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Lesbian Triangles 16

Studio: Girlfriends Films » Review by Apache Warrior » Review Date: 6/20/09

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

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Genre: Lesbian

Director: ?

Cast: Julianna Jolene, Torri Secret, India Summer, Anita Dark, Ariel X, Ashlyn Rae, Anita Dark, A.J. Bailey

Length: 156 minutes

Date of Production: 6/5/2009

Extras: Despite not having a Behind the Scenes segment, the twelve trailers give the viewer a very good sample of its titles in its stable. The eight promos are AVN 2009, Promo Trailers 2, Imperfect Angels, Lesbian Seductions, Lesbian Triangles, Women Seeking Women, and Road Queen . The four trailers are Mother-Daughter Exchange Club 5, Women Seeking Women 47, Lesbian Seductions 20, and Field of Schemes 2 . A nice looking photo gallery is also included. Of course, website information is added.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: The audio and video quality are solid. The lighting in the scenes make the womens' appearances very attractive. However, it's important to note that several of the performers will look very beautiful regardless of the elements.

Overview: The Lesbian Triangles series is from the studio Girlfriends Films (GF). This successful film company focuses on lesbian themes. It is very proud of it's motto "simply the most realistic sex in lesbian adult video" which I can confirm that it is true since I have reviewed every GF film since December 2008. As for this movie, Lesbian Triangles Episode 16 is the sixteenth installment of this growing series. This anthology is all about cheating, romance, and seduction. In this particular movie, Anita Dark is the central figure. In three of the four scenes, Ms. Dark is either mentioned or acts in them. Since Anita Dark is a very busy woman having had sex with three women, it would had been nice to have seen some sort of jealous or betrayal confrontation between she and several of her conquests. Therefore, this descriptive note (The tawdry story continues...as women seduce other women, make love to them and leave them for others) on the back of the dvd case would acquire more emphasis after the viewer had seen the movie.

Scene One: Torri Secret shows up at Julianna Jolene's home. Miss Julianna tells her friend about how Anita made the moves on her and how they ended up having sex. She also confides to Torri that she enjoyed it. After the lady tells Ms. Secret about her other lesbian encounter, Torri asks her if she would like to experience it again. Julianna says that she would like to try it with her. Moments later, they kiss softly. Then, they head to the bedroom. While sitting on the bed, she tells Torri about her worries on how their friendship could change. Torri reassures her doubtful friend that nothing will change. By hearing those words, Julianna feels very touched and they kiss. Torri feels her pretty breasts. In between a portion of their kissing session, Torri tells Miss Julianna that she loves her. Meanwhile, Ms. Secret is feeling her sexual playground. Next, she removes her own shirt. They kiss and fondle each other. The young lady removes Torri's bra. Their kissing activity continues. The blond sucks on her tits as her friend rubs Julianna's peach inside her sexy white panties. Their very romantic and sensual chemistry is hot. Torri's rapid movement on her passion fruit really turns on Miss Julianna. Next, the blond cutie gets naked while the Torri woman gets down to her panties. They kiss again as Ms. Secret continues to pleasure her lover's lovebox. Minutes pass before they kiss again. Later on, Julianna has the opportunity to return the heartfelt gesture on Torri's love spot. Once she has given her tender, loving treatment, Julianna lays on top of her lover as they kiss romantically. Soon, the women are standing on the bed on their knees. Torri is behind the cute blond. She rubs Miss Julianna's muffin and then, caresses her tits. They kiss. Afterwards, in a different position, Torri humps her very rapidly while on top of her. The new lovers kiss sensually as the scene ends.

Scene Two: India Summer and Anita Dark are walking on the beach hand-in-hand. They also share a brief kiss. Next, the scene shifts to Anita's bathroom. She is topless. India walks into the room and embraces her from behind. The brunette woman kisses her back. They stare at each other in the large mirror. India feels her breasts. Then, the scene shifts to the bedroom. Anita is laying on the bed. Soon, India joins her. Moments later, Ms. Summer takes out a ring from out of her own panties and hands it to the surprised woman. Anita is very happy. They kiss. The mood is very romantic. India kisses her way down Anita's body. Her gentle method involves Ms. Dark's legs, feet, and toes. Next, she kisses up her left leg to her torso. Then, she rubs her gemstone. Moments later, the woman orally pleasures the blond's pearl. Anita's body reactions are cool. Next, India's panties are removed as Anita gets on top of her to suck her bosoms. Then, India kisses up her partner's legs. It's very sexy. Later on, the women kiss and the blond gently licks India's pearl. Anita smiles at times while she gives India her oral love offering. Soon, they kiss. Afterwards, Ms. Dark humps the woman as Ms. Summer rubs the lady's clit. At the end, they kiss while Anita is on top of her. The scene fades away.

Scene Three: Ashlyn Rae is telling Ariel X about fixing up a house. Afterwards, they end up in Ariel X's mom's room. While listening to the young lady's personal life problems, Ms. Rae is very personable and comforting. Soon, the woman makes a slight move on the brunette. Their long stares at each other expresses their attraction for one another. Then, the women kiss. The gesture is sensual. The woman removes Ariel X's cheerleader's outfit. Next, she kisses her body and takes off her bra. After kissing a bit, Ms. Rae removes her own shirt and pants. She straddles the young lady. Their body language is good. She kisses Ariel X's body. Then, she orally pleasures the student's flower. Their chemistry is super sexy. The close-up of the flower eating is cool. The student's moans are swell when Ashlyn fingers her sex spot. Ms. Rae's very attractive eyes are very noticeable as she looks up at Ariel X. Then, she manually plays with her love sponge. Ariel X's glowing and gratifying facial expression is sweet. Soon, Ashlyn is humping the young student. Next, Ariel X has her chance to work on Ms. Rae's priceless gem. She uses both her finger and mouth to give her a stimulating rush through her body. The appearance of their beautiful nude bodies are priceless especially when Ariel X is on top of her. They kiss as the scene fades.

Scene Four: In a hotel room, two flight attendants are setting up for their layover. A.J. Bailey undresses in the bathroom. After drinking some wine, Anita Dark heads to the ladies room. She finds the woman's panties on the sink and smells them. While on separate beds, the women talk about how difficult it is to have a boyfriend on account of their jobs. Soon, Anita works on her coworker's hair. Her gentle touches on her face is very sensuous. They kiss. Anita does most of the seduction. A.J. is very receptive to her gestures. Later, she lays on the bed as Anita runs her hand on the woman's face and body. Their kisses are soft and gentle. Anita feels the woman's sexy legs very sensually. Her soft kisses on her belly are hot. Some titty playing occurs. The woman runs her hands along A.J.'s body. They kiss as Anita is on top of her. She straddles the woman. Miss Bailey feels and sucks her breasts. Moments later, Anita concentrates on the woman's love zone. She licks it very gently. Then, the other woman returns the loving favor. However, when she rubs her clit, Anita moans with pleasure. Next, Anita humps her. Afterwards, they sit on the bed while each one rubs the other woman's mound with their hand. Soon, they rub each other's lovebox with a nice rhythm with their groins. Then, Anita kisses her while being on top of her. There is more sensual caressing and petting until the scene fades away.

Final Thoughts: One thing that I have noticed as this is my fifth straight review in this series is that the dialogue is much more important in creating the essence of a Lesbian Triangles experience. Since there are hardly any confrontations among the cheaters and the women who have been betrayed by them, the conversations are the sole gateway to their tawdry story. Hence, Lesbian Triangles is the most intellectual series in the Girlfriends Films' stable. GF fans will enjoy this movie especially for the gentleness and sensuality of the performances. It gets a recommendation rating.

Apache Warrior

Apache W
[email protected]     

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