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Revenge on A Motorcycle Mama

Studio: Cal Vista Classic » Review by The Mooninite » Review Date: 6/15/09

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

The Movie:

This trashy roughie fifty-five minute feature credits a 'Basil Stark' as director and the ubiquitous Hue Green as the lighting guy. The cast? None other than Jo Perry, Celo Bruce, Robert Pace, Vici Wade, Ruth Cummings, Max Little and Jeff Downs. Anyone know who any of these people are? Any idea where this one came from? Nope, me neither, but here it is whether you want it or not.

Some dude who can't really seem to get it up gets head from two black chicks while somewhere else a cute blonde hippy makes out with a sexy soul sister who sports a giant medallion and some freakishly hairy armpits while some completely out of place trumpet music plays.

Once everyone finishes up we cut to a group of biker trash hippy guys roughing up a black girl on a kitchen floor. It seems that this chick told the cops these guys robbed a liquor store. They kick her around in front of an American flag but she runs away. One dude catches her in the hallway and pulls out a chain but then decides he'd rather eat her out so he does that instead of beating on her. This was apparently the right move as she responds in kind. Once the hallway sex is over, however, it's back to the rough stuff and we see her tied to a table where they burn her with a lighter that at times gets dangerously close to her pooter.

An orgy breaks out with the various male and female biker dudes going at it and periodically switching partners for kicks. In the midst of this, our poor captive black chick escapes and runs naked through a field but another biker dude catches her and bones her right there in the dirt. She seems pretty into it though, so good for him. Everyone inside is still busy with the orgy and medallion girl masturbates in front of the flag. If there's some sort of weird patriotic message to all of this it was lost on me. The girl gets brought back inside but some white guy in bellbottoms shows up - this is Johnny, he's the guy in charge and the one that was apparently ratted out to the cops. He breaks it all up and tells everyone that they've got the wrong girl. The former victim is now in charge and she and the rest of the biker girls smack that chick around before giving Johnny head. Somehow, this seems to be a fitting ending.

There's really no plot here. At all. This is essentially just a bunch of sweaty interracial scenes set to bad music. There aren't any motorbikes in the film and we only know these guys are bikers because they say so. Don't expect a XXX Easy Rider or even a XXX Hell's Angels '69. In fact, don't expect much of anything, and that includes plot points - it's simply some sex scenes strung together by some goofy storylines that don't really wind up going anywhere. Still, it's a fun diversion and it's definitely oozing with seventies camp value. Having the audio in synch helps too.

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The film isn't in the least bit sexy and most of the performers are of the fairly unattractive variety but the film definitely delivers when it comes to sleaze. The whole thing looks like it was shot in about an hour and aside from a couple of scenes that take place outside, the vast majority of it takes place on one set. At times it's a bit reminiscent of the notorious Hot Summer In The City only with less nutty race politics and sans the down syndrome dude. It doesn't go quite as far into the depths of depravity as that infamous picture, but parts of it do come close.


The Video:

This film previously appeared on Alpha Blue Archvie's Biker-Fuck-O-Rama DVD and, before that, as part of their Roughies: The Cum Crimes boxed set and both of those transfers, which appeared to be identical, were taken from tape sources and didn't look very good at all. While this newly remastered 2008 release from VCX is bugged with their obnoxious and insulting 'copyright VCX 2008' bug, it is otherwise a vast improvement in every way, save for the fact that it is, like most of their transfers, interlaced. Sourced from a reasonably clean film source, this fullframe transfer presents the picture in what has to be its original aspect ratio. The image is stable despite some omnipresent print damage and scratches and it looks pretty film like with some welcome grain and, thankfully, no evidence of any digital artifacting to note. Keep in mind that this is a pretty obscure picture that has not been preserved the way other more mainstream titles have. The fact that it looks as good as it does here is something of a small miracle, even if to fans who aren't particularly familiar with the genre it'll probably look pretty bad.

The Audio:

The Dolby Digital Mono audio isn't so hot. The music is much louder than the dialogue so you'll find yourself reaching for the remote from time to time to turn it up or down depending on what you're watching. That said, it doesn't sound any worse than the previous DVD incarnations have sounded. Expect a bit of echo and some mild hiss in some spots but those accustomed to the way these films are generally treated on DVD will probably be fine with it.

The Extras:

First up, as far as the extra features go, are four bonus scenes, the first of which is from The Joy Of Fooling Around.Touted on the front packaging as 'Best Foreign Film of 1979' (a quote attributed to... nobody) this quirky European import starts when a woman in a wooden hut sees a man drowning in a nearby lake. She pulls him to shore and gives him mouth to mouth before taking him into her hut where she nurses him back to health. Later she heads to work where she peeps in on a couple through a keyhole in the door. The unnamed perverts are in the throws of passion, as the hairy dude eats his ladyfriend's hairy pussy before mounting her missionary style and spunking inside her love hole. Up next is a scene from Call Girl where Richard Hemming and Marilyn Lamour make out. He suckss her tits and eats her out. She gives him head and then spreads her legs for him as he fucks her missionary style on his desk. He pulls out and shoots his load onto her tits and he tells her that she's so good he'd like to introduce her to his twin brother, Lucifer. The third scene is from Easy and after we see a foxy blonde (Jessie St. James) finish up jogging, we witness her inside dealing with a crazy dude who's getting all emotional on her. He takes her pants down, they make out, and then he bends over so she can eat his ass while she jerks him off. Didn't see that coming, did you? She rides him reverse cowgirl then she sucks him to a finish. Last but not least is a clip from Girls With Curves. Those are the best kind of girls. This German film from 1981 starts off when some roller-skating hooligans hassle a lady on the streets. From there we see a young blonde (Helene Shirley) in a bar talking to an old man who looks kind of like Lucio Fulci. They have dinner together and then we see him molesting her in his hotel room. He fingers her and fucks her missionary style and then ejaculates across her pelvis. At least he's kind enough to wipe it off for her, while she remains unconscious for the entire session. She wakes up and finds blood on the sheets between her legs but the scene ends there, leaving us all to wonder what happens next!

Also included is a Legendary Tribute bit, which is basically just a five minute montage of clips from various old porno movies. Rounding out the extras are a slideshow featuring some production stills and glamour shots of the cast in action, and trailers for Pleasure Palace, Peek Freak, French Teen and the Amaro Brothers' mighty surrealist XXX masterpiece, Bacchanale as well as some animated menus, scene selection and a web-link.


This one is more likely to appeal to trash movie fans and exploitation buffs than typical horn-dog porno aficionados but there's definitely a large amount of cross-over appeal between the two, particularly when it comes to seventies fare. The movie isn't even close to good, but it's definitely interesting and entertaining enough in its own horrible way and VCX has done a reasonably good job cleaning up the picture. Is Revenge On A Motorcycle Mama and undiscovered classic? Not even close, but it is an interesting cinematic oddity sure to appeal to roughie fans and it comes recommended more for its curiosity value than anything else.

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