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Blame It On Savanna

Studio: Vivid » Review by Apache Warrior » Review Date: 6/6/09

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genre: Feature

Director: Paul Thomas

Cast: Savanna Samson, Meggan Mallone, Raquel Devine, Renae Cruz, Voodoo, Sean Michaels, Alex Gonz, Chris Charming

Savanna Samson

Savanna Samson

Length: 2:20:27

Date of Production: 9/23/2008

Extras: There is a very good Behind the Scenes package. Many of the items, but not all range from film shots of the performers' scenes, photo shots of Savanna in a hot tub, and Voodoo's and Meggan's antics on the set.The most memorable component occurs at the very end of the BTS footage which is the attack of the bees. Personally, I would not want anyone on the set to be harmed. While filming, bees stung Savanna twice. It's due to her professionalism that no one could tell that she was injured during the movie. There are five bonus scenes from Vivid movies. They are Going Deep with Savanna, Strip Tease, Milfwood USA, Funny Bone with Savanna, and I Love My Ass. I will go into length on each one after I have written down the five major scenes. There is a very nice looking photo gallery. A set of very good informational Vivid previews are also offered. They are Flashback, Sex in Dangerous Places, Throat: A Cautionary Tale, Undress Me, and Tristan Taormino's Expert Guide to Anal Pleasure for Men. A positions room menu is provided in which the viewer can bypass a lot of the action in a scene and head straight to a particular sex act such as pussy eating, blow job, doggie, missionary, and cum shot. There are also advertisements for Vivid products.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: The audio quality is good. It's not difficult to hear the dialogue. As to the video quality, the outdoor scenes are extremely well done. Paul Thomas uses the natural elements to his advantage. The viewer can sense that one is at the scene of the deed and can feel the climactic elements on one's skin. Despite having the Savanna-Meggan scene in a dark setting, their hot chemistry and the sensual mood make it very fitting. In an overall observation, when there are shadows in a scene, it does not distract the viewer from any of the sexual action. This Vivid feature is shot in High Definition.


Overview: Blame It On Savanna is a Vivid Entertainment feature film from the number one adult studio. It stars one of its most popular and talented contract actresses Savanna Samson. She has won numerous AVN awards. Some of her recent films have been Where The Boys Aren't 19, Gotcha!, and Going Deep. Her trademark smile and pretty face makes it very easy to recognize her from a crowd. Since I was raised in the California Wine Country, Savanna's skills as a winemaker really stands out to me. Her wine company is Savanna Wines. As to Blame It On Savanna, she plays Peaches whose husband never has any time for her and is always cheating on her. It's a shame that his character is not present in the movie. She and her best friend played by Raquel Devine head off to the woods for a vacation with their sons. Alex Gonz is Savanna's kid and Voodoo is Ms. Devine's kin. Fellow Vivid contract star Meggan Mallone and Renae Cruz play coeds who meet the womens' kids. Sean Michaels stars in the role of Voodoo's father and Chris Charming plays the husband of Ms. Devine. The cast is a solid mix of actors.


Voodoo, Renae Cruz, Meggan Mallone, Alex Gonz

Voodoo, Meggan Mallone, Renae Cruz, Alex Gonz

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Scene One: Nature Girls: Renae Cruz and Meggan Mallone are making out in the natural setting. Voodoo and Alex Gonz are looking on and rubbing their groins. The guys have a very good vantage point during the ladies' pussy eating and titty playing activities. The women make a solid couple. Minutes later, the eager men join in on the fun. Alex kisses Meggan. Next, the two beauties give head. Renae continues with her sticky blowjob as her friend gets her lovebox stimulated. Noticing that Meggan is enjoying herself greatly, Miss Cruz wants to feel what her pal is experiencing. However, Voodoo gives her an added rush by fingering her asshole. Then, Alex has the double pleasure of having Renae suck his dick and Meggan sit on his mouth. The action quickly changes to Alex doggying Meggan and Voodoo spooning Renae. Thus far, Miss Cruz steals away the focus among the quartet of players. Her performance is by far the most memorable. Next, Mr. Gonz mishes Miss Mallone while the Voodoo stud reverse cowgirls Miss Cruz. Afterwards, Meggan sucks her partner's rod before riding it. Paul Thomas has a good handling in creating very effective and entertaining outdoor sex scenes. He really knows how to use nature's elements to his advantage. I like how the sun hits their bodies. Renae is sitting on top of her guy as he munches on her muffin and she pleasures his long tool. After Alex screws Miss Mallone while holding her above his waist, the women switch partners. This transaction does not distract the viewer's attention away from Renae's stranglehold of the scene. While getting screwed beside each other, Renae answers this notion in a very noticeable and affirmable manner. Alex screws Renae cowgirl style and also sticks his finger in her butthole. Voodoo doggies Meggan. Later on, both ladies get fucked from behind. Soon, both of them suck their new partner's cocks. The close-ups of Renae's anal doggie screw along with her moans enhances the painful joy that she is experiencing. After Meggan's doggie fuck, she receives Voodoo's cum pop to sample. Moments later, Alex unleashes his own sperm shake for Renae to taste. Miss Cruz tastes both cocks one at a time before kissing and fondling her best friend.


Savanna Samson, Meggan Mallone

Scene Two: A Lucky Night: Voodoo and Meggan Mallone are fooling around on the porch and they do not notice a naked Savanna Samson in the hot tub immediately. When the couple are in Voodoo's room, Miss Mallone performs a blowjob on the smittened fellow. However, he has his eyes on the beautiful woman in the hot water outside his room. Later on, the couple watch Ms. Samson tease them from the tub. Afterwards, the scene shifts into the house where Meggan is asleep. A seductive Savanna enters the room and lays next to her. The young lady awakens and they kiss. The setting is dark. Ms. Samson works on the woman's tits orally. The scene feels very sensual. It's partly on account of the background music and the heat between the two ladies. Miss Mallone lays on her back as Savanna tastes her body. Her oral treatment on Meggan's plaything is hot. The tight close-up of Savanna's face shows the audience her piercing, seductive eyes. There are shadows present when the beautiful starlet fingers her pussy. The women kiss and then, Miss Mallone has her way with Savanna. Ms. Samson's body looks extremely gorgeous as she lays on her back to take in the woman's oral gift. Later, Meggan initiates the scissors action. Savanna also fingers her jewel. Then, the starlet leaves the room.


Voodoo, Savanna Samson, Meggan Mallone

Scene Three: Midnight Threesome: Savanna Samson enters the living room where Voodoo is sleeping. She looks very sexy while she lusts over him. He awakens and they start to kiss. It does not take long for her to obtain his rod inside her mouth. Her cocksuck is hot. Those eyes of hers are very telling. Afterwards, he works on her beauty spot. At times, her pretty smile is shown and it really touches one's gut. Then, the seductress returns to pleasuring his dick. Meanwhile, Meggan Mallone is watching the action by the window on the porch. Soon, she joins the twosome. Miss Mallone kisses her and then, they share his hot cock. Savanna's energy level heightens with the addition of the female hottie. Her cocksucking enthusiasm has hit another speed. She sucks his balls extremely well. Voodoo doggies the coed while she eats the woman's rose. Then, Meggan humps her as the man continues his screw on the hottie. Next, the guy's fantasy comes true when he finally screws his mother's best friend. Miss Mallone feels the blond bombshell's tits. Savanna sucks on Meggan's breast. Later, the young woman rubs her clit during the screwing action. Ms. Samson is getting off quite well. Then, Meggan rides Voodoo's cock. His great pumping action is shown when he rapidly drills the coed's lovebox. Savanna sucks his cock and sticks it back into the young woman's flower. Next, the starlet sits on top of the couch where Meggan is able to taste her body during the cowgirl ride. Later, Savanna lays beside them as she plays with her own plaything. Voodoo gets to touch it too. Then, she has her opportunity to bounce on his pelvic area. Ms. Samson smiles a lot during her ride. Meggan thumb rubs the woman's clit. She also sucks on her tit. Afterwards, the seductress sucks cock as he fingers Miss Mallone's pussy. Savanna sticks Voodoo's manhood into Meggan's peach. The scene shifts to where the stud takes turns doggying the women. Soon, the blond beauty eats the young lady's muffin during Meggan's doggie fuck. Finally, the two ladies share his dick right before he shoots his load at their receptive mouths.


Raquel Devine, Chris Charming

Chris Charming, Raquel Devine

Scene Four: Husband and Wife: Chris Charming puts his moves on his wife played by Raquel Devine. She gets turned on by his romantic gesture. They feel each other's bodies. The couple kiss. They move to another location. He sucks her tits out in nature. Savanna Samson shows up and watches them. She also talks to the viewer about her loveless life. Then, Raquel gives him a sexy blowjob. She has a hot looking body. A tit fuck occurs. Next, she lays down and removes her clothing so that her man can give her a love fuck. Her dirty talk is very effective. The woman sucks his meaty sausage to taste herself. Now, Chris lays on his back so that he can pump his cock into her. Her hot dirty talk continues. Their intensity is quite good. A 69 follows. The close-ups of her movement on his cock in the reverse cowgirl position are cool. Raquel Devine's body is hot. It is no wonder why her husband acts so horny when he is near her. She gives a great effort in her performance. A cowgirl and missionary screws follow. Her face looks very seductive and joyful. Their chemistry is sensational. At the end, she strokes him with two hands and he cums on her beautiful tits.


Savanna Samson, Sean Michaels

Savanna Samson, Sean Michaels

Scene Five: That's Entertainment: Savanna Samson fools around with Sean Michaels while she is on top of a motorcycle. The beauty is wearing a sexy bra, panties, and heels. The man kisses her right foot. He immediately moves up her leg until he reaches her beauty spot. Ms. Samson looks amazing as she is stretched out on the bike. Her sex spot is very wet. Mr. Michaels does a very good job fingering her while tasting her sweet juices. Next, his clothes come off. She sucks his long hard rod. Next, she struts for him topless. Afterwards, he focuses his work on Savanna's pretty ass and snatch. Later, the woman squats down to suck his cock. Then, she rides it while facing him. Her backside looks hot. He tastes her jewel again. Right before the doggie action, a camera man is easily noticeable beside Sean. However, it does not take away the effectiveness of the doggie performance. A missionary screw occurs. The rattling sound of the bike could be heard during that screw. They move away from the motorcycle where she strokes his cock and they kiss. Her body is very beautiful as she stands next to Sean. Then, Savanna sucks his cock again. He backs away from the scene so that the starlet can have the stage by herself. She teases him. Soon, Savanna walks towards the man for her reverse cowgirl ride. The close-ups of her pearl and face are attention grabbers. Later, an anal reverse cowgirl hump occurs. It's looks good. She gets off him and they kiss. They move toward the stairs. An anal fuck from behind takes place. Her trademark smile is very present. Finally, Mr. Michaels jacks off as she catches as much of his load as she can.

Bonus Scene One: Going Deep (Savanna Samson and Voodoo): Voodoo fingers Savanna Samson's pretty flower before she gives him an oral present. She has a very seductive look during her bj session. Next, the audience finally sees the blond sexpot's smile when the man pumps her missionary style. The remaining moments of this scene are a good showcase of Savanna Samson's sexy body language while Voodoo satisfies her.

Bonus Scene Two: Strip Tease (Meggan Mallone and James Deen): Their scene begins while they kiss. Both actors fondle each other in the nude. Soon, the brunette vixen sucks his sword briefly. After some titty playing with his dick, James Deen drills Meggan Mallone's love biscuit as she is on his lap. Next, the man is eating her tasty morsel to prepare it for his mish job. When the time comes, his long hot dog does a good job on her sexy bun. His energetic performance continues through his doggie moments. The climactic activity comes during their tit fuck session.

Bonus Scene Three:  Milfwood USA (India Summer and James Deen): From the start, James Deen is eating the cougar's muffin played by India Summer. A screw from behind occurs in which India's vocal actions shows gratitude. Then, the woman provides a nice oral rub down on his rod before he enters her again. She rubs her clit during James' treat to her. The semi-dark setting enhances their animalistic sex romp. Her energetic cocksucking talents along with his humping abilities really affirm this notion. Her ongoing dirty vocal abilities also provide support to that claim. Finally, he cums on her pelvic region.

Bonus Scene Four: Funny Bone (Savanna Samson, Sienna West, and Derrick Pierce): Savanna Samson sucks cock. Then, Sienna West sucks her tits. While Ms. Samson continues her blowjob, the other woman rubs her ass and spanks it. Soon, Ms. West sucks Derrick Pierce's dick. Savanna takes off her own panties. A 69 occurs with Ms. Samson on top of Mr. Pierce. Sienna gets into the ball sucking action. Soon, she tastes the other lady's snatch. Afterwards, both women share his rod orally. Next, Savanna rides the man as the other female looks on. Afterwards, Ms. West focuses on Savanna's peach as the guy screws Sienna. Later, he has his turn with Ms. Samson as Sienna concentrates on her breasts. Then, he cums on her bod.

Bonus Scene Five: I Love My Ass (Renae Cruz and Van Damage): Renae Cruz is sucking Van Damage's manhood in a sensual manner. A raw looking 69 occurs. There are shadows on the wall during the doggie moments. Even though the action is not lightning fast, there is an intensity that surrounds the scene. She takes a sip of his hose before he pushes it inside her the missionary way. They do have chemistry. Then, Van Damage gives her a mouthful of his man juice.

Final Thoughts: Blame It On Savanna is a good showcase vehicle for Savanna Samson to show the audience why her fans adore her so much. Regardless of her gorgeous appearance and seductive talents, it's her personality that sets her apart from other starlets. In this movie, there are several moments when Our Miss Savanna talks straight to the viewer and tells him about her character's personal thoughts about her life. She is very likable and we feel sorry for her. We understand why her character acts the way she does in this movie. Raquel Devine and Savanna look good together and it was unfortunate that they did not have more scenes with each other. Also, it would had been nice to have seen Savanna's character's husband since she mentions him throughout the film. Nevertheless, Paul Thomas wrote and directed an entertaining movie and Vivid placed the correct star as the lead. I recommend this feature presentation.

Apache Warrior

Apache W
[email protected]     

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