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It's a Mommy Thing 4

Studio: Elegant Angel » Review by Marine Hardcore » Review Date: 6/6/09

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genre: MILF/Vignettes
Condoms: No
Director:  Patrick Collins
Length:  3:00
Date of Production:  12-20-08
Cast:   JuliaAnn, Melissa Monet, Missy Stone, Francesca Le, Totally Tabitha, Cameron Love,
Roxanne Hall
SpecialFeatures:  Behind the Scenes, Cumshot
Recap, Photo Gallery, Trailers, Website Info, and More Adult Fun
Audio/Video Quality:  Pretty good.
Overview: This is your typical MILF picture made above average by beautiful women, soft, classical music backing some of the scenes and the house(s) they are shooting in are very upscale and beautiful. Julia Ann is in and any disc with her in it is a keeper. There are two girl/girl scenes withstuds appearing late in the action.
Scene 1
Julia Ann plays a stepmom who returns home from a partying all night to her stepson who is couch-based and texting, tweeting, or playing Tetris on a PDA of some kind--who knows?. He has a drink by him and a sweater draping his shoulders, violin music playing and the whole thing smacks of money, intellectual elite relaxing, and money. Julia Ann breaks a heel on her stilettos getting out of her black Mercedes and limps in tired and frustrated.

She snatches the drink and flops down beside her stepson, her black-hosed legs askew and giving the young guy quick beaver shots now and then as they chat about the Dad being somewhere else and how the son is just as good as he is. Julia Ann plays a prima-donna and challenges him a little. He takes her up on it and thrusts a hand between her legs and feels her tits through a black camisoleof some design that encases them tightly.
This scene is really energetic and Julia Ann is more active and athletic here than I have seen her in some time. She appears to get off in all of the positions, rubbing herself furiously, her nipples at full mast and her teeth baring, urging the shithead to fuck her harder. She is vocal and loud and the nylons on her great legs make for a fantasy sex scene that you can't take your eyes off of. She has been wearing those a lot lately and I am getting used to it. I love lingerie and any movie with a lot of it scores more in my book. When Julia Ann is in the flick and she is wearing lingerie, Whammo!
Great facial at the end and boy does she look great! Did Isay that already?

Scene 2

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Melissa Monet plays a whore who has married up and has found a sweet young thing to take under wings, having brought her back from a coffee house to her sugar daddy's mansion. The young girl, Missy Stone agrees, but Melissa warns her she has to put in the effort. Melissa asks Missy to dress up and later, when she has, Melissa seduces her quietly behind some classical music. Melissa makes some sex toys appear like magic and masturbates Missy on the couch, making her squirt like a fountain! Melissa is soft spoken and inherently dangerous in her seduction, the young girl having no chance to resist at all.

There is a lot of kissing and rubbing and the scene moves at a perfect pace for the viewer to get good and excited. They eat each other and both have multiple orgasms, especially Missywith her eruptions of girl cum. This scene will have a lot of reply value.
A tattooed stud shows up and Mom and her new young lady take turns fucking him hard with a lot mentoring by Mom. She gets hers, of course, even while continuing her teaching. After multiple positions they share a load from the stud and kiss each other passionately with cum covered lips and faces. Both areflushed with sex and it is a very hot scene! The guy is not something to write home about but is hung and I guess that is the only requirement.

Scene 3
This scene stars Francesca Le, another great vet of the porn
industry, and looking simply gorgeous at whatever age she is at right now. I
had seen she was back in the game and had not caught her until lately when I
acquired a few new discs, mostly MILF genre stuff. Man, I was missing a lot and have
bookmarked her everywhere for getting all her new stuff. A fantastic body and
probably the best in porn right now--no bullshit.
In this set up she opens the scene with her masturbating into the camera, loudly and with a long vibrator. A guy comes to her room, tries the door and finding it locked, goes to his room and listens to her through the walls. She finishes and crawls off the bed on all fours toward the camera, a lioness looking for more. A quick cut to both her and the guy next morningat breakfast where, dressed in a black satin robe barely concealing her body,
she tells him he cannot look at her like she is his girlfriend. He is duly chastised, but then she takes him to the living room and once seated, she proceeds to ask if he hears her touching herself? She questions him if he would like to see her and without waiting uncovers a tit and pulls on her nipple, her legs swaying back and forth until she spreads them, asking if he would like tosee her pussy. Jeez! What a question!
Le moves into to suck him, which she does with a lot moaning and movement of her delicious ass as well. They kiss with a lot of tongue and he sucks her huge nipples a lot. This guy is good looking and helps the scene. The stud licks her ass hole and pussy while Francesca spreads her cheeks and urges him along. She rides him in various positions and she masturbates herself all the time. Francesca is a great vocal sex partner, hitting the nasty tonejust right and making her lovers reach a high bar of performance. Her body is
just great and the pop shot she takes to her face is well-done and she happily sucks
the kid dry. Exquisite!
Scene 4
This scene opens with Mom caressing her daughter in a bedroom. Totally Tabitha is her blonde mom and she is well-built with big boobs (do I call her Totally?) and Cameron Love plays her red-headed daughter, small, thin, with smaller tits but a sexy look. Cameron licks her Mom's pussy which, conveniently, is easy because of the black lace crotchless panties she wearing (do all Mom's wear these?). The scene is slow and erotic because of the pace, the Mom moving her hands ever slowly and the daughter responding at the same pace. Mom sucks her daughter's feet and that is a little interesting, knowing the perceived relationship. When they talk they whisper and the whole scene is really charged up with musk. Missy gets her Mom off in a hot segment by using a Pocket Rocket and then asks her to fuck and suck her boyfriend. With an evil eye Mom agrees, asking, "Do you want me to fuck him for you? Do you want me tosuck his dick for you?" Wow!
The boyfriend himself is a dweeb and took away a little form the setup, but both ladies do him with gusto, helping each other fuck and suck and using vibrators. The cum shot is good with the daughter urging her Mom to taste his cum, which she does happily, licking it up off the guys stomach. Whata family!
Scene 5
This scene stars Roxanne Hall as a hired Mommy (read whore) who visits a client at a mansion. The guy is a little touched and wears hose and hair berets like a woman. Roxanne starts to put a disposable diaper on him but instead strokes his dick and dominates him verbally like any good Mommy will do. She leans back on the bed and spreads her legs and bares her tits and looks great in a purple dress. She is very well-built with great nipples and niceskin. Her verbal teases are very hot.
They fuck real hard and Roxanne gets really into along with the guy. But the sex is a little rough for me with an awful lot of butt, tit, and even face slapping. He fucks her ass and it is a really nasty scene with Roxanne saying "Fuck yeah" a lot, rubbing her pussy and getting off. Sheorgasms and rolls off the bed, spent and barely able to move, but he gets her
back on the bed and gets back at it. As he cums on her face she says, "YourMommy loves you".
Summary: Mommy Thing 4, directed by Patrick Collins for Elegant Angel, gets a HighlyRecommended from me.  I scored it this way primarily for the first four scenes, which were very sexy, erotic, and extremely stimulating with a lot of replay value. There are and
will be little snippets you will want to see each time you view this disc and will be where you will want to spend those private moments with yourself or your lover. They do reach above the norm here. The last scene with Roxanne Hall left me feeling a little greasy and dirty, the baseness of the sex a little overwhelming and disturbing--too rough. I felt myself at times feeling for Roxanne being treated so nastily, but she came back for more and I can only wonder why? Well, that's my problem and like I have said in other reviews, this is why they make skip and FF buttons on your remotes. That one just didnot do it for me. Overall, a very good disc, though.

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