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Lesbian Retreat

Studio: Girlfriends Films » Review by Apache Warrior » Review Date: 6/9/09

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Genre: Lesbian, Milf

Director: ?

Cast: Kelly Leigh, Sydni Ellis, Kimber Lace, Trinity Post, Ariel X, Tori Secret, Candi-Girl (non-sex role)

Length: 149 minutes

Date of Production: 5/22/2009

Extras: Despite not having a Behind the Scenes segment, the twelve trailers give the viewer a very good sample of its titles in its stable. The eight promos are AVN 2009, Promo Trailers, Promo Trailers 2, Imperfect Angels, Lesbian Seductions, Lesbian Triangles, Women Seeking Women, and Road Queen . The four trailers are Mother-Daughter Exchange Club 5, Women Seeking Women 47, Lesbian Seductions 20, and Field of Schemes 2 . A nice looking photo gallery is also included. Of course, website information is added.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: The audio quality is good. However, as for the video quality, in some of the sex scenes the lighting is somewhat dark and it does not offer the women very good lighting that they deserve. The final sex scene of Kimber Lace and Tori Black does benefit in the darker setting on account of their sensual chemistry. Regardless, the overall video quality is adequate.

Overview: Lesbian Retreat Part 1: The Weavertown Mistake is the newest series for the studio Girlfriends Films. Their motto is "simply the most realistic sex in lesbian adult video." The front cover of the dvd case states this movie's setting in "just a weekend with the girls." As one may have noticed by these phrases, this prominent studio focuses on lesbian themes. This movie starts out as Tori Secret, Kelly Leigh, and Trinity Post are traveling to their retreat. During their ride, their truck overheats and they end up being stranded on the roadside. A nice Sydni Ellis offers them to stay overnight at her place so that the mechanic can look at their vehicle in the morning. Kimber Lace plays Sydni's girlfriend and Ariel X has the role of Kimber's best friend. Candi-Girl is the mechanic and is not involved in any sexual encounters.

Scene One: Kelly Leigh and Sydni Ellis are already on the bed and making out. Kelly, the middle woman in the second row on the dvd case cover, rubs her pussy and sucks her breast. The ladies make a good pair. She intensifies her rubbing on the woman's gemstone. Soon, Ms. Leigh begins to suck her sex spot with moments of fingering it. Kelly provides much energy on it. They kiss again later. After her rambunctious performance on Sydni's bush, Ms. Ellis plays with her partner's ass and snatch. Then, Sydni, the first woman in the second row from the left on the dvd cover, places her pelvic region onto Kelly's cute butt. Next, Ms. Leigh rolls over and Sydni lays on top of her so that she can hump their pussies against each other. The action is good. Ms. Ellis' enthusiastic fervor is solid. Later, Ms. Leigh has another opportunity to taste the woman's muffin as Sydni stimulates her own clit. Kelly gets on top of her. Then, she moves down her body to work on her flower with her bosoms. Next, they kiss and Kelly sucks her titty. The ladies kiss again and then, the female guest snuggles on her hostess.

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Scene Two: After talking about their fantasies, Kimber Lace teases Trinity Post. Soon, Trinity, the woman on her knees on the dvd cover, is domineering to the woman. They kiss. Miss Post rubs the lady's groin. As Kimber, the woman in the top row who is wearing a red bra on the dvd jacket, moves up the staircase backwards, Trinity crawls after her. They head to the bedroom. Both women are on the bed. Kimber rubs her own plaything as Trinity undresses a bit. Next, she humps Kimber. Afterwards, the woman tastes the woman's sexual playground and legs. Then, she lays on top of Miss Lace while they kiss. Kimber removes the lady's bra and Trinity ties the woman's wrists with it. Next, the woman sucks her breast and feels her pussy and body. Then, Miss Post positions herself so that Kimber can see her beauty spot up close. Soon, she plays with the tied-up lady's peach. Next, she humps the woman forcefully. They kiss again. Afterwards, Trinity removes the bra from Kimber's wrists. Soon, the free woman gets to rub and spank Miss Post's pussy with a good amount of fervor. Then, they rub their loveboxes together briefly. Next, Trinity spanks her ass. She also manually stimulates her gem before kissing it several times as Kimber rocks her plaything onto the woman's mouth. Her sex spot gets eaten moments later. After giving a nice treatment on Kimber's muffin, Trinity kisses her and a very brief scissors action occurs. Next, Kimber reciprocates the gesture. The close-ups are good. After tasting her pussy, Kimber kisses Trinity. Later, Miss Post eats the woman's pearl. They kiss again as Trinity is on top of her. She humps Kimber. Then, the lady orally concentrates on the woman's pearl again, but this time it is a bit more sensual than usual. Their eye contact is good. Trinity kisses Miss Lace as Miss Post humps her. Their sensational chemistry continues before Kimber leaves the room. Moments later, Trinity follows her.

Scene Three: After Sydni leaves the two women so that Kelly Leigh can get to know Ariel X better, Ariel is well aware that Ms. Leigh has the hots for her. Soon, she kisses Kelly. During their lip lock session, Ms. Leigh caresses her ass and hips. Ariel, the first woman on the top row on the left, takes off the woman's shirt. She feels her nice bosoms. Next, Ariel takes off her own shirt. She also takes off Kelly's bra and fondles her tits. Then, she squats down to suck her boobies. They head to a bedroom. On the bed, Ariel's bra comes off. Kelly sucks her breast. Then Miss Ariel removes Ms. Leigh's shorts and bottoms. She rubs her gem. Then, Kelly takes off Ariel's bottoms. Soon, the woman works on Ariel's pussy. Moments later, Kelly humps the woman and then, eats her nice looking passion fruit. They kiss. Kelly humps her. Their action is good. Next, Ariel orally goes to town on the lady's pleasure spot. Then, Ariel gets and puts on a strap-on dildo. Ms. Leigh sucks on the rubber penis briefly. Next, Miss Ariel works on Kelly's tunnel of love to prepare it for her upcoming fuck. Then, she inserts the rubber plaything into Kelly. Later, the woman gushes through her pussy. Ariel rubs her wet sponge. Next, Ms. Leigh sucks the woman's titty. Then, she tastes the lady's cute lovebox with much energy. Afterwards, they kiss as Ariel rubs Kelly's rose. Soon, she is tasting it again. She rubs and sucks it. While rubbing it again, Ariel makes Kelly's pussy wetter. Next, Ms. Leigh eats her snatch. Then, the ladies hump each other. Kelly tastes her pussy and then, she fingers it. Then, Kelly lays on top of her as they kiss. The woman sucks her tit. She also rubs her muffin and licks her body. Afterwards, Kelly lays on Ariel's body on her back. The woman caresses Ms. Leigh's bod. Her right heel rubs Kelly's clit. Then, she rubs her clit with her left hand. Then, they kiss. Soon, Kelly works on the imaginative lady's lovebox again. She has a lot of enthusiasm. Ariel is enjoying it a lot. Later, Kelly sucks Ariel's finger and thumb as the woman continues to rub her feminine plaything. Soon, she eats it again. Then, Ms. Leigh lays on top of Ariel and they kiss. Lastly, Kelly rests her head on the woman's chest.

Scene Four: Kimber Lace enters Tori Secret's bedroom while she is asleep. The woman awakens and notices the woman in her bed. They talk briefly. Next, the women kiss and start to make out. Kimber removes the blanket off of Tori and straddles the woman. They kiss. The woman humps Tori, the last woman in the second row from the left, with her pussy. Next, Miss Lace rubs Ms. Secret's passion fruit. She also pleasures the woman orally. Later, they kiss again. A nice looking scissors action follows. The women look incredible together. Then, Kimber lays on her back as Tori pleasures her. She kisses down her cute body until she reaches her beauty spot. Tori's gentle application is very sensual. Later, she humps Kimber. The mood of the scene feels very personal. They kiss again. Tori fingers Miss Lace's pretty flower. Then, the women caress each other. Soon, Ms. Secret gets on her hands and knees so that Kimber can work on her ass and snatch. Afterwards, they lay beside each other and kiss. Then, Kimber humps the woman. The intensity heightens a bit briefly. She and Tori kiss again and fondle each other lovingly. They kiss and Kimber leaves the room.

Final Thoughts: Girlfriends Films has a promising series. The pairings look very good together, but that element has always been a huge asset in their success. In addition, the sensual experience that this studio is known for is definitely present in their scenes. Most of the credit must go to the actresses. They do a good job in making their chemistry work with their partners. However, the main downside of this movie is that there is not sufficient development in the beginning of each episode at least what many loyal fans of their movies are accustomed to. Lesbian Retreat Part 1: The Weavertown Mistake is a rental and for many Girlfriends Films' fans, they will like this new series. The love for it will occur in time.

Apache Warrior

Apache W
[email protected]     

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