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Love Affairs

Studio: Bel Ami » Review by Guybrush » Review Date: 6/14/09

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

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Date of Production: 2008

Length: 2 hours 9 minutes

Director: Lukas Ridgeston

Cast: Jean-Claude Duvall, Sascha Chaykin, Jacques Briere, Davy Paxton, Todd Rosset, Luke Hamill, Mark Zebro, Kurt Diesel, Alex Orioli, and Josh Elliot

Body Types: Young European guys, smooth chest, uncut dicks, furry pubes

Condoms: yes

Things to see: romantic sex, oral cumshots and facials, outdoor sex, dildo play

Plot: These boys are ready for some sexy adventures with each other. 

The Movie:

After watching Love Affairs, I have arrived at the realization that it is categorically impossible for the company Bel Ami to produce a bad film.  They consistently release products that are of a high quality. Their films look and sound good, feature hot models, erotic sex, and also convey both a sense of eroticism and romanticism at the same time.  Like a double stuffed potato, overflowing with tasty toppings, Bel Ami knows how to include everything that is necessary for a well made porn film.  Love Affairs is yet another example of the high quality adult entertainment that Bel Ami is known for.

The film follows several friends as they experience "adventures" under the covers, on couches, and on top of outdoor chairs.  There isn't any real storyline per se, simply different locales used as an excuse to stage handsome young men having sex with each other.  Speaking of the sex, Love Affairs features some remarkably entertaining and well staged sex that is both passionate and romantic at the same time.  The models frequently smile at each other and look up at their lover while they suck away on a hard cock.  It was also such a turn-on to see a mainstream company having the models deliver some tasty oral cumshots and facials, while still keeping the sex safe protocols thanks to the use of condoms.  The fact that some of the guys lap up their lover's cum only serves to increase the emotional intensity that exists between the models in each scene.

Scene one: Sascha Chaykin and Alex Orioli

Sascha and Alex spend the day together, riding RVs on the sand dunes, swimming nude with friends, and enjoying nude wine tasting with Jacques and Josh.  As soon as Sascha (hunky blond with perfect pecs) begins to rub Alex's leg, the friends take off, leaving the boys to experience a new adventure with each other.  Alex (strawberry blond with a swimmers build) heads south and begins to lick and stroke Sascha's hard member.  Alex then stands above Sascha, feeding him his cock and showing off his furry phallus.  The boys then proceed to alternate between sucking on each other and even share a 69 position.  Things heat up when Alex expertly strokes off Sascha into his mouth and all over his chin.

We then see Sascha penetrated from behind.  Alex screws his hole gently at first before using some deep thrusts.  During the fucking, the boys kiss and hold each other, further enhancing the sexual intensity between each other. Sascha then gets on his back so that he can be fucked with his legs up in the air.  While Alex power-fucks him, Sascha strokes on his hard dick.  At one point Alex shows off his perfect chest muscles when he holds onto each of Sascha's legs, during the screwing.  Finally, Alex tears off his used condom and begins to jack his cock close to Sascha's face.  His cum lands all over Alex's face and tongue.  Alex then stares up at Sascha with approval.

Scene two: Jacques Briere and Josh Elliot

On an outdoor chair Josh and Jacques begin to share blowjobs.  Josh (young dirty blond) licks first, going down on Jacques's shaft and licking his jiggly nuts.  Jacques, a rosy cheeked young lad with a big dickhead, then allows Josh to face fuck him from above.  The scene then shifts to Jacques climbing on top of Josh's cock in a straddle position.  Jacques bounces around while Josh grinds his hole down below.  Jacques is then fucked from behind.  After some pleasureful pumping, Josh lets loose one hell of a creamy mess all over Jacques's back.  Finally, Jacques strokes off his cock while Josh gently rubs his nipples and neck.  

Scene three: Kurt Diesel and Luke Hamill

Kurt (cute dark blond with an adorable smile) sunbathes by the pool.  Luke (light blond with a similarly nice smile) brings him inside for some indoor playtime.  On the stairwell, the swim shorts wearing couple begin to passionately make out: licking, kissing, and rubbing each other all over the place.  The guys then head over to the couch where Luke proceeds to remove Kurt's shorts so that he can suck on Kurt's lovely pecker.  Luke uses his  tongue to flick and stroke Kurt's equipment while occasionally looking up into Kurt's eyes.  After that Kurt undoes the Velcro opening to Luke's shorts, revealing his fat and erect cock.  Kurt inhales Luke's cock, looking at it like a piece of food.  The guys then alternate between sucking on each other until Kurt's smooth ass is properly rimmed and tongue probed.  With his legs held up, Kurt is fucked with a passionate intensity.  The guys also screw doggy style and in a juicy straddle position; showing off Kurt's hard cock while it bounces around.  Luke then jacks off his dick near Kurt's face, eventually giving him a tasty cum treat.  Finally, Luke jacks off Kurt to a nice creamy finale.

Scene four: Sascha Chaykin and Mark Zebro

On the film set, Sascha and Mark watch some porno action being filmed. The boys find themselves getting turned on by the action so they head to a private bedroom to reenact the scene.  Sascha pulls off Mark's (tall and dark brunette) pants, revealing his long dick.  Sascha sucks on that pole and gently tugs on his foreskin.  Mark then returns the oral favors while stroking on his own cock.  Sascha face fucks him before returning to sucking some more on Mark.  Sascha then has a fat dildo shoved into his retracting hole.  Mark gently glides it in, getting Sascha's hole ready for his big dick.  After that, Sascha is screwed on his back with his legs up.  Sascha manages to keep his dick nicely hard throughout his hole pummeling.  Sascha is then fucked on all fours and eventually screwed in a straddle position.  At the point of no return, Mark yanks off his lubed condom and begins to stroke his cock close to Sascha's face, especially his mouth.  Sascha ultimately receives a delicious oral cumshot and cum facial from that monster of a cock.  Mark looks incredibly happy that Sascha got to taste his man juice.  The scene then concludes with Mark jacking off Sascha and licking his balls. Sascha shoots onto his own chest, though Mark licks and sucks up some of the leftover semen and then smiles back at Sascha.

Scene five: Mark Zebro Todd Rosset

At the beach, Mark and Todd (really young looking brunette with tanned body and slender body frame) frolic in the water and catch some sun rays.  The young couple eventually return to their sunlit room so that they can take off their constraining swim trunks.  The guys immediately start to kiss each other while their erect cocks emerge from their shorts.  Mark then sits on the bed, his cock hard and long, just waiting for a dick sucking.  Todd proceeds to taste Mark's big pecker.  Todd receives some similarly hot oral action before the guys share each other's dicks in unison while they 69.  Todd's nearly hairless hole is also rimmed and probed; just a sign of things to come.  Mark then sticks his gigantic cock into Todd's tight little hole.  Amazingly, Todd is able to keep his dick hard throughout most of the deep fucking.  The guys kiss romantically while they screw in unison.  On his back, Todd strokes off his cock to a creamy cumshot.  Mark then pulls out, strokes his cock, and allows Todd to lick his balls before busting out his wad onto his own chest.

Scene six: Jean-Claude Duvall and Davy Paxton

Jean-Claude (tanned brunette with a shaggy haircut) is paired with Davy, a young guy with spiky brown hair.  Sitting close to each other on the couch, the young lovers begin to kiss and lick each other after their morning coffee.  Jean-Claude begins to suck on Davy's cock and balls, making Davy moan with passion.  Jean-Claude then plants his ass near Davy's face while he goes down on Davy's cock and balls.  Davy loosens up Jean-Claude's love slit, making it loose and ready for his dick.  After that, Jean-Claude is fucked on all fours.  Davy rides Jean-Claude gently at first but then starts to dick-probe him deeply and forcefully.  The lovers then switch to Jean-Claude being fucked on his back with his legs held up in the air.  In this position, the couple shows off both of their immaculate bodies as well as the deep chemistry and attraction that the two share for each other.  Jean-Claude strokes his cock, looking into Davy's eyes until he can't hold back his load.  He sprays his white juice all over his own chest, making his abs look like frosted cupcakes.  Jean-Claude then starts to suck on Davy's dick some more.  He strokes Davy's penis and intensely kisses him, resulting in an impressive cumshot onto Davy's chest.

The DVD:


Presented in fullscreen, the image presentation was a joy to watch.  The transfer featured warm and bright colors and a soft glow, thanks to some light filtering.  The image looks really good, highlighting the models' bodies in such a way that they always look perfect. Even their ass hair, looks good (something that other companies can't seem to replicate).


The sound mix was also very nice.  All of the action can be heard without a hitch.


Extras include animated menus, a trailer for Lemonade, and oral/anal/cumshot selection.

Final thoughts:

I'm happy for former Bel Ami model Lukas Ridgeston.  He has progressed from a scorching hot model into a fine director, as evidenced by the level of quality present in Love Affairs.  The film is simply a terrific example of well made, romantic, and erotic porn.  If you like younger European guys sharing romantic sex then Love Affairs is probably the right title for you!  Highly Recommended.

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