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Jack's POV 3

Studio: Digital Playground » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 6/10/09

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Jack's POV 3 Blu-ray

Digital Playground

Genre: Gonzo

Director: Robby D.

Cast: Sunny Lane, Eric Masterson, Riley Shy, Jerry, Devon Lee, James Deen, Holly Wellin, Scott Nails, Kinzie Kenner, Marco Banderas/Duato

Length: 125.5 minutes

Date of Production: 4/8/2006

Extras: The standardized extras were a photogallery, slide show and some trailers.

Condoms: One

Audio/Video Quality: Jack's POV 3 Blu-ray was presented in the same 1.78:1 ratio  widescreen color it was shot in by director Robby D. using the same High Definition 1080 resolution and AVC codec he's been learning/using for a long time now at Digital Playground. While an increasing number of others are claiming to shoot in HD now, the simple fact is that they're mostly well behind the curve since they started so late in the game, further elevating the likely quality of Digital Playground's upcoming high definition releases by comparison (especially in porn, the HD format is quite unforgiving). Okay, the lighting here was once again solid yet basic, providing the means by which the fleshtones were accurate, the grain minimal, and the video noise nonexistent. The composition of the shots here was a point of view (POV) style, though unlike most in the industry, Robby himself did not partake of the action so that makes it more difficult to get right (although it does tend to lower the amount of camera shake compared to the others since they have gals bouncing on their cocks) with the meat puppets standing between him and his goal. In all though, he did a fine job of getting them looking their best with minimal male facial shots to distract the viewer from the illusion that they are the one getting the hotty, surpassing his initial effort in the series (Jack's POV) by more than a little bit. I've pointed out in the past how the growing market for such POV titles seems directly related to the success of the Virtual Sex line that put Digital Playground on the map and this being their fourth point of view (POV) gonzo release, it seems appropriate to mention it here too. Robby has long held that he can shoot any form of porn at least as good as anyone else (proving this statement time and again with his erotica material with Celeste, his gonzo with the multitude of Jack's series, and the features of his that I miss seeing these days) so his entry into the POV market was expected, and equally well handled, marking him as a directorial renaissance man in porn. The 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround English audio was a bit more basic than usual, lacking the kind of separation between the channels that features would need and the erotica material would have (by virtue of the music, not the usually missing vocal track), but it seemed as well handled as the extensive work of his peers.

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Body of Review: Robby D. has been the subject of much speculation in recent years as the kind of director that has enough technical skill to allow him to experiment with various porn formats (as opposed to fucking them up and calling it "art" after the fact as is common these days). Proving his critics wrong by taking the gonzo world by storm in the last few years, Robby has allowed his on-screen persona of Jack to do all the talking needed, mainly by offering up some kick ass porn that anyone could stroke to in abundant quantities and doing his own thing rather than chase the pack of peers as others are want to do. His latest effort is the recently released Jack's POV 3 Blu-ray, another point of view extravaganza fine tuned with the assistance of Joey Pulgadas and Nick P. like POV 2. Once again, a number of capable meat puppets fill in for Jack as they boned the living daylights out of the ladies, with every scene proving not only stroke worthy but highly replayable. With only one condom used in the entire show, here's a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting Robby did another fine job of combining comedy and action:

Scene One: Sunny Lane, an extremely cute gal with long hair and an appealingly youthful face, was up first as Jack tried to see how her handiwork was coming along in the building of a stage. She claimed to be hungry and the camera cut away to her sucking off the cock of Eric Masterson in POV style as the series is known for. This was the first time I was happy to see him shielded since it proved his identity beyond reproach (it'd be pretty gay to be able to identify a guy strictly by his cock alone) but the condom did not impact the heat of the scene any for me. Sunny has brown tremendously in the last year with regard to her sexual skills and her combination of playfulness and enthusiasm made it a sweet hummer to watch as she tried a variety of techniques on his rod. Her eye contact alone enhanced the scene further and I admit that scenes like this elevate my desire to see her elsewhere too. The vaginal screwing was also sweet in how active she was at riding his cock, sheathed or not, pumping up and down on it with that milky white ass we all love to watch. Her purring and other vocals were good and the opening scene proved to be a complete success for me in all ways. Yes!

Scene Two: Riley Shy, another cutie but this time with dark rec hair and powerful legs (like those of a dancer), was up next with Jerry in the large bed after some auditioning for the music video. Jack gave the standard line about how perfect she'd be and wanted to see her lack of inhibitions (if you listen closely though, you'll think he was a bit confused though) and she went from wearing a sexy little black and blue outfit to nothing at all. Her pretty eyes and coy manner of working his meat pipe over added to the fun (thankfully, "Jack's" voice switched to that of Jerry or I'd have been in a bind to positively identify him) but surprisingly, it was her vocals that elevated the initial action the most for me. Her tease was good enough that I was all set to commission a music video starring Meat Manly (my porn name) singing the happy song of joy but while I have admired her oral skills previously, my wallet wasn't going to open if she didn't turn up the juice during the vaginal screwing portion of the scene (no matter how good she blew him). I'm happy to report that this was probably her most active riding scene to date and was the second to elevate my rating of a gal (two for two; excellent average, yes?). The pop shot landed on her abdomen, all over it in fact, and she was another treasure to admire here.

Scene Three: Devon Lee, a busty blonde with big breasts, was up next as she walked around the house picking up dirty laundry in her blue jean shorts and tiny top. If she ever needs a place to crash, I'll let her stay with me as long as she's going to play maid (heck, I'll even buy her a French Maid's outfit to make it official) but as soon as she mentioned the possibility of sex for a part in the music video, the scene drastically edited into her blowing the cock of a hairy little guy wearing socks that we've come to know as James Deen. His identity was easy thanks to those factors and his scrawny physique but she treated his cock as though it were as large as Cody Bangs's endowment, working him over like a top notch oral queen would do. There were times when she seemed mechanically going through the paces but then she'd kind of catch herself and attack him with renewed vigor as she stroked him off into her mouth. Too polite to talk with her mouth full, she continued the relative silence as he got a titty fuck from her with the occasional comment to spice things up. I liked the moment where he played with her fleshy round ass and only wish it lasted longer (though he could have ditched those gay yellow wristbands as mementos of the 1970's while he was at it). She pumped away on his shaft as it pierced her pussy nicely, proving she has the desire to ride cock as well as anyone in contemporary porn. After a few more positions, they did another titty fuck and he knocked out the largest load I recall him providing in a long time.

Scene Four: Holly Wellin, another curvy gal worth watching, was up next as she attempted to pay plumber Scott Nails for his services with her body. I liked her accent but her make up looked terrible so I'm glad Jack spent more time showing off her curvy ass as she fingered that tight dark ass of hers. Her manner of enticement aside, I admit that were I in the same position, I'd offer to go halfsies with her (reducing the bill in half for as much of her mouth, pussy, and ass as I could handle in a given weekend) but she did provide enough dirty girl action in the small confined bathroom to make it work. She blew him like a nasty cock hound, looking up with those pretty blue eyes of hers as she aggressively worked his cock over orally. This was the most active blowjob of the show to this point and while it lacked finesse, it wouldn't have lacked my semen in about ten seconds had I been on the receiving end of it. The sloppy hummer gave way to her gyrating on his cock in her ass, a treat by any standard for those who like active anal riding. They did a few positions of that and she cleaned him off with some ATM, resulting in Scott busting a large nut on her face that she licked up and swallowed. This was a scene that going into it, I thought it would be lame but she changed my mind in no time.

Scene Five: Kinzie Kenner, the hotty on the front DVD cover, was up next as Marco Banderas/Duato attempted to imitate Jack with the standard lines about the music video but in Spanish. She didn't understand him as he pawed her and the humor of the scene grew as he continued to feel her great body up with her working the tease angle very nicely. They essentially understood just enough to know that she'd get some music video work if she continued to let him play with her with her responses coaxing him to continue in the living room set up. He got naked and she did what came naturally with her oral skills moving from slightly awkward newbie to skilled veteran in no time at all. The titty fuck was minimal but it gave her the opportunity to provide more dirty talk, leading to them actively boning in her sweet little cookie. The POV angle on her ass was great and her talking kept it heated with the couple swapping positions several times (both of them fingering her ass at one point but refraining from doing full anal). It was fun, full of chemistry, and had a replay value higher than average due to the way they seemed to enjoy the action. It ended with the nut to the face as expected, though she didn't swallow it down. Still, it was a great way to end this very fine movie.

Summary: Jack's POV 3 showed that the first two volumes by Robby D. were no flukes. At the risk of sounding like his bitch, I'm beginning to wonder where he'll go from here considering how he managed to take some marginal hotties and convert them into the kind of ladies we'd all like to meet in a dark alley somewhere. The levels of fuck for the buck were exceptional, the casting better than a list of names could possibly define, and the technical values used to enhance each and every one of them, I figured this was worth a rating of Recommended for raincoater and general porn fans alike. I wish the extras were better but considering how solid the scenes were, I can't fuss too loudly at the package offered up. In short, Jack's POV 3 in the high definition Blu-ray format was a nice visual upgrade but not truly enough to merit paying so much extra money for in my book so unless you have significant resources to afford the upgrade, this might be kind of pricy (but if you missed out the first time, it was definitely worthy of consideration, just not so much as a double dip).

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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