Mouskouri:

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Cute dude Andreas is quite fetching in his khaki pants and orange shirt. He has short dark brown hair, slender/smooth body and soon has that uncut dong out gently pulling his overhang back 'n forth over the slick purple knob. Relaxing on a mod gray sofa, Andreas toys with his privates while rubbing his hard little brown nipples. Again, there are plenty of juicy extreme close-ups of his masturbation and his grand finale is to dump baby-batter on his stomach.

Seven: Paul Valery:

I've seen this good-looking lad in a number of Bel Ami productions. Paul has short dark hair with a toned/smooth body and great smile. Relaxing on an orange sofa wearing blue 'n white Bermuda shorts, he plays with his hard little nipples. Naughty boy! Yanking those shorts down, Paul shows off his lush full dark bush, hangy nuts, and big uncut meat.

Once his cock is completely stiff, it's big 'n plump like a Ball Park frank waiting to be slathered with hot spit instead of mustard 'n onions. Jacking off and using his right fist to do it, dude rubs his balls, makes 'm bounce, and then gladly lifts his legs to show us his tight lightly hairy asshole. Once again, there's plenty of extreme foreskin close-up while Paul spanks his monkey and shoots a huge load that actually hits his hair, shoulder, and then down to his chest 'n stomach.

Eight: Ross Conway:

Hmmm. I've never heard of a Central European lad with a name like "Ross Conway".  This very cute guy has short dark hair and a toned/smooth/slender body. Ross slowly opens his blue jeans to reveal shortly-trimmed brown pubes before showing off all the "goods". Laying back and playing with his big unclipped dick, he slides his foreskin up 'n down covering and uncovering his purple knob in extreme close-up when he begins leaking tasty pre-cum.

Up with his legs, Ross exposed his snug shaved hole actually making the pink pucker pout with excitement. This sexy thang is a veritable pre-cum machine and there's a nice long strand trailing from his helmet all the way to the sofa. Hot! Ross gets so turned on that he shoots a large thick load on his stomach.

Nine: Andre Pagnol:

Cute Mr. Pagnol has dark hair and a slender/smooth/tanned body. He relaxes in a bed of white sheets that provides a nice contrast between his tanned body and pale bed coverings. Totally naked, Andre shows off his short brown pubes, uncut cock, and plump balls. Fully erect, dude jacks his big prick rubbing the large purple head before bending over to show us his tight hairy bunghole with plenty of extreme close-ups of all his sacred areas. Rubbing his hard nipples, pleasuring his "eggs 'n bacon", Andre works himself into a steamy lump of quivering sexual flesh before busting  a thick nut on his fist and stomach.

Ten: Jiri:

Cute with short black hair, toned/smooth/slender body, Jiri begins his red-hot photo session blue plaid boxer shorts allowing his plump uncut member 'n balls out through the fly. Yanking the shorts off, he exposes his dark pubes, hairy gooch, and lightly hairy bum with some excellent extreme close-ups. Jiri is completely turned on playing with hard little nipples and "shaking hands" with his meaty dong. Laying back in bed with legs spread nice 'n wide, he wags that mouth-watering tube steak for the camera and blasts a copious amount of spooge on his fist and shortly-trimmed pubes.

Eleven: Trevor Yates:

Hold what you got! Cute 'n slender light brown-headed Trevor has one of the biggest unclipped monster cocks I've ever seen! Yikes! I would love to get my hands 'n mouth on that gargantuan thang and see what I could do, baby! That delicious veiny foreskin completely covers the knob even when he's completely hard. Did I mention dude has big mouth-watering hangy nuts? There are lots of excellent extreme close-ups as Trevor bends over showing off those nuts and his tight hairy asshole. Jacking his big business with both fists, he works that mighty over-hang like a wild shooting a thick load of jizz on his chest 'n stomach.

Twelve: Henri Caudin:

Li'l Henri is a good-looking guy with dark hair and a toned/smooth body. Wearing white Bermuda shorts for his photo shoot, he soon pulls 'em down revealing a full dark bush and unclipped pork with a nice long foreskin. Henri poses in bed with blue pillows and "goes to town" jerking on his stiff cock with plenty of wonderful extreme close-ups. Becoming frisky, he shows off his hairy butt crack and gooch by bending over. Working that throbbing meat with his right fist, Henri closes his eyes, breathes heavily, and squirts a hot load all over his chest, stomach, and pubes.

Thirteen: Kris Evans:

Good-looking Kris has dark hair and a toned/smooth body. Sitting on a bright orange sofa, he shows off his dark pubes, plump balls, uncut dick, and bubble butt with furry crack. Lifting his legs up 'n proud, Kris exposes his tight hairy asshole with extreme close-ups of the pucker that will leave you salivating for more. Dude digs yanking on his pork 'n workin' that foreskin back 'n forth over the slick knob like a pro. He even licks his fingers to get that purple head even more wet than it already is. Finally reaching the point of no return, Kris squirts a large amount of love-seed hitting his chest 'n stomach.

Fourteen: Liam Phoenix:

Liam's a cutie with short brown hair and a toned/smooth/slender body. He's outdoors for his photo shoots completely naked so that we can see those brown pubes, hairy nuts, and unclipped member. Liam relaxes on a chase lounge wagging his tool 'n peeling his foreskin back 'n forth in beautiful extreme close-up. When full hard, Liam's manhood is nice 'n fat and definitely ready for full oral attention. He teases up by bending over and exposing his tight hairy butthole and then beats off shooting a thick load of love-goo on his stomach and pubes.


Pinups Oversized is shot directly on high quality video and presented in wide screen. The picture is sharp and clean allowing for all the vibrant colors Bel Ami is famous for to come through perfectly. The videography by Marty Stevens and John Donnay is excellent and some of the best I've ever seen. There are plenty of close-ups and extreme close-ups of these dude's beautiful bodies, cocks, foreskins, balls, and tight bungholes.


The sound is nice 'n clear allowing the viewer to easily hear the dudes as they speak. Unfortunately there are no subtitles so I had no idea what these frisky lads were saying. A nice mix of instrumental music accompanies each scene with a wide variety of new age, country, jazz, and light pop.


The disc includes an interactive menu, scene selection, chapter stops, an orgasm reel, and trailers for Lemonade and Pinups-Young and Tender.


Bel Ami definitely knows how to produce and excellent solo movie. These fourteen guys are all very appealing and look to be having fun showing off for the camera and beating their hard uncut cocks. The high production values give the movie a lovely lush look with the use of vibrant colors from the green foliage and pink 'n purple flowers outdoors to orange walls and brightly colored furniture inside. The scenes were filmed in various locations including South Africa, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Budapest, and Bratislava. The videography is fantastic with so many extreme close-ups of the guy's most private places that there is no way the viewer can be disappointed. I Highly Recommend!

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