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Twisted Passions Part 4

Studio: Girlfriends Films » Review by Apache Warrior » Review Date: 6/21/09

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genre: Lesbian

Director: ?

Cast: Rayveness, Julia Ann, Alyssa Reece, Ava Rose, Dia Zerva, India Summer

Length: 126 minutes

Date of Production: 6/5/2009

Extras: There is a very good bonus sex scene with Dia Zerva and Ava Rose, It is actually from the dvd that Rayveness watches in scene two of this movie. The eight promos are AVN 2009, Promo Trailers, Promo Trailers 2, Imperfect Angels, Lesbian Seductions, Lesbian Triangles, Women Seeking Women, and Road Queen. The four trailers are Mother-Daughter Exchange Club 5, Women Seeking Women 47, Lesbian Seductions 20, and Field of Schemes 2. A nice looking photo gallery is also included. Of course, website information is added.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: The audio and video quality are solid. It's not difficult to hear what the actors are saying. The women look great.

Overview: The Twisted Passions series is a very high in demand anthology from the studio Girlfriends Films (GF). It's been over a year since part three has been out so the GF fans have been waiting with undying breath to see the next installment. In this volume, Rayveness and Julia Ann are the stars. Rayveness has been having fantasies about women. She confides these thoughts to her best friend Julia Ann. The woman is able to ignite a stronger sexual fire within Rayvenss that will lead her to a path of feminine enjoyment and strengthen her bond with her. Diverse topics such as swinging, foot play, bondage, and public sex are essential devices that assist Rayveness with her new sexual awakening. Girlfriends Films (GF) focuses on lesbian themes. It is very proud of it's motto "simply the most realistic sex in lesbian adult video" which I can confirm that it is true since I have reviewed every GF film since December 2008. Twisted Passions Part 4 is the nineteenth episode of The Thornhill Diaries

Rayveness, Alyssa Reece

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Scene One: As the opening credits are appearing on the screen, the voices of Rayveness and Alyssa Reece are overheard. Rayveness is shopping for shoes and Alyssa is the sales associate. When the credits end, the shopper's right foot is rubbing the saleswoman's crotch.Meanwhile, Alyssa is holding the woman's left foot and rubbing it on her cheek. Afterwards, they kiss. Then, the store employee sucks her customer's breasts. They kiss again. Some titty play occurs. Alyssa kisses Rayveness' neck. The women embrace tightly. The buyer's smile is cute. The close-up of their kissing is hot. Next, Rayveness kisses her left arm and removes her bra. She gently kisses her fist. They liplock again. Then, the customer sucks Alyssa's tits. Later, Miss Reece is on her hands and knees. Rayveness kisses her back. Soon, the woman works on the sales lady's ass. She plays with her own long hair on the woman's snatch. Then, she tastes her butt before running her finger on her pussy slit. Next, she licks it and eats it. Rayveness also rubs her own lovebox. Afterwards, the two women kiss. A 69 follows with Alyssa on top. Moments later, Rayveness solely has the woman's attention as she continues to suck her sponge. Their energy level is good. Alyssa's sex spot is very pretty. Then, they kiss. Rayveness' loving stare at the lady is very sweet. Soon, the saleswoman returns the genuine gesture on the customer's lovebox. She applies good enthusiasm in her tender, loving act. Next, they tease each other as Rayveness rubs her own gem and Alyssa rubs her own breast. Then, the lady tit fucks the purchaser's pearl briefly before returning to taste it. Rayveness is turned on even more as the sales associate increases her lust for her.


Ava Rose, Dia Zerva

Scene Two: After taking a shower, Rayveness puts in the dvd that Julia Ann had given her into her machine. She watches it while sitting on the couch. She applies lotion on her foot and legs. The woman also caresses her breasts and rubs her pretty passion fruit. She takes her best friend's panties and smells it with pleasure. Her right hand is still on her love spot. She sits up and focuses on the movie. Her hand is rubbing her lovebox a bit stronger. Rayveness also smells the undergarment again. Then, the turned on woman embraces herself as her hands run along her arms. While focused on the action on the screen even more, the lady caresses her bosoms. Rayveness can feel the sensations run inside her body. Her facial expressions are very suggestive especially when Dia Zeva is eating Ava Rose's flower. There is a lengthy period of time when the viewer does not see Rayveness in the scene. It's all about the movie on the TV screen now. Ava has her lovebox filled up with a dildo. Afterwards, she orally pleasures Dia's jewel. The two women get screwed by the sex toy at the same time in the scissors position. When Dia is stimulating the woman's rose with a lot of gusto, her flower gets very wet. Next, the woman straps on a dildo on Ava's mouth. Ms. Zerva kisses her face gently. She also plays with her titties sensually. Soon, the lady climbs onto the sex toy and rides it. She feels her breast and muffin. When Dia gets off the contraption, another woman joins the twosome. Then, a shot from behind Rayveness is shown. She is still watching the movie. The female newcomer tastes Ava's rose as Ms. Zerva sucks her breasts. Next, the woman climbs onto Ava's mouth again, but, the contraption has been removed. Later, the new lady removes Dia's bra as Dia gently caresses Ava's face. Ava is rubbing her own pleasure spot. Then, the two women play with Ms. Rose's titties. Soon, Dia straps on a ball gag in Ava's mouth. Lastly, Ava squats on top of the table. Next, the scene shifts to Rayveness as she is playing with herself and getting off on the couch. 

Julia Ann, Rayveness, India Summer

Scene Three: Julia Ann brings Rayveness to India Summer's boutique so they can meet. Ms. Summer is the woman who introduced Julia Ann and her husband to the swinging lifestyle. After the threesome try on undergarments, the shop owner and Julia Ann make out in front of Rayveness. Julia Ann takes off her own panties and tosses them to her best friend. India feels the blond's ass. Rayveness smells the item. Then, Julia Ann spreads the brunette's snatch to show her gal pal a good view of it. Soon, the blond beauty tastes it. Rayveness is getting turned on by the sight of the two women. Julia Ann eats and fingers the lady's muffin. Next, she removes her undies and tosses it at Rayveness. Afterwards, the boutique owner pleasures the blond's beauty spot. Rayveness is squirming in her seat as India fingers her friend's gemstone while Julia Ann is rubbing her own clit aggressively. The two women kiss. Julia Ann asks her close friend to toss over the panties to her. Then, the blond sticks it in India's mouth. Soon, the woman rubs and fingers the brunette's pleasure spot. Next, Julia Ann lays on her back as a 69 is performed. Rayveness is rubbing her crotch as she continues to look on. Moments later, she is gyrating a bit on the chair. As the action heats up, Rayveness is rubbing her crotch more rapidly. Then, India and Julia Ann kiss. Next, India is pleasuring Julia Ann's sex spot and asshole from behind her. Rayveness has her feet on the chair while sitting on it. Next, the two best friends are holding hands as Julia Ann gets off from India's actions. Rayveness rubs her own love spot during her close friend's climactic moment. Finally, Julia Ann and India kiss.

Rayveness, Julia Ann

Julia Ann, Rayveness

Scene Four: When the close friends return to Rayveness' home, the woman tells Julia Ann that she really got turned on by watching them and wanted to make love to her. Two weeks later, their husbands leave on their excursion. Later that day, Rayveness shows up at her best friend's home. After some flirtatious moments in the living room, they head to Julia Ann's bedroom. They sit on the large bed. She kisses and caresses the brunette's left hand. They embrace. The blond kisses her neck. Then, she feels her back. Rayveness kisses Julia Ann's right arm and hand. The blond kisses the side of her friend's head. Next, she feels Rayveness' legs. The woman lays on her back as she takes in her best friend's soft kisses on her right foot and leg. Rayveness' foot rubs Julia Ann's chest. The lady sucks her toes and sensually kisses her thigh. She slowly kisses up to her love spot. Next, Julia Ann licks her panty-covered muffin and then, moves the garment aside by her teeth. Rayveness rubs her own wet gem before her best friend forever gets to orally stimulate it. Julia Ann applies a lot of energetic sucking on her love spot. Then, they kiss as the brunette feels the blond's bosoms. She also kisses her neck and chest. Next, the woman sucks her breasts. Soon, Julia Ann removes the lady's bra and kisses her back. Afterwards, Rayveness' panties are removed. Julia Ann feels her back. Their facial expressions look hot as they stare at each other. Then, the best friends kiss again. Next, the blond beauty lays on her back as Rayveness gets on top of her. They kiss. She kisses down her body and feels her beauty spot. Their chemistry is unbelievable. Rayveness licks Julia Ann's asshole. She sticks her tongue into it several times. Next, Julia Ann tells her close friend how to suck her passion fruit. Rayveness sucks and licks it in several speeds. The blond is getting turned on by her genuine actions. Afterwards, Rayveness is blushing. They kiss. Next, Julia Ann focuses on Rayveness' sex patch. She gets off during Julia Ann's rub down on her peach. Rayveness even sucks her toes. Then, they lay beside each other and kiss. Soon, Rayveness caresses her best friend forever's right foot. She sucks her toes and kisses her foot. Then, Julia Ann rubs Rayveness' crotch with her foot. Then, her big toe is inside the brunette's lovebox. Some clit rubbing occurs. Rayveness gets turned on. At the end, she kisses Julia Ann's breasts and rests her head on them. 

Final Thoughts: Twisted Passions Part 4 is the best Girlfriends Films movie that I have ever seen. All four scenes are interconnected and vital to the plot line of Rayveness' new sexual discovery. Rayveness and Julia Ann are cast superbly as best friends. They deserve award nominations. Their chemistry between each other is outstanding. It feels very genuine, sincere, and heartfelt. A special congratulations must be given to the screenwriter and director for a well-developed story that flows easily from scene to scene and in giving heart and soul to the two main characters. This movie should be up for many awards when awards season arrives. I highly recommend this sensational movie. 

Apache Warrior

Apache W
[email protected]     

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