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Teagan Erotique

Studio: Digital Playground » Review by The Mooninite » Review Date: 5/31/09

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

The Movie:

Here's a rundown of who fucks who and who they do it:

Scene 1 - Teagan Presley And Scott Nails: This scene is an interesting way to start the movie. Teagan is wrapped in plastic, not quite Twin Peaks style, more like leftover night style, and Scott is running around with a black condom on his cock. He takes the rubber off and she blows him and then he fucks her up the ass just for kicks. She rides him reverse cowgirl style, anally, for a few and it ends all over her pretty face. Teagan sure is cute.

Scene 2 - Nautica Thorne And Jean Valjean: Nautica looks like a stone cold fox in this scene where she wears Kabuki makeup and a Kimono. After Celeste lets the camera worship her for a few minutes, Jean moves in to eat her out. Once he's eaten his fill he unwraps her like the bad ass Christmas present I'm sure she'd make, and then she drops to her knees and sucks his cock wearing nothing but some interestingly tied red rope and her birthday suit. She rides him reverse cowgirls style and then cowgirl style before getting down on all fours in front of him so that he can hold her hands behind her back and fuck her up the ass. He pulls out and strokes off into her mouth.

Scene 3 - Teagan Presley, Jesse Jane And Sandra Shine: Jesse starts this scene off by showing off her hula hoop skills while sporting some old school burlesque tassels on her titties. Teagan follows suit with a blindfold on and then it's Sandra's turn. These girls do the hula hoop thing for quite a while and the camera loves every minute of it. The girls bust out a pair of vibrators and go to town with them, but only for a few minutes as most of this scene is hula hooping.

Scene 4 - Keri Sable And Jean Valjean: Keri's sitting on the toilet when this scene starts and Jean walks up to her and faux-pisses on her. She sucks his cock and then leans against the sink so that he can fuck her snatch for a bit and then she turns around and bends over for more of the same. He pulls out and strokes off into her mouth. Piss is kinda gross, really, even fake piss. The scene, like the rest of the film, is nicely shot however and high fives all around for at least trying something different even if it's obviously not real piss (watch the extras for confirmation).

Scene 5 - Jamie Lynn: Jamie's got one of those big old French Renascence style wigs on her head as the camera lingers over all of her supple curves and shows off her killer body. She plays with her tits as she leans over the bathtub and then hops into a bubble bath where she finger fucks herself for our enjoyment. Thanks Jamie!

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Scene 6 - Teagan Presley And Mick Blue: Teagan and Mick are making out in bed. After some smooching she sits on his face and rides his tongue before returning the oral favors and going down on him. He flips her on her side and spoon fucks her pussy and she ride shim reverse cowgirl style for a few before he pulls out and delivers a pop shot into her mouth.

Scene 7 - Sativa Rose And Scott Nails: Sativa's got a ball gag in her mouth when this scene starts and Scott's wearing one of those weird clear face masks as he gives her a massage while she lies in a bed of lettuce. The ball gag comes out and she gives him head until he decides to spread her and eat her a bit. He fucks her missionary style and then doggy style, pulling on her leather collar as he goes about his business, and then he pulls out and unloads into her mouth. Sativa's ass cheeks bounce really, really nicely in this scene. They're hypnotic.

Scene 8 - Teagan Presley And Sandra Shine: Teagan's got a weird blindfold thing on while Sandra uses a clear plastic paddle to softly whomp on her snatch through her undies. She holds her and plays with her tits and sucks on her neck a bit, eventually spreading her legs and eating her out after a good, long tease. Teagan goes down on her new best friend, cause fair is fair, and then the scene ends.

Scene 9 - Teagan Presley, Jayna Oslo And Mick Blue: Bringing things to a close, this last scene starts with Teagan playing with a golden pistol atop a white fur rug (very Bond!), licking it and teasing the camera. After the tease, Jayna and Mick come into the frame and the girls take his pants down and suck him off. Teagan rides him reverse cowgirl style and then Jayna is on all fours getting fucked with Teagan pulling him out to suck him off now and then. Jayna gets it up the ass, with some ass to mouth action from Teagan, and then the girls kneel for the inevitable facial.

There's no doubt that Teagan's still got it, but did she really need to have her tits done? Sigh... I know it was a while ago but seeing her again in this beautifully shot feature kinda hammered it home a bit. But I digress, back to the feature at hand. This is an interesting one. Celeste spends as much, if not more time, on the build up here than she does on the actual sex scenes and the result is some pretty interesting softer hardcore action. The entire thing is shot incredibly well, almost painterly in spots, and the eye for detail and lavish production values ensure that if nothing else this feature looks great. That said, know what you're getting before you go into this one, as if you want raw, unfiltered hardcore, this won't do it for you. It's artsy and dreamlike and at times unusual, if always inspired and interesting.



Teagan: Erotique looks very good in this 1080p AVC 1.78.1 anamorphic widescreen transfer. There's a good amount of detail present not only on the performers but also in the sets and backgrounds/sets used in the production. There aren't any issues at all with compression artifacts or edge enhancement while color reproduction and skin tones look excellent throughout. Eagle-eyed viewers may spot just a hint of shimmer here and there but you do have to be looking for it to notice it. That said, be wary going in if you have an aversion to filtering, as a fair bit of it has been done here to give the film a very specific look. It works, and it makes for a very pretty picture, but it might irk those who want their detail unobscured and their porn shot under harsh lighting.


The sole audio track on this Blu-ray release is a 48 kHz 448 kbps Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound mix in English. The audio on this release is fine but it isn't as impressive as the transfer is. Dialogue stays clean and clear throughout and the levels are all properly balanced. The score sounds good and there aren't any problems with background hiss or distortion at all. The audio here won't blow you away but it certainly won't disappoint you either even if there isn't a whole lot of rear channel action worth noting.


A fifteen minute behind the scenes featurette is the only real extra on this disc. Check it out for some footage of the girls goofing around on set and enjoying some Arizona Iced Tea and to get a look at them as they get into makeup and prep for their scenes. At this point, if you've seen one Digital Playground making off you're going to know exactly what to expect, though at least this one includes a piss recipe. No really.

Motion menus, seven Digital Playground trailers, a still gallery, contact info, and scene selection make up the rest of the supplements on this release.

Final Thoughts:

You know, this is an interesting experiment but honestly I'm not sure who it's going to appeal to. It's too softcore to appeal to the gonzo crowd and too hardcore to appeal to the softcore crowd, which I guess leaves fans of more avant-garde porn left and that's kind of a small niche. That said, Teagan's got a pretty sizeable fan base, most of whom will appreciate seeing her look as good as she does here in high def. I'm going to recommend the release, but with the caveat that even by Digital Playground standards it plays pretty safe, though at least it does so with loads of style and class.

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