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Initiations #24

Studio: Anabolic » Review by Wind Tunnel » Review Date: 10/1/09

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Initiations 24
An Anabolic Release Directed by Ivan/Team Anabolic
Starring:  Katya, Shirley Dimples, Talia Tyler, Daphne Flor, Ryan Hunter, Robyn Truelove & Alice Bell
With:  Sascha, Tony T, Carlo Carrera, Eric Swiss, Justin Long & CJ Wright
Runtime:  2hrs 58min
Condoms?:  None

Brief Synopsis:  Part 24 in the hallowed series, this time topping in at nearly three hours.  As always, the girls are fresh to the porn scene, paired with the usual array of experience guys, usually in either a full one-on-one or strictly blow job scene.  And as usual, the results are a mixture of either side of the spectrum.  Director Ivan serves as a hypeman of sorts, which may or may not effect your enjoyment of this picture.  Here we go!

[Scene One]  Katya  (with Sascha)

First up is Katya, hailing from Russia, who waits and chats briefly with director Ivan as her partner, Sascha, showers.  She admits that he's not quite her type, even as they compare sexual track records (her "five" versus his "oh, seventeen hundred or so"), after which pawing quickly ensues.  While standing they undress, running fingers between each other, Katya kneeling in her heels to begin blowing her partner's stack.  In cowgirl he fiddles with her ass as she keeps the pace going, voicing her approval as they switch to missionary.  Sasha spits at their conjoined crux, supplanting the glide while turning his partner's leg up for a deeper push.  He sits on the couch for another of  Katya's gentle sucks in break, still coaxing his fingers around her ass for more fiddling. 

In reverse cowgirl, the pair reaches its swiftest bit of momentum, bouncing along famously as the skin slaps and Katya arrows the air with her shrieks.  She keeps to massaging her clit as they switch to spooning, finally culminating in a doggy-style play atop a now heavily- misted couch, a greasy streak of everything smeared against Katya's thigh.  Dismounting himself, Sasha unloads in a few gushes across his partner's face, painting one eye and dripping the rest down her chest.   The chemistry between the two is pocked at first (what with Katya seeming to accommodate director Ivan while trying to maintain a hold on her performance) leading most of her attention to the roving camera, though Sasha does coax a more bestial cry out of her once the scene progresses into its final, smeary throes.  Unfortuntately, the post-scene is intruded by Ivan, who poses a few questions that leaves Katya somewhat dumbfounded, even as she's gleeful and respectfully obliges his approach, cum glazed as she is.

[Scene Two]  Shirley Dimples  (with CJ Wright & Justin Long)

Director Ivan sidles into a seated Shirley, uncommonly cute to a fault, and chats about a few moments in her checkered past (bullet wounds, specifically, courtesy of her back-home neighborhood miscreants), showing off a beautiful Southern smile & demeanor, despite the trials & tribulations ("good golly gracious!").  Blindfolded, as is the tradition in this series, she's approached on either side by a dark-toned dick, to which she raises her hands and begins lotioning each one with her spit and fingertips.  In reveal she spouts "hi!" to the boys attached to those pricks, assuredly keeping her stroking and sucking as her eyes widen and the fellas begin to tease her pink ruffled underwear.  With her wide ass raised in a perch, one begins his slide in doggy while the other is attended to via Shirley's courteous mouth, her blonde curls bobbing with each new stroke.  The boys switch off, smoothing into cowgirl, an opportunity to see Shirley's dirty soles as she, once again, approves with the muffled cry of a busy mouth.


Spreading her legs apart, the dudes offer plys while she tugs on the other, prompting the strokee to aim his climactic dose across her smiling cheeks, dripping slowly in a brief relish the moment.  The second thrusts for a bit, uncorking thick dots atop Shirley's eyelids and forehead.  The scene promptly ends with Shirley admitting that the collected wads are about to sting her eye shut, so she yelps, tiger-striped with white, as we fade out.  Even from the very start, Shirley never really disappoints (though, understandably, only when she's semi-blinded with seed), keeping her generous spirit split between her two chocolately partners, a real pleasure of an experience.  All the cock-stuffing, however, dented what we all could have heard, vocal-wise, in a one-on-one scene, but here's to plenty more of Shirley in the future, in good faith, and in cuteness!

[Scene Three]  Talia Tyler  (with Eric Swiss)

With a female voice behind the camera this time (final credits list "Team Anabolic", so who really knows), leading to a slightly less kinetic approach for Talia's scene ("my first, non-amateur", she says).  Somewhat lanky herself, she's soon blindfolded and leaning couchside as a mystery prick stands erect for her piericed lips to meet them.  "Can you take it all the way down?" the camera's voice asks, to which Talia responds with a deep throated intake, shaking her head across her partner's dick in a confirm & deny pattern.  Blindfold off, Talia's eyes drip with mascara tears, & unfazed she blows more furiously, allowing her boy to grip and thrust as she buries her knees in the carpet.  Bottomless now, she raises her legs (and lucite heels and white fringe socks) for reverse cowgirl, hopping up and down as the rest of her garb is undone once & for all.  In standard cowgirl, her spine arches out as Talia grooves onward, her partner fingering that tiny asshole of hers as the shoes finally come off for an easier ride.  However, the excitment is somewhat dwindled by Talia's pose-heavy demeanor, playing more often to the camera than to her partner (who, as it happens, doesn't seem to mind).

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Missionary continues in a flip, with a brief break in which our boy stuffs Talia's panties into her bald pussy, spreading her lips open with his fingers and pulling them out (and I don't know why, either).  He lifts her up on the arm of the furniture, rocking away into Talia as she panders a nail-biting play upon us.  On the floor the action continues, with more tugging and tasting and lovely jerks, flowing into a doggy pump that leads to Talia rescuing nearly every drop of her partner's spunk, swallowing it down like a true champ.  Afterward, the camera lingers as the clean-up continues, though not much else of consequence happens.  As rail thin and as appealing Talia is to look at, her performance suffers the all-eyes-on-me syndrome, though her oral skills are quite wonderful and stunning in their own right.  Her mugging is a little too much to suffer, however, squashing the otherwise fine amount of excitement she's capable of drawing out of us.

[Scene Four]  Daphne Flor  (with Justin Long)

In interview Ivan introduces Daphne, chatting about Pittsburgh and hockey, acknowledging her rookie status despite her cool & collected tone.  Now in a blindfold, she suffers his proddings with a girthy dildo ("Is your heart beating?"  "Yup, still alive."), soon offering the real thing by way of a nude gentleman caller/cocksmith.  On her knees she keeps her handlings and strokes eager and pleasing, unfolding her blinders and continuing, carried via her long blonde hair (his choice).  Standing up, Daphne undresses in seconds flat, something that Ivan is keen to note, as Daphne's cheekiness is exacerbated by her smooth, busty frame. She keeps her kicks on while allowing her partner to grip her scalp and plunge, lying on the couch (chest out), gripping his knob between her glorious globes and slathering it yet again with her tongue. 

The thrusting keeps on with the camera hovering in near point-of-view style, slowing to a crawl as Daphne's partner anoints her open mouth with his joint's juice, downing it all in one gulp.  A few stray hits pool between her chin, neck and chest, all of which she licks upon cameraman Ivan's demand (though, really, she's already done).  Too cool!   Though the scene's tone is more blow-happy than all-out fuck fest, it's wonderful to see a girl as eager to please (and show her fine self off) as Daphne, steadfast despite her assumed nervousness and/or reservations.  She's quite good at what she does here, and being one of her first scenes, hopefully a sign of more greatness to come, for all of us.  Yes!

[Scene Five]  Ryan Hunter  (with Sascha)

In the meatiness department, one could only imagine a cross between Penny Flame and Flower Tucci, though newcomer Ms. Hunter dares those dreamers with a reality (from a visual standpoint, to be clear).  Clad in a bikini and ready to go, the introductory moments are few as Ryan leaps to her knees and begins blowing her partner almost immediately.  He grazes the scope of her voluminous ass and spread her cheeks as she keeps his wand smoothed, giggling as they continue onto the couch.

Briefly into cowgirl, Ryan coos her partner to "slap that ass!", which he's, no doubt, eager to do, greeting him like a shiny, spinning globe.  The darkened soles of her feet dangle and keep her propped up, onto missionary and a bit of self-love, pausing for another wick taste.  Soon Ryan's on her stomach, wiggling that rump, and her boy brings out the baby oil, coating her tanned body with its runny, transparent goodness.  This all leads to a furious amount of doggy-style fucking, along with a bit of ass fingering, shifting to Ryan
lying flat yet again, legs together, and her partner thundering down from above.  The ass worship continues, grins all across the board (Ryan still giggling infectiuosly), concluding with a cock pop of drizzle across her beateous ass, shaking as well as Ms. Hunter could.  For all the insane amount of teasing, Ryan only allows the fucking to commence via her pussy, leaving her ass to dance with only a finger or two to tease, proudly flaunting her weighty gifts (and rightly so).  As the sweat seems to puddle up midway (gloriously so, a la Ms. Tucci), there is a towling off between pre & post oil play (slightly annoying), but thankfully, Ryan is ripe enough to keep that sheen, baby oil or not, drenched across her body.  Her eagerness is a bit played out from time to time, but methinks it's more Ivan and his roving/intruding camera than Ryan herself.  Nevertheless, it's a pretty dazzling display, even if her performance may need a bit of skill before it's truly, uh, polished (like everything else in the room).  Super!

[Scene Six]  Robyn Truelove  (with Tony T.)

From across the pond arrives Robyn, surveying her tattoos with Ivan before being draped with a blindfold.  In a slow stroke she takes on Tony, switching to a kneel as she ups her ante.  He's less forgiving, gripping her head and fucking her face,  Robyn pulling away for air from time to time.  Blindfold up & off, the two continue their push & pull (gentle to hard), beginning the bumping in doggy atop the couch in jabs, yelps, and the occassional taste (and more face fucking). 

Tony wraps his hands around her throat as he ups his pumping speed, slowing in missionary, and again raising the stakes in doggy.  All of this seems to be too much for Tony to handle, and he undoes a load onto Robyn's tongue: quoth Ivan: "we're not done yet!".  A fade later,  cowgirl allows Robyn to carry her cherry bomb on her terms, switching to missionary/piledriver, a ball-teasing break, and finally spooning.  Tony lifts Robyn's ankles and raises her feet in a fold with his dick, pulsing out another dose of hot whiteness onto her face.  Carrying it between her thumbs, Robyn chases Ivan out of the room, "come taste it!" - finally!  As if that ending weren't sweet enough, enduring Tony's particularities almost destroyed the scene (harder mannerisms are fine, but Robyn seemed to be less interested in his domineering than he did).  Despite this, seeing Tony pop early (and subsequently twice) felt more natural than the hours-passing fucking gonzo is accustomed to, but still a little disappointing despite.  And though Robyn isn't exactly my cup of tea, her willingness to spar with Tony's machinations was noteworthy, and it all kind of evened out (surprise!). 

[Scene Seven]  Alice Bell  (with Carlo Carrera)

Alice, though she may seem normal, comes off in her interview as slightly loopy, joking (maybe?) with Ivan, which either was honesty or nervousness: we may never ever know.  That said, Alice, blindfolded, makes out with her stunt stud's penis, undoing her top as he squeezes her tits and points her in the right direction.  Blinds parted, she kisses, jerks and knocks the prick against her chin, waddling her ass as her partner parlays a finger or two, wiggling faster as Alice vocally accepts. 

Now in doggy, Alice's partner pushes her head into the cushions, deepening his pumps and breaking for another blown taste.  In a half spoon, Alice continues her madness, huffing and puffing and gripping that schlong with two hands, shifting to cowgirl briefly, leading to a swift set of jerks into her mouth, almost missing as her partner shoots half across her crotch.  Alice, sport she is, downs what little remains, and drifts away into crazyland, population her.  What comes across as manic and unruly in Alice is what's so appealing about her, even if her cover-shot and pre-interview show off her furry bit of growth between her legs like a tease (most of the action neglects to showcase this fact, especially for a newcomer,  & annoyingly so).  It would be remiss of me to say that her partner, for all his rougher qualities, didn't agree with his early/near miss joint shooting, but I could always be wrong.  Anyhow, for all the weirdness that Alice offers up in the vocal and behavioral departments, her work here is a bit of an impasse: I am equally dumbfounded as I am pleased.  Thank you?

Bonus Features

A Behind the Scenes (9min) relies heavily on Alice's interplay with Ivan (being...herself?), with a bit from Robyn (doing stretches/scene prep) and the usual odds & sods/pre & post scene hijinks.  Nothing too meaningful, but it is what it is.  Elsewhere a Cum Shot Recap (14min), a Photo/Stills Gallery (5min), and the requisite web info all wrap up the section, tidy & neat.

Audio/Visual Quality
Presented in 1.78.1, 16x9 enhanced format, the picture occassionally suffers a bit of flicker in the more brightly lit scenes (a la Ryan's, during which the shutter is sometimes outsmarted by the lights and begins to strobe at times, what with all that shinyness happening in that scene), keeping a higher end of the spectrum during the bulk of the scenes.  Talia's section of the disc is the most unlike of the lot, shot in a different location and feeling less shimmery, somewhat murky in contrast to, say, Alice's scene.  The change in tone marrs the enjoyment of the scene only slightly, but still does nonetheless.  Audio was presented in clean 2.0 stereo, with the sound localized at the center of the camera's eye (kind of a problem with Ivan's/Team Anabolic's swooping captures, but it's all right there).  The action features a choice of background music (either On or Off), a highly desireable option in these lean times.  Overall quite a nice presentation, but with the kind of hang-ups that account for most new adopters of higher-end gear/hi-def switchover.

Final Thoughts
With an array of talent at the helm, Initiations 24 promises only what that kind of title can deliver: mixed results presented by porn pros.  While I can't say that I'll ever love director Ivan's approach whole hog, he can sometimes strike gold once in a while (Daphne and Ryan's scenes, respectively) as well as entertain the more challenged set (Alice, don't forget).  However, his particular intrusions do lead to weakened, look-at-me performances, so maybe I never will warm up to exactly what he's trying to achieve.  As sparkly and fresh as everyone is here, there's always room for growth, even if it can be a little confusing, a little confounding, or a little too clear at times.  Rent it!

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