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18 Today 27: Lickin Chicken

Studio: French Connection » Review by Rod Woodman » Review Date: 6/18/09

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DIRECTOR: None credited (never a good sign)

CAST: Ted, Leonardo & 6 other young men (also not credited)

GENRE: Twinks

MODEL TYPES: European looking. early 20ish young men, long-haired to normal, mostly uncut dicks and well-hung.



This is a VERY CHEAP DVD.  There are three conventional scenes plus two solos.  Basically, there is no dialog or "reality sound" (the sounds of sex).  A soft musical score tries to keep the viewer connected and as unaware as possible that they are hearing nothing else.  But, according to the title, this is #27 in the "18 TODAY" series, specifically called "LICKIN' CHICKEN", so they must appeal to and be purchased by someone.  Perhaps, they are inexpensive to obtain as well as to make.


This scene is the only one for which the models are named - and pictured on the back cover.  Ted is the pretty, long haired dude and Leonardo the cute one with the mullet hair cut.  At first, they're seen smoking, kneeling and apparently talking as they wander down a wooded road.  They stop and kiss, smile and laugh and gradually get into sex.  Their shirts come slowly off.  It is all wistfully innocent.  Leonardo gets Ted's dick out and goes down on it.  CUT: to someone's home where they are both naked.  Leonardo goes down on Ted's big dick, stroking himself as he sucks.  There are garish flowered curtains hung behind them, with a matching bed cover.  Ted has a very thin body but a thick dick.  He leans against the wall, totally passionless.  (The music in the background includes singing from time to time.)  Then Ted sucks Leonardo as he lies on the bed.  Eventually, Leonardo sticks his now condom wrapped dick in Ted's ass and fucks him, doggie-style on his knees.  He tolerates it like a bored house-wife.   Leonardo then fucks him from the rear on his side, as Ted jacks himself off.  They talk, but we don't hear anything and probably wouldn't understand what they were saying if we could.  We admire Leonardo's big dick, and maybe, if we could hear the sounds of "love-making", we just might enjoy it.  They both have under-developed twink bodies without an ounce of fat, chicken or otherwise, on them.  Leonardo leans his head on his hand and plays with Ted's nipple in a lackidasical way.  Ted jacks his dick (with Leonardo's still lodged in his ass).  He wants to cum.  Finally, he spurts some juice on his abdomen. ("Fun all night, no ho," is sung in the background.)  Leonardo kneels and squirts some jizz on Ted.  The DVD box says that they're "sucking their first cock", but I sincerely doubt it.  If it is their first, they'll probably never do it again.

SCENE 2 - "BOY, 18ish"

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(That's my description, not "theirs".  "They" have none.)  His pants and shirt are both open as he lies back jacking off on a blue chaise lounge - watching something, probably a 2002 video, and taking quick glances from time to time at the unseen cameraman.  He gets out of his pants and goes back to watching and jacking.  He feels his nipples and continues to jack on his average (6") cock that finally gets hard. (A piano recording is playing a repetitive tune in the background.)  There is no connection with the viewer, no seduction of the camera.  (The music fades out, like the playing of a radio station, and comes back in with a more driving tune.)  His shirt comes off, and now he means business.  He stays glued to the video he's watching and works his dick harder.  (The musical sounds now go with the rhythm of his stroking.)  He finally dribbles some cum, but there is no change of expression or gaze.


(Again, my IDs.) The two are sitting fully clothed on a bed, talking in some Eastern European language which one can vaguely hear.  The Blond feels the Brunet's leg and they move closer, starting to undo their clothes.   Their shirts come off, revealing lightly muscled swimmers' bodies.  They hug, and lick some.  The Blond's loving it, as the Brunet licks a nipple.  There is no kissing, a strong indication that they may be straight.  The Blond gropes the Brunet's groin area.  The Blond's pants come down, and the Brunet sucks his dick.  The Blond is working the Brunet's dick through his shorts.  The Blond is getting thick and big.  (There is no music to back up this scene.)  The Blond loves it and jacks off, as the Brunet licks his body and neck, and then back down to his balls and dick.  The Brunet is naked and stands so that the Blond can suck his dick.  He stands transfixed.  He likes it, too.  The Blond sucks and strokes the Brunet.  He's not soft, but then he's not super hard either.  At least, during this scene, one can hear some sounds of sexual enjoyment.  CUT: to the Brunet fucking the Blond doggie-style on the bed.  The Blond is soft again while getting fucked, though the sounds are definitely sounds of enjoyment.  The Brunet is now fucking the Blond from the rear on his side, leg in the air.  The headboard is banging against the wall.  Suddenly, the scene turns awkward, and the Blond no longer looks like he's having any fun.  He bites the corner of the pillow case, in pleasure or pain, it's hard to tell which.  The squeaking of the bed has taken over from the banging of the headboard.  CUT: to the Brunet straddling the Blond and jacking off on his stomach.  It looks like the Blond is now jacking off, but you can't really see for sure.  Finally, he gets on top and jacks off, cumming on the Brunet's chest. 


The two are laughing and talking some non-English language and kissing.  The kid with the black hair (A) is the agresser, rubbing (B's) stomach, chest and groin area.  (A) peeks in his pants.  (B's) shirt is off.  There is more massaging and kissing.  (A's) shirt comes off.  (B's) hard dick is sneaking out of his pants.  They kiss more.  (B) is down to bright blue underwear, but (A) pulls them off.  He has a BIG DICK.  (A) kisses down his body to his dick and begins to suck on it.  (There is no music covering this scene, either.)  (B) really loves having his dick sucked.  (A) gently licks (B's) balls and uncut dick.  They kiss again.  So far their sex has been all one sided.  (A) still has his pants on.  (B) opens (A's) fly and pulls his pants off, getting his dick out of his shorts to suck.  His dick is thick and big, and worth the wait.  (B) rides up and down it smoothly with his tongue - almost in slow motion.  CUT: to (B) who has (A's) legs in the air and is slowly fucking him.  (A) lost his hard-on in the process.  In the next shot, his dick is at attention again, and he jacks off, as he's getting fucked.  Better.  The film turns a little soft focus here in a kind of orange light.  They are both hard again and jack off and cum, with (B) squirting some truly long shots.  It slowly ends.


The young man has his shirt off.  He is a lean featured guy with a big nose, always a good indication of a big dick.  (Light dance music, including some singing, is playing in the background.)  His predictably big dick is now out and almost hard, as he lies back on a sofa bed.  ("Havin' fun all night, no oh," is playing again.)  He keeps his eyes closed and strokes his 8", his head dropping back in ecstasy.  He pushes his pants off and slips his undershorts under his balls and dick.  He takes his socks off.  I kept thinking that it was a shame that he didn't have anyone on the bed with him to suck that wonderful cock.  It would have been a big mouthful.  His shorts finally go all the way down.  He has nice balls and muscular thighs, as well.  (Cocktail jazz is now playing.)  He rubs his body, legs, chest, face - I'm betting he shoots a big load.  His eyes are still closed, and he's fantasizing about something - or someone.  (The music is now in time to his jacking off.)   He finally shoots, but not nearly as much as I had anticipated.  With a dick that nice, he undoubtedly whacks off daily - maybe more - which cuts down on the size of the load.


Both were OK, but in and out a bit.  The lighting varied tremendously.  The sound was either obscured or non-existent.  The music choices were "whatever".


A few trailers and a "How to Order" button are it.


As I said in the beginning, everything about it felt "cheap".  The guys weren't unattractive or unappealing, but neither did I feel they were really into it.  The man in Scene 5 with the big nose and dick could have been hot in a well directed scene, if he could have opened his eyes and participated.  There is truly an audience for every kind of DVD made, but there are SO MANY wonderful twink videos out there, I see no reason to waste money on this caliber of DVD.  If you must, RENT IT.

Rod Woodman

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