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Johan's Journal Part 2: Eye Candy

Studio: Bel Ami » Review by Guybrush » Review Date: 6/11/09

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Date of Production: 2004-2008

Length: 2 hours 21 minutes

Director: Johan Paulik

Cast: Justin Boyd, Luke Hamill, Mark Audrey, Yves Carradine, Casper Watts, Brian Benner, Marc Vidal, Giorgio Carrera, Davy Paxton, Leon Boisen,  Liam Phoenix, Sascha Chaykin, Todd Rosset, and Mathew Gray

Body Types: young European guys, smooth chests, natural pubes, uncut dicks

Condoms: yes

Things to see: outdoor sex, romantic sex, public masturbation, photo shoots

Plot: no plot

The Movie:

Bel Ami must own an everlasting collection of deleted segments from their past films.  In their quest for perfection they shelve these scenes until they ultimately release them on a compilation such as Johan's Journal Part 2.  Primarily using a talking-to-the-camera approach, these scenes feature several candid interviews with the models before they jump into some romantic sex scenarios.  Sure, some of the set-ups feel insincere, but they still work to titillate and stimulate your senses.  My personal favorites were an exhibitionist wank on a tour bus and a frisky fuck between two friends.  The bus ride segment involves several Bel Ami models sitting on the top portion of a tour bus while they travel around Barcelona, Spain.  With some coaxing from the director, two of the models jerk off despite the fact that there are plenty of people down below.  I also enjoyed the fantastic cumshot at the end of a segment starring two friends (Mathew Gray and Todd Rosset).  Mathew is very well endowed so it came with great pleasure to watch him shoot off his big dick, plastering Todd with cum.  Fortunately, Todd looks stunned and Mathew looks oh so relieved.  Overall, Johan's Journal Part 2is a fun way to catch a candid glimpse of the models in action, without the sugary sweet story lines that you often find in most of Bel Ami's regular features.

Scene one: Justin Boyd and Luke Hamill

Justin and Luke, two cute blond actors, sign autographs and parade on stage at a Spanish porn festival.  Luke receives a golden penis statue for his work in Mating Season.  After the awards ceremony, the boys lounge around in their bathrobes while sipping champagne.  Luke is noticeably excited to work with Justin again since his erect penis begins to poke out from his robe.  The young lads promptly remove their robes and begin to kiss.  Justin then heads south so that he can taste Luke's cock.  Luke face fucks Justin and then the guys switch, with Justin receiving a royal cock and ball sucking.  Justin ultimately unleashes his man juice all over Luke's chest.

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We then find Justin being fucked with his legs held up in the air.  The screwing continues on the bed, where Justin assumes a straddle position.  The actors passionately kiss each other throughout the fucking until Luke busts out his load onto Justin's smooth ass cheek.

Scene two: Mark Audrey and Yves Carradine

Mark, a dark blond, sits around nude on a secluded porch.  Yves (a brunette with perfect pecs) soon joins him for some passionate kissing.  Yves then sits down and starts to receive some smooth and sexy oral action.  The couple then head to a plush bed indoors for even more action.  Mark receives some dick sucking before the guys shift to some mutual 69'ing.  While sucking on each other, Mark begins to stretch open Yves' accommodating hole.  Yves is then fucked from behind, and on his back (with his legs held up high).  Mark ultimately unleashes a load onto Yve's backside.  Yves cums thanks to Mark's passionate kissing.

Scene three: various models

Several Bel Ami models explore the streets of Barcelona in an open air tour-bus.  The guys enjoy the sights of the city while they wink and smile at each other.  The cameraman tries to coax some of the guys to pull out their cocks for the camera.  Marc Summers is the first to pull out his poke rod from his pants.  Marc then begins to stroke his cock, even though he gets distracted while some of the guys try to control their laughter and giggles.  However, he soon releases a creamy load onto the back of the seat in front of him.  Another model then strokes his cock as well, releasing cum onto the floor and some landing onto his shorts.

Scene four: Casper Watts and Brian Benner

Two unbelievably cute brunettes sit romantically close to each other in their backyard.  Brian rests his head on Casper's lap, staring up into his eyes.  Casper starts to gently stroke his finger around Brian's lips and tongue.  He then tells Brian to show him how he would suck him off, so Brian engulfs the finger erotically, foreshadowing things to "come." 

Back at their bedroom, the guys show off their chests to each other and then remove their pants.  Brian begins to gently lick Casper's dickhead before he allows Casper to face fuck him.  Casper then returns the oral favors and uses his playful tongue to tease Brian's hole and taint.  After that, Brian is screwed with his legs held up.  Though Brian strokes his cock during the fucking, he starts to go soft.  Brian is then fucked deep and hard from behind.  Even though Casper has an angelic face, he slaps Brian's ass like a domineering daddy.   Casper then returns to sucking on Brian.  He licks Brian's nut sacks and simultaneously strokes him, resulting in a serious load plastered all over Brian's chest.  Casper also unloads more spunk onto Brian's chest at the end.

Scene five: Marc Vidal and Giorgio Carrera

Marc and Giorgio, two handsome tan brunettes, start to make out in the living room.  Marc sucks on Giorgio's long dick first.   The guys then head to the dining room table where Giorgio sucks on Marc's glorious cock as well.  On top of the table the guys 69 and stroke their cocks in front of each other.  It doesn't take long for the hunks to shoot their wads onto the wooden tabletop. 

Scene six: Davy Paxton and Leon Boisen

The scene starts out with two smooth brunettes in bed, Leon already sucking on Davy's lovely cock.  Davy gently glides his lips down the shaft and occasionally licks Leon's balls.  Davy then repays Leon by reciprocating the oral stimulation.  At one point, cameraman Sebastian Bonnet sucks on one of the guys too, but then he leaves the boys alone.

Leon continues to receive oral attention, though Davy begins to thrust his fingers into Leon's tight ass.  Leon then begs for Davy to eat out his hole.  With Leon's hole wet and tenderized, Davy starts to fuck him on his side.  While Davy pumps away Leon strokes on his cock.  Davy pumps him hard and fast until he can barely hold back his cum.  Davy rips off his condom and promptly delivers a healthy load onto Leon's chest. 

Scene seven: Liam Phoenix and Sascha Chaykin

Cover-boys Liam and Sascha walk around an open air market, wearing only Hawaiian shorts.  The guys occasionally hug and kiss, though the public doesn't seem to mind.  When the guys return home, they proceed to shower together for a photo shoot.  The guys pose in a variety of positions, "sword fight," and kiss a bit.  However, the guys don't have any actual sex in this scene.

Scene eight: Liam Phoenix

Liam returns for more photo exhibitionism.  He poses for a variety of angles and positions while he keeps his cock hard for the cameraman.  Once the photographer sets up the soft focus, Liam begins to stroke his fat cock.  His small hands make his big pecker look enormous.  Ultimately, Liam shoots out an impressive load onto his chest.

Scene nine: Todd Rosset and Mathew Gray

A young brunette twink (Todd) undresses for his friend holding a camera.  Todd poses and flexes before he grabs the grabs the camera and makes his friend undress.  When Mathew pulls down his pants, he reveals that he packs a truly large dick.  Eventually the guys put down the camera so that they can kiss and stroke each other.  Mathew goes down on Todd first and then Todd reciprocates, though he can only go down so far on Mathew's long shaft.  Todd then agrees to be fucked on his side with his leg held up.  Todd looks like he is in pain when Mathew slides that big slab of meat in and out of his tight hole.  Todd is also fucked with his legs held up in the air.  From this angle, we get the perfect angle for savoring Mathew's long shaft plunging into Todd's hole.   Mathew continues to fuck Todd forcefully until he barely manages to rip off his condom in time.  Mathew lets loose this DVD's most impressive cumshot; a huge and forceful load that lands all over poor Todd's chest, neck, and chin.  Finally Todd strokes off his cock, thanks to some stimulating ball licking from Mathew.

The DVD:


Presented in full-frame, the transfer is full of color and detail.  Several of the scenes utilize a soft filter, giving the actors a warm glow, though diminishing the detail in turn.  However the effect is pleasant, emphasizing the models' glorious bodies and features.  Overall, there is little to complain about the video presentation.


The sound mix is above average.  All of the action can be heard. 


Extras are slim consisting of oral/anal/cum selection, a trailer for Love Affairs, and some attractive animated menus. 

Final thoughts:

Johan's Journal Part 2: Eye Candy is a pleasant way to acquaint yourself with some of the hunky models that Bel Ami has to offer.  The segments are well shot (and look good too), the sex is thoroughly romantic, and there is enough diversity of the models to appeal to pretty much anyone.  Therefore, if the thought of candid interviews and sex sounds appealing to you then this compilation might entice you to watch.  Recommended.

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