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Studio: Titan » Review by Horn Dog DC » Review Date: 5/31/09

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Genre: Gay

Director: Richie Oldman

Cast: John Alvarez, Andy O'Neill, Atticus Aron, David Novotny, Alex Valenta, Mark Zebro, Milan Johanson, Eric Tomfor


Date of Production:
July 10, 2008

A bunch of uncut Czech guys have lots of outdoor sex. The title opens with a credit sequence that shows snippets from secens through the movie. This may be something that TitanMen.com routinely does as I have seen it on other titles. Once it runs (about 2 minutes) there is a whole second credit sequence.

Scene one:
Two guys are hitchhiking on a country road. A guy in an Audi station wagon picks them up. They have small talk which is subtitled. Next thing they are parking in the woods at a closed gate. The three walk past the gate into a compound. The driver tells the two to have a seat at the picnic table and to look at his video camera. Footage cuts to the start of a three-way. Eventually we zoom in on that through the viewfinder, and it becomes the real scene. They are on a deck in a big black leather chair. It takes no time before all of their clothes have vanished though conspicuously jeans are gone while shoes/boots remain on. All three guys are extremely hot and smooth. Mutual oral ensues after brief swordplay. Their goofy Euro-footwear is a little distracting. They all shoot (shown multiple times from different angles occassionally) and then move on to the anal. Some of the sound editting is a little off.

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For some reason the scene fades and the guys have moved into the woods where they toss down a blue blanket and start up again (not sure the reason for the location change) with more swordplay. One is getting eaten while blowing the third. There is a considerable amount of spitting on the asshole leading to a brief finger fuck. The one getting blown swaps and then starts anal with lube that has materialized from thin air. The bottom has a nicely fuzzy hole. The guys switch again and roll the bottom onto his back from the all fours position. They swap again with the bottom now squatting to get fucked. He is pretty impressive at maintaining the position for an exentended period without a problem taking it while giving head. Money shots all around, they all awkwardly kiss and then they just walk off further into the woods leaving the blanket behind. The footage dissolves back to the videocamera perspective then fades to black.

Scene two:
Back at the compound, the driver is walking out with 3 glasses of water. The hitchhikers are actually sitting under a canopy and it is raining. The driver gets a cellphone call and excuses himself to thee "north gate", leaving the hitchhikers to grope on another. They are wearing goofy Euro-jeans and similarly styles shoes. The chemistry is a little unnatural. The positions they attempt doing 69 on the picnic table are clumsy at best. One of them has a Playboy bunny tattoo near his crotch that is distracting. He's also a little too rough with his partner when receiving head. The rain hitting the canopy is loud and distracting. The money shots are partially in slow motion at some points. One of them gets a real face-full. The make out and then walk off hand in hand.

They walk naked up to a bench with an orange blanket on it a start up again for the anal segment. Assplay leads to rimming then full on anal. I will admit that the top is quick and able getting the condom on! However the sex is still just meh. Money shots, goofy kiss and then walk back the way they came, arms wrapped around each other..

Scene three:
A sedan pulls up and three guys come out to meet the driver who tells them to start chopping wood. They take turns briefly until to of the guys just start making out.20 After a few more chops, they're all in on the action. One of them is significantly shorter than the other two and has a huge southpaw going on (his penis curves downward). Kissing leads to oral. Southpaw does most of the work to start then thre-way oral. The other two guys are very hot, making Andy O'Neill the submissive of the group. Money shots onto O'Neill. They walk off.

Next they're walking up to another woodpile which has a brown blanket next to it on a stump. They resume and ramp up to taking turns topping O'Neill who is bottoming and giving oral at the same time. Eventually money shots and then they walk off camera, fade to black and credits.

Billed as "Bonus Content" there is a "Behind the Scenes" feature (1:42) that shows them making the feature. Not really worth anything.
"Cumshots" feature (15:42) shows every money shot (seemingly from another camera angle?) in the feature back to back however it seems to lack the dubbing.
There is a scene selection option to jump to one of the three scenarios and chapter stops where you'd expect them.

Audio/Video Quality:
The video was very good for 16:9 animorphic widescreen presentation with a stereo soundtrack.  It is really too bad that it was so gloomy weather-wise during the fil iming. What little dialogue there is is subtitled

Final Thoughts:
There was nothing extrodinary about this title. The goofy setup with the hitchhikers was barely followed through and might as well have been dumped entirely. Also I was never really clear which actor was which from the photos on the box nor why it was really called Tinderbox besides the obvious. That everyone always had on footwear was a little silly too.  It is too bad that a title which sported such good technical aspects didn't really bring the heat. It is just fairly generic gay porn. Rent it.

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